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Dragon Blue

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Journey - A Glimpse of the Spirit
by Dragon Blue   

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Copyright:  Oct 2003

Journey - A Glimpse of the Spirit

Dragon Blue's Poetry

Part I - Gifts of Balance


Poem I

Inner Child

I hear the beat of a distant drum.
Spiraling downward in meditation.

To my beach of virgin white sand,
Ocean tickles my toes where I stand.

Blue waters are they at the bay of peace…
High tides of the moon; sigh with ease.

Mine eyes along the surf do seek-
A gift of triangular stone to meet.

For my soul though I hesitate
The trilogy to contemplate...

Are the Powers that be!

Yet by chance?
I begin to chant.



For I see
         and I do
                   To receive
                             Mote of blue.

                   Then to Black
                             The Trinity be.

                   Death a fact
                             Reborn is She.

That which I seek, I do find…
Speaking to me; a riddle, a rhyme.

Elemental spirit will be my guide.
My gift I give to stand at my side.

Opening my sight for my mind to grasp;
My ancestors land that I absorb at last.

Before my spirit can move to cross;
I must come again without a loss.

So I ascend
to the surface again.

The drumming
                   with my heart does beat!

Thankful am I
                   for tranquility I meet!

Positive energy now from me flows…
Synergized her spirit now grows.

Serene my inner child can be;
         For she is now
                   One with Me!

Poem II


The He Within Me



Resounding of
                   the Moon!

Once again,
I descend.
My masculine self
with time I spend.

First in combat,
Along our shores...
Then camaraderie,
Friendship endures.

Did I not know?
He would show?

A different light?
A strength to fight?

An ally I did
find to befriend.
For us to embrace
and forward to send.

A greater force than ever before.
To many more battles to score.

Now that we are merged as one,
I understand this complication.

I am now balanced
above and below.
In tune with polar self
not to follow...

But to mate and one to become.
Reaching our mesa of evolution.

Now to surface
But not alone.
To the mundane
Solid as Stone!

My Self as she.
My Self as he.
The child in me.

We are three
                             One Entity!



Poem III


Totem Spirit


Focusing inward to my minds eye.
In beats of three with an outward sigh.

Descending to my beach again.
Water spirit has become my friend.

Together we chant as I toss the stone…
Upward, at a slant I await to be shown.

A pristine meadow
along this path now grows.

At the trails edge there appears
a creature I should but do not fear.

‘Tis a grizzly bear
with earth red hair.

Alarmed at first to behold his girth!
Sizing his scent to measure his worth.

His eyes then meet and lock with mine.
Amber gold, deep and defined.

Speaking to me without a sound...
“Your Totem Spirit ye have found,
to protect thee along thy quest
until thy spirit has come to rest.”

“With the Trinity light and dark
inner strength we shall spark!
From deep within and flowing out
knowledge ye keep have no doubt!”

“Now to the mundane ye must return
for your next test, lessons to learn…"

"The Power of Gaea through the Sword of Fire,
enhancing thy stealth without desire.”

Then he did say unto me,
as my soul longs for more to see...

“Until we meet again my friend!

Peace without.
                   Peace within.”





Shamanic Steed


A-A, E-E, I-I, O-O, U-U…
Move from one to two.

From two to three think blue.

The ocean ye see before thine eyes,
as ye await the spirit to arise.

With a vision dancing through thy mind;
Releasing thy gift ye do find…

Thine own forest of old.
Where never are ye cold.

Then with eyes searching the quiet glen;
Thy heart and mind-sense foe or friend?

Ye do see through the brush,
as all becomes still and hushed.

A beautiful white unicorn,
with a passion purple horn.

Glistening in the reflection
of the lake...
He drinks with contention;
his thirst does abate.
His knowing yet innocent eyes,
find thine to contemplate.

How it might be that ye found this place?
         As he studies and measures thy face.

yet steady
ye approach.

Hand outstretched...
eyes locked
very close.

Chanting in clear voice...
stand beside him
perfect in pose.

Magickal and of the white light.
Ready he is for thy flight.

As ye feel his warm breath upon thy hand
ye stroke his great mane course as sand.

Ye hear his gentle voice,
grant to thee
this given choice.

To mount and become one with he
as he is thine own Shamanic Steed.

