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Dyanne Davis

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Excerpt for In Blood We Trust
by Dyanne Davis   

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Publisher:  Parker Publishing ISBN-10:  1600430414 Type: 


Copyright:  2008 ISBN-13:  9781600430411

Barnes &
Welcome to Adam's World

Romance is so not the category I want to use but I was limited. This is the first chapter of my second book about Adam Omega, Vampire. I hope you enjoy it.



“Damn you, Adam, let me out!”
He cocked his head to the side as Eve’s angry voice reverberated through his body. He closed his mind to her. She wasn’t ready yet. And until she was he would content himself with replaying that moment of sweet release.
Adam smiled as the pull to his groin increased. How many days had it been? he wondered? He’d almost lost count. Eight, nine, ten? One moment had been sheathed by Eve’s wet warmth, hearing her moaning his name, telling him that she loved him, and the next he was bringing her into his world, making her into one of the creatures of the night, the thing she’d fought not to become.
He hadn’t killed her. He’d made love to her and he hadn’t killed her. In fact, the exact opposite was true. He’d saved her life. She should be grateful to him instead of bitching and complaining. Rolling his eyes in annoyance, he once again listened to Eve’s thoughts.
“You arrogant bastard!”
Adam sighed in disbelief. How could any woman who’d lain in his arms and received his love making and his love call him names? It was a mystery. Of course he was arrogant, he’d never denied that. Then again he had reason to be. Why lie? His sexual prowess was unparalleled. He didn’t doubt that for a moment. He’d employed every one of his vast skills in making love to Eve, not to mention that all the love he’d stored away in his undead heart had poured out into Eve’s body. She belonged to him now, completely and forever.
With that thought, his erection swelled and every thrust replayed itself in his body. He shuddered, smelling Eve, tasting her, drowning in her desire.
“Yes,” he moaned. Eve was definitely worth the wait. Once she came to her senses he’d release her. An errant thought attempted to claim him. And what will you do with her then?
Adam’s eyes squeezed shut and he jerked with the memory induced orgasm. “I will love her,” he whispered softly, touching himself and feeling her hands cover his tip. I will find a way, he thought as he gave into the fast building release that followed close on the heels of the last. I will find a way to love her.


