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Gisele G Barbosa

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by Gisele G Barbosa  I am the solo author 

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Publisher:  New Age World Publishing ISBN-10:  1594050902 Type: 


Copyright:  Feb 22, 2006 ISBN-13:  9781594050909

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This is the story of the irresistible chemistry of Destiny, and the love of a man and a woman...a bond they could not understand...a journey they never suspected. Who will win, Fate or Family?
Their story is the continuance of one which began four hundred years before at the crossroad of Fate. But today, Marcel and Monique must struggle to realize the fruits of their powerful feelings.

The Power of Fate- A Synopsis

Monique and Marcel are two different people living separate lives. Both have loving marriages and successful careers. Both have families who love them, if not completly understand them and they are making an impact on the world in their own small ways.
But a traumatic accident brings them together and changes their lives forever.

On a morning that seems like any other, the two strangers set out. Marcel to the airport and Monique to her job. Without knowing why, they both take the same unfamiliar road parallel to each other. A cat runs in front of Marcel's car suddenly causing him to swerve and his truck to flip over. It comes to rest perilously close to the edge of a cliff.

At that very moment, Monique hears a voice that instructs her to turn around. Someone, it tells her, needs her help. For reasons she can't explain, Monique listens to that voice and discovers Marcel's wreck. She rescued him from certain death but they find themselves without working cell phones and far from civilization. Monique's car stops working along with the cell phones and the couple becomes frantic and scared.

Without warning, Monique's car starts up going just far enough to bring them to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where they are stranded for a month until they are rescued.

During the month they share the cabin, the two talk about their lives and experience a closeness neither thought possible. It all comes to screeching end when they are rescued and returned to their families.

Marcel and Monique go back to their families and their lives haunted by the time they spent together. Marcel, convinced that he and Monique belong together, continues to keep her in his life, even though it brings both of them great pain.

Monique's heart is also in pain but she joins Marcel to help people around the world. Over time, however, she cannot stay away from Marcel and the fated love burns bright.

"The Power of Fate" is a moving story about star-crossed lovers who learn they cannot resist their destiny. A story of love and redemption and the triumph of two people find that whatever they do, they will always find each other.  
SCENE VII: At the hotel, Marcel and Monique get into the elevator.

