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Randall Lang

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Magnificent Man
by Randall Lang   

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Publisher:  Melange Books ISBN-10:  magnificentman Type: 


Copyright:  June, 2009

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Melange Books

A novel of adventure and romance in the contemporary American southwest

Life has not been easy for former beauty queen Cassandra Taylor. Abandoned by her worthless former husband, she is a single mother struggling to hold a home together for her teen-aged daughter and her mother with health problems. An ad in a Hollywood fan magazine offers her the hope of beginning anew with a more financially secure life and the glamour of Hollywood. She spends her meager savings chasing this dream only to have it dashed by an offer she must refuse. When her car breaks down on a desert highway, it leaves her alone, desperate, and at the mercy of strangers. She is rescued from a life or death encounter by a large, handsome man who rides the desert on a motorcycle. He agrees to take her home, but she is suspicious of him. To her surprise he calls her ‘my lady’ and treats her as if she were a queen and he, her knight escort. It is during this long and convoluted journey of adventure that she finds herself falling deeply in love with Coyote, the spirit rider. Although he resists, he also becomes helplessly in love with her. She quickly comes to realize that she could not survive in the harsh desert world where he is loved and respected, and he could not survive in the modern world that he does not understand and which will not accept his anachronistic ways. They seem doomed, as the sun and the moon, to always be apart even though their love bonds them helplessly to each other. Join Cassandra on the journey of a lifetime with her strange desert knight, her Magnificent Man.  
The rider stepped forward and kicked the gun away from Paco then pressed the last man against the side of the van with the end of the bat. He quickly threw up his hands and begged, “Por favor señor! No mas! No mas!”
Cassie jumped up and ran to the rider, pausing only to pick up the gun. It felt strange in her hand, but her finger found the trigger, and she waved the gun at the four. She moved behind the rider.
“Go get on the bike,” he ordered, his voice stern and definite. She moved to the bike and was surprised to see her suitcase lashed to the high bar at the back of the rear seat. The rider slowly backed away, holding the bat in a threatening position.
“Take your friends to the hospital, entiendes. Os’pital! And don’t follow us, entiendes?”
“Si! Si señor! No follow…o’spital!” The man stood shaking in fear at what he had just seen.
Cassie tucked the gun into her waistband and climbed onto the cycle. The rider pushed the bat into a saddlebag and kicked his large leg over the bike. The bike straightened and roared to life an instant before the big man kicked it into gear and pulled away, leaving a cloud of dust behind. Cassie threw her arms around him and hung on tightly as they bounced down the rugged dirt trail. The asphalt road looked like the road to heaven as the rider leaned and entered the smooth road. In seconds, they were speeding away from danger.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She repeated into the rider’s ear, her body still shaking after the terror she had experienced. He made no reply. It was nearly five miles before he pulled off at a wide spot in the road. He shut off the bike and stood, holding the bike up.
“My lady, would you please dismount?”
My lady? What is this?
She followed his orders and climbed off the motorcycle. His heavy boot brought down the kickstand, and the other leg swung over the bike. He stood before her, and for the first time she clearly saw his face. She found him strikingly handsome, with deep brown eyes and shoulder-length hair that fell over his leather vest. When he took a step toward her, fear shot through her. Her hand rested on the handle of the gun before a glance into his eyes assured her that he meant no harm. He stood for a moment facing her before taking her hand and dropping to one knee.
“My lady, I am Coyote, and I am at your service.”
She was startled. What the hell?
“Coyote? Please, what is your real name?”
“I am called Coyote, my lady. That is how people address me.”
She was uncertain how to respond. “I am…Cassandra Taylor…and that is how people address me.”
“I am honored to meet you, my lady.”
“Please stand up. Thank you for saving me from those animals. They might have killed me if you hadn’t come along. And why did you come along? Why were you on that back road in the desert?”
He rose to his feet, towering over her. “I found your suitcase in the road and saw the dust cloud. I thought perhaps you had lost it, and I wanted to return it so I followed the dust.”
“You just wanted to return my suitcase? Most people would have ignored it or stole what they wanted and thrown the rest away.”
“But, my lady, that would be wrong. You may have needed your things.”
She was surprised at his innocence. He was a grown man yet he had such a childlike virtue about him. What kind of a man is this?
“My lady, where are you going?”
She unloaded the whole saga of her broken down car, Jake the grabby truck driver and her brush with death at the hands of the Mexican bandits. It soon became obvious that her rambling tale confused him. She cut off her account to say, “I’m going home to my family in Louisiana.”
Once more he fell to his knee. “My lady, it would be my honor to escort you home to Louisiana. I am at your service.”
“Would you do that? Oh, thank you, Mr. Coyote. I’ll pay you for your gas when I get home. And please stand up.”
“My lady, I seek only to serve you.”
Where did this guy come from?
Again he rose to his full height. “My lady, we should be on our way. The day draws short, and we should be away from the varlets.”
Varlets? What’s a varlet? “Yes, of course.”
“If I may, my lady, please give me the gun.”
“Oh yes, here it is.” She pulled the gun from her waistband and handed it to him. “You should have it in case we run into more trouble.”
He took the gun, removed the shells and threw both far into the desert.
“Are you nuts? What if there are more of those…what did you call them?
“Varlets, my lady. Evildoers.”
“Yes, varlets! What if there are more varlets out here?”
“Then we shall vanquish them as we did the others. Right and justice are on our side. We have no need of guns.”
Vanquish? We will vanquish varlets because right and justice are on our side? This is going to be a strange trip. She stared at his face and his look of complete confidence. There was something comforting about being near him. “Very well then, let’s go.”
“My lady, may I suggest that you change into warmer clothing. The desert nights can be cold, and we have some distance before we make camp.”
“Make camp? What do you mean make camp? You want to camp out in the desert with the snakes and scorpions?”
“Yes, my lady. The desert sky makes a lovely blanket for sleepy eyes.”
“Not for these sleepy eyes it doesn’t. A motel ceiling and a motel shower are what your lady requires.”
“Very well, my lady, then we shall take shelter as you desire.”
“Thank you. I’ll repay you when I get home.”
“No need, my lady. I seek only to serve you.”
I’m starting to enjoy hearing that.

