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Ruben L Bailey

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In the Course of a Dream: Emanuel for Love
by Ruben L Bailey   

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Publisher:  Ruben Bailey ISBN-10:  0615151787 Type: 


Copyright:  July 16, 2007 ISBN-13:  978615151786

Barnes &
Penny For My Thought
In the Course of a Dream EMANUEL FOR LOVE

The Age of Aquarius has dawned upon man. This book is a testament of the new age to herald the Arc of the Covenant -- The Dream. This is the Promised Land to be found within every human being walking the face of this earth. It is the Law written in the heart of man. Awaken to a multidimensional awareness of your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit sent by God to Guide your path.

We were meant to awaken to spirit. It is a known fact that everyone dreams every night. How can one then awaken without a dream? The process of awakening begins with a dream. Few realize that the Book of Revelation where the Bible ends is itself a dream. We know that every ending marks a new beginning.

The clues are everywhere, so obvious to the wise, yet they have been overlooked by most. The revelation of our true potential has been staring us in the face night after night and we have dismissed it as idle ramblings of the mind. For me, the process began with a series of precognitive dreams culminating in a miracle wheat penny that would set me firmly on the path of illumination guided by my dreams; my inner voice. As external confirmation, the universe in synchronous fashion placed pennies on my path at precisely the right place and time to coincide with the magical “ah ha” experiences that come from working with dreams.

What does it mean to awaken? To awaken is to come into full multidimensional awareness of our True Self. We must pull the fabric of the dream into our waking reality and be guided by the inner voice, the Holy Spirit and Higher Self, to bring about a life lived fully lucid. This allows us to manifest Heaven on Earth and discover our oneness, our true purpose and to know the Source from which we all come.

Today, I live an enchanted life. There is only one purpose of manifestation; to bring about Heaven and have our heart’s desire -- to be in a state of true and utter bliss. This is how it happened to me.

- Ruben Bailey

There is a global shift in consciousness that is beginning to occur: We are coming into the fullness of our human potential. Areas of the mind are about to be unlocked. Walk with me as I share with you an experience that will leave you speechless.

  • Experience what it is like to descend into the dream while fully awake
  • Transcend and overcome fear
  • Experience third eye vision
  • Experience altered states of consciousness
  • Experience yourself in other dimensions where you exist simultaneously
  • Commune with spirit guides and angels
  • Learn to call upon the Heavens
  • Create Heaven on Earth by harnessing the dream space
  • Align yourself with Divine Intelligence
  • Come to know your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit and see your life through the eyes of Love
  • Live in the Essense of Oneness


In the Course of a Dream: Emanuel for Love
Printed: 252 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink
ISBN: 978-0-6151-5178-6
Publisher: Ruben Bailey, Penny for My Thought
Rights Owner: Ruben Bailey
Copyright: © 2007

The Book

The Theatre of Life

I must have died and gone to heaven. My dreams tonight were the most spectacular I have ever had. This dream/vision was truly in living color. I feel like I was not only allowed into the theatre but also allowed back-stage privileges to experience the most incredible journey of a man’s life. The cinematography was phenomenal. This one is truly an epic.

I woke myself up suddenly in the middle of the night with a forceful, angry and extremely loud cry from within, “GET OUT OF HERE!” I was astonished. Where did that come from? I felt like I had just been exorcised as in the Exorcist. Feeling safe again, I closed my eyes and saw a vision. I saw what looked like God in the heavens tossing a book across the sea. The book landed on a desk where a man sat. The pages of the book flung open upon hitting the desk. I then saw the man reach for a pen and begin writing in the book.

I slowly began to doze off while fighting hard to maintain my remembrance. With a mind of its own on automatic reflex, my hand suddenly but gently hit my face as if someone had lifted my arm and pushed my hand into my face to tell me to pay attention and stay conscious. I immediately thought to myself, “Huh, that’s probably how you spirits keep waking me up night after night to get my attention.” I then remained conscious just relaxing, waiting to see what my attention was being called to see.

Time went by and I must have lost whatever thoughts were in my head. I laid there watching TV. It appeared to be the evening news anchored by two women. They were reading from a book. The volume was apparently turned down on the television because I could see their mouths moving but I could not hear any audio. It then occurred to me—“Wait a minute, dummy, it’s the middle of the night and your eyes are closed. Besides, you never watch TV. Why would you be watching it at this hour of the night? You must be watching some kind of dream vision. You are experiencing the dream at 100% lucidity. Now is your chance. You have arrived.”

This was unlike any vision or dream I had ever had. The difference was that what I was seeing with closed eyes was in living color, FULL LIVING COLOR WITH PERFECT CLARITY. I remained relaxed so as to not lose this altered state of consciousness.