MARCEL. Guess, what baby?
MONIQUE. What Doc?
MARCEL. We seem to be alone in the elevator a lot.
MONIQUE. Do you notice everything?
MARCEL. Everything when it comes to you, my darling.
MONIQUE. I bet. [Marcel comes closer to her.] Why do you like to corner me?
MARCEL. To hear your heartbeat racing, like now. Never fails. You can't resist my charm. [Marcel smiles and kisses her forehead.]Right now my lips want to kiss you so much--not as a friendship kiss as you call it--but I can't do that until we both want it.
MONIQUE. I know Doc. That's my heart cries out for you. You are a good man and a tonic to my health.
MARCEL. Great, you are a tonic to my health, too. [Marcel stops the elevator.]
MONIQUE. What are you doing, Doc?
MARCEL. I want to stare at you.
MONIQUE. This is public elevator. [Monique unlocks the elevator.] People must be waiting for the elevator. You see. [A crowd of people waits.] Sorry, he has lost his mind. [She smiles.]
CROWD. It's quite all right, we understand. Namaste.
MARCEL. Namaste, thank you--bye. [At the suite, by the door.]Wait, I will open the door. [Marcel carries her and opens the doo.] Just practicing for our honeymoon. [Marcel goes in and puts her her on the bed.] How did I do? Did I pass the test of the groom carrying his bride through the threshold? [Marcel smiles and leans over her. He kisses her cheeks and forehead.]
MARCEL. Why do you always have to spoil my fun? [Phone rings.] Hello, my beautiful mother.
FIONA. Don't hello me. You forgot you have a mother.
MARCEL. Never, I'm just too busy winning over my bride-tobe. Mother, your poor son has developped a migraine from this hard-headed bride-to-be, who is taking her sweet time. Should I spank her mother?
FIONA. Oh, my crazy son. What am I going to do with you?
MARCEL. You will find out soon. Be patient. How are papa and my lovely sisters and brothers?
FIONA. They are all here.
NADINE. Hey, brother. hat's going on? You forgot you have a family. I love you too.
MARCEL. Thank you, at least somebody is not afraid to say "I love you" to me. [Marcel stares at Monique. She closes her eyes and Marcel caresses her eyes.]
NADINE. Hello, are you there?
MARCEL. Yes, Nadine, we have been busy with the project.
NADINE. Right, great excuse. How is Monique?
MARCEL. She is fine, she is right here.
NADINE. I know she is right there. Where else would she be?
MARCEL. Thanks, Sister point taken.
NADINE. You are welcome. Put her on the phone, please.
MONIQUE. Hi, Nadine, how are you?
NADINE. I'm fine. How is my brother taking care of you in India?
MONIQUE. Excellent. I love India. There is so much to see, and it's a very friendly country. My love to the family.
NADINE. Will do. Where are you?
MONIQUE. In Calcutta. We are flying to France tomorrow, then to Portugual and Mexico.
NADINE. Have a safe trip. We love you both, bye.
MARCEL. Nadine, give my love to everyone. I will see you soon, bye. All right, Baby, I will oder some Chinese food.
MONIQUE. OK.[Marcel orders take-out, and now they eat shrimp and noodles with chopsticks in the living room.]
MARCEL. Are you getting better with the chopsticks?
MONIQUE. Trying. You are a pro.
MARCEL. You will soon be, too. [After they are done eating, music plys--it's a tropical Spanglish mix. They dance up a storm, running around the suite, and crashing on the sofa.] Are we a normal couple? [He laughs.]
MONIQUE. I don't know. [Laughing, Marcel stares at her.]
MARCEL. Thank you, Baby. You know we are a couple.[He smiles.]
MONIQUE. I think it's time to turn in now and get a good night's sleep. What do you think?
MARCEL. Sound like a great idea. Hey,a fortune cookie! "Your heart is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness and love. [He smiles.] What do you think, Baby? You should know better about my heart than I, since you took my heart away.
MONIQUE. Oh, yeah. [She chuckles.] You are a person of charity.
MARCEL. That's my Angel, all the way. [Marcel her to her bedroom.]
MONIQUE. This is getting into a habit too, carry me into my room.
MARCEL. Practice, practice my love--all for our honeymoon. [He smiles.]
MONIQUE. Right--practice my foot--more like taking advantage of the moment.
MARCEL. That, too. [Marcel puts her on the bed, leans over her, and kisses her forehead. The phone rings.]Now what? Man, what's matter with people? This phone picks the wrong moment to ring.
