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John Marion Francis

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Lord Ramos has ordered Veedor, one of his most trusted legions to find him a mistress. But Not just any mistress,a virgin. One is found and complications soon follow as she gives birth to their first child.

Virginia - The Vampires Mistress

Chapter 1
“What is thy bidding Lord Ramos?” asked Veedor bowing cautiously
“Veedor, you are to take two of your most trusted dark warriors to find me a human virgin mistress” Said Lord Ramos pointing two fingers at him.
“Yes my lord”
“Two years have passed now and still I have not bred any sons from that winch of a Princess who now disgust me. You are to leave tonight when the moon is full. Am I making myself clear?”
“Yes my lord”
“And Veedor” Lord Ramos paused turning back around… “Remember, a virgin. I will not settle for anything else and do not fail me or you know what will happen to you don’t you?”
“Yes my lord”
“Good, now step away from me.” Lord Ramos scowled turning his back to Veedor.
Veedor backed away from Lord Ramos bowing and watching him as he returned to his throne waving his hand behind him. Standing on the edge of a perch Veedor stretched out his large black wings then leaped and glided down towards the lower level of the lair.  After retracting his wing he went inside of The Gathering place in search of two warriors he has in mind. The Gathering place is where most of the other dark warriors hang out eating, drinking and mingle.  He saw Kara and Torak huddled at a table in one of the far corners and walked over to them.
“Good, you both are here together” said Veedor pulling up a chair.  
“What? You look like you have seen death.” Said Kara  
“It’s much worse, I was summoned by Lord Ramos and he has tasked me with a great demand.”  
“Shit, Lord Ramos” said Torak quickly putting down his stein wiping the corner of his mouth.  
“Yes, Lord Ramos. He wants us to find and return with a new mistress.”  
“Well hell that’s nothing.” Smarted off Torak  
“Okay, then try this one on, he wants a human virgin.” Said Veedor raising an arched eyebrow. Torak froze.  The look on his face was like stone as he starred at Kara.
“A virgin, are you freakin’ kidding me? Why doesn’t he just ask us to bring him every sack of walking meat on earth while we’re at it?” Kara said rolling her eyes up then locking on Veedor.  
“Yeah, a freaking human virgin, and we three are the chosen ones for the job.” Veedor said taking a drink from Torak’s stein.  
“O’, well thank you for dragging us into this.” Mused Torak.  
Veedor turned around and walked away, no longer in the mood for food or drink. The thought of finding an innocent virgin was weighing heavily on his mind.  Lord Ramos was well known for his violent temper when he was displeased.  Veedor did not wish to be on the receiving end of that wrath.  He wasn’t sure how much he could count on Torak and Kara.  They much preferred feeding and screwing their way through as many humans as possible over doing Lord Ramos bidding. 
Veedor’s mind was working furiously trying to decide which part of the human world held the most promise.  A virgin…damn this was a new one. What did Ramos want him to do, raid a convent? As veedor was leaving the Gathering place, he met his best friend Sanon on his way in.  The timing could not have been better.  
“Sanon, what are you up to my old friend?”  
“Not much Veedor, just need a little nourishment before tonight’s prowling begins.  You don’t look so well my friend.  What’s going on?”  
Veedor tells him of the Lord’s directive.  As Sanon hears his friend’s story his expression changes from one of “you gotta be shitting me”, to a look of pure wariness.  He knew what was coming next.  
“Sanon, I need your help.  You are much more grounded than Torak and Kara and I need a vampire who can be counted on to be by my side in this quest.”  
“Veedor, I don’t know what I can do to help.  My head will be on the chopping block right along with yours if we fail.  But, you are my friend so if Lord Ramous want’s a virgin, we’ll find him one”.  
“Thank you Sanon…I am in your debt.”
Chapter 2 - We’ve found the perfect one!  
Now that Veedor had Sanon’s help they put their heads together as to where to obtain Ramos’ virgin.  If they did not ensure her virginity there would be hell to pay for both.  They also knew that the virgin had to be at least 21 years old.  Male vampires were not allowed to mate with a female who had not reached full maturity for if they did, they would turn into stone instantly without warning forever.  Veedor looks over at Sanon as they lounge over a pint of fresh blood.  
