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Bryon Smith

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Science Fiction

ISBN-10:  1514105241 Type:  Fiction

Copyright:  Nov 11, 2012 ISBN-13:  9781514105245

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Download to your Kindle (eBook)
Ember Reign

In the second book in the Ember Reign series, Megan and her friends decide to investigate a haunted mansion to discover it was once a secret government laboratory dealing with extraterrestrial biological entities.

 It's the most haunted building in the city and Megan, May and Brianna investigate.

The friends investigate the mansion late at night but when Ember's glowing form is seen through a mansion window by a man and his wife passing by they have an accident altering the police and local news woman Victoria Monroe who is determined to get the story.

The girls hide from the police and the reporter using their spacesuit cloaking and discover the mansion is in fact haunted by the ghosts of two alien girls who died there in 1952 during a horrific storm.

That's not all, there's something else beyond the walls of the secret basement lab, something so evil and dangerous the government filled in the secret tunnel to keep the thing trapped. Now it haunts the mansion as well.

Megan must use Ember's powers and her deductive reasoning to solve the mystery. Brianna and her new friend Chloe have another plan and they borrow Megan's crown to travel back in time to the mansion in 1952 when it was an active government lab and the two female aliens are living there. All seemed to be going well until they lost Megan's crown and end up trapped in 1952 a few short days from the fatal event.

Megan, furious with Brianna, sets out in Orion (Delta Class Lightship) traveling back in time to find the two AWOL team mates. Little does she realize they are about to change history forever and end up trapped in that mansion with something that is neither human nor alien.

There's a mystery black craft of unknown origin that appears and vanishes and Megan is curious to know to whom it belongs. Following leads they learn there's a movie star who acts only under a screen name who's been waiting to meet them for years. The mysterious young woman was left as a baby on the church steps, was adopted and lives next door to a place known as "The Ranch" where a famous movie producer works making the star battle movies.

Time is running out and lives depend on them doing the right thing. It's a roller coaster ride to adventure with humor and surprises for the entire team. Find out what happens when Megan's team returns to find the Men In Black searching the haunted mansion and find an alien bomb in the attic along with a skeleton.

 The Ember Reign trillagy is available in Kindle downloadable as well as printed novels.  Autographed novels can be purchased from the store on the website.

The Crown

Project Fallen Angel

Be The Angel

This preview is G rated but the novels are PG-13 LV.

Ember Reign, Planet Guardian
Project Fallen Angel

Chapter 1

Five a.m. in the suburbs.

The silence was split by the sound of the smoke alarm in the Martin house. Gary opened his door half asleep. Megan's dad Roy rushed into the hallway from his bedroom. Megan's terrified cat hid beneath her bed as smoke filled the room.

"I'll check the kitchen, you check on Megan!" Roy commanded.
Gary tried Megan's door but it was locked. He looked down to see a flicker of light at the bottom of the door. Frantically he pounded on the door. "Megan!"

Megan's mother Donna joined Gary. She handed him the emergency key for Megan's room. Gary opened the door; smoke flooded into the hallway. A gust of heat stole his breath away. He backed up bumping Donna into Roy. Quickly Roy entered the room, fire extinguisher in hand, with Gary close behind.

Gary couldn't believe his eyes! His sister was glowing, hovering more than a foot above her burning covers. His arms stung as he grabbed her. The glow vanished as he felt her weight in his arms. He carried her into the living room as Roy extinguished the fire.

Donna opened the doors and turned on the attic fan to expel the smoke.
Megan woke with a jump. "What happened? Where am I?"
"You're in the living room." Gary inspected the burns on his arms.
"I had a nightmare." Megan noticed the smoke at the ceiling.
Donna entered as Gary went to join his dad. He and Roy stood at the edge of Megan's bed looking at the singe marks. "It's a perfect outline of Megan's body." Roy removed the top covers to show the hole burned through them. On the white sheets was a perfect black and white image of Megan's backside.
"Should I call the fire department?" Donna asked entering the room.
"The fire's out." Roy sat the extinguisher on the floor.
"This is one for the book of records." Gary shook his head. "Her p.j.'s don't have a mark on them."
"Oh, my God!" Donna gasped seeing Megan's impression scorched into the sheet.
Megan worked her way around her mother to see what everyone was looking at. Her mouth dropped open.
"You said you had a nightmare?" Gary asked.
"I'm afraid to ask." Donna placed a hand over her mouth and began to cry.
Megan noticed the burns on her brother's arms. Her heart sank; tears welled up in her eyes. She ran to the bathroom slamming the door behind her. She looked at herself in the mirror. "What's happening to me?" she cried

Seven a.m. the Martin family sat at the kitchen table. May Lynx entered to get Megan for school. She sensed the unusual mood in the house. She looked at Megan. "What's up?"
Gary led May into Megan's bedroom. "She said she was having a nightmare. She said she was someone else and she was fighting some kind of creature."
"Creature?" May's eyebrows rose.
"A big hairy ugly monster with fangs. She was floating about a foot above her bed. Her eyes were glowing right through her eyelids. Explain this." Gary showed the burns on his arms.
Megan entered and looked at the sheets. "Please don't tell mom." She looked at Gary's burns. "I'm so sorry." She took her brother's hand. "Close your eyes."
"Please. Just do it," Megan insisted. The healing green glow was barely visible. As it moved over his arms, the burns vanished. "Feel better?"
Gary opened his eyes and looked at the bed. "Why wouldn't I? How'd you do that?" He left the room.
May shook her head. "Is that the first time you've done that?"
"If I did it right he won't remember anything. I couldn't leave him like that."
"Are you going to school today?" May asked.
"Everything I have to wear is in this room." Megan sighed. "It all smells like smoke."
"We only have a few days left, you've got to go," May insisted. "I'll loan you something."

