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Melissa Marmino

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The Blood of Venus
by Melissa Marmino   

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Publisher:  Melissa Marmino ISBN-10:  1478300353 Type: 


Copyright:  July 24, 2012 ISBN-13:  9781478300359

A 2 in 1 book story about a human avatar of the love Goddess Venus. And a vampire who loves her.


The Blood of Venus is a 2 in 1 novel. Book 1: The Return of Venus, tells of young Melissa Trevino; the current avatar of the love Goddess Venus.
While vacationing in Venice, Italy she runs into a vampire, Ville Valo, and the lead singer of the band The Venus Disciples.
Ville is a ancient vampire, turned into such by a previous avatar of Venus. He has long been searching for her, and at once recognizes her in Melissa.
Through an ancient ritual Melissa is deflowered, and then killed, bringing forth the Goddess.
She escapes though after being held captive in Ville's home.
Book 2: The Last Avatar of Venus, tells of Melissa confronting her mother in an insane asylum in Georgia. Rejected she returns to her California estate to be confronted by her vampire lover, Ville.
Angrily, Venus herself, through Melissa tells Ville that she will depart the world and her human avatar.
Thinking Melissa dead, Ville returns home to Europe.
Revived she goes back to Italy after a while. Only to be held captive again by Ville.

Explicit language and sex scenes.


Book 1 - The Return of Venus

Chapter 1: Prologue - Unknown Time

The winds raged, and the lightning thundered across the dark sky. I had invoked her wrath, and knew I would soon pay the ultimate price. Not even the intensity of our love would save me now…
I made my way up the mountainside that led to her sacred temple. She was there I knew it. I had to confront her, had to explain why I had requested of her, that which was taboo.
If we couldn’t be together for all of eternity… then what was any of what we shared even worth? If she couldn’t make me immortal as she was.. I had decided that death would be much more preferable. I did not want to continue to live and then eventually die anyway. And even worse, I did not want to watch her love of me fade and disappear as I would continue to age, before long I would eventually become old and unsightly. She would not love me then, she would move on to another young man, and I would be forgotten.
I would never love another after having loved her. My passion would never be as intense as it was for her. She was the embodiment of the goddess of love after all. It could never be the same after having been embraced by Venus herself. Just the sensation of her touch drove most men insane with pleasure.