MONIQUE. Pick up the phone. Someone maybe calling you to stop seducing a married woman who is not your wife.
MARCEL. Oh, yeah. [Marcel tickles her.] Hello. Hold on please. [Marcel tickles her some more.]That's how you talk to your future husband?
MONIQUE. [Monique covers her mouth to stop her loud laugh.] Who is it Doc?
MARCEL. I don't know. Hello, who is it?
CHRIS. It's Chris. What's the matter? I heard a loud noise.
MARCEL. Hi, Chris--nothing. [Marcel covers the phone.]Here, it's your soon-to-be ex. It never fails with him. He is really pressing my last, raw nerve.
MONIQUE. Sshh!...Hello? Hi, Chris.
CHRIS. How are you sweetheart? I head a noise.
MONIQUE. Yes it's a...[Marcel kisses her forehead, cheecks, and hands. Monique signals for him to stop, but Marcel ignores her.] Stop!
CHRIS. Stop what? What do you mean?
MONIQUE. [Marcel stops.] Not, not you--I'm sorry. It's a movie--a man is wrestling with his son. How are you? And how are the children?
CHRIS. They are here. They miss their mother.
MONIQUE. I miss them, too. Put them on the phone, please.[Monique covers the phone.] Doc, I have to talk to my children. It may take a little longer.
MARCEL. All right, I will get us some ice cream. Tell them their stepfather sends his love.[Marcel leaves and blows her kisses.]
MONIQUE. Hi, I'm sorry...I have to lie down on the bed in my room. I was in the kitchen. Where are the children?
CHRIS. They are coming up. So, when are you coming home?
MONIQUE. Next week. We are leaving for Lourdes.
VANESSA. Hi, mama.
MONIQUE. Hi, Vanessa, how are you baby?
VANESSA. I'm fine, how are you? We heard about the greatjob you and Marcel ae doing.
MONIQUE. Already?
VANESSA. Yes, it was on the news.
MONIQUE. Put the phone on the speaker, so I can talk to all of you.
VANESSA. All right, Mama...can you hear us?
MONIQUE. Yes, baby. How are my boys and girls? It's good to hear your voices. Valerie, are you tere?
VALERIE. yes, Mama. I miss you, Mother Theresa.
MONIQUE. Me, too. Steve and Jamie, how are you, my handsome boys?
STEVE and JAMIE. Fine, we miss you. Hurry home.
MONIQUE. I will. Are you behaving?
JAMIE. Yes, Mam. How is Marcel doing?
MONIQUE. He is fine. He just stepped out to get some ice cream. Oh, he is back. Doc, Jamie is on the phone.
MARCEL. Hi, Buddy, how are you? The tournament is coming soon.
JAMIE. I know. Thank you for sending your friend Brad to help me pactice.
MARCEL. I'm glad he got to see you. He is a good friend. Tell him i will call him when I get back. How are you progressing, Buddy?
JAMIE. Very well, thanks again. I have to go--my sisters are bugging me to talk to Mon. Bye, Marcel come home soon.
MARCEL. I will, Buddy, bye. Hi, Vanessa, Valerie, and Steve, how are you?
CHILDREN. Hi, Marcel. We are proud of you and Mom.
MARCEL. Thank you, bye children. Bye, Chris.
CHRIS. Bye Marcel, bring my wife home soon.
MARCEL. We will be there i good time. [Marcel makes faces and mumbles (away from the phone.)] The hell with what you want, Chris. We will be home when we are ready, not before. [Marcel feeds Monique ice cream.]
MONIQUE. All right everyone, I will let you go. Take care of each other. I love you all, bye.
CHRIS. Bye, sweetheat. I love you, too.
CHILDREN. Bye, Mama, and hurry home. Bye. Love you, miss you. [Phone hangs up.]
MARCEL. Bring my wife, huh--in you dreams. This beautiful princess is mine--all mind, body, soul, and heart--so don't you tell me to bing her home. [Marcel paces back and forth and talks out loud.]
MONIQUE. Doc, who are you fighting? I hung up the phone.
MARCEL. Your dreamer and not-soon-enough ex-husband. [Marcel stares at her innocently and caresses her face.] I love you more than Chris does or anyone else who loves you. Do you believe me?
MONIQUE. God, help me. I truly do believe you--but, Doc your love can destroy so many lives.
MARCEL. Not for long--just long enough to make everyone understand we belong togther on this Earth, in this life, and in the next life. It's written in our dreams, in the fortune cookies, from the fortuneteller, and especially in Heaven and the Stars. There is no corner to hide in or someone's else sake to hide for, because Fate will find us and bring us back together into one heart, one body, and one soul, all right?
