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James Jackson

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What would happen to the world if everyone was gay
by James Jackson   

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Publisher:  James Jackson Type: 


Copyright:  June 5, 2007


If everyone decided to be homosexual or gay it would be an umseemly world doing unseemly things would surely bring the world to it's END.





The Court holds that under the equal protection guarantee of Article I, Paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, committed samesex couples must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes.

Finally, the government is starting to treat gays like people. It says right in the Declaration of Independence that ALL men(people) have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter what that happiness may entail, so long as it doesn't intrude physically on another persons rights


Homosexuality disgusts you, therefore it is wrong: This is an extremely unjust judgment of gay people. So what if it disgusts you; you don't have to participate. And that disgust is hardly a justification for 'moral relativism.' You should say instead that you have never been exposed to gay people, you don't understand gay people, and you were told by the Pope it was wrong. That is all you have.


Completely contextual - the government's business is not the business of any religion - unless your government happens to be the Taliban. Speaking of "out of context" you seem to forget just how much of Leviticus (you know, that book where we stone all the gays?) Christ rebuked. Jesus, in love denied everything from "an eye for an eye" to dietary restrictions.

There are plenty of heterosexual couples that choose to not have children or cannot have children due to age or medical reasons. This doesn't diminish the discrepancy of rights between lawfully married and unmarried couples. Unmarried couples do not have the right to make financial and medical decisions on their partner's behalf, receive veteran's benefits for partner, share employment benefits, take family leave for partner's health, take bereavement leave for partner's death, visit partner in hospital during restricted hours, make burial arrangements for partner, live in family-only neighborhood zones, etc.


Gay marriage has taken center stage only because it involves gay sex, and the only time fundamentalists are allowed to discuss sex (that most basic, most delicious, most neurologically compelling of topics) is when they get up on their high horse to denounce other people for having it. They have compounded their collective psycho-sexual repression with delusions that it is they and their religion that is under attack, because 2000 years after Christ they have confused morality with taboo and replaced commands of loving their neighbors with a crazed, vicious need to denigrate their neighbors, neighbors who they honestly believe should die. That is what Christianity means to them, and they do not take kindly to efforts to trample on their right to trample on other peoples rights. Listen, this is a true story about what happened to a very close friend. His name is Lewis the oldest son of an abused family.


The children were born to Mr. Robert and Barbra Jenkins. Besides Lewis there was, Nate, Alice, Bruce, Douglas and Eugene. Lewis, Nate and Alice were born in Georgia, The other three children were born in Pennsylvania. Robert the (father) was a farmer and gospel singer. Barbra was a house wife. They married very young. He was 19, she was 16 years old. Lewis was born before marriage. At the age of two, Lewis began to hear the gospel music being played in the living room of the house every day. Every day his mother would play the gospel music. Lewis loved it and he began to sing along with the radio. Once and a while he would go along with his father on singing concerts. Lewis would also pretend to be preaching. He also liked watching the sky and wondering about the sun and the moon. He loved animals and birds. It seemed almost like a short dream. Then one day Lewis was frightened by a fight that started between his mother and father. Robert (father) owned a old pick-up truck that he left parked in front of a tree on the side of the house while he worked in the fields. Alice (mother) decided to drive the truck but could not drive a stick shift. So she ended up crashing it into that tree. This was the reason for the fight. After that there was continuos abuse. Sometimes Barbara would run into the cane fields to avoid being beaten. Nate always seemed to be un-happy. The older son (Lewis) who is now in his late 50s, says he remember his father leaving the family for a time and moved north to the city of New York. Some time pass on and at some point not long after, we all were together in New York. I was 4 years old and remember the abuse stared again. A time passed, probably a year, we moved to Philadelphia , Pa. Where things got worst, father was not happy, and there was abuse to mother. They would fight about something almost everyday. Then one night I remember father taking me to church. And there was a prayer service in process. Naturally I was only 4 so I did not understand any of this. All of a sudden father went into this deep trans and began to roll all over the floor and the people gathered around him, and I was scared to death. Later he said he had received the holy ghost. I thought that father was happy now but I was wrong. He continued to beat and abuse mother. Then one Sunday morning, we were getting ready for church when I saw father standing in the rear bedroom with both arms stretched out as if he was on the cross. He remained in this position for about 30 min. or so. And he had lost his speech When he came out of the trans, he still did not speak. We went on to church. He did not speck until later that evening. Later he explained that he had been called into Gods ministry. He began preaching in the church. I was now at the age of 9 and had been playing the piano for 2 years, was now traveling around with my father playing and singing gospel music. Mean while the abuse to mother never changed. I never saw my mother happy. Then one day they were fighting and mother said that she was feed up with the way that she was being treated. She said I know what your problem is, (YOU LOVE MEN!). Father denied and said mother was just crazy and didn"t have good since. One evening while mother was at work, I saw father letting a man out of the back door of the house to climb the back yard fence to exit the house so that children playing in the living room would not see him. But I was in a room close enough to see this happening. I noticed that every time my mother would go away out of town to visit other family members, father would always have some strange man sleep over. He would put us to bed early, and shortly after the stranger would come. Well itís just a little too early for bed time, so I would be still awake when they went to bed together. This happened many times but I never told mother. Then there was a problem in the church that we attended about homosexuals in the church, and my father and the pastor of the church were lovers. They were soon put out of the C.O.G.I.C (Church of God in Christ org.). One day father and mother had a very heated argument about the fact that mother was having an affair. She told him that he was a fag. I remember him leaving for a short time. But when he returned, mother put the dead lock on the door to lock him out. The three children that were born in Philadelphia are here now. So there are 6 children in the house. He began to bang on the door. "Open this door!", "open this door!".

