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Joan Hangarter

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The Miracle Makers Club-Live the Prosperous and Soul Filled Life That You D
by Joan Hangarter   

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Publisher:  The Miracle Makers Club ISBN-10:  0974559067 Type: 


Copyright:  Nov 1, 2007

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Miracle Makers Club
The Miracle makers Club

Wha'ts Your Best Chance To Learn to Create Miracles In Your Life? If you, your family or firends are having more difficulties than you'd care to think about, and you believe you need a miracle or tow, this book may be more valuable to you than anything you have ever read! After Dr. Joan Hangarter went from successful doctor to homeless bag lady, she learned an ancient yet little-known secret of the universe -- we have the power to create miracles. If you've ever wondered how to make positive changes, her book, Miracle Makers Club, will clear it all up.

Chapter Two

So, You Need a Miracle

So you want a miracle? You need a miracle. Perhaps this would be the perfect time for something miraculous to happen. Like a white bearded handsome God shining a light down on you, saying “Hello down there. I remember you. Here’s an olive branch with your lifeline. Hang on cause you are about to be rescued just as the crocodiles snap at your feet and the wolf is at your door.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? A juicy ripe miracle every time we needed one. To be able to count on the dreams to be real, the fantasy a reality.

Before we get into the core of how to create miracles, I think it would be best to define the miracle itself and then go into the four different types.

According to the dictionary, a miracle is a wonderful thing, a remarkable example or specimen. The Latin word, miraculum, means to wonder or marvel. Major miracles are accompanied by extraordinary elements. But in its very basic definition, that’s all a miracle is. Something amazing and possibly out of the ordinary. Last week I overheard a man In line at the post office discussing what a miracle it was that he received this letter in just three days, when once it would have taken three weeks, or even three months. We use the word miracle to describe both the mundane and ordinary world, and the miraculous one where dreams do come true.

You could go back to basics. It is a miracle that you are you at this particular time. Think back to the life you have led. What extraordinary events occurred to lead you to this book, this guide to catching your miracle wave? You are in the right place at the exact right time, for the miraculous is perfection.

The word miracle has been applied to
• Saints, healings, statues, wells
• Cleaning fluids
• Synchronistic events.
• Parking spaces
• Avoiding a near fatal crash
• Intuition
• Sudden insights
• The discovery of fire
• Light
• Children
• Falling in love. Lasting true love.
• Hope
• A helping hand
• Magic
• Winning the Lottery
• Getting an Education
• Being surrounded by loving families
• Food when you are starving
• The internet

So what exactly is a miracle? Each of you has a different idea of what a miracle is.
Miracles to you might be a random act of God that happens to the lucky.
For others, a miracle is an unexplainable act that no human could possibly accomplish alone. Or maybe you simply define a miracle as, “something that can never happen to me.” To become a saint in the Catholic Church you must have three documented miracles, such as turning a gallon of water into 1000 bottles of wine, or a cup of flour into dozens of loaves of bread. Research into Church history reveals these skills were not uncommon; many priests had the gift to transmute water or even levitate. In fact levitation was so common during the Middle Ages, that it was forbidden to consider this act as a miracle.

If your definition falls into one of these categories, or something similar, I am challenging you to set aside everything you’ve been told and consider that there’s something more to miracles that you’ve yet to learn. Your life is your personal miracle.

A miracle is not necessarily an unpredictable act of God. In truth, every one is a Miracle Maker whether they know it or not. For some of you though, you might be afraid to think of miracles as something that could happen to you because you have been told that your dreams are foolish and can’t come true. You have had the ability within you your entire life, but hidden deeply, not accessible.

Everyone is born with a mission, a destiny, a talent, and a very special gift. By tapping into the resources of your gift, you allow your vibration to shift into an intuitive mode. You become one with where you are going.

Good Vibrations

You are what you eat. You are what you think.