MONIQUE. All right, now have some ice cream to cool down and chill out. Open your mouth, my friend. [Marcel opens his mouth and Monique feeds him, and now Marcel feeds her.]
MARCEL. Does it feel cosy and right you and I--right here, right now, feeding each other? Such a precious moment! I want this moment in every second of our life together--please, Angel.
MONIQUE. You know, Doc, e look like two desperate teenagers, who have only one day to live.
MARCEL. If you had one day to live on this Earth what would be your confession--honestly?
MONIQUE. I would tell you my tue feelings--confused or not--but my feelings ae not at issue. We are here in this world for a long time because we have so many deeds to accomplish. Love, peace and a mission. Don't worry my Doc. Life happens for a reason--so does love and death. I don't want to feel desperate. I want peace inmy heart and everyone else's heart.
MARCEL. Whose faulth is it? We could go public and end this charade. We deserve our love and enjoy ourselves freely and openly.
MONIQUE. Good night, Doc. The plane will not wait for us tomorrow, and we need to rest. A plane's schedule is very strict, not like the train.
MARCEL. Yes, it is. You want to make a bet? If you, we miss the plane, we will wait for the next one. But, if we don't miss it, I will kiss you passionately in public. [He smiles.]
MONIQUE. What kind of bet is that?
MARCEL. From a desperate lover who is yearning for your sweet lips to smooch. [He smiles.] Hey, you--you owe me two more kisses. Of course, they should be friendly kisses. [He smiles.]
MARCEL. Don't forget--you gave me three kisses as a friend, right? [He smiles.] I gave you only one so far. [Marcel blinks his eyes.]
MONIQUE. You are just full it!
MARCEL. I know, and I still need my two kisses. [Marcel gives her one kiss on the lips.] It's a friendly kiss right? But, it tastes lovely. [He smiles.]
MONIQUE. Now go to bed.
MARCEL. I still have one more kiss left.
MONIQUE. Go to bed, Doc.
MARCEL. All right, I will save it for tomorrow. Ae you going to invite me to stay over?
MONIQUE. No, you go and sleep in your own bed.
MARCEL. Gee, won't you change your mind? Let me stay one day please--and, the next day, I'll get out. Why do women have to be so complicated? All right, i'm going to my very boring room and my very lonely bed, but you can't blame a desperate lover for trying. [Marcel blows her kisses.] I love you and miss you a lot.
MONIQUE. Good night, Doc, and sweet dreams.
MARCEL. I'm sure I will. Did I tell you I finally saw the face of my mysterious lady in white from my dream?
MONIQUE. You mentioned something, but I don't remember.
MARCEL. Yes, you do. It was your face in my dreams. Do you know what that means?
MONIQUE. No, but I'm sure you are going to tell me.
MARCEL. You bet. It means that our destiny isofficial. We will be together no doubt. You did not tell me about your dream. No poblem, I will wait until it comes true, bye. [Marcel leaves and comes back again.]
MONIQUE. Now what?
MARCEL. Just this. [Marcel kisses her on the lips.] The third kiss--sorry, I could not wait until tomorow. Bye and good night. Do you want the door closed or open? [Monique is confused and stares at him.]
MONIQUE. I don't know, leave it open. I'm sure you will have another excuse up your sleeve to come back into my bedroom.
MARCEL. [He laughs.] You know me so well. Bye, good night, sweet dreams!
MONIQUE. You already said that three hundred times.
MARCEL. Ouff! That many times? I should be tired, then. Why don't I just crash in here? [He smiles.]
MONIQUE. Doc, go get some sleep, please OK? Or, I'm going to sitting here worrying about your restlessness. Now go to bed, please--you are getting both of us dizzy.
MARCEL. I will. I don't want my baby to get dizzy and one more thing...
MARCEL. Jusy kidding. I'm leaving, bye. [Monique waves at him. Marcel finally goes to bed.] Ouff, what a workout! Just from loving her, so much. I won't worry--I should sleep like a baby tonight, and maybe I won't feel any loneliness. [Marcel closes his eyes and falls asleep right away.]
MONIQUE. God bless you, Doc, good night. [Monique caresses her pillow.] You silly lover! Where did you come from? You have turned my life upside down, but I still can't complain or be mad at you. Is it love or just an attraction--or both? [Monique smiles and rolls over the bed with her pillow, then falls asleep.]

