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3rd Hawkins

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My Only Syn
by 3rd Hawkins   

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Publisher:  3rdhawkins Publishing Type: 


Copyright:  september 17 2008

My Only Syn


Sometimes in life things change, people change and like a butterfly you mature and grow. Sometimes you have no idea what you will grow into.Mariposa a young Puerto-Rican from NY meets her soul-mate Synsear Williams, and looses him because of a lie. Only to find him again in a place where she would least expect, the state where her and her new husband now lives. Kwon, Mariposa’s husband is a kingpin drug dealer in the district of Washington with his own dark secrets. You never stop loving your one true love. You just let it go and move on.
What would you do if you had a second chance at the one that got away? Filled with exotic twists, one surprise after another, guaranteed to keep readers guessing. This suspense filled, romantic drama will keep you glued to reading page after page. This mind boggling, what will happen next thriller will have you wanting more and more.
If you are ready, and you are willing,
and you love urban erotic literature.
Come on in read, explore and relax.
Take an erotic passionate journey with me.

Sometimes in life things change, people change and like a butterfly you mature and grow. Sometimes you have no idea what you will grow into.Mariposa a young Puerto-Rican from NY meets her soul-mate Synsear Williams, and looses him because of a lie. Only to find him again in a place where she would least expect, the state where her and her new husband now lives. Kwon, Mariposa’s husband is a kingpin drug dealer in the district of Washington with his own dark secrets. You never stop loving your one true love. You just let it go and move on.
What would you do if you had a second chance at the one that got away? Filled with exotic twists, one surprise after another, guaranteed to keep readers guessing. This suspense filled, romantic drama will keep you glued to reading page after page. This mind boggling, what will happen next thriller will have you wanting more and more.
If you are ready, and you are willing,
and you love urban erotic literature.
Come on in read, explore and relax.
Take an erotic passionate journey with me.

Chapter 1:
My Only Syn

I really don’t know what to say. I actually can not believe I am writing this and confessing my sins….
“When it’s all said and done you will know who I am and why I have written this book.”
I just hope and pray you can forgive me for what I am about to tell you. I have often been told that things happen in life for a reason. That Karma bullshit, I guess it does exist. Sometimes the reason is clear and then there are times when you actually regret all the bad decisions that you have made in life and wish you could just start over. I wish I could go back and change some things. I wish I could go back and do the right thing and have that second chance. Don’t you?