A coffin. Eve couldn’t believe she was lying in a coffin, paralyzed. She would have screamed had she been able, but she wasn’t. The only option open to her was to plead with Adam telepathically to let her out. So far it wasn’t working. Maybe if she could force herself to stop cursing him, he’d come. But every time she thought to do that anger overcame her and she mentally let loose with a string of expletives. He’d better hope like hell that she wouldn’t have his strength because if she did she was definitely seeking big time payback. Damn him.
Not knowing what else to do she decided to try Adam’s mind over matter theory. I believe I can move. I believe it with all my heart. Though Eve repeated the words in her mind over and over, she still couldn’t move. Even her tear ducts were frozen. That was the only thing in this horrible nightmare that Eve was glad of. She knew Adam’s tears were drops of bloods. She assumed since he’d turned her into one of the living dead hers would be also. That was one little treat she didn’t need.
How had her life come to this? Nine months before she’d been a librarian living quietly and peacefully. All of the dreams she’d had were on the verge of coming true. Then out of the blue her life had changed—forever, it seemed.
Her life now, such as it was, she owed to Adam and his obsession. Nine months ago the idea that vampires existed had never crossed her mind. That they existed and could even go inside a church… The very thought had been laughable. That she would allow a vampire to feed from her in order to save her friends and family, not what she had in mind. That she would fall in love with said vampire, no way would that ever happen. But it had and now that same vampire she’d fallen in love with had imprisoned her in a coffin.
Because she preferred being mortal? Because she didn’t envision a life sucking blood from the veins of other humans? Pain sliced through her soul with the speed of light and Eve wondered why she could feel that.
“Adam,” she tried again, but he wasn’t answering.
Emotions swirled through her like the winds, anger, confusion, back to anger, then fear. And at last, a moment before submission, she thought of someone else who might be able to help her.
“Sullivan,” Eve called out to the cosmos. “Sullivan, help me, please.” Eve didn’t know how long it was before she picked up an answer, but to her it seemed forever. “Sullivan, I’m inside a coffin…” Even her thoughts halted. “Adam left me here and he won’t answer.”
God, thank you, she wanted to scream. “Sullivan, is that really you, or am I imagining things?”
“It’s me. Why would you call me, Eve? How can you call me?”
“I don’t know. I just know I need help. I’m freaking out.”
“So he decided not to kill you?”
“Depends on how you look at it,” Eve answered. “He turned me.”
“Are you saying that Adam brought you over…that…”
“That I’m now one of the vamparic women Adam hates. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”
“Was that your punishment for betraying him?”
“Listen, Sullivan, I’m glad you answered, but can you…will you help me?”
“What about Adam?”
Eve felt desolate. “If you’re worried about Adam I don’t think he will know you’ve helped me. He still thinks you’re dead. He won’t know, he’s closed his mind to me.”
For a long moment she didn’t feel Sullivan in her mind. When his voice came there was no ignoring the hurt in it.
“That wasn’t why I asked, not out of fear. I assumed if Adam left you there, he will return for you when whatever game he’s playing is over. You won’t be able to hide from him. I wasn’t thinking about myself, but you.”
“I don’t give a damn what Adam thinks.” Eve attempted to convey her screams in her tone. “I’ve been here for days. What if Adam doesn’t come for me?”
“I don’t understand. You have Adam’s blood, you’re a vampire. You have the strength to open the coffin yourself.”
Eve couldn’t believe it; she was debating with the only being who was answering her as to why she was stuck in a coffin. Why the heck couldn’t he just come to her rescue? Then she remembered their last time together and cringed. Well, he might have a reason for not helping her. She’d promised to help Sullivan render Adam harmless. He’d given her money to buy the ingredients for her potions. But when that little maggot of a vampire, Uriel had bitted into Adam in an attempt to gain Adam’s powers something in her had snapped. Her love for Adam overrode every other emotion and she’d gone after the entire group of vampires armed with water she’d gotten from the kitchen sink and prayed over. It had worked. She’d killed four vampires that night with what she’d told them was holy water. She thought of Sullivan catching the crystal and the bottled potion she’d thrown to him. Sullivan was a good man. He’d tried to protect her and Adam from Uriel. She’d betrayed him the same as she’d betrayed Adam.
“I don’t think you betrayed me, Eve. You just couldn’t get over your love for Adam. It was too strong a pull.”
Thank God Sullivan had not broken the connection. “Sullivan, will you help me?”
“You didn’t answer my question. Why can’t you help yourself?”
Now Eve was back to being angry. “Okay, if you must know, I took the same potion that I gave Adam. I’m paralyzed and I have been now for seven days, maybe eight, I don’t know, I’ve lost count. Are you going to help me or not?”
“Of course I am,” Sullivan answered and Eve felt a whoosh of air as the lid was lifted.
“You came,” she whispered in her mind.
“Of course I came.” He lifted her in his arms and grinned. “I bet you wish you had left with me now, don’t you? Don’t worry, Eve, I brought something for you.” He put the amber bottle to her lips and allowed the liquid to fall into her mouth. “I had a feeling I should keep some of this handy,” he answered her unasked question.
“Since this is your potion do you have any idea how long it will be before it works on you?” Sullivan smiled.
“I’m hoping it works quickly.”
“Eve, seems like you have a choice to make. I assume since you asked me to release you that you don’t like the accommodations Adam chose. I have only one other place to take you. I remember your earlier objections to entering my home.”
He could feel the thumping of her heart. “I have no other place, Eve. I’m sorry but it is your choice.”
“Not much of a choice,” Eve said, then amended her hasty words. “I’m sorry, but if the choices are being in a coffin, or in the home of a vampire, which would you choose?”
“You lived with Adam.”
“That was…”
“That was what, different? You were in love with him? What? Tell me. You’re the same as I am now. It wasn’t me who did this to you. It was Adam who turned you, remember that. Of course I could just leave the lid off and put you back where I found you.” He laid her back in the coffin and stared down at her. “You can stay where you are if you like. You won’t be alone.”
“There are other…other…beings here?”
“Yes, there are others here,” Sullivan answered. They will not harm you. They would be too afraid. You still belong to Adam and they will not forget that. Didn’t you feel them around you?”
Eve would have to admit she had not only felt the presence of the others but heard murmurings. She’d been afraid that at any moment, because she’d killed four vampires, she would be targeted for revenge.
“I don’t belong to anyone. Now will you get me the hell out of here?” Once again she felt herself being lifted and found comfort in Sullivan’s arm. If Eve could have, she would have thrown her arms around him and given him the biggest hug he’d received in eight-hundred years. Instead, she repeated telepathically, ‘Thank you,’ over and over.
“So where do you want to go?” He looked into her eyes. “Shall I take you home, Eve?”
She could swear he was laughing at her. Just a few weeks ago she’d sworn she’d never set foot in another vampire’s home. Now, as long as she wasn’t in a coffin she didn’t care. She might live to regret it but she agreed to go.
Then it hit her. She was no longer alive, not in any human sense. Damn Adam anyway. He should have done as she asked and let her die.
“You were dying, Eve?”
She’d almost forgotten Sullivan. “Please, no more questions until the potion kicks in. I don’t want to be in your head and I don’t want you in mine.”
“It seems like that was exactly what you wanted when you contacted me.”
Eve didn’t have an answer for that. All she could do was ignore him and hope for the best.
She should have known hoping for the best wasn’t going to
work. “Sullivan.” Eve choked on the name. “I feel so dirty. I need to feel clean. No sooner had she spoken the words than her soiled clothing was changed.
“Sullivan, please, I don’t know how to ask you this but I need water on my body.” She paused. “Even if I can’t feel it at the moment, I still want it. You have to listen to me and try to understand. I need water on my body. Real water and lots of soap. This is what I would have done before all of this. I’m fighting for my sanity. I need to believe I’m normal, human, mortal, whatever. I need to know I’m alive.” Within moments Sullivan was doing as she’d asked. Tears ran unchecked down her cheeks.
If she wasn’t already dead, she would have died of embarrassment as Sullivan cleansed her body. He talked to her to take her mind off the intimacy of what he was doing, but it did little to help. At one point she wanted to tell him to stop but the knowledge that she was lying in his bed, on white satin sheets, and that she’d asked him to do it stopped her. She wanted to be clean. Somewhere part of her brain recognized that, but knowing Sullivan’s hands were roaming over her body filled her with dread.
When he was done he refused to meet her eyes, just gave her more of the antidote, turned off the lights and drew the curtains. Eve could hear him outside the door. The familiar sound of a chair scraping across bare wood alerted her to his intentions. So he’s guarding me. Against what? She wondered and fell asleep.