Who were these two women and what in God’s name were they reading to me and why couldn’t I hear them? Maybe on some level I understood what they were reading to me. I was simply beside myself. All visions I had had to date had been in a single color scale, usually blue. I watched these two women read from the book for what seemed like an eternity. The script they read was very long. I knew I dared not move and lose the reception on this station within my mind. As luck would have it I got an itch on my nose, which I tried hard not to scratch. Then my forehead itched and I tried not to scratch it, then my neck itched. By this time, I could not hold out any longer. I had to scratch, and OH MY GOD, it felt so good to scratch.

As I suspected, the image of the women began to fade in and out. I tried to hold the reception steady but I was losing the signal until finally all I could see was a myriad of rainbow colors, beautiful rainbow colors. The colors were so beautiful I did not want to lose my lucid awareness so I remained with the colored lights. This went on for a while. I thought this could go on forever but I didn’t care. I wanted to experience it.

I then started to dream. I was with my family and we were playing hide and seek. We all hid in the bushes and camouflaged ourselves. Our father came around to look for us and he was unable to see the others. Unlike the others, my camouflage was only partial as I was only now learning how to camouflage and play hide and seek. My father saw me hiding in the bushes. He looked right at me and said in a playful and jovial way, “Oh, there is Ruben.” We continued playing and we hid in other places. My cousins were hiding in the trees and were making a cooing sound. It was so funny because everyone thought they were real animals cooing but I knew they were in fact my cousins. You could not distinguish them from nature. It was all very natural.

I was told to take care of my little brother. He was given a brown puppy that was so cute and adorable. Benji wanted the keys to the house but I told him that I was tasked to safeguard them for him and that I would be responsible for the keys. I told little Benji that he could have the keys when he grew older and more mature and could assume responsibility for himself.

There was another young man in his early 20’s playing with us who was wearing a red shirt and white shorts. He paused to tie his shoe laces and said he had to run to the restroom. He said that the game was a lot of fun but he really wanted to get high.

Apparently, he was an addict in recovery, yet he still wanted nothing more than to get high. He told me he had a wife. “A wife? How could you have a wife if you are gay?” I asked. To this he replied, “I have a wife and I like to get high.”

Still 100% lucid and visioning, I realized spirit energy is all around us camouflaged to appear as nature, for which our cousins the angels and faeries are responsible. We are engaged in a clever game of hide and seek.

Marriage to a wife does not represent anyone other than the Higher Self or “big brother” in whose care we rest. I am married to my Higher Self. We all have that special Love relationship with God and all of creation. I realized that all the veiled or camouflaged images I had been seeing in visions were in fact God’s creation, and his creation extends well beyond man. I was now seeing what God created for what it really is. My Higher Self maintains the keys to the kingdom and the inherent power of creation that goes along with possessing those keys until such time that I have matured in the game of hide and seek.

I was shown the stage of life where “All That Is” is acted out. I could see the stage and the curtain or veil of separation. I then found myself in my bed within the theatre of life and a great wind came along and lifted my bed. It blew the stage curtain wide open and I saw the sea of consciousness that lies just beyond the veil. The wind carried my bed in flight and I sailed past the curtain and out over the ocean waters. I could see the turquoise sea and the many waves upon the ocean. Grey clouds were up ahead but the sea was fresh and clear. It had an invigorating and brisk feel to it, like the chill of an autumn morning. I saw individual vessels upon the ocean charting their course on previously uncharted waters. I was not the only one upon this sea.

It was incredibly surreal. How was it that I was seeing all this through the mind’s eye? I heard the voice of my sister say, “You are like the phoenix who flies out ahead of man to survey the land and report back what you see and hear so that others may safely follow and see for themselves.” A wave of calm swept over my body and I knew I had arrived. As I sensed the dream/vision ending, I heard a voice from above say, “Thank You.”

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with a spiritual high that is beyond that which words can describe. I am addicted to love. Help me today, Lord, to remain on course in service to you. Today brings a new beginning for all mankind.

Professional Reviews

In the Course of a Dream
11 Nov 2007
by Kathleen Helms

I learned about Ruben Bailey's book purely by chance – another writer had been assigned the review and usually I ignore the assignments (in fact, they filter straight through to my trash folder as I get far too much email to even skim, much less read 40 daily assignments) but this one did not get caught by the filter for some reason. That was unusual enough to merit a glance at the book assignment, which left me intrigued enough to visit Ruben's website,

I was struck by several details. First and most obvious, the book dealt with dream messages, which is a subject I can relate to on a personal level. Second, I had just finished re-reading Isaiah, my favorite book in the Old Testament, where the name Emmanuel is first used (twice!) to refer to God. The penny connection is the one that did it for me though. When I saw that pennies featured in his tale, I had to request a copy of the book.