But mother would not allow us to open the door. Lewis he called, "open this door!". Then he called Nate and Alice, " open this door I say!". But mother would not allow us to open the door. All of a sudden he broke in the front door and they began to fight. Mother cried out stop! stop! . I was frightened and so was my little brothers and sister. The fighting and screaming lasted for a while, then father left the house angrily. When mother finally stop crying, while father was still out, said to me, Lewis, I want to talk to you, Nate and Alice. (Mother) Donít cry children momma is ok. He is so mean, he acts like he hate me. Iím tired of him miss treating me. I know a man that really care for me. (Lewis) Then why donít you just leave him then? (Mother) Because, it would be hard for me to try to raise all of you without your father. (Nate) You wonít have to worry about us mom, weíll help you. (Lewis) yes we wonít be any trouble, please leave him. (Alice) I can help you mom. ( Mother) I canít. So the abuse continued. Fathers anger continued. About 3 weeks went by and one day mother instructed Nate, Alice and myself to do some house cleaning, and to take some laundry to the laundry mate a block away from the house. Then she left for work. Father was not at home at the time. So we began cleaning the house. When we were done with the cleaning, we began loading an old shopping cart with dirty laundry to take to the laundry mate, when suddenly, father entered the front door with a mean look on his face. I wondered what was wrong. Then he reached into his coat and pulled out an electrical extension cord and started beating Nate with it. I wanted to know just what he had done. The beating went on for a long time. I thought that he wasnít going to end it. Nate was bleeding all over his back. He was screaming and in shock. Then he grabbed Alice and slung her to the floor and began beating her the very same way. She also was screaming and in total shock. I was trembling and scared to death and hoping that I didnít get the same thing. Aliceís back was bloody also. I was shocked to know that finally it was my turn. One thing I knew is that I was going to suffer the most because I am older then the others. Meanwhile, our 3 younger brothers who were just 5, 4, and the youngest son was 2 years old looked on. They were crying and in shock. Father beat me until I just couldnít cry anymore. My back and arms bloody. He would not tell us why he did this. I was just 11 years old, Nat 10 and Alice 8 years old. After father was finished beating us, he said now go to the laundry mate. So together we hurried to pull the cart of laundry out of the house. We started to walk slowly and still sobbing toward the launder mate. (Alice) What did we do? (Nate) I didnít do nothing. (Lewis) I donít know why he beat us. As we continued to walk slowly because of pain bleeding backs sticking to our T-shirts beneath our garments. It was very cold that day, but a living nightmare. After the laundry had finished drying, (Lewis) Letís fold these cloths so that we donít get another beating. (Nate) "ok". We folded the laundry put them in the cart and slowly walk home and was very afraid to go back to the house. Together, we pick up the cart and take it in the house. Father is in the kitchen cooking something. Shaking in fear, we began putting away the clean laundry. Father never said anything. After we had finished the laundry, we sat down on the couch to watch TV. My T-shirt was sticking to my back because I was still bleeding. (Lewis) whispered to Nate and ask him to let me see your back. After seeing Nateís back, his T-shirt was also stuck to his back and so was Alice. We moved from the couch and sat on the floor so that backs were free from the back of the couch to keep the blood from sticking to our shirts. Barbra ( mother) returned home from work, she entered the living room where Lewis, Nate and Alice were sitting on the floor watching television. She notice the look on our faces. She bean to scream when she saw the blood on the back of our T- shirts. The three younger children, Bruce, Douglas and Eugene were also setting quietly on the floor. Barbra ran into the kitchen where Robert was cooking something , and began screaming, (Iím going to have to report this to the police). Come on Lewis weíre going to the police station. Robert never said a word. After arriving at the police station Lewis was taken to a room. Finally after waiting for a long period time a doctor entered the room where Lewis sat on a stretcher. The doctor did an examination. Then they allowed Barbra to enter the room and said to her, we cannot allowed Lewis to return to the home. (Doctor), Do the other two children that you mentioned on the report have the same physical damage? (Barbra), "Yes but please donít take my children". (Police) Weíre going to have to pick them up also. Mr. Jenkins will be placed under arrest. Weíre sorry Mrs. Jenkins. (Barbra), Where will you take them. (Police). You will be informed, theyíll probably be taken to a shelter for children, donít worry everything is going to be alright. Weíre going to take you home so that you can be there with your other younger children. Lewis is crying and sobbing. (Barbra says) "Donít cry baby mommy will be back". Lewis was left in the room for a long period of time, probably two hours. Then Nate and Alice entered the room