"Let it be,
known to thee
upon this day
that ye stay”

“Together we shall share,” said he
“The light and energy
that surrounds and binds ye to me
in magick and harmony."

The persistent tug of
the mundane reality,
begins to pull from
my sight subconsciously.

"For now ye must return
teach what ye have learned.
In empathy and concern
and upon thy soul in turn."

Shamanic Steed and I
shall journey again.
For we are now
the best of friends.

Thou art free!
         So mote it be!






Part II - Gifts of Faery




Poem I


Gaea - Earth


Once again the drums I hear,
At ease with Self, I feel no fear.

My hand caresses my triangular stone
as I toss it unto the waves of foam.

Waters spirit receives this gift.
The veil between us for to lift.

This path I do embark upon
Senses heightened; begins the dawn.

I gaze at the oak forest of old--
Discovering tales yet to me untold.

Like the child and the he
that are one within me;
This land and I will one become
to enhance Self in motion.

The mountain stream--
countless are its rivulets.
Life force emanates,
sparks hitherto emit.

Strength and strife
for all of life!

This I must
feel and see!
Reveal this bridge
mine own to be!

We merge as energy
Gaea and Self in harmony.

Earth and Water
Emerge as Matter.

Fire and Air
Sustain with care.

This varied source of combustion,
simultaneous flow and conjunction.
Of not one - but two directions.
Conflict yet correspond connections.

Once again Self must surface in place.
Awakens above this time and space

Leave Gaea behind and in reflection...
Glimpse the tests of this exploration.

Self will ascend
the spiral of progression!
Growing ever closer
to the next dimension!



Poem II


The Pipe of Peace - Air


The rhythm and beat of fate,
once again we meditate.

Our blue bay and sand of white
now familiar, a sacred sight.

The gift of Faery we do seek,
the smoking of the pipe of peace.

To acquire this element of focus;
Ye must first do battle with chaos.

Through this inner realm of magick
On the creative winds of intellect;

Thy spirit will soar
on original thought.
Defeat barbaric rules
whence ye are taught.

Realize thy transformation…
In an upward spiral of evolution.

Hear the music;
Perform the Illusion.
The Wizard of Oz;
Master communication.

Use only with pure,
positive energy.
Absorb power of choice,
personal liberty.

As this gift was given to me…
So shall I give my heart freely.

Never to Abuse!
Never to Misuse!

Frequency of the Gods!

Power of the Bards!

I give thanks to thee of Faery,
for this gift of wings!
My soul laughs in harmony,
as in my heart it sings!

Until the next journey...



Poem III



Excalibur - Fire


On this journey of spirit and Self;
As a warrior I claim my wealth!

Vibrations of my fate become clear.
Activate life forces in smoking mirror.

I see the Sword of Power;
Sunk deep within the stone.
Guarded and protected;
Truth and light be known.

Double edged to purify the positive.
Bestowing to me courage to live.

Channels the tension...

Needing the offer of personal touch.
It caresses my needs in a rush.

Enjoy the delight
to choose the right.

The force of faith--
Element of strength!

‘Tis an upward catalyst
to grant thy desired wish.

Charges thy energies.
Illuminates thy effigies.

I thank thee of Faery
on this profound journey!

Never to abuse.
Given of Muse.

Power of insight to walk
the path of the Ancient Ones.
Joyously I accept
this charge with anticipation!

For this Gift to facilitate--
to guide mine own fate.

Blessed this Be!
By the Power of Three!
So Mote It Be!





Poem IV



The Cauldron - Water


Element of the womb and gestation.
Giving birth and love without condition.

This the Faery did show unto me
whispering this brew of alchemy…

I arrive on the inner shores,
leading to the sacred force.

Water - this gift as it ripples
along its everlasting course.


The lure of ever changing emotion.

Always does it flow.
All it touches grows.

Through the inner priestess,
I gently taste of the eternal grail.
A quest of honor and naked truth,
that I as MoonChild shall not fail.

For I tire of the erratic
patterns of flood and drought.
Now I stand to face
these realties without self doubt.

Embrace thy inner magick!

Rejoicing in the mist…
         Welcoming the kiss
                             of the fog before the storm.
                                       For I shall not be torn!

         Between the element of dreams
                             and this mundane dance of themes.

Humbly do I accept
this present of the nurturer.
The emotional re-birth
of thy inner mother.

