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G W Grant

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The Life Of A Soldier
by G W Grant   

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Publisher:  Lulu ISBN-10:  1430313722 Type: 


Copyright:  April 2, 2007 ISBN-13:  9781430313724

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The Life Of A Soldier begins with a young man named Bill Miles who enlists in the Army fresh out of college. After finishing his Officers Basic Training, he received his commission, and then shipped off to a secret base located somewhere in the Middle East.

Later, as the commander of the newly formed top-secret Counter Terrorism and Hostage Rescue Unit, known only to a select few government officials, Miles and his men would remain ready to be deployed anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, and arrive ready to take whatever action necessary to complete their assigned mission.

Descover first hand the life style a soldier must endure while serving their country and about the hardships they deal with everyday, from government corruption and betrayal, to love and romance.

This story is based on historical events.


It was a cool but comfortable Friday night as Bill Miles sat at the bar drinking a cold beer and enjoying the music playing on the jukebox. He had been coming to the place for years, and everyone who worked there knew and respected him.

This night, however, was different from all the others in the past, because he was retiring from the Army after twenty-five years of service, and it was going to be his last in Okalahoma City.

He wished he could tell his friends that he was leaving town but because of his security clearance and the type of job he had, he could not say goodbye to anyone at the bar.

He had given the Army the best years of his life. He hated the idea of his retirement but he realized that it was time to move on and start enjoying life to its fullest.

At the age of fifty, he was an average size man and, perhaps, in better physical condition than most men who were half his age.

“Need a refill, Bill?” he heard the bartender who was standing in front of him ask.

“Ya, why not,” he commented, as he handed him his glass.

Sam refilled his glass, returned, and placed it in front of Miles, who was now looking at a table across from him. He sat there and listened as two men told their war stories to the women who were sitting with them.

“They wouldn’t know what combat was if it bit them on the ass,” he said aloud as he kept looking at them, wanting one of them to say something.

“Do you know them, Bill?”

“No, can’t say I do,” he replied in a raised voice as he turned to face the bartender. “Don’t want to either.”

One of the men at the table walked over to the bar where Miles and the bartender were at and stood there next to Miles. By the look on his face, you could tell that he did not like what Miles had said.

“Now, John, I don’t want any trouble,” Sam said, “go on back over to your table.”

“Old man, you’re asking for an ass kicking by running your mouth like that,” he said to Miles, ignoring what Sam had just said to him, “and if you got the balls to step outside, I’ll give you an ass kicking that you’ll never forget.”

“Is that so,” Miles said as he turned to face him. “Son, I haven’t had a good ass kicking in a long time. In fact, I think I’m overdue for one.”

“I’m not your son, you old fart.”

“You’re right about that. My son would have more brains than to pick a fight with someone without first knowing who he was fucking with.”

“Bill, you better back off,” the bartender warned, “John is a trained sniper and someone you shouldn’t be fucking with.”

“Oh, so you’re a sniper?”

“That’s right, old man, so don’t fuck with me. I’m a G S nine sniper and you should know that the Army has taught me how to kick some serious ass.”

“Ha,” Miles chuckled as he reached into his pocket, pulled out his ID card, and showed it to him. “Now son, I want you to take a good look at my ID and if you’re really in the service you’ll see that I’m a general in the Army. You will cool your bullshit with me and from here on out you will not refer to me as old man or old fart, you will address me as sir, and I will call you whatever I fucking feel like calling you, is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now as I see it, you have two choices here. One, you can take your so-called G S nine ass back to your table, feed that shit to the women, and possibly get some pussy tonight, or two, we can go outside where I will beat your ass so bad that you won’t know who you are when you look at yourself in the mirror. I didn’t start this, but you can bet your ass I will finish it. I don’t start fights, I finish them.”

“Good evening sir,” he said, then walked back to his table and sat down.

“Damn, this is the first time I’ve ever seen John back down like that,” Sam commented, “usually it’s the other way around.”

“There’s always a first time for everything,” Miles pointed out, “besides, he’s just trying to be someone bigger than he really is, that’s all. You see, a G S nine is Government Service pay level nine.”

“So I take it that you’re in the service?”

“Well if I tell you any more, I’d have to kill you for security reasons.”

“Say no more,” Sam said, as he shook his head in disbelief and walked away to attend to his other customers at the bar.

Miles sat there by himself thinking about how he got to this point in his Military career, a career that he was proud of, and if he had the chance to do it over again he would.

He joined the Army after he graduated from college in July of 1978 at the age of twenty-five. His first duty assignment was Fort Benning, Georgia for a period of sixteen weeks for his Officer Basic Training. At the end of his training, he emerged as a soldier brimming with confidence and ready to take on the world. The training was very demanding and tough, both physically and mentally.

