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Edward A Tischler II

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Copyright:  Jan 1 2002

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Focus On Golf is for the golfer that truly desires to play better golf. It discusses the topics of preparation, performance, commitment, and maintaining composure. It strives to help golfers establish a new outlook, one that has a nurturing attitude, involves being genuine and open minded. And it gives you a no nonesense plan for achieving your golfing goals. This books was inspired by years of working with avid and competitive golfers that were confident in their physical skills, yet lacked the fortitude to perform under pressure. Working with these golfers helped me find a real path to helping golfers achieve their true potential.


Since I was a boy I’ve been fascinated with the ability of accomplished performers to maintain their focus and composure in the most pressure filled situations. The feats of acrobats, martial artists, marksman, and all other precision athletes always intrigued me. Additionally, the best of the best in every sport seemed to make everyone else look simply average. I always wondered, what makes these performers so special? What type of edge did they have over everyone else?

As I played a variety of sports growing up, it became quite clear to me that having talent and ability was not enough. Some of the most talented athletes have a tendency to fold under pressure, and some of the more averagely talented athletes seem to pull off the most magnificent plays when it most counts. In most sports even the best performers experience periods of slumps. However, there are those few that always seem to have an edge. They always seem to make the most of their abilities. With these observations in mind, my life became a quest for the answers to developing the edge.

Staying committed to this quest took me on an athletic journey. I played many sports in my youth, including gymnastics, tae kwon do, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, judo, water polo, archery, and of course golf. Since the first time I stepped on a driving range at the age of 9, golf was always my real passion. So when I turned 18 I made my first choice as an adult, I was to be a professional golfer. At that moment I committed my life entirely to golf, and golf became the venue for engaging in the quest.

Surprisingly the quest for the performance edge would lead me to the fields of philosophy, psychology, kinesiology, nutrition, fitness, awareness training, and personal growth. And through it all I’ve become a coach as well as a performer.

In 1992 I suffered a career threatening injury. I was unable to play golf for 4 years, incurred two surgeries, and underwent three years of physical therapy. In 1996 my doctors thought I’d never play golf again. However, I am happy to say I currently hold a +5 handicap. The seven year journey to solve my physical problems provided me the opportunity to understand what truly makes the difference as a performer. Although my physical skills had not been trained for many years, and although my body was much less fit than before my injuries, I was still able to score under par as soon as I was cleared to play golf. As a matter of fact, I shot 70 in my first round of golf after being cleared by my doctors to play. Since that round, I have regained my form and have become an even better performer, accumulating 6 hole-in-ones and setting over a dozen course records. So, what’s made the difference, where did this performance edge come from, it certainly wasn’t physical.

Many of these answers came to me while coaching others to reach their potential. Though I was injured for all those years, being injured did not prohibit me from coaching. As a coach I spent much of my time observing the habits, tendencies, mind-sets, and performance characteristics of my students. It was within these observations that many of the answers have been found.

As a player I had an incredible coach. He opened my eyes to what real coaching is all about. Early on he noticed my inquisitive nature, and he knew my thirst for knowledge would lead me to the arena of coaching. So, as my mentor he made the choice to share with me his insights into the field of coaching. Thus, I to became a coach. For that I am truly grateful, and I give thanks to my coach and friend Fred Shoemaker (author of Extraordinary Golf).

Coaches open doors, they inspire awareness, they observe patterns in behavior, and share their observations with their students. Coaches help students become aware of how their thoughts, beliefs, disposition, and response mechanisms affect their performance. Coaches help awaken their students to the processes of productivity, efficiency, cause and effect, habit formation, trust and confidence, and the way of being your genuine self. Coaches guide their students into enlightened states, where factors of performance become obvious and natural.

A coach’s first step is to open the door to the way you’ll eventually approach your life. Then the coach helps nurture this process. Your coach does this by helping awaken your senses, and this helps you become more in tune to what is going on in your environment. Awareness awakens you to true vision, effortless focus, unconditional confidence, and the freedom to be genuine in your actions. In short, coaches help you become aware of the state of being that guides you into the performance zone.