The two met at their lockers in the school hallway. "You were someone else?" May asked.
"You know who I was." Megan pulled a book from her locker. "History, I'll be glad to turn it in."
"Of course." Megan noticed others moving through the hallway.
"The monster wouldn't have been a varlock?" May asked.
"Yes." Megan closed her locker.
"So you changed into Ember and fired up?"
"If I'm going to change while I'm asleep, no one around me is safe," Megan said despondently.
"Your mom and dad will want answers. Of course, you could just make them forget."
"Losers!" Mallory Brown bellowed as she brushed past with her friend Stephanie Bragg.
"God I hate preppies," May said.
"People like that are insecure and that's how they try to make up for their psychological inadequacies." Megan walked toward their first class.
"Psychology 101," May growled. "I hate that class."
"They teach psychology to help students understand their own problems and hopefully correct them. We can always see other people's problems easier than we can recognize our own. It doesn't help most of us. Mallory thinks she's rich and her best friend is as poor as dirt."
"They say opposites attract. Rena Delray is rich and she's nice."
"Mr. Brown has a high paying job but the security isn't good. If he loses it they must move out of the rich neighborhood," Megan explained. "Moving into a rich neighborhood earns respect while moving out is an insult that brings shame."
"You think that's why Mallory is like that?" May asked.
"Oh, I don't really know why people act like that."
"Your mom and dad together make as much as he does," May said.
Megan walked without answering.
"You have more than a hundred grand that your grandpa Fred left you. I'll bet you have more than she does and you don't act like a jerk."
"We live within our means. If mom or dad lost their job we would be all right. Mallory's dad is the only one who works in their family and if he loses his job they would be in a real mess," Megan explained as they entered their first class.
Taking their seats in English, they noticed the teacher erasing the blackboard.
"It's the Russian English teacher," May whispered to Megan seated in front of her.
"She speaks five languages fluently," Megan whispered. "They say she was a spy."
Divora Linsky looked at Megan. She was a temporary teacher that sometimes stood in for several other teachers in the city. She walked, talked, and dressed in a way that indicated her attention to discipline and detail. Whoever said she may have been a spy couldn't be far from the mark. There was a rumor she had been married to a Russian fighter pilot who was killed in a freak accident. Shortly after his death, Miss Linsky moved to the United States.
The teacher walked over and stood beside Megan's desk looking directly at her for several moments before turning her attention to May. Seconds seemed like minutes. She put a folded note on Megan's desk then returned to the front of the room and began class.
Megan read the note. After class she went to the teacher's desk with May following.
"You wanted to see me?" Megan asked.
"You two are good friends, yes?" Miss Linsky asked.
"Yes," Megan answered.
Miss Linksy nodded. She took Megan's hand for a closer look then sniffed it. Megan glanced at May as she pulled her hand free.
"Are you two all right?" the teacher asked. "Is there something that troubles you?"
"Nope, we're fine." Megan took a step backwards.
The teacher nodded. "If you ever want to talk about anything, I'm here for you."
May stepped forward. "Is it true? Were you a Russian spy?"
Megan slapped a hand over her eyes not believing her ears.
"You want to know if you can trust me." Miss Linksy smiled. "It is true."
"No shit?" May asked. Suddenly she received a rap on the back from Megan.
"The students talk. They are curious. I was in a special division of the Russian secret service. I was a remote viewer and psychic."
May backed into Megan. "That stuff doesn't really work does it?"
"Sometimes it works quite well." Miss Linsky looked at Megan. "I see you surrounded by fire."
The girls took another step backwards.
"Don't be afraid. I am no longer working for the Russian S.S." Miss Linsky watched Megan. "Something strange has happened to you?"
"When did you see this?" Megan asked.
"Early this morning. I was worried about you."
"Is that all?" Megan glanced at the door.
"Yes," Miss Linsky nodded.
Megan and May exited the room.
"That was weird," May said.
"You asking her point blank like that was weird," Megan said in disbelief.
"She saw you surrounded by fire."
"She would be a psychic viewer." Megan shook her head.
"Wonder what she's seen that she didn't tell us?"
Megan shook her head.
"I guess we should consult Scratches."
"That reminds me, I didn't see him this morning," Megan said.
"No doubt ran for his life when you set your bed on fire."
"That's why she sniffed my hand to see if it smells like smoke." Megan sniffed her hands.
"They say that people who smoke can't smell cigarette smoke on other people."
"She's real smart," Megan said.
"I wonder what kinds of things she remote viewed for the Russians?"
"Maybe you should ask her." Megan opened her locker.
"While I'm at it I'll ask her where we can get some fire-proof blankets."
Megan fired an angry look at May.
"Well?" May shrugged. From the forlorn expression on Megan's face it was painfully obvious May had hit a nerve. "Are you all right?"
"I feel sick." Megan held her stomach.
"Do you want to go see Dr. Crystal?"
Megan nodded. "We need an excuse."
"Orion?" May asked.
Megan nodded.

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