to be examined by the doctor. Then a lady entered the room (Lady says)" I am a social worker and I am going to make sure that you are safe". Lewis, Nate and Alice was the taken to the shelter. They were still in shock and could not speak. Finally they reach their destination. They take Lewis to a foster home. Nate and Alice was taken to a shelter near by. Now it is sometime after midnight. Lewis began to cry and said, "where is my brother and sister"? " where is my mother"? " Where am I "? A man took Lewis by the hand in foster home and said, " youíre going to see them soon". He took Lewis into the kitchen, then a lady walked into the kitchen and said, "what would you like to eat"? (Lewis) "Iím not hungry". (The man says) "My name is Bob and this is my wife Carol". "They call us mom and dad around here and we have lots of fun youíll see". " There is some others boys here that would love to meet and play with you". "They are asleep now but you will meet them today"." But right now lets show you to your room". "We can talk about what ever you want after you get some rest ok"? ( Lewis says) "ok". (Bob) your bedroom is located on the third floor, youíll like it Lewis." (Bob)"I promise you we will talk about everything after you get some sleep ok"? "Donít cry Lewis everything is going to be fine. (Lewis)"Ok Bob". After Lewis had awaken, he was taken down to meet the other boys. Eddie, William and Clarence. William and Clarence were real brothers by birth. Eddie was a foster brother. After greeting one another, we went to the kitchen for breakfast. After breakfast, Bob and Corol took Lewis into the living room and explained everything about the foster home. (Carol says) You can call us mom and dad like the other boys. I know you would like to see you mother and your brother and sister. Your mother will visit you once a week. It will be a while before you can see you brother and sister. Eddie, William and Clarence will be your foster brothers and we have lots of fun. You will be a member of the YMCA and plenty of other things to do like ice skating, roller skating, all kinds of fun. You and Eddie are the same age. You will be attending Barrett Jr. High. Now Eddie has someone to walk to school with. (Bob asked) "What is your favorite thing to do"? (Lewis) " love music". (Bob) Weíll see what we can do about that Lew. Oh, you get fifty cent a week allowance. (Lewis) "really? Thanks. (Bob) You will be meeting your social worker sometime this weak..Her name is Ms. Fisher. She will be asking you questions to make sure you are ok. You will see her once a week. Monday you will start school. YMCA Tuesday and Thursday. Remember Lewis, "we are a family" (Lewis) and these are my foster brothers".(Bob) Yes, and no fighting ever, do you hear me boys? (Eddie) yes pop, (William) yes pop, (Clarence) yes pop, (Lewis) yes pop. Now Lewisís new life begins. Lewis is in school now. Lewis and Eddie walk to Barrett Jr. High school every day. Lewis meet new friends in his class. Lewis and Eddie was in the 7th grade, and shared the same classes. A girl in the class room liked Lewis and was always asking questions about where he lived and other personal things. Lewis was too ashamed to answer any of her questions. (Lewis) I like Janet but what if she finds out that I live in a foster home? ( Eddie) Donít worry she probably already knows. And talked while walking home from school. Lewis is happy now playing and enjoying other activities with his new parents and foster brothers. He loves his foster parents and his social worker Mrs. Fisher. Lewisís mother (Barbara) would come to see him once a week. His father (Robert never visited him. It was now going into a year at the foster home. Lewis could still see his brother and sister every day from the rear upstairs window playing in the back yard play ground. Then one day after Lewis had returned home from school, Bob (foster parent) call Lewis into the dinning room and said to him, Mrs. Fisher would like to see you so go straight over to her office. (Lewis), why does she want to see me today? itís not Tuesday! She said that itís important so go right over to her office. (Lewis), ok. Mrs fishers office is located in the shelter where Nate and Alice is living just around the corner from the foster home. Lewis enters Mrs. Fishers office. (Mrs. Fisher), sit down Lewis I have some things to talk to you about. So how are you today? (Lewis), doing fine. How do you feel about returning home with your real parents? (Lewis), I donít want to go there please donít send me back there Iím fine. (Mrs. Fisher), Well, there was a meeting with your mother and father and there was an agreement made between them and a Judge to have you and your brother and sister to return home today. Lewis starts to cry and pleaded, please donít make me go. I donít want to go back there! (Mrs. Fisher), I know but this is something that I canít control. But things will be fine you donít have to worry because I will be visiting you every two weeks to make sure of that so stop crying. (Lewis), I donít want to go! I donít want to go! Heís going to beat me again! Lewis cry and cream as Mrs. Fisher takes him back to the foster home. (Bob and Carol foster parents), donít cry Lewis we have to get yours things together your mother and father will be picking you up shortly. Bob Carol and the foster brothers began to cry. They told Lewis