“Sanon, other than a convent I can’t imagine where we’ll find a virgin.  Women don’t save themselves for marriage as they did in our youth 200 years ago.   
“No they don’t my friend, but I have an idea.”  There’s an orphanage in Velenzi where all of the wards are kept inside the grounds until their 21 st birthday.  The male and female humans are not allowed to visit among themselves unless they are chaperoned.  Perhaps that would be our best chance of finding a virgin.  We can dematerialized over to the orphanage tonight and snoop around.”  
“Sanon, I knew there was a reason I asked for you help with this quest.  You have a very quick mind.”  
With that, the two of them dematerialized and reappeared inside the female quarters at the Velenzi orphanage.  Of course, vampires cannot be seen unless they wish to.  This gave them the best opportunity to observe the human females at their leisure and learn what they needed to know.  
It did not take them long to hone in on a conversation between three females.  Virginia, Sylvia and Rachel were talking amongst themselves.  Since they were all about to become of age and leave the home, they were discussing what would become of them.  
Virginia looked at Sylvia and asked …”what are your plans”?  Will you go to school or get a job or maybe just try to find a husband.  
“Well, the first thing I want to do is find a place to live.  Then I’d like to find a nice, intelligent, sweet man who might like to have a quiet, loving wife.”  
Rachel chimed in…”Yeah Sylvia…I’d like that too, except he has to have a good job and be able to take care of me properly.”  
“You’ve got a point there Rachel”, responded Sylvia.  Virginia couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“Ok come on girls, what is your problem?  All of that sounds nice, but frankly I just want to get laid!  I’m tired of being a virgin.  I want to know what it’s like to have hot sex and be ravished.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to get married too, but I want to find a hot lover and enjoy myself for a while first. I have lots of dreams, fantasies, and ideas.” she said brushing her hair and admiring her tall slender well toned body in the mirror. “Yep, I want to have hot sex.” she giggled.
The girls continued their conversation, but Sanon and Veeda looked at each other and bared their fangs.  They made their virgin selection and figured out that this would be easier than they had anticipated.  
“Sanon, that’s the one we need.” Said Veedor pointing at Virginia . “Ramos would not be happy with a wimpy little woman and this one’s got some fire in her.  She’ll screw the hell out of him on their first night together for sure.  Plus she’s a virgin.”  
“You’re right Veedor, we’ll wait for them to fall asleep and take her with us when we go.  The others will never hear us leave.”  
Night came and the moon was full.  The sky is streaked with plenty of cloud cover. Veedor and Sanon looked at each and began scaling the wall to her bedroom window.  
“What luck.” signaled Veedor approaching her window. “It’s open, pass me the sleeping potion.” He whispered to Sanon. Veedor scaled the wall up to the ceiling and reached for a coil of string in his pouch.  He slowly let out the string until it was dangling over Virginia ’s lips. Veedor started letting small amounts of the potion run down the string. She started licking the honey sweet potion from her lips.  
“Not too much Veedor.” Whispered Sanon watching from the window waiting for the potion to take effect.  
“Okay.  We’ll a wait a couple of minutes before we take her.” Said Veedor putting the string and bottle of potion back into his pouch. Sanon pushed the window open wide, stepped inside and rolled out the carrier they fashioned on the floor near her bed.  Virginia was now in a deep sleep as Veedor nudge her to make sure.  
“Take her legs Sanon and I’ll lift her under her arms. Be careful, Ramos will not want to see any marks or bruises.”  
They laid her into the carrier and carefully wrapped and bound her soft body with leather straps and moved her to window.  
“Wait, okay now, the moon is covered by the clouds.” Whispered Veedor as they leaped from the window spreading their massive wings sailing and disappearing into the clouds.  A couple of hours later they arrived at Sanon’s lair.  
“I will keep an eye on her my friend and nurse her with the potion until I’ve here from you.” Sanon said shaking Veedors hand.  
“Thank you again my friend. I couldn’t have done this without your help.  I’ll return soon after I find out what Kara and Torak have come up with.”  