Joseph Hardy

The year was 1983 and man was that the best time in the world. There was a young man, born Kwon Abudale in Jamaica. He was one of three brothers. His family moved to south east DC in 1983 when Kwon was only 13. Kwon's father was a cab driver known in the neighborhood as Biggs. Everyone in the neighborhood knew him especially all the drug dealers and would be hustlers. They would call him for favors when they needed a ride because no one in the neighborhood owned a car and the drug dealers didn’t want to get spotted by the police. They would reward him largely when he did runs for them. It was something he had to do to support his family. Kwon’s mother Ophelia couldn’t work because she had no green card in the United States and they could not afford for daycare for Kwon’s two little brothers Ejabe who was five and Kwelle who was the youngest and newly born into the family. He was 7 months old. Kwon was the oldest so that meant he had more responsibilities and helped take care of his little brothers. Biggs worked somewhere between 70 to 80 hours a week. Times were tough but Biggs was a very proud father that tried to teach his sons that if you work hard you will always get what you deserve. He told his son Kwon that all the time. It was winter time and it got cold. Shit man it was real cold. Like living in Alaska type cold in DC. It was late November and the cold started a little early but still no snow. It was unusually cold and violence in the street was didn’t slack up. Every other day there was a robbery or a drug dealer knocking on the wrong door at the apartments where they lived. They lived up the hill in these apartments houses that was built on a graveyard that locals called the Poltergeist Homess. Kwon had just come from the candy store down the hill and was walking down the hill past Lincoln Rd. He glanced over to the playground where just a week ago a young brother was shot and killed while playing with his son that was Kwon’s age. He entered his buildings foyer and as he walked over to his mailbox a neighbor comes over.
“Hey lil boy!” the lady said.
“Heeeey.” He replied but looked a little startled.
“Boy we got the house!” She grabbed his hand.
Kwon looked up at her and said “Great me happy for ya.”
“Where you get that accent boy?” Tthe old lady asked.
“Me parents and me from Jamaica.”
The woman continued to elaborate on her achievements in life and he was really happy to hear some good news for a change but his stomach started to cramp up from all the candy he had ate. She noticed the sudden change in body language.
“You aight child?” She asked still holding his hand.
“I’m sorry me just got dis bad stomach pain.”
“You ain’t on any drugs are ya?” She said sarcastically.
He laughed, “Hell No! You gotta be crazy ta do dat stuff.”
She smiled and gave him a look of approval. That this young man was going to be somebody. Somebody special.
For Biggs Apartment 208 was his humble abode; as he walked up to the door two o’clock in the morning he turned the key. He felt proud of what he had done for his family by giving them a better life than back home. Now they have a living room with hard wood floors, thick Venetian blinds, and an echo. He opened his door, took off his shoes and walked straight to his bedroom to hold his wife. The answering machine recorded four messages, which he listened to but not responding. Knowing it was one of those young boys selling drugs needing a ride somewhere. He got undressed and laid across his bed and put his arm around his beloved Ophelia but she was sound asleep and he didn’t want to disturb her so he got up and went in the living room.
He turned the TV on. Now he understood why he stopped watching the news so much. Aside from the usual murder of another black male in DC, people were overdosing on drugs. The reporter states,
“Another sad case of a heroin overdose in the streets of DC.”
“Damn”, Biggs shakes his head because that was the third person that week.
The violence has increased again and again. People are scared to leave their homes, or open their windows, petrified of being robbed, shot or whatever, so they keep themselves locked down and to Biggs its unfortunate because back home it was worse and he knows that people are “scared to death”. He watched the news long enough to get the weather report and then they did a report on lawyers and prosecutors on the late edition. His son Ejabe who was only five woke up and came in the room with him.
“What ya doing up boy?” he says to Ejabe.
“Me can’t sleep Pa”
“What’s dat” Ejabe was intrigued by what was on the news.
“Them der is the law. They prosecutors boy. Them da one’s dat put da bad men away for good.”
“Dats what me want ta be. A prescutioner” Ejabe says as his father laughs.
“Prosecutor boy. Here in America boy ya can be anyting ya want just don’t eva stop believing dat ya can be ya understand Ejabe?”
Still staring at the T.V. and listening to what they were saying about putting some convicted drug dealer in jail Ejabe was zoned out.
“Ejabe are ya listening boy?”
“Yes … I’m listening…”
Biggs sighs “O.k. boy back ta bed ya go now come.”
Biggs picks Ejabe up and takes him back into the bedroom. Amazed at how his little boy is growing up so fast and becoming Americanized so quickly.
After weeks went buy it was December and Biggs was working extra hard to make sure this Christmas was special it was their first Christmas in a new country and a new life. The money and lifestyle that they lived to an average American was poor but to Biggs they were rich. They lived in a one of the poorest parts of Jamaica in downtown Kingston.
Life was good for young Kwon and he often had dreams of making money and being a super star. Knowing Christmas was the next day Kwon couldn’t sleep. He had never experienced gifts under a tree nor the sight of seeing snow outside. This was about to be the best day of his young life until. Knock, Knock, Knock… Ophelia got up and went to the door. Kwon thinking to himself is this Santa? Knowing they didn’t have a chimney and throughout all the books he had read thought maybe he decided to come straight to the door. Knock, Knock, Knock. The young brothers were sleep and the time was around midnight so it must be Santa. He heard the chains from the door and the unlocking sound that excited him so much knowing what was a bout to happen. All he heard was a large scream….
“NOOOOOOO” Screamed Ophelia.
It was all he heard for about 2 minutes screaming non stop from his mother.... He got up out his bed... his brothers were woke and wondering what was going on...there were three police officers at the door.
“I am sorry mam” your husband was shot and killed in a robbery attempt." The officer said in a very direct tone as to not really have a care in the world.
As all the boys were crying along with their mother...Kwon has this look in his eyes. It was a look of pure hate. He just didn’t understand how the best night of his life could turn out like this. Thinking that he would never be like his father. Always working, driving a cab 15 hours a day. It was suppose to be Santa at the door. Santa was going to bring us gifts and presents. It was Christmas and his father was only doing overtime to really surprise the family with the best gift he thought he could give them, money for a down payment on a house. To have a home is something they never had.
Biggs usually only worked in the day. All Kwon could think about is how he and his father got into an argument earlier that day when his father told him he had to work again at night.
Kwon said :