Professional Reviews

A review of 'The Power of Fate'
Abhaya Sharma a webmaster and a scientist in Inida has written a review about my first book. His review :

They say one must read the complete book before commenting on its content. I differ with the rest, I have started reading the book at a pace that is suitable to me and my available time. Another reason to offer to write the review is the fact that I have come to know the author in accidental yet fortunate circumstances, she is such a strong human being that my views about her are very less likely to change. Her book depicts her thinking so perfectly that I chose to write the review in the middle of reading ‘The Power of Fate’.

I have found Gisele Barbosa a true friend of mankind and it reflects in her book. I find this a reason good enough that fellow human beings must not miss an opportunity to lay their hands on her first book - The Power of Fate. Those who believe in being true to themselves and good to others must read the power of fate to rediscover themselves. Others who wish to be simple and yet strong in their motives should read to achieve what they desire? Both class of readers would not stop nor linger the way I have been lazily moving around with the book.

Gisele Barbosa is far too powerful a writer. Powerful here need not always translate to the use of jargon and bombastic language. The mission of Gisele is not to give you a literary piece which is half understood and half baked. Her power lies in continuity, she has the fluency and honesty as two basic factors which would make her book lovable to such a great deal. Everyone should get chance to enjoy her work has been her motto. Going by her presentation I conclude that simplicity can mean a lot of goodness and may also mean good business.

The important aspect of her story is that it breeds freshness into its reader. The life like events have been knitted together in a manner that one does not want to leave the book, of course, for some like me, it also means that I read and enjoy it for a much longer time. In any case it is worth to have the book and read it, it will cast a long term impression on the mind of readers and they would necessarily look forward to more books from her.

Personally, I don’t want to rush through a good work in a hurry. I can read the book with gap in time and still enjoy speaks of the coherence, continuity and binding power that Gisele has weaved in her first book.

Gisele has sprinkled her narration with inclusion of songs and chuckles befitting the moods and situations that it appears as if one is not reading a book, it gives one the impression of a movie, as if one is watching a drama being unfold in a theater. She has chosen a style that is not keeping in with the current style of continuum found in the novels. She has chosen the style of drama that great maestro William Shakespeare made so very popular, the style of drama or the one-act play has made it extremely interesting. Modern in her thoughts, she has done a good job in bringing about the events in as natural a manner as they are likely to take place in any modern society.

The story of Marcel and Monique has been no less than a fantasy or a dream yet it oozes with reality in through out its length and maintains the interest of the reader like never before. It is therefore not a surprise that one does not care if Gisele has not used language that boasts. A work so simply rendered can also arouse interest in readers is what goes to her credit.

The added advantage which Gisele derives home in being simple in her language is that a much larger section of Junta could enjoy her work and not race to the dictionary every now and then to find the meanings of difficult words. I consider it as a reality writing, we generally do not come across such kind of writing amongst modern authors. An author would always love to leave an impression on the mind of his reader with the use of highly articulated descriptive language to attract reader’s attention. Gisele’s work will not be acclaimed for its language yet she clearly achieves what she wants of her audience to be identifiable with the characters in her work.

Marcel and Monique are the two central characters that have been developed very well all along in the story so far, the way she has dealt with them is somewhat outstanding. he main hero Marcel has been so very well cast that readers would not yet mind of his ways, I am sure, she would deal with her all other characters equally well. Primarily the story revolves around the mysterious yet well meaning Marcel and the angel like down to earth Monique who have met quite accidentally under mystical circumstances, they are gone missing for a month and had stayed together in you see its there, you see its not there cottage with the help of the blessed mother. Believers in god may found the book all the more interesting. Gisele has got her main characters lined up for charity and other welfare activities. Marcel and Monique visit famous shrines of the world and India in quest of their goal.

More information about the book and excerpts from her first book are available on her website .

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Reader Reviews for "THE POWER OF FATE"

Reviewed by Gisele Barbosa 9/16/2007
The Power of Fate: A book too interesting to put down.

Read the book and enjoy the wonder, beauty, and power of love, Fate, and kindness. Take into your heart, the Graceful message of God, Jesud, and Blessed Mother.

Read, absorb, and learn the powerful feelings, respect, and irresistible passion along the amazing, touching, and humorous journey of Marcel and Monique that will keep you guessing of the next scene. It will also keep you antsy o your seat with laugh and tears. Hopefully you will connect to this beautiful puzzle:
Love is Endless.
Passion is reckless.
Life is fun with laugh and jokes.
Friendship is trust and sharing.
Dreams are mystery and symbol.
Fate is Destiny.
Relationship is tue Love, Respect, Honesty, and
Heaven is Peace, Alms, and Prayers.

Over all, that equals to Marcel and Monique's crazy Love story, journey, adventures, and more...

Enjoy that crazy ride with your reading and feel that tickle in your heart. It will be time and money well spent. I promise--just joking--maybe not.

Well my readers you be the judge, if you like it then spread the word, please.



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