how they love him and didnít want him to leave. They all cried when Robert and Barbara (mother and father) had arrived to get Lewis. Lewis entered the rear seat of the car where Nate and Alice sat quietly. Know one said a word. Once they had reached the house they went inside. Children from the neighbor hood that use to play with Lewis, Nate and Alice were happy to see them again. And they asked where we had been. Lewis was told not to say where they had been. Being careful not to get into any trouble, Lewis went into the living room to sit down to watch TV when his father (Robert) called him into the dinning room and said, ( the same thing that happened before would happen again and that nothing had changed). Lewis did not tell Barbra (mother) what his father had said. Later that same day, Barbara (mother) called Lewis, Nate and Alice and said to them, When ever Mrs. Fisher (social worker) comes to visit just tell her that everything is fine. The three younger brothers, Bruce, Douglas and Eugene were happy to see their brothers and sister. But they also seemed to be afraid. Lewis is afraid because he has to tell Mrs, Fisher that everything is good when in fact his father has already told him that nothing has change. That he is the same abusive person that heís always been. Without Mrs. Fisher thereís know protection. One day Mrs. Fisher visits. (Mrs. Fisher), She talks to mother and ask us how are we doing. We all said that everything is fine. Soon after that we never saw her again. But Lewis could tell that she did not believe a thing that we said. Some time past on with some abuse from time to time because of the un-happiness of Robert (father). Lewis is enrolled into Sultzberger Jr. High school. Nate and Alice were en-rolled into Belmont elementary school. Lewis is not happy, he misses his foster parents and brothers. He misses the YMCA and all of the other activities with his foster brothers. Instead, he is afraid that something bad is going to happen. Barbara is still being abused and very un-happy because she knows that his homosexual problem would not allow him to change. But yet and still he says he is a Minister of the Gospel. Robert was one of four ministers at a church called the Mt. Calvary Church of God in Christ Elder Charles is pastor. Elder Charles is a homosexual. Robert (father) and Elder Charles became lovers and spend much time together. They even started a gospel singing group and went on tours in the south. Robert (father) would take Lewis along because he played the keyboard. Know matter where they traveled Robert (father) and Elder Charles always slept together. Lewis would always be put in a separate room. And it seemed that every time Barbara (mother), would go away to visit other relatives, Robert (father would always have a male to come over to spend the night and they would sleep together. This was the only time that he would smile with us and treat us nicely. This is the only time that it seemed that he had changed, just to find out that it was just to send us to bed early so that he could begin his homosexual activities with his male guest who would arrive shortly. Lewis would pretend to be asleep and could hear every thing coming from that bed room. Theses homosexual activities went on in and around the church also. All of the older members who were senior citizens began to realize what was going on with the pastor and some of the ministers. Especially the relationship between Elder Charles and Minister Jenkins (father). One day the mother of the church called a meeting to discuss the matter. She said that God is not please with men being lovers of themselves. There was anger and disagreement. This effected the order of church services because this ugly thing was in the air. So the pastor held another meeting later to talk about re-naming the church to Charles temple Church of Love. Elder Charles is the founder and pastor. He made all of the ministers of the church to be Bishops who would eventually venture into their own church buildings. When the seniors of the C.O.G.I.C heard this, they were shock and disturbed by this because they had been a member of Mt. Calvary before Elder Charles was ever thought of. They were the ones who decided that he would be the pastor. The seniors and the mother of the church whoís name we called Mother Allen, called for the C.O.G.I.C to come to the church to have Elder Charles removed from his position because what he was doing is an abomination. Now we have the church of love. We move to a larger church about a month or two later. Thereís not too many people left after the pastor was thrown out of Mt Calvary. The church building was too large for the small amount of followers. The church is rented by Elder Charles. When things began to fall apart because they couldínt afford the high rent, they decided that each Bishop should fine his own store front church and to name them all The Church Of Love Inc. They agreed. Some time went by and the church began to fall apart for un-seemly reasons. These churches were located in Atlantic City and Camden N.J. Robert (father) set his church up in Philadelphia Pa. The name of his church is Holy Church of Love. After about ten years Robert (father) decided that the Churches Of Love Inc. Is a failure. Because of Roberts (father) reputation as a homosexual in the C.O.G.I.C, they would not let him become INC.

