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Gil K.L. Trask

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by Gil K.L. Trask   

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· A POISONED PRINCESS - The Adventure Begins
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Copyright:  JULY 1, 2004

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This is the second book in the


A Time For Change


Edwin is rapidly rocketing to the very top in politics, while becoming the beloved son of the entire country.

Absolutely everyone is saying he is definitely one Politician you can actually trust!

At the same time Erica, is spiraling even more deeply into the darker side of society, in her quest to just simply survive!

The chatter regarding Erica is if you want to make sure a problem is taken care of accurately, she is unequivocally the one you need to take care of it correctly the first time!

As Erica witnesses Edwin`s successful advances, she is overwhelmed with pride for the little boy everyone used to hate!

Conversely, in monitoring Erica's exploits, Edwin secretly breathes another heartfelt sigh of relief, from simply knowing she is still alive.

Regardless of the confabulation surrounding Erica, Edwin still adamantly refuses to believe she has become,


Chapter Thirty Eight
Hegemony Unconditional
After watching the sport bag float away she walked up to the Lincoln and got in. still fighting with her emotions she drove out of the field and back towards the main highway. By the time she got to the highway it was dark.

Once back to the highway, she got on and went east as before, away from the scene of the shooting. Her plan was to get out of the province before stopping. While driving away, she was hoping there would never be a reason for her to ever come back here. Hopefully she had covered her tracks well.

After passing a road sign she looked at her watch. With a smile she started thinking about being right out of the province within a couple hours. Again making her hope, she could get to the border without any more distress.

She also started thinking her plan was going magnificently; even if it had been concocted in a hurry. If it kept going well, in a few more days it should be impossible to find her. Of course, hopefully no one would ever come looking.

A half-hour from the provincial border she saw flashing red and blues in the rear view mirror. They were coming up on her extremely fast, which immediately had her tensing up while hoping they would just go right by. Yet as the police cruiser got closer, it quickly became dreadfully clear it wouldn't be going right by.

Instantly she started to prepare for what may be the very worst case scenario. So seeing only one car was a tremendous plus at the moment. Now she started hoping there would be only one cop for her to contend with.

She continued to watch the lights get closer, and started hoping her luck wasn't about to run out. As the cruiser pulled directly behind her, she quickly reached to the edge of the seat. She felt the butt of the revolver stuffed right beside her seatbelt release, and immediately relaxed some.

The holster was fixed to the side of the seat with Velcro, so it would stay there if she pulled the revolver out quickly. It was now extremely reassuring to her, just knowing the gun was there and ready.

Now if there were only one cop, it would definitely be much easier for her, if things did start going badly. She was extremely confident if the situation did go bad, she would get the upper hand of any confrontation quickly, no matter what.

She didn’t have any intensions of ever letting a cop take her in again, not for any reason, and not without one hell of a fight. So at this moment she was completely prepared to do whatever it took to retain her freedom.

A great many years ago she had made the decision, it would be much better to die in a gunfight over letting any cop ever take her in again. The end result of either one of these loosing scenarios would always be exactly the same to her.

Dying in a gunfight or rotting away in jail for life was just exactly the same thing in her mind. So if there was a choice, she would most definitely always choose dying in a gunfight over going back to prison. Prison would most certainly never be an option at any time again.

When it became obvious this cop wasn’t going to go around her, she started preparing to pull over. While turning on her signal light, she also unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, just to make sure her red bra was showing blatantly for his benifit. At the same time she hiked up her skirt. Doing everything she could think of to distract this cop and hold onto control of the situation.

Once stopped on side of the road, a quick glance down showed her skirt was hiked up far enough to deliberately reveal the tops of her stockings and garter belt clips. In the rear view mirror she watched him stop behind her. She then watched as he got out in her side mirror.

She had already taken notice of him being alone from a quick glance in her rear view mirror before he put the roof floodlight on. As he walked up the driver's side of her car, she rolled her window down halfway. Just in case he wasn't a real cop, she didn’t plan on making it too easy to get a hold of her.

While he walked towards her, she took notice of his hand being on the butt of his revolver, and the holster strap already undone. She smiled while thinking; this was definitely bound to get quite interesting if things did start to go astray. She still remained incredibly confident in being able to get him long before he even got his revolver out.

Once reaching her, the officer stood just clear of the door while asking for her license, registration, and insurance card. This made it necessary for her to turn to see him. Of course she knew with him standing back there, his view of her was also greatly improved.

