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Eric J Swanson

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by Eric J Swanson   

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Publisher:  Faith Books & MORE ISBN-10:  0984237852 Type: 


Copyright:  August 2010 ISBN-13:  9780984237852

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Derek enters a demonic world to save the ones he loves from a witch and demon. Will Derek find them in time and do they want to be found?

In this book Derek is a struggling seminary graduate and turns to the occult after receiving multiple rejections from various churches. But this opens a portal to a demonic dimension that a local witch uses to take his mentally disabled son and wife into. Now Derek must enter a demonic world to save the ones he loves with the aid of the Holy Spirit. This part of the trinity shows up in seven different human forms to help Derek to overcome sin in his life and guides him toward his family, but will his wife, Rachel still love him? Can he win back the love of Rachel before she is lost forever under the lies of the demon Rah? Will Timothy be controlled by Rah and Sally? Will he be sacrificed?  

Chapter 5

Derek met total darkness as he entered the closet as the creature placed two hands around his neck. It was too dark to see anything, but Derek attempted to kick at the creature in the hopes that the grip would be loosed. But as he lifted his foot to kick he noticed that none of his limbs could move. Derek attempted to open his mouth wide, but no breath came in. He had the feeling of being held underwater and trying to make it to the surface, but with the added difficulty of not being able to move. Thoughts started to flood his mind of being with Jesus forever and how great that would be. But when the thoughts of Timothy came to mind and how Rachel may still be alive somewhere in the darkness Derek started to gather up what air was in his lungs and breathed out his only hope of escape. “In the name of Jesus, I command you to let me go.” The creature eased up his grip only to put all his weight on Derek’s chest. Derek was able to move his limbs again and started to punch at the creature on top of him, but there was nothing solid to hit. Then off in the distance there appeared a small speck of white that started to get bigger and moved closer to where Derek lay on the ground. The creature wasted no time as it twisted its head one way and then another as it rushed to the nearest dark spot. Derek started to sprint after the creature to get a better look and for an instance as it stood in a corner Derek was looking at himself. Then just as quick as it attempted to choke out his life it sank down a hole.
Derek kept looking at the place where the slime entered the ground. The smell of mildew filled his nostrils, and he started to shiver as a wind blow across his exposed face and arms. “Where did that light come from and where am I? I want to save my son, but is it worth risking my life over? I was almost choked to death.” Derek started to slide his fingers through what hair he had and his stomach started to experience sharp pain from being hit with a bat. Then out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the light was coming closer to him. Derek started to stand up and look on with an open mouth. The light stood by Derek as one round ball that hovered off the blue hazy.
“I guess that is the question you need to answer rather soon if you want to find your son.” The light had no audible voice, but all the same Derek could still receive sound waves in his ears and somehow his brain was picking up a voice.
“Do I know you? It seems odd, but I believe I heard that voice before at one time. Are you a friend of mine caught in his dark place?” Derek was looking at the light, but his eyes started to burn causing him to look away.
“I was your guide in the past and I can be your guide now. You have to decide.”
“What is your name?”
“Some call me guide, others call me comforter. I bring conviction at times and help the downtrodden to be lifted up. I can be wisdom and assurance when doubts arise. I’m your power when evil times confront you. Through the words I give there is abundance of life. ”
“Why have you come here? Do I need guidance? Do I need conviction, assurance, or comfort? To be honest some wisdom and strength would be great right about now.”
“Look within for the answer, but for now the question that needs to be answered is how desperate you are in about finding your wife and son. I know that life hasn’t been easy for you, but now is the time to figure out what in life is worth fighting for.”
Derek started to pace in the darkness and the blue hazy. He loved Rachel, but wasn’t sure if he really wanted to go into the darkness to look for what could be two dead bodies. “I don’t know what to do. I really need wisdom, but I don’t know where to go. I need power, but I know I need something other than what Sally has. I’m so weak from all these battles that I don’t know if I can make it.”
“Where does true power come from? Who has ultimate wisdom? Do you have it? Does Sally have it? Let me be your strength and seek the wisdom that comes from above.”
Derek looked up to see what kind of wisdom the round sphere was referring to, but his eyes only met the darkness that engulfed the place. When his eyes came back down the sphere was gone, but up ahead the darkness was replaced with a street with shops along both sides in very close proximity to each other so that no space could be seen separating one from another. As Derek made his way into the street there were voices on both sides pleading with him to enter into one of their shops. Feet could be heard running from behind him and Derek braced himself for what he thought was another attack. Derek turned around to meet what at first appeared to be another guy lost in the dark. But once near enough Derek saw something different from what he had expected. The street light revealed a creature with one big eye that should have been a head. Instead of arms there were only two hands that were about the same size as the eye. From the neck region it was divided into two very long legs. No chest could be seen, neither were any arms apparent.
“What are you doing here and what is your business on this street?” The creature made his way in front of Derek and demanded a response. Derek had a hard time looking at this big eye situated on such a thin neck. It looked like it could fall at any moment.
“Who are you and what is this place?”
“My name is Sarka, and this is a place of your own creation.” Sarka didn’t have lips but all the same Derek could make out what was being said. Sarka moved his eye from side to side as if looking for someone else to appear.
“What do you mean I created this? I don’t remember creating anything. Besides I can’t even manage to get a job. How could I create something as dark and evil as this place?” Derek took a glance up at the eye that was still moving from side to side.
“In time you will understand, but what is it you seek in this place?”
“I came looking for my wife and son.”
“Didn’t they die already? I mean how could your wife survive such a fall through the floor? She was really messed up when she hit the wall. Then take your son. Didn’t Sally carry him through the closet? How can you expect to find him in such a dark place with no guide, and if you were to find him what would you do to rescue him? You are no match for Sally. Didn’t you see her move Rachel across the floor without even touching her? Now you’re all alone with no hopes of ever escaping. Why don’t you give up while you are still alive? Perhaps when Sally comes by she will be merciful towards you.”