After he graduated from Officer’s Basic Training in November of 1978, his next assignment was to the Officer Candidate School also located at Fort Benning for fourteen weeks.

Officer Candidate School was very interesting and a lot like being back in college again, except this time he was learning military history, tactics, military leadership skills, public relations, and of course how to properly conduct himself as an officer.

He graduated from Officer Candidate School in March of 1979, commissioned as a second lieutenant, and was sent to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he was to learn how to be a supply and logistics officer. He had no doubt this was indeed the right job for him.

It was obvious to him from the start that to run a supply and logistics department was the same as running a business and he knew just how to do that. After all, he had a Master’s Degree in business.

The only problem he was having was how to operate the new computers that the Army was using. It looked simple enough, but it was turning out to be a real bitch. The new computers in those days were weird looking, and they were very expensive.

Computers back then were different from the computers today and a lot heavier too. They were set up with computer terminals consisting of a keyboard and a small TV screen, and hooked up to what they called the main frame.

Miles enjoyed the four and a half months he was In Colorado Springs. Jack, who was his roommate, was just like him in many ways, so they got along well together. Hell, they even got in trouble together.

The officer who was in charge of them was First Lieutenant Jones who was only one pay grade above them, but he thought he was hot shit. At times, Jones could really be a royal pain in the ass.

One Friday night in mid August of 1979, First Lieutenant Jones caught them smuggling in a twelve pack of Budweiser into their dorm room. They were celebrating the completion of their training, and could not wait for graduation on Monday.

First Lieutenant Jones proceeded to rip them a new ass. You might have thought they had ripped off the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution.

Jones restricted them to their quarters for the remainder of the weekend. They both knew that they were in deep shit this time. That asshole Jones was going to fry their asses for sure.

However, they should have known better than to bring beer back to the dorm. It was a known fact that having any type of alcohol in the dorm was against Army Regulations.

They waited until it got late and snuck out of their room, and headed to the computer room. Jack was a real whiz with these new computers. When they got to the computer room, Jack opened the door with the key he had and they entered, inside there were several computer terminals that lined each wall and a row down the center.

Jack headed for the computer terminal closest to the door and sat down in front of it. He turned on the computer and waited for it to warm up.

Miles was not crazy about breaking into a high security area. He knew that they were in enough trouble as it was, and that they would be in a hell of a lot more trouble than they were already in, if someone caught them in the computer room.

“I’ll get even with that asshole,” Jack mumbled as he started to type on the keyboard, “He’ll pay for fucking with me this time.”

Miles had no idea what Jack was up to until he saw the first lieutenant’s name come up on the computer screen. Soon afterwards, Jack was in the lieutenant’s service record changing things.

“Oh shit,” Jack suddenly said, “Oh shit,” he said again.

Miles looked at the computer screen. A message “Security Breach Has Been Detected” was flashing on the screen.

Without saying a word, Jack turned everything off and they got the hell out of there, locking the door behind them. Neither one of them had any idea what Jack had started, or what was to come because of his stupid act of revenge. All Miles knew was that this stunt of Jack’s was going to come back and bite both of them on the ass.

The rest of the weekend passed quickly without anything else happening. On Monday morning, Miles woke up to his alarm clock at zero five thirty. Jack was already up and half dressed. He did not have much to say, and that was very unusual for him. They finished getting dressed without saying much. They knew that they still had the first lieutenant to deal with.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Miles walked over to the door thinking it must be First Lieutenant Jones wanting to bitch at them first thing in the morning. When Miles opened the door, he saw two MPs standing there.

“Lieutenants we’ve been sent here by General Samuel to escort you to his office where he’s waiting,” one of the MPs said.

They followed the MPs to General Samuel’s Office without saying a word. Miles was deep in his own thoughts. He figured the base general just does not invite you to his office with an armed escort for chitchat.

When they arrived at the general’s office, they stood there and waited, as the secretary informed the general that they were there. They only waited for a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. Until the general’s voice came over the intercom on the secretary’s desk, “Send them in.”

One of the MPs opened the door to the general’s office, and motioned for them to enter. They entered and the MP closed the door behind them. They quickly walked over to the front of the general’s desk and snapped to attention.

The general got up from his seat behind the desk, and stood there looking at them without saying a word. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and two more officers entered the room.

“Lieutenants I have no idea what this is about,” General Samuel stated, “but the general and the captain came in from the Pentagon to talk to both of you.” He paused for a few moments then continued, “Gentlemen, they’re all yours.”