If you want to attract the positive into your world, reenergize your body with healthy foods, and your mind with positive life affirming affirmations. Repeat often, “I am a miracle maker. I am a magnet for miracles.” Radiate health, wealth and happiness. “I attract people and events to further my goals and activate my dreams.” The air around us is filled with atoms and subatoms, particles, electrons, thought waves, sound waves, light waves, angel waves, you name it, this is not empty space. Think of your thoughts as an order or request that you are sending directly out into the universe, which sends you back exactly what you asked for. A negative thought clings to your aura or energy field for days, looking like bags of black hanging on you. At least, that’s how it makes you feel, heavy and weighed down. When we don’t trust people we say they have a bad or evil vibration. They give off negative energy.

To catch your miracle wave and allow this shift into your life, you must raise your vibration to a higher frequency. Love, peace, happiness, laughter shift your energy noticeably. Certain people make you feel healthier and happier just to be around. The leave you feeling changed.

Look at vibration this way ... we are like antennas with electromagnetic
resonance. The more finely tuned and sensitive our antennas, the higher
frequency will resonate back. Imagine sending your antenna high up into the ethers -- into space -- to attract a "heavenly" charge. The higher you can raise your antenna, the greater the positive charge of joy, happiness and all the good feelings.

Here is a great meditation exercise to raise your vibration. The miracle wand is a tool we sell at Its purpose is to cleanse your personal space and attract positive energy from the physical universe.

If you don’t have your wand, pretend. Raise it up towards the sky with your eyes closed. Increase your vibration by using the miracle wand as a conduit of positive electro magnet waves of energy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself raising your miracle wand or antenna. The higher you raise the wand, the more positive energy will flow through you as this process works to attract energy particles. You become a magnet for these particles of energy that bring you exactly what you are asking for.

As you raise your wand, verbalize what you want. You can say, "I am a magnet for miracles. I am raising my vibration to attract miracles. The higher my vibration, the more miracle I attract. My life is guided, intuitive, holistic and prosperous." Feel free to say it however it best fits your life and needs.

Every obstacle, obstructions and challenge, tests your potential and makes you stronger until you hear the call and awaken. The miracle wand is a tool to remind you that you are a Miracle Maker. When you find yourself in challenging situations, touch the wand in your back pocket to remind you of who you are.

Even if you don’t believe in this, you have the ability to create miracles whether you realize it or not. Miracles are events that restore belief. We will believe it when we see it and see it once we believe, right? Believing in miracles takes faith, confidence and a willingness to try something new, instead of living in the same old, same old.

A miraculous moment in time is a paradigm shift, resulting in things suddenly going your way. When I make the right decision, my heart literally sings, and I hear a whistling inside. When I am in the midst of a miracle, my entire face smiles wide, and my chest stretches with happiness and pure joy. What are your miracle clues?

While creating your miracles, you’re living your highest of selves. You’re not guided by a bland, pious altruism, but by true excitement, passion and intuition. This is your core, the voice that would walk a million miles just to taste from the cup of spiritual fulfillment and have a life with meaning. This is your soul essence expressing itself on the planet.

Miracles happen all the time, everyday, to every type of person, but you fail to recognize them as miracles. I believe that when a person is living their true, inner purpose, that is a miracle, especially since our culture is materialistic based, not mission based.

Birth, for instance, is clearly a major miracle. Within seconds of experiencing the sheer agony of labor, I literally forgot my pain. Waves of ecstasy filled every cell of my being, and the pain receded into a fragment of a vague memory.

You too have experienced miracles in your life, but you may not have recognized them. They don’t have to be huge life altering, make Headline News, “you’re not going to believe this” events. Miracles come in all sizes and shapes. Look for the baby miracles; tiny, small rays of sunshine in an otherwise stressful day.

Miracle A: Mini Miracle

There are four types of miracles. You probably experience the first type frequently, without realizing it. This is the mini-miracle or the baby step miracle. These are daily events, such as finding a parking space right in front of Costco on Christmas Eve, for example. In another case, maybe you think about whom you need to speak with and they call -- out of the blue. Last week I was wandering down the bread aisle at the supermarket, wondering when my son Anton’s basketball game was and I ran into another mom on the team who gave me the answer right then.