Veedor went to The Gathering hole to meet up with Kara and Torak.  It was nearly day light. ‘I hope they found a decent virgin’ he thought to himself ordering another drink.  ‘Where the fuck are they, shit!’ he continued to think to himself in frustration. Just as he was about to get up to leave he saw Torak entering and heading his way.  
“We found one Veedor” Torak said reaching for Veedor’s stein.  
“Not so fast Torak” Veedor said grabbing his reaching hand “Where is the virgin?”  
“She is with Kara. She is keeping an eye on her until I return.”  
“You didn’t fuck her did you? I know your appetite for sweet untainted meat.”  
“Do I look like I lost my mind? I want to live at least another hundred years if not longer.”  
“You better not be lying. Ramos will turn you into dust on the spot, but that’s not before he tortures you limb by limb.” Veedor released his wrist and took the stein from his hand. “Get your own.” He said taking a long draw.  
“How about you, did you find one or trusted that we would not fail you.”  
“Failure is your problem with Ramos, I trust no one, and yes I have a virgin as well.”  
“Then we have nothing to worry about, we have two virgins.” Smiled Torak feeling a rush of relief come over him.   
“I’ll meet you tonight at Lord Ramos presentation feast. Be forewarned here and now, do not screw the virgin or I will watch you be tortured to death.” Veedor said throwing back the last of his drink then grabbing Torak by the collar. “Remember, virgin or you die”.  
Chapter 3 – The Presentation of Virginia
Veedor knocked at Sanon’s door.
 “Sanon, it is I Veedor.”  Sanon check through a small crack in his door to make sure it was Veedor before letting him in.
 “Veedor, come in, come in. Have some fresh meat and bread with me.”
 “Thank you Sanon.”
 “Did they find a virgin?”
 “Yes, so Torak says. I don’t trust him for a minute. I warned him what will happen to him if he fucks her.”
 “Don’t I know it, Ramos will not be pleased to say the least. Shit, he’d kill him on the spot if not torture him first in front of everyone.”
 “That’s exactly what I told him would happen. How is the virgin?”
 “She is still sleeping like a baby. Ramos will be very pleased with our find I’m sure.”
 “I have no doubt. You rest my friend I’ll take over the watch now.”
 “Thank you. It has been a good day. It reminds me of old times.”
 “Yes my friend, old times.”
Maidens began decorating Ramos’s lair for tonight’s feast and presentation. The sound of music and smell of fruit and meats filled the air. The night was clear and the moon full as Ramos’s three sorceress sisters had predicted. They also warned Ramos that there is a plan to deceive him but they couldn’t tell who or when from their readings. Lord Ramos began pacing back and forth in his private chamber waiting for his most trusted commander Maximus to arrive.  He heard a knock at his door.  ‘Finally’ he thought to himself opening the door quickly.
 “Yes my lord” said Maximus bowing before Ramos
 “I want you to keep an eye on Torak and Kara tonight. I have been informed that they have found a virgin for me, however I’m aware of Torak’s appetite for fresh virgins and don’t trust him. He should know better, but I want to make sure he doesn’t escape if it comes to be that he has deceived me by having his way with what is mine. Am I making myself clear commander?”
 “Yes my lord, very clear.”
“I understand that Veedor has found a virgin as well. This is good news. Instead of one mistress, I will have two. This pleases me.”
 “Yes, Lord Ramos, he indeed has a virgin. He speaks highly of her. She is tall and most beautiful.”
 “You have seen her?”
 “No my Lord, but Veedor speaks of her beauty as radiant and above all. He is certain that you will be most pleased.
 “Good, good. I knew Veedor would come through. Make sure to double his payment.”
 “Yes my Lord.”
 “Leave me know. I must go and consult with the three sorceresses’.”
 “Yes my Lord.”
Chapter 4 – “We have good news...”
Lord Ramos left his chamber and went below to meet with three sorceress sisters. He wanted to know as much about the future of his mistress as possible.
 “Lord Ramos, we have been waiting for you. Please come in. Come, come we have more news.
 “What is it? You three sound concerned.”
 “Please sit here and gaze into the crystal.”
Lord Ramos did as they asked. The crystal globe began to fill with a white whispery haze, then a female face appeared.
 “Who is she? She is beautiful?” asked Lord Ramos leaning in close to the crystal squinting his eyes.