The book is not long – 232 pages – and it is simply, honestly written. Are there better written books out there? Absolutely. More entertaining? Sure. More scholarly, instructional or educational? Hands down. And still, it's one of the most powerful books I have ever read, perhaps because of its simplicity. Ruben lays out his dream recollections with no varnish, whitewash or decoration. Here it is, here's what I have come to believe it means, take it or leave it. You almost get the feeling he doesn't really care if you believe him, he simply has to tell his story and what you do with it is your call entirely – but the message he's sharing is clearly shared out of love and his concern is evident: he wants to share the message with you so that you, too, may become enlightened.

As I read the book, I would find myself zoning out. When I started to read about a series of dream and shared experiences he went through with his sister and his mother, I zoned out and watched the rest of the segment unfold in my mind – though I had not read an additional word – and when it was over, I found myself weeping with relief. What had gotten into me?! I began experiencing Ruben's dreams in this trance-like condition, as if he was getting inside my head and sharing them with me on a personal level rather than through the printed medium. Many times, the dream unfolded in trance just as it would prove to unfold in the book. A friend suggested I was merely using my imagination and anticipating the plot line, which would possibly be an explanation if some of the plot wasn't so totally unexpected and “out there” as to defy the boundaries of my expectations!

Overall, the book leaves you with a feeling of encouragement and a message of hope. I give it two thumbs up and a highly positive recommendation.

Categories: Religion, Spirituality, Dreams, Inspiration.

In the Course of a Dream
Ruben Bailey
Lulu Press
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
9780615151786 $23.50

Reviewed by Liana Metal
Highly Recommended

Ruben Bailey, a holder of a Master of Science in Information Systems from Strayer University and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics candidate, has been interested in dreams since 1995. This is his first non-fiction book. More details at

In the Course of a Dream, EMANUEL FOR LOVE, is a personal account of dreams and their interpretation in relation to Christian religion and love. The author's near-to-death experience resulted in the writing of this book which refers to Revelation quotes and aims at making mankind better. The message to humanity is that dreams have the power to transform people and offer them the true enlightenment.

Ruben says about religion: 'Religion is like the shell that protects the embryo. It serves its purpose, but once you have come of age there is no need to carry the shell around with you, for you will find the Word written in your heart.'

He says about dreams: 'Dreams hold Universal truths. They are multi-dimensional and are perfectly formed with divine precision.'

The reason he wrote this book: 'It is with an immense love for humanity and a true desire of my heart to see you achieve oneness that I deliver this message of hope and good wishes for a brighter and peaceful future.'

This book caters to people from all walks of life, those interested in metaphysical phenomena and those who love spiritual books. It is written in a simple and clear style, and it is not a scientific book. At times it is moving, as it refers to the author's biographical incidents, while other times it is positive, thus helping people find their 'good' self.

His intentions seem honorable and just
Reviewed by Lee Gooden, Foreword CLARION Review

"I felt very much the outcast. I was poor, Hispanic, gay and HIV positive,” Ruben Bailey confesses in In the Course of a Dream: Emanuel for Love. He wears his oppressive background, sexual orientation, and affliction like a stigmata. Like any guru or self-appointed savior, Bailey claims to have visions of heaven and God. His ideas are bits and pieces from many philosophies and religions.

“God is ONE,” he writes. “I believe in Christ, in Buddha, in Krishna, Tao and so many others. AMEN, MY LORD, for all who have come before me to guide the way. AMEN, MY LORD, AMEN.” Some religious practitioners would take issue with this statement. While the world religions have similarities, some are so contrasting that to claim that one believes in them all is a politically correct cop-out.

Bailey holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems, and is pursuing a Ph.D in Metaphysics. He claims to be widely read in a variety of esoteric topics. In the Course of a Dream is Bailey’s dream journal and the story of his path to personal enlightenment. He believes it is his legacy to pass on the story of his journey and show how one can follow in his footsteps by carefully observing their dreams and looking for Jung’s ideas of synchronicity as signs from spirits or God. His intentions seem honorable and just.

Readers will wonder what the author does to maintain an income, since, according to his writing, he spends the majority of his time either asleep and dreaming, awake and dreaming, or having a vision of things that were, or things that will come. When hippopotamuses are not dancing above his head, then fairies and pixies are producing revelations. Bailey writes, “Now I too had my own little hippo above my head. It was so delightful to watch ... He was dancing and jumping head over heels ... The dream vision faded and I opened my eyes to find a faerie hovering over my bed ... He reminded me of a little Indian boy. He was so cute and colorful.” There is a disturbing quality to Ruben Bailey’ writing, as if there is something dark, hidden, and implied between the lines of all his praises and hyperbole.

Readers of Carlos Castaneda’s books, including The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, or the books of Dan Millman, such as Way of the Peaceful Warrior, may enjoy Ruben Bailey’s Emanuel for Love. But they might find it difficult to take the author seriously because of bizarre imagery and clichéd phrases.

Lee Gooden, Foreword CLARION Review

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