Author Jean Shonoda Bolen says, “Synchronicity can pave the way for people coming together. By unraveling the circumstances through which two people meet to enter a significant relationship, the delicate, unseen hand of fate, destiny, synchronicity or underlying Tao can be discerned.” Simply put, she’s referring to this type of miracle.

Perhaps you find the right book at the right time, as says mythologist William Irwin Thompson, “A university can provide you with a library, but what makes the book you are not looking for fall off the shelf and into your hands?”

When I was destitute, my miracles were simple, such as finding spare change hidden in my pockets when I had just run out of money for food. A miracle was getting a ride to and from school for my kids during the rainy season when we did not own umbrellas, raincoats or hats. I walked two to three miles a day in the chilly San Francisco rain. My close friend Lalo couldn’t bear to see me so beaten down, and he bought me a beat up, salvaged 1981 Volvo that spit fumes. The car became my Golden Red Chariot-- my miracle car. It didn’t matter that the roof leaked and the car had no heat. It ran. We had transportation!

Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated, when we miraculously received gifts of turkey and trimmings. A neighbor knocked on my door with a made up story about winning an extra turkey at work. Right. A mother from the school handed me a gift certificate for a ready-made dinner, complete with stuffing. Believe me, you could never convince me that miracles don’t exist, because I experienced them even during the bleakest of moments.

What constitutes a miracle to one person may go unnoticed by another. A few cents for food and a beat up Volvo might be a curse to an affluent family, but to me, they were blessings in disguise. At the time, a simple turkey meant the world to me. So everyone will have a slightly different definition of what a miracle means to them personally..

It is easy to overlook or discount the little events as they occur. That’s why I call everything that is positive that comes my way a miracle. I never leave anything out, because I want a steady stream of wonderfully nice things happening to me 24/7.

A good idea is to track your miracles, that way you discover the universe is responding to you. In the back of this book, I have created several miracle journal templates for you to use, and you can go to my website to get either the online journal or purchase a miracle journal to use for this. I find that when I take daily miracles for granted, my miracle power declines, for I am not using my gifts. But when I track them and flex my miracle muscles, I become a magnet for intuitive, synchronicistic events that uplift my life.

Miracle B: The “Lucky” Miracle

The second type of miracle is what some consider luck, good fortune or sheer coincidence. For instance, you may say that Sam Walton was lucky to have succeeded in creating Wal-Mart and Sam’s. I mean, several others had tried to do it and failed. It must have been luck or fate or an accident that he did it where others did not.

To become lucky, in the real sense, is to become purposeful, mindful, intuitive, listening to your answers and going with your own sense of rhythm towards a destination. I classify it as a miracle, because as you create this aura of winning, sometimes it appears as though the good luck occurs at just the right time. It might feel like divine intervention that saved your life. Was that luck or a miracle? Did God do it or did you?

Individuals who are consistently lucky are manifesting outwardly a disciplined and focused approach on the inside. They are usually following a quest, a voice, an intuitive gut feeling, and they are focused on seeing it through. They have created the mindset, the brew, and the soil for their miracle. Remember, the universe will send us what we ask for.

Two days ago, I stood behind a handsome younger man outside the bathroom on a Southwest Commuter Flight. Just that morning I had expressed a need to find raw foods. Three hours later I meet a man who runs a company that imports raw foods from third world countries and markets them to major natural food stores. Synchronicity of events occurs all the time, when you say to our friends, ‘I was just thinking of you, and here you are at Safeway at the exact precise moment I am.’

That we survived is a major miracle indeed. 2001 was the bleakest year in my entire life. The kids and I decided to not celebrate Christmas. We had no stomach for additional disappointments. My attorney asked me how I coped with losing everything and being reduced to food stamps and poverty. I had to tell him. I wrote him a letter. The letter became a three page double spaced 1000 word article. With a tremendous sense of freedom, I e-mailed the piece to six newspapers, three in California, and three in New York City, my birthplace.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to a voicemail from David Burgin, editor of the San Francisco Examiner. He informed me my writing was excellent, boosting my ego a thousand fold and actually published the piece on the front page on December 19, 2001. The response was truly miraculous. Fifty people responded with letters of encouragement and donations of food, presents, slippers, bathrobes, groceries and cash. We suddenly felt rich beyond belief.