Immediately she turned towards the passenger side to get her purse. While passing the papers to him, she politely asked why he pulled her over, as she checked him out. She did all of this without undoing her seatbelt. The motion of undoing her seatbelt was one she planned on saving, just in case her gun was needed.

While passing him the paperwork, she noticed how methodically he had been enjoying his view of her. She smiled while thinking; he definitely wasn't on guard properly at the moment. This she knows will be another point in her favor if things start going erroneous. Again thinking a little distraction always helps the situation turn in your favor.

After saying he pulled her over for speeding, she then figured this was nothing more than just another bored country cop on highway duty who saw a strange car go by. So if things did happen to go wrong, he should be real easy for her to take down, even before knowing what had struck him.

After taking the paperwork, he told her, “I’ll be right back. Wait right there in your car.” Once back in the cruiser, he picked up the microphone and called telecoms. He quarried the plate number of the Lincoln and asked for wants and warrants on an Eva Robinson, born 2l July 1947. While waiting for an answer he started writing out a warning for speeding, just to pass the time.

While writing the warning he watched her through the windshield of his car. He could see where she was now doing her makeup. The memory of the view he of her got was now fondly flashing through his mind. He thought she was a very attractive woman who was also very enticingly dressed.

He already knew she hadn't really been paying enough attention to her speed for one reason or another. She had too easily swallowed the lie about her speeding. Traffic was so light tonight; he hadn't even turned on the radar yet. Just to break the boredom he had decided this car deserved a closer look, and it had been extremely magnificent one!

He wasn't really expecting anything to come back on either her or the Lincoln from telecoms. He figured she was nothing more than just another bored businesswoman. Of course he was looking forward to getting another look while taking her paperwork back.

She was undeniably easy on the eyes, so you could easily call her really fantastic eye candy. She had made his night so far, and he didn't think anything better looking would be coming along tonight. She was unquestionably one in a million, and he was very pleased with pulling her over.

While waiting for the cop to return, she flipped down the sun visor and opened the vanity mirror to play with her makeup. This gave her a chance to keep a close eye on him in the rear view mirror. The way the side view mirror was adjusted, she had an excellent view of him when he got out. If he made a move towards his gun, she would know it.

She planned on having the jump on him long before he got a chance to get back to her car. The Lincoln was running and actually still in gear. All she had to do was take her shot while releasing the brake. She would be on her way long before he would even have a chance to take a shot at her.

She was also keeping a close eye out for another cop car. Just in case this one radioed in for back-up before he tried to take her down. Where traffic was light, it was easy for her to size up any car coming in either direction. If one of the approaching cars started to slow down, she would know there was trouble headed her way. It would be harder for her to get both before one got at least a shot off, but she could do it.

She planned to shoot the approaching cop before he even got his car stopped. Then turn and shoot the one in back of her through the windshield. Hopefully he would be stunned for a couple seconds from her shooting the other cop.

She was confident none of this had anything to do with either the shooting or the Plymouth. Yet from thinking this way, her heart was starting to pump much faster and harder. Her adrenaline was also on the edge of being out of control.

Conversely she just kept telling herself to relax; it was nothing more than a routine stop. He was just another bored cop with nothing better to do than to waste her time. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for her to worry.

When the cop got out of his car and started back to hers, she could see he had a piece of paper in his gun hand, and his holster strap was fastened. She still watched him intently, just in case he suddenly dropped the paper. Although she was confident this was nothing for her to worry about.

This time the officer stopped by her window in full view. While passing back her paperwork he commented, “I see where you’re an awfully long way from home. Where are you headed at this time of night?”

She smiled while turning to answer, but it was wasted where he was standing too close to the car for her to see his face. While he took in the full view of her, she lied, “My niece's recital is in Alberta tomorrow and I promised her I would be there. Things were hectic at work today, so I didn't get away early like I planned. It was actually very late before I finally got away, but my niece will be devastated if I’m not there.”

The officer stepped back some while at the same time motioning towards the clarinet case sitting on the passenger seat. Now in full view of her he mentioned, “I would hazard a guess you also play.”

Still smiling she answered with a little laugh, “I try, but I’m not very good. I always bring my clarinet along because my niece always has something she wants to teach me. It gives me a chance to get in a little practice, and it always pleases my niece to show me something new. Especially if I make it look like it’s extremely difficult for me to catch on.”