But he could become as independent. Now the name of the church is Holy Church of God In Christ. But know change in Roberts (father)character. Robert and Elder Charles are still lovers.

Elder Charles finally lost his congregation and church building. He was last seen having church services at a funeral home in Camden N.J. Robert is preaching out of his church now, saying that (if we really love the lord we should act like it). But he continued to abuse his wife and children. Strange men continued to sneak into our home for his pleasure when mother was not around. He had a special liking to light skin men. Years of this has gone by. Lewis is 17 now. Lewis wants very badly to leave home because he canít stand any more. So he enlisted into the U.S Navy in 1968. He spent 13 months in the Navy before receiving a discharge under honorable conditions. He couldnít adjust to military life because of his abusive past. One day Lewis was leaving for Hawaii when he was surprised and shocked to see one of his foster brothers at the airport. It was Eddie and he is in the Navy too. Lewis was very surprised. Lewis and Eddie talk a while and then they had to board their flights. Lewis never saw Eddie again. After serving in Hawaii, Lewis went to Phillippines to serve. When Lewis returned home from the navy, he thought maybe things would be different and better. The very fist day of Lewisís return, Robert (father) said to Lewis, your hair is too long. (did you know that it is a sin for a man to have long hair?). (Lewis) then why do we show Jesus Christ with long hair on church fans and books? Robert wanted to argue but Lewis did nít want to argue. So Lewis decided to take a walk realizing that nothing had changed. Robert (father) has his own church now and they call him bishop. Lewis plays the keyboard for his fathers church praying that things would get better. Lewis wanted his father to be proud of him, and wanted to make him happy. But Robert (father) was neither proud or happy unless he was with his homosexual lover. Robert has had many male lovers all light skin. Barbra (mother) was very hurt by the way that Robert (father) has decided to live his life. So she started to have an affair with a nice gentleman. Lewis, Nate & Alice kept her secret because they were glade to see her happy for a change. The three younger children were not aware of this. One summer day, Barbra (mother) obviously went somewhere to meet her friend not knowing she was being followed. Robert followed her to some hotel then quickly returned home. Lewis was sitting on the steps of the house. Robert walked up the steps and said, come inside I want to talk to you. Robert says to Lewis, do you know where your mother is? (Lewis) No. (Robert) Sheís laying up in a hotel room with some man. Lewis knew about this man, and that they together Robert, Barbara, William (the man with the affair with Barbara) and some others, had taken a trip to Georgia . William already knew of Roberts homosexuality, and was also aware of the abuse to Barbara and her children. So they became close friends. Lewis said to Robert (father) Please donít be physical this time, donít fight about it. Sit down together and talk. She should be able to explain to you why she did this so that together you can solve the problem. Robert was not pleased with what Lewis had to say, he was very angry because he want Lewis to stand and watch him physically abuse Barbara. Then the door bell rang. Lewis answer the door. Irís Mrs. Walker the next door neighbor. She whispers to Lewis, your mother is on my phone, she would like to speak with you. Lewisís heart is beating very fast, Hello mom. Whatís the matter? Are you ok? ( Barbara) no Lewis. Itís to much trouble. I canít come home. I donít know what to do. I canít come back there. (She is crying) (Lewis)stop crying, he wonít beat you up, I wonít let him, he knows it. You have three little children who would never understand this. So come home please mom. We love you. Come home. He wonít bother you please come home. Lewis never shared this with the others. Soon Barbara return home. After she had entered the house, Robert and Barbara began to argue. Robert is calling her a whore. And Barbara is calling Robert fagot. After a long argument, it became silent. Lewis was relieved that it wasnít physical. But a lot more verbal abuse has taken place. Robert is still conducting service at church on Tues, Fri, and Sundays. (Saying, that the wages of sin is death). Lewis