“When are you going to stop working so much pop it's Christmas Eve?”Kwon remembers saying to his father.
“Son never be like yer old man...don’t be a worker and that’s all yer have is yer work boy...
Enjoy yer life and yer family. I do all this so that yer won't have to struggle"

If you had seen Kwon does face ...almost like a hunter ...wanting to kill. It was the beginning of the end. Ejabe tried to hold his brother and he didn’t understand why his father was gone all he wanted to do was turn on the T.V. hoping to see that the prosecutioners as he called them got the bad guys that did this to his father. Every day for weeks Ejabe would come home and look at the news. Nothing changed at all.
About 4 months after the funeral Kwon started hanging around the wrong crowd at school getting into fights and literally not learning anything in class when he even went to class.
Ophelia was said to be working in a hotel at night. She told Kwon that she lied about having been a citizen and they gave her a job and would have to work late hours. Sometimes Ophelia would not get home until the next morning, which left Kwon home alone at to watch his little brothers.

While the boys were at school Ophelia had taken her last hit of crack cocaine about ten minutes ago and, as always, she wanted more... so she was sucking on some guys dick in her apartment and she was gonna get $100 dollars when he was done.
She heard the hum of the video camera as this guy that’s been giving her money every week was taping her sucking on him. He whinnied and thrust his burning, raging dick away from her mouth and toward another hole. His name was Delroy and he didn’t much care where or in what that hole his dick went in he was in heaven, as long as he got to get his nut!
Delroy said he would give her another hit as soon as she had played with him some more... and Delroy was a drug dealer, a pimp and to be honest he was an entrepaunaur. Making money was all he cared about. Ophelia was a hardcore crack addict. Leaving her worries and her kids behind. She walked the streets of downtown DC for the past couple months making money to pay the bills that had accumulated since her husband died. Knowing she didn’t have a green card to even stay in the country. That hit wouldn't, couldn't come soon enough. Not ever.
Ophelia was a thick woman, a woman who could probably take on any man, and the hot, muscular black Pimp named Delroy was willing to take the challenge.... perfect for her ebony skin and big lips.
to enjoy the licking, grunting and whinnying as she tongued and stroked him.
Doing any and everything for this man meant even more crack! So she did.
Delroy recorded other girls before and actually sold the video tapes to people he knew. Delroy Knew how to make money. Pimping women, Dealing drugs. Whatever it took make money Delroy would do it.
Delroy would be able to get good money for this video from the Porno Kings up in Spanish Harlem. They were always looking for new acts of crazy sex as well as new stars. And this wild Jamaican woman named Ophelia was just that, he knew, she had “Star” written all over her!
”Yeah you gonna make me some good money” Delroy said
She met Delroy when she had heard about this "modeling gig" about 2 months ago looking for females that never modeled before. A lady in her building told her about it. She was a pock-faced and dumpy lesbian crack whore with polished ebony skin, blood-crimson nails, and hollow, empty eyes. LaKeisha was the neighbors name. She had told her there was money to be made, real money, and all the crack she could smoke while on a "shoot".
Ophelia had just started smoking when her husband died and she was depressed and turned to drugs.
LaKeisha said the only catch was that she would have to "do it" with different guys. LaKeisha said they let the guys ejaculate into the girl; the girl, according to LaKeisha, had to "pretend" to "like it".
In the course of the conversation it became apparent to Ophelia that her neighbor didn't have to "pretend" to like it; Lakeisha had described the sexual act in juicy detail, from penetration to ejaculation. She even described the way the guys dick had smelled and tasted, salty and thick.