Volumes of instructional materials have been compiled with regard to the golfer’s swing technique, and improvements in equipment and course conditions are well documented, however, the average golfers handicap has not improved over the past 40 years. Of course, instruction and technology do make the ball go further, which does influence the average golfers enjoyment and ego levels – if only briefly. However, this does not guarantee better performance, because once the golfers inconsistencies catch up to him, the enjoyment factor once again diminishes.

Let’s take a peek into the state of being all accomplished players experience regularly. Accomplished players embody a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Their actions are free of tension and their focus is locked into target-oriented images. They are aware of their surroundings and committed to a game plan. Accomplished golfers are sure of the skills they possess, and understanding of the skills they have not yet internalized. With all this in mind, accomplished golfers maintain a productive disposition, one full of possibility and unconditional confidence. Finally, they appear to address the ball with calm preparation, they swing confidently, and they reflect on each performance with a sense of perspective.

The average golfer embodies a state of uncertainty. Their minds are full of mental chatter and they often entertain images of impending disaster. Average golfers are unsure of their skills and lacking in the necessary confidence. Therefore, the average golfer is full of anxiety, born of mental distractions, resulting in interference, followed by misdirected actions and emotional responses. Thus, average golfers address the ball in a state of tension, swing with either hesitation or aggressive fury, and react to their performances emotionally. Which way do you want to be on the golf course?

As you can see, there are considerable obstacles for the average golfer to overcome, whereas the accomplished golfer has learned how to by pass the obstacles by being focused and genuine in his actions. For the average golfer to become an accomplished golfer she, too, will need to develop a more confident and productive approach to golf.

Becoming an accomplished golfer involves changing the way you perceive the game. It involves developing a new way of being on the golf course. You cannot show up to the golf course with the same old habits, same old mind-set, and same old attitude and reason that you’ll have totally different and much more acceptable results. You must make a choice to change, and before you make the choice you must be willing to acknowledge that how you already do things does not work.

So, change is a process of awakening ourselves to the way we are, the way we act, the way we respond, and the way we continue from this point on. This means, we must be awakened to our way of being on the golf course. This begs the question, “Are your habits a hindrance or an asset on the golf course?” “Do you have a productive disposition, or do you act with hidden agendas lurking in the back of your mind?” Knowing the answers to these questions involves understanding your nature, and understanding your nature will involve the process of reflection. Are you willing to go there?

If you do not know your nature, then you won’t be able to depend on yourself in the moment of action. To understand your nature you’ll need to observe your mental state and your response patterns. By observing your mental state as you prepare to play, you become aware of how your thoughts influence your choices and actions. And by observing your mental state as you respond to your actions, you’ll become aware of how your thoughts influence your evolving attitude as well as your next move. This whole cycle involves a process of productive reflections, which is a developed skill.

There is an art to productive reflection. Reflections happen after the fact. They are observed and let go. If reflections become rumination, you become stuck in your mental conversations and detached from the moment. You become engrossed in habitual thoughts of past and future, and you get caught up in your expectations. As the habitual thinking is born, awareness is lost, the present recesses into the fog of internal conversation, the moment passes you by, and you are left being MENTAL.

It interests me that golf is commonly believed to be a mental game. I don’t believe it. I feel that people are mental, and people become too mental during their play. Furthermore, being mental creates interferences that lead to distractions, and being distracted leads to misdirected actions. Remember, all inhibitions start with a mental process. Therefore, I feel it is beneficial for the golfer to be less mental. I feel each golfer should learn to quiet the mind and open the senses. I believe the game should be played through the senses with an open mind and a genuine nature.

However, since people are mental, they need to be prepared for those moments when they become too mental, and they would do well to be committed to a process that will allow them to play more naturally, authentically, and without inhibitions. To do this, it is critical you understand your mental patterns and how they influence your productivity.