 “She is Virginia my lord. The one you must choose of the two tonight.”
 “Why must I choose when I can have both of them?”
 “Because she will bare a son of her first birthing.”
 “This is excellent news!”
 “Yes my lord, we thought you would think so.”
 “There is a hesitation in your tone. What else do you see? Tell me!”
The three sisters looked at each other then back at Ramos.
 “Well… we see that there is a complication at the birthing. We see Torak and Kara talking with the maidens before going in to deliver the child.”
“What! What are they saying? Tell me! I demand to know!” yelled Lord Ramos pounding his fist on the table. The sisters are startled by his reaction and break out of their trance.
 “That is all that we can see my lord. We will inform you when we know more.” They said holding up their hands fearing the wrath of Ramos.
 “You are to inform me immediately the moment you know anything more. Am I making myself clear!” he yelled pointing two fingers at them with a scowled look in his eyes.
 “Yes Lord Ramos, perfectly. We will check daily.” They said in unison.
 “Speak to no one of this, especially to Torak and Kara. If I learned that you have spoken to any one I will personally turn you three into dust.”
 “Yes my lord.”
Chapter 5 – “Do you have something to tell us?”
Ramos headed back to his chamber to check the final preparations for his presentation. His bed chamber looked majestic with candles lit throughout, the fireplace is glowing hot with huge logs dancing with fire. Guest started arriving in droves. Everyone in the lair was required to attend. Torak and Kara brought their virgin to the sorceresses’ chambers first as instructed by Lord Ramos to ensure that she is a virgin.
* * * *
 “Lay her down over there.” Said one the three sisters pointing at a bed in a far corner of the room.
Torak and Kara did as they said then went over to the fireplace and began whispering to each other as the sorceresses went about their business.
 “What?” asked Kara looking at the worried gaze on Torak’s face.
 “Remember when you went out to get her gown?”
 “O’ shit. Don’t tell me you fucked her.”
 “Well my ass. Are you out of your fucking mind!”
 “Keep your voice down damn it. They might not be able to tell if I did.”
 “They might not be able to tell? They are sorceress’s you fucking idiot. Did you truly think that Lord Ramos was going to take our word for it that she is a virgin?”
“Come here you two and sit.” Said the sisters walking over to a large table in the center of the room. “Is there something you want to tell us?” asked the first sister looking at Torak then at Kara.
They both looked at each other then back at the sisters. Kara spoke first.
 “Why do you ask? Isn’t everything okay?”
 “Where did you find this girl?” said one of the sisters looking directly at Torak.
 “At the private boarding school on the north side. They only have girls there, no males. We are certain that she is a virgin.” Said Torak with wide eyes speaking as confidently as he could.
 “Well, lucky for you she is a virgin.” Said the first sister looking intently into her crystal ball then back up at them. “However, there is a small detail that we will leave out when we report our findings to Lord Ramos.” She said holding up one finger.
 “What?” asked Torak shifting his gaze to Kara as a small smile began to form on his lips.
“All in due time Torak, all in due time. For now, let’s just say there will come a time when we will call upon you two and may need a favor.” Said the first sister looking into the crystal ball hovering her hands over it. “and you must not refuse us.”
 “We understand.” Said Kara looking intently at Torak. “We understand perfectly right Torak?”
 “Right, we understand.” He said staring back at Kara then back to the sisters.
 “Very well then, this concludes our business. You may leave now. And remember, you owe us a favor.”
Chapter 6 – “We have brought her to be certified.”
Veedor went back to meet Sanon. He knocks at the door.
 “Sanon, it is I, Veedor”
 “Come in my friend. She is still asleep. Are the sorceress’s ready for her?”
 “Yes. I just saw Torak and Kara leaving their chamber a short while ago on my way there. They said to bring her within the hour.”
 “Good, good. She is most beautiful even in her sleep.” Said Sanon looking in on her.
 “Yes indeed she is. Lord Ramos will be most pleased with her. I’m sure she will be pleasured beyond her wildest imagination and fantasies.”
 “The maidens brought her gown. Here, look at it. It is some of their best work yet.”