Adam frowned and stood perfectly still. For the past three days he’d been monitoring Eve’s heartbeat. The muffled sound that came through the thick inlaid mother of pearl had its own distinct sound. He’d smiled to himself as Eve screamed his name, her anger telling him she wasn’t ready for him to release her. No, she needed more time to become pliable to his wishes, to knowing that it was fated for the two of them to spend eternity together.
As he’d listened to her cries turn fearful, he’d almost thought to release her. But he was going for control. When he released Eve he wanted her to be grateful not to be in the coffin. He wanted her to remember her first life as Eyanna, his wife. He wanted her to remember that he’d given up his life for her. And he wanted her to remember how much pleasure he’d given her before he’d turned her. Then he wanted her to beg him to forgive her for all the pain she’d caused him and pledge to love him for the rest of eternity. Adam wanted Eve to remember that she loved him.
“Eve,” Adam called out and felt nothing, not a block keeping his thoughts out, not a heartbeat. There was nothing to tell him she was safe. If she were a mere mortal he would think her dead. The thought filled him with dread and without hesitation he found himself in the catacombs beneath the city rushing toward the pearl coffin he’d commissioned especially for Eve.
He ripped the lid from the hinges not bothering with subtlety. Adam’s heart skipped a beat as he looked into the empty coffin. Where the hell was Eve? he wondered. He shouted her name and felt a shiver that must have come from her soul.
Blood calling to blood. He made her; he would always be able to find her. Still, he felt the resistance. She didn’t want him to know where she was. Too bad. He knew and he was going to retrieve her.