“You mean that Sally is around hear somewhere? What do you know about her? Do you think she is going to sacrifice my son? I have to find where she is.” Derek’s words were starting to run into each other and he started to run away from Sarka down the street. The voices on both sides kept calling out for Derek to enter into their shops to examine their wares. Derek heard no voices as he sprinted down the street looking to the right and then to the left. Sarka, with his long legs had no problem keeping up with Derek and with one of his hands the size of a basketball shoved Derek down causing him to tumble into the hazy.
“What do you think you are doing? Sally will see you if you are out in the open like this. You are no match for her. Why don’t you go into one of the shops and see if there is something you can use to defeat her with.” Sarka was in front of Derek and he saw no way around.
“I guess I don’t have a choice.” Derek made his way onto a side path that went into one of the shops. The blue hazy on the path was replaced with black ooze that reminded Derek of tar, but with the consistency of mud. As Derek walked off the path the ooze became thicker and smelled of sulfur. There were voices all around that encouraged him to come closer to the shop in the middle with the swinging doors that gave out a loud creak as if the hinges had never been oiled. The tar of the outside was replaced with fresh cut wooden boards. As Derek’s eyes left the ground and looked up he noticed many women standing around all looking at him. Derek looked one way and then another and finally just looked back at the floor. One in particular grabbed Derek by the hand and dragged him up some wooden stairs. He attempted to brace himself by grabbing at the banister but had to let go when several splitters ended up in his right hand. A door was opened on the second floor where he was shoved into a bed. Derek’s thoughts were for Rachel at that moment and knew he had to get out of the room. Derek tried to escape, but none of his limbs were able to move. The blonde woman that looked like she spent time on the beach and in some gym on a regular basis started to let her hair down. But as the hair came down, one strand after another started to fall onto the floor. Then as she placed another foot forward what had been appeared to be smooth skin on her face was being replaced with wrinkles. As another foot came forward, it was no longer strands that were falling down, but huge clumps of hair. As Derek looked down at the feet it was no longer skin that he saw, but rather the white of bone devoid of skin or nails. The legs were no longer a nice shade of brown but also took on the form of bone. Derek forced himself to look at the face that was no longer the face of a the blonde, but rather of one that had been in the grave for weeks on end with clumps of skin falling to the floor, leaving only a skull on top of an assumed skeleton that still had the covering of clothes. The skeleton took slow and deliberate steps as it came closer to where Derek was laying. The skeleton had a short sword raised above its head with both of its hands and was moving forward to where Derek lay struggling to free himself. But the more he fought the greater the hold seemed to be on the bed. Then with a cry of some warrior of old the skeleton drove the knife through Derek’s heart causing him to let out a death scream of his own. Derek felt himself fall through the bed and onto the floor, but the floor didn’t stop his fall. Derek continued to fall through the wood on the main floor and then through the dark ooze of what covered the outside of the house. Then there were multiple layers of soft soil and mud. Soon Derek was going through air and stopped only when there was a hard surface. He looked to examine his chest, but there was no blood and no knife. Then a light could be seen coming towards him. The familiar round ball lit up the cave and all that was in it.
“What just happened to me?”
The round ball took on the form of a man in brilliant white clothes and his face was shinning like a star with a staff in one hand.
“You just died.” The voice was calm like one would expect from a caring father or even a grandfather.
“You mean that I’m in heaven now?”
“Not exactly. Of course heaven can and should be experienced everyday of our lives. When we get up in the morning and when we go to bed at night, our minds ought to yearn for the things above and not the things of the earth. For the things invisible and not the things that are visible. The things eternal and not for those things that are temporary. You see there is something that all humans have, if they were honest with themselves, and that is a drive towards pleasure. When that attractive woman became a skeleton you were finally able to see what I see with those addicted to the pleasures of the moment. You had in the past looked at the outward appearance. You wanted all the dimensions to match and be in proportion to one another. Even after you got married there were thoughts about how life could be different or what life would be like if you married someone else. You wanted a son who was like all other sons. This caused you to stumble into the house, be led by an attractive woman and die.”
Derek was still on his back with a blank stare as he kept his head tilted toward the brilliant figure. The only light was still from the man in brilliant white clothes.
“Who are you?”
“I told you once before. Right now I’m Guidance and I’m here to help you get back on the right track so you can find what is most important.”
“So what did I die of?”
“You died to your pleasure for loving someone other than your wife.”
“Why didn’t you prevent me from going into the house or having to go though the pain of the knife cutting into my chest?”
“Actually I was there right by Sarka, but you didn’t care to listen to me. You only wanted to hear Sarka and thus there was nothing I could have said at the time to bring change.”
“I thought you could do anything.”
“Not when you kill your conscience. You see at the time you were determining right from wrong and anything outside of those thoughts would have been counted as nothing or even from Sally’s source. At times you get into a certain state of mind where no one is able to tell you how to live your life, or you may even use what I say to justify your own behavior. ”
Derek took time to ponder these thoughts and started to sit up while still in the cave. “So, what you are saying is that I died, but I’m really more alive now and all of the pain of the knife would have been prevented if I had a clear conscience that was sensitive to your voice over the voice of Sarka.”
“Right, but you are where you need to be. Now that you are alive, you can start your search for Timothy and Rachel.”
“So all this happened in order to prepare me to search for my family.”
“You needed to be tested and to put to death the things of within for without that death there is no real guidance.”
“Does that mean I have died to everything within?”
“You need to search yourself for that answer, but time will tell if death has occurred or not.”
“Where do I go from here?”
“Look ahead and then look within.”
Derek went to look up the trail that was toward his left, but as soon as his head was turned Derek noticed that the light was gone, but was replaced with a small light in his hand.