Professional Reviews

Coffee Time Romance
ISBN#: 15555488 VOL.59-03SE
June 2009
Melange Books
200 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassie’s luck is finally looking up. After mistakenly applying for a role in a porno movie, her car breaks down and then to make matters worse a trucker wants payment in trade for giving her a ride. To top it all off she is accosted by a Mexican gang hell bent on raping her for fun. Just when she begins to wonder just how much she must endure, her day turns around with her rescue by the spirit of the desert.

Don Coyote has no need for modern civilization. He has been happy in his nomadic life dedicated to helping those in need. Once he rescues Cassie she makes him crave so much more than a solitary existence.

Cassie needs to return to her city life with her daughter and mother. Don Coyote believes that the price of living in the city is the loss of one’s soul and he is not sure he is ready to pay that big of a price. Can two people from completely different worlds find a place they can both be happy?

All I can is, WOW! Don Coyote is the most unique character. The author used an amazing mix of innocence and sensuality that any woman would find appealing. The characters created by the author showcased the best and the worst of our world and left me feeling hope for all mankind. Magnificent Man is a compelling story that brings the characters to the reader and compels emotions for both Cassie and Don Coyote.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Amanda Nelson
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: S

When Cassie finds herself alone and in trouble in the desert, the last thing she expects is to find salvation from a man on a motorcycle. Coyote is an ordinary man. He has secrets of his own, but he knows he must protect Cassie and get her to her home. Their journey consists of beautiful scenery and the occasional problem along the way. When a jail sentence threatens Coyote’s existence, Cassie needs to find the strength to help them both.

Randall Lang writes more poetically than some of the other erotic authors I have read, but his descriptions of the American landscape made me want to go find a man on a bike and see the countryside without the concrete jungles and interstates. I wanted to find those little hideaways that make America what it is. Even though I enjoy a good Alpha male book, Coyote’s gentleness made me fall in love with him. Cassie seemed a little bit unbelievable at first, almost too naïve, but the farther in the story, the more her character grew. I did find the phrase, “my lady” used too much and there were a few parts of the story that seemed to drag for no apparent reason, but the story did pick up toward the middle. The sex scenes were gentle and romantic. It was nice to see two people take their time and really enjoy one another. It was enough to leave me simmering and wanting more. Add Magnificent Man to your shelves for a great summer read and don’t blame me if you want your vacation to start today!

Jacque Stengel
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

MFP Possee Reviews
Book: Magnificent Man
Author: Randall Lang
Publisher: Melange Books
Genre: Contemporary

Rarely do I read books so long. It isn't that I have lost my desire to read; it's simply the fact that between grad school and my own writing, I lack the time and patience to read books that long. Still, I purchased the book with every intention of tossing it in the TBR pile. A strange thing happened on the way to the pile - I started reading it...and couldn't close it. It wasn't that Magnificent Man is the best book I’ve ever read; it was the fact that it is intriguing. Though classified as a romance, the book is so much more than that. Like the movie UP by Disney/Pixar, this book leaves you pondering about life ... or at least it should.