When she woke, Eve knew immediately the antidote was working. She no longer had to fight to keep her eyes open. She tried to move her mouth and could just a bit. She felt the stiffness followed by the pain of her muscles stretching.
An intense pain seared her brain and Eve moaned inwardly. Adam was calling to her, his voice anxious and filled with fear. She wasn’t going to answer him. He’d not answered her. Her insides felt on fire as though each cell in her body was determined to betray her by revealing her whereabouts to Adam. No, she thought, repeatedly, I can keep him from knowing.
She heard his voice again, louder this time, angrier and a bit baffled. Serves him right, she thought. Once again heat poured through her body. It took every ounce of concentration not to answer. Her nerve endings tingled with the knowledge that Adam knew where she was.
“Sullivan,” Eve croaked, surprised when she actually heard the words come from her mouth. She felt liquid slid from the corner or her eye, saw the redness, and more followed. She couldn’t stop crying at the sight of the blood tears. “Sullivan,” she moaned. Then, “Oh God, Adam, what have you done to me?”
“Eve, don’t cry.”
It was Sullivan standing by the bed and she’d not heard him move.
“What’s wrong?”
“Look at me,” she said and continued to cry.
He gazed at her sadly. “Oh, the tears. They’re always the hardest thing to get used to. The more you cry, the more they come and the sadder it makes you.” He attempted to smile. “You see, it’s a vicious cycle. Now you know why no one in their right mind would wish for this or visit it upon another soul,” he said disgustedly. “I wish Adam had killed you,” he finished angrily, and looked at her.
“Then do it now, Sullivan. Kill me before Adam finds me, please.”
“I can’t.”
“Why can’t you?”
“Eve, I’ve never killed anyone.”
“But you wanted Adam dead.”
“I know.” Sullivan shivered and Eve looked at him.
“You mean you’ve never turned anyone into a vampire?”
“Of course not. I told you this life was a curse, not a blessing.”
“Then why haven’t you ended it, for yourself, I mean?”
“I guess I’m too much of a coward.”
“I don’t think you’re a coward.”
“That’s not what you thought not so long ago.”
“I was wrong.”
Sullivan smiled but didn’t answer.
“Thank you for helping me,” Eve said.
Once again Sullivan didn’t answer.
“What’s wrong?”
“Adam, he knows you’re not where he left you.”
“I know and I don’t care.”
“He does.”
Their gazes connected. Eve didn’t want to ask, didn’t want to seem ungrateful to Sullivan. She didn’t want him to think she was waiting for Adam, but still she had to know. “How, Sullivan, tell me how he knows where I am?”
“The blood. He made you. Adam will always know where you are. You won’t be able to hide from him.”
“Maybe not, but I don’t have to be with him.” Eve shivered. “I can return to my own apartment.”
“You may stay here with me if you’d like.” He held out the crystal she’d given him. “I’m not sure if this crystal and the potion you gave me is what now gives me immunity from the sun or my believing that it does. Either way it doesn’t matter. You gave me the courage to try. I’ll protect you with my life. I owe that to you for showing me that if a mere mortal could perform such feats that I an eight-hundred years plus, vampire could do no less.”
Now Eve understood. She closed Sullivan’s hand, leaving the crystal inside. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you bind Adam.”
“Me too.” Sullivan studied her. “But I knew it was a gamble from the moment I contacted you. I can’t blame you for deciding to protect Adam.”
Eve once again felt moisture on her cheek. “I couldn’t let that little weasel suck Adam’s blood. Uriel is disgusting.”
“He was disgusting. Adam killed him.”
“Do you blame me for that?”
“No. I blame Uriel. He should have known better. The plan was never to allow Uriel or any of us to turn into Adam. And I do apologize for Uriel hitting you. He should have never done that. I don’t blame Adam for killing him, not one bit.
“None of this…none of you are what you seem. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know you’re a vampire, I would think you’re human.”
Sullivan laughed, a great booming sound. “Even Uriel?”
“No, he’s the exception. He must have been a horrible mortal because as a vampire he was a lousy…” Eve suddenly felt Adam’s presence and saw the hair on the back of Sullivan’s hand stand on end. He’d felt it too. For a moment she thought he was afraid until he moved in front of her and spread his arms in a protective stance. She couldn’t believe it; he was protecting her from Adam.

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