 “Indeed they have out done themselves. Lord Ramos will not be able to keep his eyes off of her. Come, let’s take her to the sorceress’s chambers.”
* * * *
They gently put her back in the carrier and fly over to the sorceress’s chambers.
 “Veedor, Sanon, please come in. It’s good to see both of you. Put her over there.” Said the first sister pointed at large bed across the room.
The sisters gathered around her, looking her over from head to toe.
 “Veedor, she is most beautiful. More beautiful than we have seen in our crystal.”
 “Yes, she is. Is that Torak and Kara’s virgin over there?”
 “Yes, but she does not compare to Virginia. We have advised Lord Ramos to take Virginia and he agrees with us.”
 “Excellent. I will be promoted to Warlord for sure and you Sanon, you will be my lead general.” Said Veedor looking into the fireplace then back to the sisters.
 “Yes, we have seen your future.” Said the first sister walking over to the fireplace tossing in a hand full of purple dust into the fire. “But, there is something you must know Veedor before you go up stairs.”
“What? What have you seen?” he asked anxiously looking at Sanon, then at the sisters.
 “Come, sit. This concerns you to Sanon.”
They gathered around the crystal ball. The candles slowly went dim. The room is near dark when the crystal began to glow. Veedor and Sanon could see two hazy figures in the crystal talking.
 “Who are they?” asked Sanon leaning in close trying to sharpen his view.
 “That is Commander Maximus.” Said the first sister pointing to the first figure on the left. “He is talking with Warlord Dragas now leader of the Black Raven clan.”
 “Why is he talking with our enemy?” scowled Veedor pushing out his fangs and clinching his fist.
 “He is his brother.” Said the second sister cutting her eyes at Veedor.
 “His brother! How could this be? I know nothing of this. Does Lord Ramos know?” asked Veedor with a concerned look washing over his face.
 “Yes, Lord Ramos has raised him as his own from birth. Their mother, Empress Fedora was forced to choose between the two of them which will live and which will be put to death when the Black Raven clan raided her country. It was a terrible position they put her in, but we intercepted the guards in the woods, before they could kill Maximus and brought him to Lord Ramos. We turned the guards into trees so that their bodies would never be found. Lord Ramos agreed to raise him as his own, but made us promise to insure that one day he will have his own son.”
So this is why you advised him to take Virginia.”
 “So why are you telling us this?”
 “Maximus and Dragas have found out that they are brothers.”
 “What, but how, from who?”
 “Their dieing mother Fedora. She became very ill two months ago, sick with the fever and something else. She secretly summoned us to be with her. We tried everything to save her but none of our magic worked. She had a powerful spell cast upon her by that terrible Warlock Malphas.”
 “Malphas? I have had dealings with him.” Said Sanon sneering at the sound of his name . “Fifty years ago I had a run in with him during a battle on the west side of Pathia. Filthy demon that one is.”
 “Yes Sanon he is. You will meet him again in the near future.” Said the third sister pouring him a pint of blood, pushing it towards his hand. “But this time you will defeat him but at a great cost.”
 “A great cost? Will I die in doing so? Hell, I’d gladly die to take him down.” Said Sanon drinking half of his drew.
 “No you will not die, but it will come at a great price. But we don’t know of what at this time.”
 “Fuck him. I’ll take his head off and spit down his throat no matter the cost!” said Sanon in a hearty laughing tone.
 “I wonder what they are up to. I should warn Lord Ramos of this.” Said Veedor looking intently at the sisters then back into the crystal.
 “No! You cannot breathe a word of this to Lord Ramos or anyone. What we speak of at this table is strictly between us.” Demanded the first sister.
 “Lord Ramos will know that we all have talked and put us to death. The truth of everything will come to rise soon enough. It doesn’t need our help.”
 “Then what of me?” asked Veedor reaching for his drink. “What does my future hold?”
Before the first sister could speak they heard a heavy knock at the door. The second sister looked into the crystal ball.
 “It’s Lord Ramos! Quickly, leave through the back door in the other room. We will speak again soon. Now go.”
Chapter 7 – “Is she certified?”
 “Lord Ramos, back so soon?” said the first sister opening the door slowly, intentionally blocking his entrance ensuring that Veedor and Sanon had plenty of time to leave.