is there playing the keyboard. A few more years go by. Bruce, Douglas and Eugene the three younger brothers, sang in church with Lewis. Nate and Alice didnít do much singing. Robert had a small congregation. He told them that in order to serve God, they needed to dance, So they danced and shouted. And Robert would dance, shout and preach. Sweat would be dripping everywhere. Lewis would play the keyboard hard and fast until he bleed under his finger nails. Barbara would be singing, dancing and shouting. Still know change at the home. A little more time pass on. Then one day Robert meets a man thatís younger than Lewisís younger brother (Eugene). This young man is named Tony. Tony is addicted to crack cocaine. Meanwhile, Nate and Eugene started to use drugs also. They both said that they turned to drugs because of all the abuse. Lewis tried heroin be could not keep using it because he felt that there was a special call on his life by God. Alice began to use drugs and joined the Muslims. Bruce began to use drugs and he also joined the Muslims. Douglas also used drugs but couldnít continue because of a special call on his life by God. Robert knew that his children were now on drugs, but there was know counseling, or spiritual consolation. Robert began to spend most of his time with Tony, or at least searching for him When Barbara asked him why he would spend so much time with Tony, his response was, Iím counseling him. ( Barbara) but you should counsel your sons. One summer day, Lewis and Douglas was sitting parked on a street near a park watching a concert that was going on in the park. They both saw Roberts car. He was driving and Tony was sitting on the passenger side. Robert and Tony didnít see Lewis and Douglas sitting on the other side of the street and facing the opposite direction. Lewis and Douglas was shocked to see Tony get out of the car and purchase drugs from a drug dealer and returned to the car and they drove away. Robert rented an apartment for Tony only a block away from where his family lives. The younger brother Eugene had saw them buying crack and the same place that he bought crack from. Eugene also found out about the apartment that his father had been renting for Tony. Meanwhile, Nate got his self in trouble with the law. He committed robbery for drugs. Then he jumped bail and ran to Ga. Then he went to live in Florida. After some time past, Nate decided to return to Phila. Pa. Lewis told Nate to stay out of trouble and things would be ok. One day Nate ended up in an argument with Robert about a neck tie that Nate had borrowed and had not returned it. It didnít take long before Nate was back with the drug dealers. Nate was cheated in a drug deal by a so called friend. This so called friend knew that Nate was wanted by the police. Nate demanded his money back and said he was going to get a gun. Nate left, and when he returned with the gun, the police identified him by photo. Nate had already pointed the gun, thatís when the police shoot him down and he died. Lewis and Alice have to go and identify his body. They were blinded by their tears. Even after the death and burial of Nate. Nothing would change at the home. Church go on as usual. A few more years pass on. The relationship between Robert and Tony is more serious. One day Eugene ran into Tony as they both purchased crack cocaine. They decided to go to Tonyís apartment to use the crack. They went into the apartment and locked the door. Suddenly the door opened and Robert walked in. Robert was angry and demanded Eugene to leave. Eugene replied, what the fuck are you doing coming in here with a key? You fucking fagot, you buy cocaine for this mother fucker and I want some too. And if you can buy it for him, you can buy me some. Eugene never could get over this. Robert was so madly in love with Tony until his was willing to supply drugs to Eugene just to keep his affair under cover thou it had become obvious to others. As this went on, things began to get worst between Robert and Eugene. There were physical fights were Eugene was struck in his eye and about his head because he would come to the house late at night at times to get money from Robert for drugs. Eugene was taking advantage and using the things that he knew about Robert in order to support his drug addiction. The only way that Robert could keep him quite was to give him money for drugs. Robert would do anything to continue his relationship with his lover Tony. Eugene had a fatherly