A phone call was made, and later, an appointment was made. Lakeisha introduced Ophelia to Delroy, the "director", as Ophelia goggled at the lights and mattes and moviemaking equipment set up in the basement of this little house he owned. The place reeked of sex, and Delroy mentioned that they had just finished "shooting" a "feature". As she allowed herself to be led to the basement of the little house, where her "audition" would take place, she genuflected on the tragedy of a misbegotten life that had dumped her at the doorstep of this pervert with a few bucks, some crack, and a camera. Her neighbor was the one who had turned her on to crack cocaine and heroin weeks ago.
Somewhere along the way, Ophelia had lost her idealistic feel for the sanctity of life, taking refuge in the warm, visceral feelings wrought by the drugs. And now it was a given, she knew; crack was both God and Savior, giving a tactile, tangible, if only temporary, sense of both happiness and warmth. Ophelia didn't care who she had to fuck to get her fix. She'd fuck a fucking walrus if that were what she had to do! Her boys were her only focus. Making sure they didn’t get deported and sent back to Jamaica.
That's how Ophelia met Delroy.
Delroy told her she now belonged to him, that she would do as she was told, if she wanted some crack, even if that meant doing something nasty any and every man that came into her presence.Delroy told her she would moan and groan and pretend to like it, even if it tasted and smelled like rancid cheese and stale cum.
In the intervening weeks Ophelia had fought for and won herself the title of “my ho” from Delroy. During those few proving weeks Ophelia was sick and she was very lucky her internal organs didn't just give out - she was incredibly close. Her only nourishment came in the form of some occasional burritos and tacos from a nearby taqueria (eaten cold), a few Twinkies and once in a while some fuckin' cashews or something, forced down her throat by her Delroy. There were nights were the nboys never saw there mother. She didn’t come home for days at a time. When she did she would give Kwon the little bit of money she had left after getting high. She would always come in the house clean as to not let the boys know what she had become.
One night Ophelia came home early around 10p.m. with someone.
“Oh stop Delroy stop.” Laughing and giggling as Delroy’s hand goes down the front of her dress curessing her left breast.
Kwan came from out of his room. Ophelia quickly moves Delroy’s hand.
“Ma who them dat der? Me can’t believe ya got some man in me father’s house.” Kwon yelled.
“Hush, You watch your tongue boy. This right here is Mister Bumby and he is our guest.” Ophelia replied.
Unknown to Kwon the only hotel his mother was working at during the night was on the corners downtown and in the back of any car that drove buy and gave her money. Ophelia met Delroy one night and well let’s just say he decided to keep her. Delroy was and old school hustler. He made his money the old fashion way. Pimping hoes and selling drugs. Well the old fashion way I guess is still the same today.
“Lil man you wanna make some money. Ya Moms told me about your father.
Walking over to Kwon.
I know its tough but things gonna get better aint that right baby? “ Delroy says
Ophelia was looking at Delroy with a hint of fear of saying the wrong thing.
“Yeah baby” she mutters out her mouth slowly and in a short quivering liped voice.
“That’s life kid suck it up. The working class man never gets no where. You should wanna be like me?
Delroy walks over to the window.
Come here boy look out here.
Kwon looks at him with anger but does as he says.
Go to the window look outside.” Delroy pulls the curtain back for Kwon to see.
He looks and sees a new Cadillac outside.