These acts of kindness were not coincidence. It wasn’t just accidental, and it certainly wasn’t random. These were the miracles I was creating, without even realizing it. I now know these principles work if applied with 100 percent intention and commitment. Anything less than 100 percent will not succeed. I have written this book to show you how to activate your miracles and make your own dreams come true.

One of my radio show guests calls himself Dr. Lucky. Randall Fitzgerald has devoted a lifetime to researching the qualities that lucky people have in common. He says, in his book, Lucky You, “If we recognize and appreciate the appearance of serendipity and synchronicity in our lives we seem to enhance our chances of being blessed with good fortune,” he writes. “To some extent, there seems to be a law of attraction at work here – the more we notice something, the more we attract it into our lives.” He believes that if you accept “the miraculous” you will have “the blessings of good fortune.” In other words, luck is an attitude.

This is important because winners who consistently win, tell us that they get into a flow during which everything comes to them. Success isn’t just by accident; lucky people create it from their mindset of prosperity. You have heard the saying, ‘success breeds success.’ Spend time with positive, prosperous friends and you will walk away feeling naturally good.

Miracle C: Tragic Miracle

The third type of miracle is the life changing, transformational miracles that have lead you to completely change your focus and life direction. Accidents, illnesses, divorce, or job losses force you to reconsider your options. This transformational miracle is an unwelcome friend pushing you along to uncover your true life’s purpose.

This miracle, born from crisis, is a potent force for change. My commitment to transform my life obsessed me. I learned that harnessing my life’s purpose would activate my miracles and create the life I dreamed about. This was easier said than done. I had allowed myself to fall into disarray. I lived in fear 24 hours a day. Since I was desperate and knew there had to be a better way, I committed myself to making necessary changes. There was no choice. Hard work was required. It was not enough to intellectually know what needed to be done. I had to change myself.

Other people have had similar miracles. Like Mike McGauley who lost the use of both his legs when his car was struck by a drunk driver. His doctors insisted on amputating his legs, but he refused. He was determined to walk. Mike now claims that “the accident that almost killed me turned out to save my life.” Twelve years later he ran his first triathlon and has gone on to become a professional speaker, coach, and founder of the Dream Builders.

Then there are people like Heather McCartney. She lost her leg as a result of a motor vehicle accident. She didn’t run and hide like some. Instead, she turned her tragedy into a miracle. Even while in the hospital she became an advocate for amputees, and artificial limbs. She became a spokesperson for the United Nations Adopt–a–Minefield Foundation and met Paul while speaking and lecturing.

Last summer I heard Wesla Whitfield, a renowned jazz singer perform at a fundraiser for disabled children. I was surprised when she rolled onto the stage in her wheelchair. An automobile accident when she was younger had paralyzed her legs. She didn’t let that stop her. Her performance was passionate, riveting, and held me spell bound. At the end of the show, another woman in a wheelchair rolled onto the stage and handed Wesla a bouquet of flowers and brought the audience to tears with her story. When she had been in the hospital, having also had a severe accident paralyzing her, Wesla had spent hours at her side encouraging her to go on, that her life was not over. What was unique about the story is that Wesla herself had only recently survived her accident and was still in recovery herself. Instead of feelings sorry for herself and turning inward, she became an angel of healing for others.

Her story, while miraculous and fascinating, is not entirely unique. Simple people do amazing things everyday. Erik Weihenmayer was born with retinoscheses, a degenerative eye disorder that left him blind at 13. Erik was determined to rise above his disabilities. In his book, “Touch The Top of The World,” he shares his struggles to stretch beyond his boundaries to overcome the restrictions placed upon him. His dream was to climb the world’s biggest peaks, an extraordinary achievement for those even with sight. Erik has now climbed the tallest peaks in the world, and my last e-mail from him indicated he was going back and leading a group of blind climbers.