love for his older brother Lewis. Lewis had spent time with him and taught him the guitar. Lewis learned about the fights between his father and baby brother. One day Eugene called Lewis on the phone just to say that even thou his is on drugs, he said (I love my big brother, you have been more like a father). Lewis invited Eugene to come and visit his home and to bring his guitar. A few days went by and Eugene went to visit Lewis. Sat down and played some music. Lewis on bass, and Eugene on guitar. After they played a while, Lewis said to Eugene, (donít use the wrong things that dad does as an excuse to use drugs, itís just a trick of the devil to cause you to fail. Trust God and everything will be alright. Eugene agreed and said he would try hard to be delivered from the drugs. But as time went on things got worst. People began to talk more about the relationship between the pastor of the church and Tony. So Robert suggested that Tony become a minister of the gospel. This would legalize them being together at the church to cover their relationship. Still at times Tony would vanish because he need time alone with his drug habit. Some times he would vanish for weeks. Robert would be so sad and worried, searching, unhappy even in the church services, he is sadden because he wants his lover. Robert would eventually find Tony after searching desperately, and each time Robert would give him more just to stay around him. Because Eugene is aware of these things that are happening, he is even worst then ever. Eugene had taken a beating about he face and head at various times. He eventually ended up in a drug rehabilitation center where he died of a blood clot on the brain. More time passes. More people are talking about the habits of the Bishop and Tony. Some even suggest that Barbra should leave the Bishop. Barbra says no matter how he treats me Iím going to hold on to Godís unchanging hand. I promised God that until death do us part. God is going to fix this thing. Tony vanished again to do drugs again. Robert is sad, worried and unhappy. This is obvious to everyone in the family and the church because he is only saddened when his lover Tony is not around, and nothing else really matters. Roberts searches for Tony again until he fine him all worn out from crack cocaine. Robert talks to Tony and tell him how bad things are looking surrounding them. We have to do something else in order to continue this affair. Things are going to have to look better so that they will see that they have been wrong about us. I will give anything to hide this affair. Why donít you find yourself a wife and that would make us look better. I will purchase you a nicer apartment and a new car. Tony because of his weakness could not resist. So eventually he found a beautiful young woman. It wasnít long before they were married by the bishop himself. The bride did not know what she was in for until she would look out of the apartment window just to see Robert (the bishop) sitting outside in his car park in front if the door. Her complaint was that she was tired of the stalking everyday. Eventually the marriage was broken up by the bishop. Robert reminds Tony that he is a minister of the Lord and sit with me in the pulpit. Still Tony vanishes from time to time. People are going start talking about us again, you still need a wife. Knowing now that Robert would do mostly anything to maintain the relationship, he told Robert that he likes computers. So Robert invested in a computer store for Tony. Robertsí family was the last to know of this computer store. The Store is a haven for the love affair. And the church is also a haven for them. The store is open and in operation. Robert and Tony are in search for another wife. Robert makes sure that this one would be on drugs so that she could be under his control. They were successful in finding a woman on drugs and willing to go along for drugs. Robert created this to take away any suspicions of him and Tony. It wasnít long before Robert was performing Tony and his new wifeís wedding. Then one day Tony vanished again. When he didnít show up for work at the store, Robert got worried and call his apartment and asked his wife Mary where was he. She replied that she hadnít seen him all night. Robert closed the store and went on his search for Tony his lover. He would search all of the drug dealing neighbor hoods until he located where Tony was hanging. Robert would clean him up, sit him back into the church