“You see that Cadi? That’s one of ten that I own. In order to have it all kid you gotta be on top and never be a working man. You make people work for you.” Always remember that kid.”
Kwon immediately hated Delroy for his arrogance but admired him at the same time because he had all the things that his father wanted and he promised never to be like his father, a working man.
“I’ll remember that I promise.” Kwon says to Delroy as Delroy places his hand on his head as to rub it but instead pushes Kwon away.
“Yeah I’mma try ta be like you Mr. Delroy.”
Ophelia interjects remembering that this is her oldest son and a mother has to do what a mother has to do.
“Delroy he’s just a boy you can’t be…” Ophelia says quickly but then …
SMACK! Delroy smacked the living shit out of Kwon’s mother right in front of him.
Shut up woman talk when I tell you to talk! Delroy yelled
Kwon stood there balling up his fist. Kwon knew right from wrong he knew that no man suppose to ever touch his mother. No man is supposed to ever hit her. But his mother always talked back to his father always argued with him. In one hand gesture a hard solid smack across the side of her face shut her up and she said nothing else. Kwon wanted that power. He saw everything that his father was not in five minutes of just standing there. He saw what he was destined to be. To be a better man than his father is what he was taught by his father. He was tired of taking care of his brothers and he was sick of school. He wanted to be a KINGPIN. After that night his life was never the same.
In the coming months Delroy showed kwon a life that he only saw in videos of Big Daddy Kane and other rap stars with gold jewelry and fancy cars. Delroy treated Kwon like his son and he learned fast. He learned everything from how to make money to how not to loose money. The ins and outs of the game. While his transformation from being a young Jamaican kid from Kingston given a second chance at life and free from poverty by his father was short lived his mother and brothers lives changed as well. Ophelia began using drugs and was a known prostitute for years. Kwon brothers Ejabe and Kwelle were growing up fast and not in the best way. Next thing you knew Kwon was 17. Buy that time someone probably a nosey neighbor who hated seeing the family have things that they did not. Thanks to Kwon hustling for Delroy. Someone called social services when they saw Ophelia laying in the hallway sleep and high as a kite. They came and locked her up and took the two little boys. Kwon was furious. But this time he was the new up and coming Delroy. He had all the young kids and even most of the other dealers scared of him. See he was not like Delroy at all. He was worse. He had hatred in him for being poor that drove him to being the person he is today. Ruthless. Social services tried to say that Kwon needed to be detained and placed under their umbrella for he was underage but of course he wasn’t trying to hear that. He walked out of the court room. The court ruled that the two boys be placed in foster care and that the mother charged with neglect. Kwon paid for his mothers bail and told her,
” Ma one day me gonna fix everyting I promise.” Knowing what his mom was and had become he had lost all sense of respect for her.
Kwon would loose the only thing he thought he had left to live for his mother and his brothers. Kwon walked out of court that day a different person because the next day. Unknowing to Kwon that was the last time Kwon would ever see his mother again and his brothers again.
Ophelia was depressed, stressed with the loss of her children and just plain tired of living.
She turned to the only thing that she had left to live for. The pipe was the only thing left that she loved that didn’t leave her in some way. She died the next day of an overdose that day was May 25th 1989, on Kwons 18th birthday. He became a man that day and that was the worst pain he had felt in a long time.