“Yes, I have been informed that Veedor has brought his virgin Virginia.”
“Yes, she is here.”
“Is she certified? Tell me, I must know if she is certified!” he said moving her out of the way walking towards the bed.
“Yes indeed my lord she is.”
“You are smiling, is there more good news?” he said starring at Virginia through the sheer curtains.
“Yes, she is very fertile and will without doubt bare a male child from her first birthing.”
“Most excellent! You three are worth your weight in gold and you have kept your promise to me remember?”
“Yes my lord, we remember.”
“And you have not spoken of Maximus to anyone. Not even he knows after all these years. I will reward your silence by allowing you to open a Shoppe in the lair, but you must live here. Am I making myself clear?”
“Yes my lord and as usual you are most generous.”’
“Good. Then I will let you finish your preparations. She is indeed most beautiful. I can’t wait to have her.” said Lord Ramos stroking the sheer curtain looking at Virginia one last time before leaving.
 Chapter 8 – “We must work quickly.”
The three sorceresses went to a shelf next to the fireplace and began selecting various bottles of potions, then took them to center table.
“We must work quickly. We only have an hour to mix the potion and give it to them.” whispered the first sister as they quickly began mixing the various powders and liquids together.
“Do you have the hair?” ask the first sister as she sprinkled a small amount of pink and yellow powder into the small black kettle.
“Yes, here it is.” said the second sister reaching into a satchel she pulled from her belt.
“And now for the final step. Shelia, go get the bottle of essence from the lockbox in our secret hiding place.”
“Right away. I’ll be right back.” said Shelia hurrying over to a large block wall. She counted three blocks to the left of the center stone, then two up and then three down then said two magic words. “Saturius, Velordum”. The stone moved in then to the side revealing a small black lockbox. Retrieved it then removed a small purple jewel bottle. She took it over to the table.
“Here it is.” said Shelia carefully handing the jeweled encrusted bottle to her sister.
“This will teach Malphas to screw with us.”
All three of them began to chant over the small black kettle as they held the bottle of essence over it and began slowly pouringthe blue liquid in.
“Fedora, Fedora, you will live again and Virginia will bare a child. But not just any child, a son that will become the true ruler and the avenger your death. This we swear.”
They stood back as a plum of smoke began to seep up from the kettle and take the shape of a woman’s face. It is Fedora. She is smiling as she began to speak to them.
“My sisters, it is good to see you again.” she said looking at each of them, and then continued. “You have found my daughter Virginia?”
“Yes Fedora we have. She is as beautiful as you are.”
“She is indeed.” said Fedora looking at Virginia. “She has blossomed into a beautiful Empress.”
“She will bare a son but not from Lord Ramos.” said the first sister in a firm tone.
“Yes she will and the potion will make Ramos only think he is the father.” said Fedora smiling then continued.”
“I will never forgive him for not rescuing me from Warlord Amadusciuswho made me choose between my sons. Although I escaped and gave birth to Virginia, I had to put her in the Velenzi orphanage for safe keeping until it was time. It was worth the sacrifice I made.” said Fedora in a bitter tone looking at her sisters.
“Yes, it was worth the sacrifice Fedora. But now you will live again in the body of the other girl and have all of your powers restored. We will convince Lord Ramos to let you stay with us. He will not deny us this request. We have him in the palm of our hands now that he believes he will bare a son.” said first sister.
Fedora’s whispery face slowly went back into the kettle. The sisters stirred the mixture three times then poured it into a gold goblet and took it over to the two girls lying side by side and gave each of them half of the portion.
Chapter 9 – “Awaken now...”


“Yes, Lord Ramos. He wants us to find and return with a new mistress.”

“Well hell that’s nothing.” Smarted off Torak

“Okay, then try this one on, he wants a virgin.” Said Veedor raising an eyebrow. Torak froze. The look on his face was like stone as he starred at Kara.

“A virgin, are you freakin’ kidding me?

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Reader Reviews for "Virginia - The Vampires Mistress"

Reviewed by KC Bouma 6/27/2009
Very imaginative, and well written. cant wait to see what happens to the vampires that deceives there Lord.

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