I climbed the steps that lead into the temple. Temple servants hurried over to try and stop me with their pleas. “Please young master, her Ladyship is not feeling well.” “Please, her Grace does not prefer any visitors right now.” And other such similar comments.
I pushed through the lot of them, and made my way through the temple. I knew my way well through this place, having spent months here with her.
I quickly made my way toward her private bedchambers. The servants had ceased following me, after realizing I would not be deterred. I hurried toward the double doors that lead to her bed chamber. I knew she was in there.
I banged franticly on the door, after discovering the doors were locked from within. It took a few minutes but eventually my persistent knocks were answered, by the sound of the locks clicking, and then the slight creak of the door opening a bit.
I stood there for a few seconds, then finally decided to enter. I pushed the slightly ajar door open, as I walked in. I didn’t see her at first, she wasn’t on or near her bed. A quick glance around the mostly darkened room, and finally I spotted her near her dressing table. Her back was turned toward me, and her face was tilted low toward the ground.
I slowly made my way across the large bedroom, and toward where she sat. She was sitting slightly slumped, and I had a bad feeling she had or probably still was, crying. It seemed that was all she did from the moment I had made my insistent request a couple of days ago. It was as if her tears had started to flow, and could not be stopped.
I was near to her now. I didn’t know what else to do, so I reached out to place my hand hesitantly on her shoulder. She sighed deeply, but did not turn around or move an inch.
I didn’t know what to say to her. I had tried to think of some things on the way here.. But now.. So I said the only thing I could think of to offer her some comfort. Using her more intimate and preferred avatar name, I softly murmured. “I’m sorry, Ophelia. I didn’t mean to upset you and make you cry.”
She continued to sit and it took nearly a minute before she responded. She finally raised her head up, and I could see her tormented expression in the looking glass across from her. She stared at me through the glass without turning around, and said sorrowfully in a barely audible voice. “How could you Ville? How could you? You still don’t fully understand what you asked of me? Do you? I cannot give you the immortality that you want.. I.. I can’t.. I won‘t.”
She started to cry again and buried her face in her cupped hands. Upset by her response, I couldn’t hold back my emotions as I cried out as I started to pace behind her. “You must Ophelia! It’s the only way we can be together forever! I thought you loved me as much as I love you! You told me you loved me and wanted to be with me forever! I’m mortal and you’re not! How do you plan to be with me forever, when I’m going to age and then die?! There must be a way, or else you wouldn’t have said you won’t!”
She swiftly lifted her head from her hands, her face still wet from her tears. Her beautiful face contorted from sorrow to rage, as she finally turned herself around to face me. She screamed out. “Oh, there is a way to grant your wish Ville! And perhaps even, you deserve it, for daring to request such a taboo thing! You’ll have your precious immortality.. But with it come death! Lots and lots of death! And darkness.. Never-ending darkness! It’s a curse, you’re asking me to curse you! Is that what you really want?!”
I looked at her defiantly. It was the first time I had ever seen her show this kind of emotion. She was hardly an angry or vengeful goddess, I hated seeing this new side of her. And still, looking at her beautiful face, even contorted with rage, I knew I would risk anything to be able to be with her forever.
I vehemently replied. “If it would give me immortality like you have, then yes, I would suffer even being cursed. My love for you will allow me to endure anything. Can’t you see Ophelia, it’s because I love you so much that I must risk whatever it takes to be with you forever?”
She bit her lip and shook her head, as tears streamed down her face again. Bitterly she said. “No.. you still don’t understand what you ask of me. You don’t know what it will be like to be accursed, damned! Literally walking death! Dead, but alive.. Feeding off the blood of living things.. Unable to tolerate the sunlight. And even with the curse, you still will not be completely invulnerable to death.. There are ways to be destroyed… At best it will keep you from aging. It’s a horrid sentence usually reserved for a select few, and very rarely at request. Oh, Ville, if you truly love me, then you will not insist on this. I would not even be able to stand the sight of you afflicted with the curse. I am a creature of light and love and life. All of the things that are opposite of what you’d become. I will become mortal, end my immortal existence in this current avatar. I was mortal once and can become so again. That is how we can be together forever.”
I started to shake my head in horror at what she just said. “No! It wouldn’t be the same! You’re Venus! I fell in love with Venus, the immortal goddess of love! Not some.. mortal girl!”
She made to approach me with her hand outstretched meaning to touch my face. I shied from her touch, bringing a hurt expression to her tear dampened face. She answered. “You are wrong, I am not just the embodiment of Venus, Ville. I am first and foremost the mortal girl named Ophelia, we co-exist together in this body. You fell in love with both Ophelia and Venus, the both of us. Don’t you understand.. this body is only a temporary vessel for Venus’s essence. The goddess’s spirit can linger in this body but so long, before having to eventually find a new vessel. And.. I.. she has lingered much too long in this body as it is, several mortal lifetimes. She will be leaving me soon anyways, so it would only be a matter of time. Why prolong the inevitable? I will always be a part of her, but not me of her. I was lucky to be chosen by her because of my physical beauty, but I will be glad to go back to being a mortal, even if it means I will eventually age and die.”
Again I shook my head, wanting to deny and ignore all she had to say. “No. I will not accept any of this. I can’t! I must have an eternity with you not just a mere lifetime. I cannot accept anything less than that, my love won’t allow it! Please Venus I beg you! I’d sooner die right here and now, than to…”
She didn’t let me finish. Her emotion suddenly left her as she coldly replied. “Fine.. You shall have your wish granted Ville. It will be the last gift I give to you. So accept this dark gift you have forced from me. Accept living death.”
A bolt of lightning hit close and suddenly, making the whole temple tremble and shake. And then it felt as if I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. Intense pain enveloped me, and a black smoky cloud with a bright white ring enveloped me. I could see nothing beyond it.
I felt my body being lifted off of the floor, and was held mid-air, writhing in torment. And then in horror I realized some invisible force sucked all of my blood from me through my pores. It commingled with the black cloud, until I was bathed in a black-crimson cloud. And then there was nothing.. But death.
And just as suddenly as death came to me, did it all come rushing back. The bloody cloud had absorbed back into me, the last remnants I saw as I came back into consciousness. And barely conscious I fell face down onto the floor. I didn’t feel any pain, in fact I felt somewhat numb and dizzy. And then the dark red carpet beneath me turned black, as I passed out again in exhaustion…