General Samuel left the room leaving Jack and Miles alone with the other general and the captain. Miles had no idea what this was all about but he was certain that in a few minutes he was going to find out.

“My name is Brigadier General Franco, and this is Captain McDowell,” the general began, “I think you both know why we’re here. But let me refresh your memories in case you have forgotten.” the captain handed the general a red folder then he continued on, “I think you know what’s in this folder.” General Franco just stood there looking at them. “It’s amazing what cameras will pick up in the middle of the night. You take a good picture lieutenant,” he commented as he handed Miles the folder.

Miles opened the folder and quickly looked through the pictures that were in it. He could not believe his eyes. They had both of them dead to rights on film. Jack glanced over and looked at the pictures. Miles could tell by the look on his face that he too was just as surprised by the pictures as he was.

All Miles could think about was a cold and lonely jail cell for the next twenty years or so, because of Jack’s stupid revenge on the first lieutenant.

“The two of you really started some shit back at the Pentagon with this stunt of yours,” the general said, “Which brings me to the point of why the captain and I flew all the way out here. I ought to put both of your stupid asses in jail and throw away the damn key, but I’m not going to do that, I got something better in mind, something that I know will assure your silence in this matter, and benefit the Army as well.”

The captain handed the general another folder. From it, he pulled out two pieces of paper and laid them side by side on the base general’s desk, and laid a pen next to both of them. “You will both sign one of these papers on the dotted line, and never talk about this incident to anyone for any reason. If you so much as whisper a word of this to anyone, I promise you, I will see to it that both your asses rot in a jail cell. Do I make myself clear, lieutenants?”

“Yes sir!” they replied at the same time. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out the general was serious and that he had other plans for them.

When Miles looked at the papers that they were to sign, he noticed that the papers were blank except for the dotted line. Jack gave him a weird look, as he must have noticed this too.

“Sir, these papers are blank,” Jack had the nerve to say.

“I’ll fill in the necessary text later,” the general replied half-laughing aloud, “Just sign the damn papers.”

Professional Reviews

The Life Of A Soldier
G W Grant's solo debut has it all! This is an action packed novel that grabs you on page one and doesn't let go. The reader will find exquisite gems of insight in this original work. Comprised of 252 pages, this is an informative, no nonsense read that leaves you wishing to pick-up a sequel immediately.

The story follows Bill Miles, who at twenty-five had just graduated from college and decided to join the Army. Sharp, quick witted and ready to take on the world, Miles completes Officers Training and receives his commission. Later, he is deployed to the Middle East as the commander of an elite, counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit, only known to those in the highest levels of government. From Fort Bragg to Iran, Miles finds himself in the midst of an invisible war, tracking a faceless enemy that hides within the civilian population and adheres to no code of conduct. He's even forced to struggle with his superiors as his soldiers are ordered to maintain ridiculous rules of engagement when confronting this new enemy. This same amorphous struggle that now ravages the Middle East, from Gaza to Kandahar, struggles in which religion, nationalism and terrorism have assumed unimaginable degrees of ferocity, are all part of daily life, in
"The Life of A Soldier".

Grant delivers the most intimate and detailed look into the life of a soldier, that we are likely to see for some years. Masterful in his presentation of the complexities of the human drama being played out in the deserts of the Middle East. Extremely well researched and brilliantly executed, The Life of A Soldier gives the reader a front row seat, with the counter-terrorism unit, fighting bureaucracy, trying to maintain a personal life, while surrounded by an enemy determined to destroy our way of life. Don't miss this one! Despite your political affiliations this is a must read book.

Happy Reading!
RJ xx
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

Personal Note:
I've been married 15 years and never in that time has my husband read a book from cover to cover. Not once! However, "Life of A Soldier" changed that. He enjoyed this novel immensely. So much so that he is now searching for a second book that grabs his attention the way this one did!
Thank goodness GW Grant's sequel, "Prelude to 911", is scheduled for release in early 2008.

The Life Of A Soldier
Stories about the military fascinate me. I'm a complete pacifist hippie, and folks who willingly enlist in branches of the military and choose to put their lives on the line on a daily basis simply mistify me. That being said, I adored this it is an honest and accurate portrayal of the life of a soldier.

The story starts out with a young man named Bill Miles, who enlists in the army and is shipped off to Basic Training. We follow Miles through his military career--from basic, to a secret base somewhere in the Middle East, to his becoming appointed head of a secret unit designed to rescue hostages and known only to a few select government officials. The story moves along nicely and the language used is simple and very straight forward.

While we follow Miles through his military career we also experience other ups and downs with him; the hardships of daily life as a soldier, government corruption, romance...its a story of every day life, while at the same time its a story of life that very few can relate to.

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