While still sizing her up, the officer smiled as he added, “Well I hope you have a wonderful time. Just slow down a little so you’ll be sure to arrive alive. It sounds to me like someone is counting on you getting there.”

She thanked him as he turned and walked away. She kept watching in the side mirror as he walked back to his car. While he was walking back she watched him ball up the paper she thought he was going to give to her.

After pulling back on the highway she watched him in the rear view mirror pull a U turn while shutting off his flashing lights. She continued to watch him go off in the other direction while thinking he was probably headed for the nearest donut shop. Ready for his usual free coffee and donuts now he had actually done something for a change.

Dealing with police officers definitely wasn't something she particularly liked or wanted to do. This was due to events from her past, which gave her a tremendously low opinion of all cops. She managed to conceal this well through the years by always charming, and giving them something to look at.

This was her way of tolerating them while they showed her all the authority they were empowered with. Of course she always told them exactly what they wanted to hear. So as a rule they just went on their way and left her alone.

Basically she thought all cops were lazy routine people who couldn't make their way in life doing anything else. They waited impatiently for their unearned pensions to kick in, which left them with nothing at all to do. It also looked to her like the younger ones who were just starting now actually happened to be much worse than their predecessors. With just a little more time she thought they would be even worse to deal with.

Once on her way again, she looked at the dash clock and frowned. She had wasted twenty-five minutes stroking this cop along, so stopping to eat was now out of the question. Now her time had been cut short by this cop, she would be late checking into the motel in Alberta.

She wanted to be there in time to catch the late news on television. It was important so she would know what was being said about the shooting. Depending on what was being said would tell if any changes to her getaway were necessary.

The Lincoln had been on cruise control before, so she hadn't been speeding. When the cop told her this, she knew perfectly well saying anything would have been asking for trouble. It was much better for her to just simply let him think he pulled something over on her.

If she had said anything, he would have looked for something wrong. This could have caused her more trouble, which may have easily cost him dearly with the mood she was in. However, she was now increasing her speed by just under ten over the posted limit. While hoping she didn't run into another dickhead with nothing better to do than aggravate her.

An hour later she crossed the border into Alberta without running into anymore trouble. She was completely delighted to be out of British Colombia, and without any more trouble than one cop stopping her for absolutely nothing.

Since she had been stopped and knew the cop wrote down her information, she decided to get rid of the Lincoln. She didn’t want to take the chance the cops may start looking for her, simply because she had been traveling away from the shooting late at night.

Shortly after crossing into Alberta, she stopped at a gas station to fuel up. While the attendant was filling the Lincoln and checking the fluids, she went inside and used the washroom. While inside she picked up a sandwich and bottle of juice to save her time and hold her over until getting to the motel.

The last time she ate had been very early in the morning, and it hadn’t stayed down. Then again most things she had eaten lately didn't seem to agree with her. This just made eating even less appealing to her at the moment. Nevertheless, she was beginning to feel terribly hungry, and just kept hoping it would stay down this time.

While standing at the counter waiting for the attendant to finish with the Lincoln, she saw a newspaper. There was a gruesome picture of her victim on the front page. It was a picture of him lying on the sidewalk exactly where he fell when she shot him, with half his head blown away.

After reading the caption under the picture, she decided to take the paper with her. Just from knowing she would have a better chance to read the story in her motel room. She folded and set it on the counter along with the other things she had picked up.

The caption hadn't told her anything other than he had been shot down early in the morning while getting out of his car. This didn't tell her anything she didn't already know, other than he was definitely dead.

The picture actually told her a great deal more when she looked at it. She knew the bullet would be the only thing to connect this shooting to any other similar ones. This could also tell the police if it had been a longer than usual shot if they knew what the victim was shot with.

There really wasn't time to read the story, and she didn't really want to appear too interested. Plus she didn’t want to catch the interest of anyone around here, just in case the police were looking for a woman now or later on.

When the attendant came in, she quickly paid for everything and was on her way. Again she was being careful not to do anything to draw attention to herself. Thankfully the attendant didn’t seem to be interested in much of anything.

She started thinking about the caption and picture while driving away. The picture told her the bullet had been a through and through, which is what she was hoping for. Now she was hoping it had hit something else and been destroyed, or someone picked it up.
She also knew before the police got there, the press or at least someone with a camera had been all over the scene, along with his two bodyguards. This was the only way there would be such a gruesome and explicit picture as the one in the paper.