When I came back into consciousness, I discovered myself alone in her bedroom. I realized not too much time had gone by, as it seemed to be still dark outside, and the storm still raged on, though a bit less intense.
Still feeling very weak, and dizzy, I managed to get back up onto my feet. Another good glance around confirmed she was gone, but I knew she wouldn’t have gone too far. She was still in the temple, I was sure of it. I could sense her presence on the other side, most likely in the temple room itself, near the front.
I carefully made my way back through the temple as quick as I could. Something was not right with me.. I could feel it. I had changed, just as she had warned me I would. A quick glance in the mirrors that lined a long hallway, showed the physical changes I had undergone.
My skin had turned a sickly shade of pale, and my eyes seemed more pronounced and even seemed to glow a bit in the semi-darkness of the hall. My skinny frame, seemed even more skeletal, and my face was more gaunt than ever I had seen it before. The image reflected back to me, was not one of a human. She had really did it… she had changed me into walking death… into a vampire.
As if the word in my mind had confirmed what I had become, I felt the first sharp hunger pain… and it was not mortal food I craved. I would need fresh blood… and soon. But first I had to find her… I had a bad feeling…
Through the waves of dizziness and nausea, I finally made my way back toward the front of the building. I was surprised not to see not even one of the human priests in sight. I realized they must be where she was… inside the temple room.
The open doorway of the temple room came into sight, and I made my way across the front hall to it. I pulled myself into the room, using the doorframe to steady me, as another wave of nausea overcame me.
I looked up, I could hear the sound of the priests chants. She was up on the alter, and they surrounded her in their long flowing white robes. I stared in awe, she was in her full glory; completely nude. She was the very image of an angel, it made me want to cry every time I saw her like this.
She was staring up into a bright white light, that seemed to be shining down from the heavens themselves. She was bathed in the soft bright glow, and seemed quite calm and at peace. Her facial expression was very serene.
My dreamy expression, quickly turned to horror, as I suddenly saw the head priest lift a gleaming dagger, and had it aimed directly at her heart. Her priest was about to kill her!
I screamed out as I made to run toward them. “No!!”
They all paused and looked my way, I kept running through the long room, until I nearly made it to the alter. An invisible force halted me in my steps, and the sound of her voice called out. “Stop! ... Ville.. You mustn’t interfere. You’ve had your wish granted.. and so now I shall have mine. This body is tired.. so very tired. I could have lasted one mortal lifetime longer, if I would have had you at my side as a mortal also… But now… now.. All of that is over. I have nothing left to hold on to anymore in this form. In this death, the mortal girl Ophelia will have her rest and peace at long last. And Venus… I will continue on.. Only this time in a temporary mortal capacity. I will allow my essence to temporarily commingle with chosen human females across the world, only lasting as long as their normal human life allows. Only through this same sacred ceremony would I ever be permanently merged with my human avatars again.”
I called out desperately interrupting her. “If you.. If you do this. I won’t stop until I find your human avatar, and bring you back. I swear! I won’t rest until you’re made immortal again!”
She sighed and looked deeply sad, before responding regretfully. “I know. That is why you will have to search far and wide, before you’ll ever be able to find my mortal avatars. You can try and search for many lifetimes, but the odds that you will ever come across me again, will be slim to none. And even if you do find me.. Well it will never be as it is now. Even though a small part of Ophelia will always be within me, my new avatars will not be Ophelia. They will predominately be themselves, and each one will bring new changes to me. Some good, some not so good. And all will fear and be uncomfortable by a creature such as you have becomes’ presence. The new Venus avatars may be totally undesirable to you.”
I said resolutely. “I will never find anyone whom you possess undesirable! I’ll desire and love you for all eternity! No matter what physical form you choose! Please don‘t do this!”
She shook her head sadly and said. “I’m sorry. My mind is already made, as is my will. And you have prolonged it long enough as it is. Goodbye Ville, I wish you well in your new chosen existence. I pray you forgive me for it one of these days. I’m so sorry.”
Tears shed down her face again, and she looked over at her head priest and nodded her head. I screamed out in pain, as I saw the sharp dagger come down and into her bared breast, and into her heart. She gasped out loud in pain, and then a sudden look of calm came over her, as she slowly crumpled to the floor.
The invisible force holding me, dissipated, and I automatically ran over to her side. I pulled her into my embrace and held her lifeless body against me as I screamed and cried out my torment at the loss of her. She had been right… I mourned the loss of both of them.
The priests have moved away, into the dark shadows of the temple, following their mistress’s death. I looked up at the lot of them in fierce anger. I knew they had merely followed her orders, but they would pay for this.

I slaughtered the whole lot of them, some of them tried to flee, but were quickly caught. The creature I had become allowed me certain superhuman or supernatural abilities, and super speed was one of them. I feasted on many of them, sating my continuous hunger. I saved the head priest for last, after extracting the sacred dagger and book that held all the teachings of Venus. Within it held instructions of the ceremony performed to end her immortal existence as well as to return her to it.
After retrieving these essentials I would need in my world-wide search of human avatars, of the Goddess Venus…

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