My mother experienced a miracle as well. She lived with me for the last eight months of her life, and her lung cancer spread rapidly. One weekend, I brought mom to the emergency room. Her oncologist advised me to call my family to her side, because her death was near. I called my friend Dr. Awender, an old school chiropractor. Dr. Awender adjusted one bone in mom’s neck and told her that he had turned on her body’s healing power. My husband and I went for Sunday brunch, down the street to the Santa Fe Bar and Grill close to my Berkeley practice. When we returned to the hospital, my mother was sitting up in bed, demanding to be released.

And this wasn’t her only miracle. One day she told me she almost died. “I went through a rather immense glowing tunnel towards a blinding light. There were magnificent radiant beings on both sides who asked me if I was ready to come home. I told them no, because I still needed to reconcile with my sister, Pearl, and my daughter, Hildy.” According to my mother, her body became as light as a feather. The pain disappeared, and she experienced an extraordinary sense of love and well-being. She was granted permission to return in order to mend her relationships before she passed on. Mom finally died when she was ready to go. She held my hand in my home while we listened to her favorite music.

Like these fascinating examples, your obstacles and challenges can become the fuel for your life transformational miracles. Step away from your problems, and reconsider them from the higher perspective. What life lessons are you learning from this? What do your challenges represent? What is the message in this challenge for you to overcome? This becomes the fertilizer to grow your miracle. Grab hold of the opportunity to make change before life forces it on you.

Miracle D: Unexplainable Events

I call the last type, miracles of the fifth dimensional kind. They are the result of extraordinary, unexplainable events that normal science and rational explanations cannot answer. Some of these miracles have been sanctioned by the church. The Vatican requires candidates for sainthood to have performed documented miracles, at least three of them. For example, both Jesus and Muhammed fed masses of people with only a small amount of food. Jesus walking on water. Joan of Arc having visions that she was to lead an army to crown the prince.

Even in the Jewish collection of laws, there are descriptions of miracles in the Talmud. An old Jewish proverb says: “He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.” These books discuss the miracles that we can control and create. They are designed for people who want to learn how to harness and create their miracles. You must want your transformation so badly you experience pain in the pit of your belly.

My friends have shared their stories of dying relatives that were told they had days to live. My girlfriends family went into a major prayer mode and within days, their uncle’s health turned around, he had a seeming miracle, and went on to live for years.

I will show you how to develop your life purpose and create your own miracle team. My vision is to bring together others who share your determination and commitment to success. The energy from the group consciousness enhances your power and raises your vibration to the point where you will catch your miracle wave. Together, we will mix the miracle brew and activate the nutrients to get it going. What could be simpler? Join our team of Miracle Makers. We will be your miracle buddies and cheer you on to success as you overcome obstacles and habits that sabotage your progress and formulate action plans to achieve your greatest dreams.

Don’t be surprised if you awaken in the mornings ready to leap from a deep sleep, filled with passion and excitement. Finally, you are living the life you yearned for, the one you prayed that you could create and have. If you only had that miracle you’ve dreamed about.

What major and minor miracles have happened to you already?

Try to think of a time when you experienced a Mini Miracle. Have you experienced coincidences that seem too good to be true or a front parking spot that just appeared?

What life changing miracles have happened to you?

What other random miracles have you experienced?

If you could make just one miracle happen in your life, what would it be?

Now that you’re in the mood for making miracles, it’s time you learn how to do it. You can create major life transformations in just four steps. The first step, essential to creating a healthy lifestyle, is that you must have a strong desire to change. You must be ready to confront your life, assess your life and take responsibility for it. Are you ready to get started?
"Don't be surprised if you awaken in the mornings, ready to leap from a deep sleep, filled with passion and excitement. Finally, you are living the life you yearned for, the one you prayed you could create and have-if you only had that miracle you've always dreamed about."

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