It's not just the good things that you reflect on such as a beautiful and moving romance; it's the unthinkable things such as the way we hurt each other; it's the wretched things such as the way we hurt ourselves; it's the 'well damn' things such as the way we rush through life without really experiencing the whole thing.

There were some facets of the book that I did not like but there were many facets that I simply loved. Reading the book put me in the mood of Dickens' Tales. Not the writing, but the polar opposites that existed. For example, the phrase 'my lady' was used too much in my opinion but then the phrase 'your obedient servant' was used just enough. While 'my lady' was simply a nice address, the phrase 'your obedient servant' was almost religious when Coyote said it.

I hated the heroine Cassie...and I loved the heroine Cassie. In the beginning, I felt for her. In the middle, I wanted to b*tchslap her when she became complainy (yes I know that isn't a word but I'm using it regardless). In the end, I cheered her for how she reacts to Coyote's pain and when she delivers that dissertation on greatness. All along I respected how she attempted to care for her mother (who I never came to like) and her daughter.

When her tale begins, it is easy to identify with a woman whose dreams have been put on hold due to previous decisions, current obligations, and living life with the mindset that 'one day... I’ll live.' You understand her living in the glory moments of her past thinking of how the older you get, the better you were. But you become frustrated with her for doing so. You simply want her to snap out of it because as tempting as nostalgia is, you cannot live there except for in flashbacks.

I almost put the book down as it opened with TOO MUCH. It seemed that life was piling on to Cassie and I wasn't sure that I wanted to read a story about how life can beat the sh*t out of a person, but I knew I wanted to read about Coyote. And I wanted to read more about the places he visited, the America that he called home.

I loved Coyote. It's hard to read the book and not fall in love with his gentleness even as you appreciate his strength. A modern knight, he wears chivalry like he wears his scars ... with honor. Even though it's simply a man on paper, you read the book and only want the best for him. Wanting the best for him led to my frustration with Cassie.

I abso-fu*king-lutely loved Sancho! And I dibsed him. Actually, I had to negotiate with fellow author Drea Riley to have him because she'd dibsed him too. I loved Sancho so much that I wrote the author asking before finally DEMANDING his story. Sancho is the kind of friend that if he has twenty dollars you both have ten. He's the paradigm for friend. He reminded me of Doc Holiday in my fav move Tombstone when he said he risked dying simply because Wyatt Earp was his friend. For all of the things Sancho was (giving, powerful, wealthy, intelligent), I felt that he was searching for something and had yet to find it. I want to be there when he does.

The best part of this book was the description of America, not the America full of concrete jungles, interstates, and skyscrapers; not the America full of resorts, golf courses, and beaches; but the America full of history. The backwoods places, the desolate places, the pristine places, the rarely-traveled gems that have been abandoned in lieu of progress and have been cut off because we have interstates that allows us to bypass those pockets of life/history in order to get us places we don't necessarily want to go faster than we often need to be there. Oh, I wanted to be on the back of Coyote's cycle, holding on to his strength, hearing his melodious voice give me history lessons, seeing the beauty that he saw in the desert.

Coyote moved me even as he broke me with his wisdom. When he explains why he doesn't use the interstate, I gasped. And then I thought...and I was sad because he was so right.

This book was filled with some brilliant much so that I again wonder why the author doesn't have pieces in those magazines that are filled with snippets of life. You know the New Yorkers, the Sunday Parade, and Reader’s Digest. Some of his prose was simply so brilliant that I felt that he needed a bigger platform. Some of the prose was simply words that left me saying 'da hell?' (but I won't talk about those things here because they are spoilers). It wasn't the 'da hell' moments that resonated with me; it was the 'ahh' moments, the 'oh my' moments; the 'hell yeah' moments that stayed with me, that moved me to tears and to fist pumping like Tiger Woods on the back nine on a Sunday with a two stroke lead.

Just as this book is difficult to categorize; it is difficult to rate. Sometimes it was a five of five; sometimes it was a one of five. Still, in the end I have to rate it a 3.5 of 5.0 because the beautiful, wonderful things far outweighed the negative, 'why the hell is that in here for' things. I'd enjoy a discussion on this book because it's one of those books that stays with you long after you've put it down. And as a publisher, I'd enjoy having a story like this in my inventory because it gets people talking.


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