Professional Reviews

A Great Religious Read
This book seemed to come into my life right on time and with that I am truly grateful! This book is a really inspirational read about a man who is upset about the way his life has turned out. Not that I'm upset with my life but, because of my illness I was diagnosed with this year I've struggled with the way this year went and the way my life is is going. I'm a democratic christian so I really appreciated how this book teaches that Jesus had a plan for our lives that might not always be our plan but it is still his will and he knows best. The message is delivered in a really encouraging manner and not one that talks down to the reader.

The only downside to this book for me was that the dialogue felt unnatural sometimes and forced. The books language is completely clean and I appreciate that I just wish it wasn't so corny at times. On the other hand the fantasy and action was awesome! It is a book with heavy religious undertone but it has a lot of action and fantasy elements. There is even a monster that is only made up of a giant eye!

It is a relatively fast read and I'm a slow reader. It took me just two days to read this book because once I picked it up It was super hard to put down! If you're a christian and you want a clean and exciting fantasy read this book is for you. This book really helped to reassure me that there is a plan to everyone's life even when you think there is not one for you God always knows the way!
PG~ Mild Violence

Not all things are as innocent as they seem! A MUST READ!
It seemed to be an innocent looking book that John picked up from the local bookstore, but late that night, as he read it in the secret of his closet, a creature emerged. Then with arms extended strangled the life out of him, leaving behind Megan and their baby Derek. But as Megan was leaving the house, two other forms attempted to kill her as well.

In the suspense thriller novel, Closet by Eric John Swanson, the readers are immediately taken into the innocent aspects of dabbling in what appears to be nothing more than a simple self help book intending to help the reader get their life back on track. What happens however is a door is opened into another dimension and with that the desire to capture the the baby who escaped so long ago along with anyone else they can seek to get their hands on.

This is an exceptional book that delves into the innocent things believers at times will pick up and attempt to use to help themselves get their lives moving in the direction they desire, instead of following in the path God wants for them. In this case, Derek is now grown with a wife and son of his own. Even though he has graduated from seminary quite awhile now, he can't seem to secure a job anywhere working for God. Not to mention that he has a son that has a severe learning disability, Derek finds himself constantly at odds with God wondering just when he is going to be able to support his family and questions his faith.

This is when evil strikes in the form of an old woman Derek meets on the sidewalk just outside his home who gives him look into his current future. When he grows suspicious of her visions, she vanishes leaving behind a self help book that will take him places he never expected to go.

I received this book compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours and Eric John Swanson for my honest review. It got difficult to follow the story when Derek slips into the other dimension but if you stick to it, you learn some really valuable insight into the faith of the believer and what God's purpose is for us in life no matter how we view it. For those that love a bit of suspense and thrill to their reading, then this is the book for you! I personally rate this a 5 out of 5 stars because of the lessons it teaches throughout the book.

An Absolute Must Read
Where the supernatural meets the Gospel message. From the first page to the last, Eric John Swanson is able to capture the attention of the reader. This is an amazing story about holding onto faith in God beyond what you can see, what you can hear, and things of the material world. So, whether you are a Christian or a non-believer, this book carries a powerful message for living life. And the greatest quality of all is that Eric John Swanson is able to breathe life into the Word of God through his characters and his story in the "Closet".

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