If the police had been there, no one would have got close enough, and the body would have been covered. Clearly the picture had been taken before the police arrived. So there was a good chance quite a few people had wandered around the crime scene before the cops got there.

This could mean if the bullet survived, there was a good chance it may still be long gone. Someone could have kicked it off to where it would never be found. Even better, someone may have picked it up and kept it for a souvenir. She was hoping it had been destroyed by hitting something else. In any case, the odds were definitely in her favor, the bullet no longer existed. This should mean the shooting would end up being nothing more than donut shop talk for most cops involved.

She immediately turned on the television upon entering her motel room. It looked like she had fifteen minutes before the news came on, so she brought in the rest of her luggage. Afterwards she sat in a chair beside the bed with the paper spread it out in front of her. From what was in the paper she was confident the police had found absolutely nothing to go on. The paper told her where the police were still looking for leads, but never mentioned them having found anything.

When the story came on the TV it was no different than the paper. The newscaster said the exact same thing, almost word for word as what was in the newspaper. This again was telling her the investigation was going absolutely nowhere fast, and most likely never would.

Once the newscaster finished his report on the shooting she got up and shut the television off. She was glad this had been the lead story where listening to the rest of the news was of no interest to her. She had heard it enough throughout the day to know it would only depress her.

Nevertheless, while walking to the bathroom to take a shower before lying down for the night, she found the events of the last two weeks reeling relentlessly through her mind again, and she tried to force herself to think of something else.

While standing in the shower she tried to keep her thoughts on everything that went on during the day. She decided everything had gone well and in her favor, yet it wasn’t long before the issues from the last two weeks started overtaking her thoughts again.

His magnificent smile once again turned to sheer anguish. Again it immediately started shattering her for what must have been for the millionth time. Yet again it was just as badly as it had been the first time.

Just exactly as thinking about everything that had gone on over the last couple weeks leading up to this, it once again brought on the torrent of unstoppable tears. As always it was still extremely grueling for her to believe just how rapidly such a wonderful and utterly blissful ecstasy, could so quickly turn into such appallingly dreadful devastation.

As everything roared through her mind again, she fell to her knees as the tears started overpowering her, in a way she thought was even worse than ever before. As the water from the shower cascaded down over her, she kept on crying from feeling so much utter devastation, and again wondering if there would ever be any relief from all this wretchedness. To her it just seemed like everything was getting so much worse.

When her tears finally subsided, she finished showering while thinking she just may as well have watched the news. While getting ready for bed she thought about this while hoping for a decent night’s sleep. Lately getting any sleep had been a real problem due to all her thoughts being so horrific.

A sweat suit and t-shirt were her usual nightwear at times like this. She also wrapped her left knee in case there was a need to leave in a hurry. She always slept on top of the bed, just in case the need to leave in a hurry did come up.

Next she put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and pulled the dresser in front of it. Just so no one could enter the room fast or without her knowing. This should also give her time to make an escape through the bathroom window.

She had stayed at this motel before, and knew her escape would be through the bathroom window. Then she would have to run through the woods in back of the motel. Hopefully her knee would hold out if this happened.

She always got a room here on the second floor of the back section. It was only a short drop to the ground and the police couldn’t charge the front door easily. Hopefully no one would be out back, although she would know right away and could take measures to deal with them once on the ground.

Next she made sure there was nothing blocking the bathroom window and it would open all the way. Then she dropped a pair of sneakers in front of the window. The last thing she did before laying down was put the revolver from beside the seat in the Lincoln under her pillow, and the keys on her wrist, just as she always did.

She was fairly confident no one was on to her, yet still took all the proper precautions to ensure her safety. There was always the outside chance of her being wrong, and it was always much better to be safe than sorry.

It had been a very long day and she was not only hoping, but intently praying for a good night’s rest. While lying down she was again thinking about her target not being better prepared. This was one of the things, no matter how she looked at it; she still couldn't make any sense out of it.

She had been extremely fast responding, but it still didn't make any sense to her where he wasn’t better prepared. As she lay there thinking about this, and why she had been so quick responding, her mind once again drifted off to the events leading up to this. As everything started flashing through her mind again, she found herself quickly becoming overwhelmed.

This time she didn't even bother trying to fight the inevitable. Instead, as the tears started, she let the entire dreadful ordeal engulf her, while reliving the horrendous event again. She was hoping to cry herself to sleep, while praying she would be able to stay asleep for the entire night. Also desperately praying some normality to life would soon return.

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