After about years of working for Delroy he made a few associates but rarely smiled. Never showed expression of happiness of anything. He felt pain, remorse, anger and a hint of guilt for not taking better care of his brothers. He thought to himself that he will make due on his promise some how. He will find his brothers and rebuild his family.
Delroy always taught Kwon...
"Always get 2 educations that way the Rollers (police) cant fuck with you.”
Kwon looked at Delroy almost like a second father. He listened closely to everything he said. He listened almost too well. Before his mother passed and the boys were taken Kwon was making anywhere between five thousand to ten thousand a week. Back in the day his mother knew where the money came from but didn’t care. The other boys had nice clothes and the bills were paid and it helped support her new job of being an addict and a whore and no longer working as a mother. That look that Kwon had in his eyes ever since Biggs died just got worse. He wanted more and more like a fiend for money. But Delroy ran south east DC and to make money you gotta go through him. Kwon understood and respected Bumby’s law.
” To be on top you have to eliminate the weak”
So one day he went to Delroy's laundry mats where there had a room in the back to meet up.
Tap, Tap, Tap….Knock, Knock, Knock…Tap knock…Tap Knock…
come in...
“Hey Kwon, what’s poppin youngin? You lookn’ fresh in that outfit.” Said Delroy’s right hand man Bo.
“You find out any more news on where your brothers at?”
“Naw!” Kwon replied
“Delroy told me you been takin an interest in lookin for em.” Said Bo
“Naw, not yet I’m still looking. See I’m thinking imma hire me one of those detectives to find them. Me ave no time to be lookin meself ya no.”
“Man stop talking that Jamaican shit speaka English mother fucka.” Delroy tells kwon.
“Well I know this guy he real good. Old but good. Ill give you his number tell him I sent you.” Delroy writes down the number and gives it to Kwon.
“His name is Eddie Brunswick.”
Hesitant at first Kwon takes the paper with the number on it. He puts it in his wallet.
“Whats wrong wit you nigga?” Delroy askes Kwon
“Nothin. Thanks Delroy, you always knew how to handle business.”
Delroy’s boy Bo scoots over near Kwon. Bo a big boy slow as shit but if he hits you whew all 400 lbs is hittin you.
Hey Delroy I remember when his father use to pick you up and run you around down to Baltimore. Down off Edmonson Village. You’d give em that big bonus and shit. Bo says in a low toned almost slow voice.
The door opens and in walks Larry Bumbpy’s Muscle
“Hey Larry you see ya future boss my lil Protegee' yeahh… one day he gonna be a G just like me.” Delroy says like a proud dad.
“Oh he on the come up Delroy?” Larry asks.
“Fuck yeah this lil nigga got heart and no conscious. He don’t give a fuck about nuthin.
Yeah he gone be like me in charge of it all? ha ha ha .”
Larry looks over at Kwon. “So whats up lil nigga? What you want?” “We got business to take care of in here.”
Again the look in Kwon’s eyes were of pure evil but now with a hint of remorse for what he was about to say and do. He walks over and stands directly in front of yet between Delroy and Bo.
“Well Delroy you taught me a lot and I have been though so much in my life. You taught me to go back to school lean both worlds. Shit I hate school but I did it. I did that for you. You taught me how to get a junky to give me money even when they didn’t have any. I did that all for you.”
Delroy sits up in his chair
“I know what I did boy. Hurry up and spit that shit out.We got busine…just what the fuck you talking bout?”Delroy says
“Well Delroy you mastered the game fo real.”
Kwon walking around“You did that. You even taught me the best thing I could have ever have learned. That the working man, he aint shit. I learned that from you Delroy, only you. But there is nothing else that you can teach me.”
Bumby looked at him with an almost estatic proud look of a father to son. Grinning.
“Teach you young pup, you still got a lot to learn. I want you to come back after this meeting and we gonna talk promotion.”
Kwon stops walking around “I don’t think you understand… Delroy me time is now ta move on. I need ta…”
Delroy cuts him off “What the fuck you talking bout you like my own son in this here game. I got money invested in you boy don’t you ever forget what I done for you. I keep money in ya pocket”
Delroy going on and on pointing out all he has done for Kwon and then Delroy begins leaning forward pointing his finger at Kwon demanding him to just shut the fuck up with all the nonscence he is talking.
“You leaving your family boy?” You ain’t got no family no more son. I’m your family. When ya slut for a whore mom wasn’t there for you …who was…”
Kwon looks at him and yells Delroy look I…!!
“No shut up boy I’m talking …Meee that’s who…and when… “
stopping him in mid sentence Kwon yells.
Shut up!!!