Churning with currents through
personal ritual and initiation.
Harnessing the power to realms
of peace, listening to my intuition.

It guides me through
this sacred spring bubbling forth.
Element of survival,
eternal hope and positive self worth.

Giving thanks to Faery
I drink libation to carry...

This message to the world.
Rejuvenate for it to see;
Value all life with tenderness.
So I will! So mote it be!


Author's Note: This is not 'form' poetry. Nor will you find perfect rhyme. This is poetry from my soul as I journey within to acknowledge and explore my own spirit and inner self.



In Conclusion




Poem I



The Silhouette

I listen to the beat of a distant drum
and spiral downward in meditation.
Descending to my beach of virgin white sand.
The ocean is warm licks my toes where I stand.

I soak in the essence of water,
taste the salt of this nectar.
My hand caresses a triangle stone
that I toss into the waves of foam.

For the elemental guide as a gift;
Seeking my sacred path of old, veil to lift.
I gaze in awe upon the ancient oaks of the forest,
through the lush green underbrush my eyes rest...

With a cry of delight
I suddenly sight
my white unicorn
with passion purple horn.

Peering at me
Shamanic he be.
With eyes of mystery;
Enticing me to believe.

Tenderly I stroke his great mane.
He knickers - calls out my name.
”MoonChild do ye wish a flight
Upon thy steed tonight?”

“Yes”, I cry with childish glee…
As I mount and become one with he.
We soar above the mountains - the trees
Rising above Earth in counts of three.

We reach the stars of the Milky Way
and then with the mind speak I say;

”Teach me the wonders divine eternal light!”
”Loose unto me the knowledge of sight!”
”Instill the wisdom of the ancients so bright!”
”For all that is good and all that is right!”

We ascend upward again
beyond the eclipse with no end.
We become one with this prism as it sends,
All that is and will be with many river bends.

For all life is of white energy.
True essence of virility.
Emanating power and strength in perfect harmony.
Nurturing softness and light with ingenuity!

We alight upon the great earth once again,
as we soak in the elements of our peaceful glen.
Our spirits are quenched for a time and we begin
our farewells to the forest and
earth’s creatures our friends.

Peace without.
Peace within.

My totem spirit the Grizzly Bear with me walks;
As I give thanks to Mother Goddess and
Father God for lessons taught.

Elements of Four I thank kindly too;
this journey along this path ‘tis always new.
I am novice to the ways of the Ancient Ones.
A lifetime of learning to seek balance and direction.

In the Mundane as well as in Magick...

I am...

Bringing harm to none --
Giving to others as they would unto me.
For all I do is
returned by Folds of Three.

Blessed be!

By the Power of Three!

So mote it be!

For I am MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue



Poem II


Vision of Gaea’s Dragon Blue

Gaea - Gaea - Gaea - Dragon Blue…
Protector of Mother Earth
Why hath thou sought me out?

In a dream did ye appear,
in all thy glory
full of spirit.
Filling me with longing for my home
in the midst of thy bosom.

All around us formed a
circle first of light...

Then upward drifting mist
within this circle around us.

A five pointed star became clear.
Lifting the material world--
Between this and the other.

Becoming first three
then six dimensional.

Above us a web of
beams of light.

As I drift above and glance below
I glimpse mountain peaks with snow.

The ice pure in its immobile form.
Light of the stars glistens and
sparks in my eye.

The turmoil beneath
the chaos quickening
the implosion.

Death and Rebirth

Ice cold yet...
Hot some how.

“Why did ye bring me here Lady?
I ask of thee
Blue Dragon of Gaea
What does this mean?”

“I see the symbols for eternal light




What is it that ye need me to understand?
What is the link?
What is the message?”

She only gazed at me through
mournful eyes of compassion,

Her aura turning

Sky Blue


Hot Pink


Love and warmth
I felt emit from her great berth.

“Ye shall understand one day.”
Was the thought sent to me.
“For now,
Ye must return to thine being
of the mundane...
For though here it has only been moments,
many hours have passed in thy dimension."

"Just remember this vision;
Emboss it upon thy soul!
Know that I love thee!
Greater than ye can ever
comprehend mine child!”



This message to the world.
Rejuvenate for it to see;
Value all life with tenderness.
So I will! So mote it be!

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