pulpit beside him as if nothing has happened. The family and the church congregation know that Tony is a drug addict and should not be in the pulpit preaching and teaching as if no one would know any better. Robert would like for his congregation to except Tony as a true minister. Even thou they can see what is really going on at this point and time. Robert and Tony continued to work at the store together six days a week full rime. They attend church together three times a week. So they spend almost all of their time together. This homosexual relationship has lasted over twenty five years. Robert is now 78 years old. And he is still holding on and doing everything he can to please his lover. He doesnít care about his wife Barbra, and she excepts it. She says God is the one who takes care of her threw it all. She survived the death of two of her sons, The remaining four children are still active in church. Lewis is a minister and still playing organ for the church. Lewis says he knows that God is going to make everything alright if we have faith in Him. Alice is now a evangelist, Bruce is a gospel singer and Douglas a minister of music. Barbra and her children decided to worship God in spite of it all. They stand in church and thank God for all that he has brought them threw. And that God is worthy to be praised no matter how bad things are. Just recently, the year 2007, Tony vanished once again. Robert would go on his usual search for him. This happened on new years eve. When Robert found him this time. The scheme was to make the family and the church congregation think that Tony was only kidnaped by a stranger, robbed and put inside trunk of his car. The kidnaper supposedly then drove the car and parked it in front of the church and put the car keys inside of the church door. Everyone knew that this was a lie. To Robert, Tony could do no wrong. When Douglas heard of this. He went to the family home to talk with his father Robert. He said to Robert that he was tired of all the problems with Tony and the unseemly relationship needed to stop. Robert was very angry with Douglas and told him to get out. That same week after a Friday night service. Douglas and his father Robert had more words concerning Tony. Douglas decided to confront Tony. Lewis was still in the front of the church giving greetings to his mother, when all of a sudden a fight broke out in the rear of the church. Lewis could see Douglas in the middle of a fight. And Robert was trying to protect Tony by attacking his own son. Lewis became furious and tried to rescue his brother, but was being held back by others. The police was soon called. When the police arrived. Robert was asking them to arrest Douglas and Lewis. The police questioned Lewis to see what happened. Lewis answered and said, all of this is happening because of homosexuals and fagots bringing their activities into Gods temple. Itís the wrath of God coming down. I could not cause this. The Bishop is the ring leader. But I would be glade to explain it all at the police district. A little more time passes on. This is May, 2007 and the relationship between Robert and Tony continues. This is a true story. The names were change to protect from shame. Know matter what the problem, God can and will take care of you if you just believe. PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD THAT YE BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE WILES OF THE DEVIL, (EPHESIANS 6:11. I believe what the bible says about homosexuals. If we all decided to be homosexuals the world would surely come to an END. God Bless.


















What would happen to the world if everyone was gay? If everyone decided to be homosexual or gay it would be an unseemly world doing unseemly things would surely bring the world to it's END.

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What would happen to the world if everyone was Gay?
If everyone decided to be homosexual or gay it would be an umseemly world doing unseemly things would surely bring the world to it's END.

What would happen to the world if everyone was Gay?
If everyone decided to be homosexual or gay it would be an umseemly world doing unseemly things would surely bring the world to it's END.

What would happen to the world if everyone was Gay?
If everyone decided to be homosexual or gay it would be an umseemly world doing unseemly things would surely bring the world to it's END.

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