Delroy stands up with his lit blunt hanging halfway off his bottom lip. Talking in a more calm tone almost pleading.
“I took care of ya family…Treated you like you was own flesh and blood.”
Kwon’s eyes are now red as on tear leaves his left eye. When he gets angry his accent thickens. “Stop right der Delroy. Fam-ly! Ya know noting bout what dat means.”
Delroy still trying to keep his cool and not whip youngins ass for saying such things and in front of his peoples. His right hand and his boy Bo stands like they on alert.
Laughing it off looking at Larry and Bo as they too take Kwon’s words as jibberish talk.
“Look youngin you not going no where so just shut that shit up and go get me a fuckin drink.”
Laughing moreand turning to his boys
Delroy looks at Larry tapping him on the chest with his back hand
“ You here this mutha fucka Larry trying ta be hard and shit. I told you this nigga crazy.”
Larry stops laughing “He still wet Delroy let me take his dumb ass out back and sho..”
Naw imma listen to em but make it fast boy before I forget that I got some heart for you” Delroy says.
His right hand man standing close to Delroy and hand on his piece…
“Naw be cool Bo… sit down….. this Kwon we talking bout, this my fuckin young blood …” Delroy says calmly.
“Delroy me appreciate all dat ya have done for me but da one lesson ya haven’t taught, me figured out on me own. Ya wase never goin ta fully express dis ting ta me were you?” Kwons looking downward as he talks.
“Whats the fuck you talking bout?” Delroy asks
Swiftly and accurately Kwon quickly pulls out a 44 magnum from under his jacket and
He shoots Larry twice, once in his chest before his hand has a chance to reach on his side for his gun and then once in the head making sure this 400lb motha fucka stays down.
Then ….BANG!!
He shoots Delroy's main man Bo. Shit he was suppose to be his enforcer. Quick on the draw yet he was quick to shit in his pants when Kwon shot Larry as he stood there scared as shit for once in his whole natural life.
“This Nigga right here”. “This Nigga right here.” Scared as a little bitch. Yeah he was, he was scared and all you heard was Delroy crying out.
“What tha fuck you doing blood?” Please!!!
In the most calm almost cinicle voice Kwon answers him as his 44 was aimed perfectly. Smoke still coming from the long chamberd cylander. His hand steady and calm.
“I respect ya and me guess even love ya like me own fatha a bit. But ya not me fatha. You turned me motha into da junkie and trick girl whore. Me lost da only famly me thought have left me brothers cause you and who knows where dey are now. Naw Delroy ya not me fatha, me friend, no me metor and ya know what…. rude boy?” Kwon says very very sarcasticly as Kwon is looking at Bumby with a smile on his face for like the first time in years.
Getting louder as each breathtaking note leaves his mouth like a planed out orchestrated symphony. Kwon played this musical out to the perfect tune of revenge.
Whispering low as now in a more disgruntal voice. “Me made a promise ta never be like him! Ya understand me promised him!! Me will neva…. be like him or like you…”
Delroy slowly reaching his left arm…slowly towards his leg where he keeps his 22 cal. Pistol.
Kwon yelled out. Within moments Kwon becomes something in the next 10 seconds that Delroy didn’t see coming. He never expected this. An enraged MONSTER..
“You got me hustlin’ like a fuckin cabbie! Kwon yells
Delroy screams, NOOOOO!
3 seconds has gone by and he is one bullet goes through his left leg perfectly aimed right above where his 22 was kept.
“ Me fuckin hate you Delroy, I always have!” Kwon yells
3 more seconds has gone by as one bullet goes in his stomach.
The last 4 seconds is when Kwon Abudale became a man.
B A N G !
That was the slowest and longest bullet to ever leave a gun. The last bullet shot out of the large 44 magnum almost in slow motion as if it was frozen in time. A pure moment of gratitude for the young kingpin to be. As the last bullet goes into the skull of his former boss. His former friend. His former father. He thinks about what he once said to him when he first started in this game:
“In order to have it all kid you gotta be on top and never be a working man. You make people work for you.” Kwon said.
10 seconds has gone by as the large round bleeding hole in Delroy’s head is all that remains as he quietly whispers in his ear.
Kwon yells out loud………“Me not no fuckin worka run dis shit now....BLOODCLOT!

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Reader Reviews for "My Only Syn"

Reviewed by 3rd Hawkins 11/18/2008
i cant wait till this comes out i swear this will be a hit

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L'altruisme, les sources de valeurs vivement critiquées dans L'Ile-aux by Antoine Raphael

Ce roman est la version française d'un livre anglais "Concern, the sources of values under fire in Cows Island, récemment publié par le même éditeur  
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