Being authentic involves being genuine in your behavior, being genuine in your responses to life’s situations, and having genuine intentions at the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. Being genuine requires letting go of your social conditioning, freeing yourself from your habitual thinking, and clarifying your observations. Lastly, it involves making the choice to conduct yourself courageously, because being genuine does not come easily once you’ve been conditioned to accept societal norms.

You may have noticed, it will take a lot of commitment to prepare yourself for this task. For preparation involves knowing your disposition and having the fortitude to honor your commitments. It means keeping your intentions clear and approaching your game with a sense of purpose. A purpose beyond the goal of simply scoring well. This purpose may involve acting genuinely while honoring your nature. And acting genuinely will involve being aware, fluid, in focus, and unconditionally confident. To achieve all this you’ll have to let go of your mental tendencies and give into a natural state of being disposed.

So, with this in mind I’d like to know, “What is the next manifesting level of your game? Will your game become stagnant? Will you allow yourself to adapt and grow? Will you be stifled by your ruminating habits? Or, Will you manifest your being genuinely?” To do so, your preparation must provide a sound foundation, your actions must satisfy the basic needs of the game, and your responses will need to support your intentions.

In closing, to find your focal edge you’ll need to create a new outlook about your game. This means, defining a path of productivity, establishing a disposition of unconditional confidence, awakening yourself to your true nature and honoring its authenticity. It means being true to yourself while understanding the nature of your mentality. This is the task of Focus On Golf – Creating the Golfer’s Edge. I hope you enjoy the journey, and I invite you to join the quest.

Chapter Twelve:
The Edge: The Gift Of Wholeness

Awakening a new vision begins the process of building the golfer’s edge. Nurturing the vision with a warrior-competitor attitude furthers the development of the edge. Being genuine personalizes the process, giving you the sense of having an edge. Being open-minded allows you to adjust and adapt when needed, this deepens your personal edge. Being truly prepared gives confidence to the edge. Having confidence in your performance routine will give you the competitors edge. Being able to recommit, or reinvent, yourself at anytime gives you the confidence that you will stay the course under pressure, and staying the course will help you maintain the edge. Being purposeful will make the golfer’s edge whole. Finally, engaging in mindful practice as well as exercises for better performance will facilitate keeping the whole process in top working order.

As far as applying the golfer’s edge, exercising your performance routine with absorption and trust brings all your training and preparations into a whole package, one that gives you the edge. When you truly know for yourself that you have the whole package, everything you do will have deeper conviction, and such conviction will bring alive the ongoing attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and disposition that embodies the warrior-competitor edge.

People are always looking for that one thing that gives them the edge. But it’s not one thing in life, or one thing in golf, that gives you the edge. It’s having the whole package. The last piece that brings the whole package to the state of being whole may seem like “the thing,” but it was just “the last thing” to make the package whole. Without everything else being in place first, the “last” thing is just another piece of the puzzle.

Great performers like Jerry Rice are known for their preparation and training. I assure you he has the whole package. Even if he does not talk about the vision, the attitude, the open mindedness, or any other part of the whole package, he still has the whole package.

In golf, people often like to talk about Hogan’s Secret. They talk about it as if Ben Hogan had one little piece of knowledge that was the secret to the game. If he had one piece of knowledge it was that he knew he needed the whole package, and he set out to satisfy that package in much the same way as I’ve described “Creating The Golfer’s Edge.” So, if you want to leave your own modest legacy to the game, if you want to experience a type of mastery that other golfers look up too, or if you simply want to consistently play your best golf, then I suggest you get committed whole-heartedly to the process of Focusing On Golf in such a way that you “Create The Golfer’s Edge.”

“Change is a process of awakening ourselves to the way we are, the way we act, the way we respond, and the way we continue from this point on. This means, we must be awakened to our way of being on the golf course.”

"In the absence of mental analysis appears reality, and reality is a great platform for learning, performing, and staying the course."

"The first step of being mindful is to understand the nature of our attentiveness. What are we attending to, the random thought streams that run through our minds, the environmental stimuli presented in the moment, a chosen focal point within our present situation, or an expanding awareness of the space we live within?"

"Being truly prepared gives confidence to the edge. Having confidence in your performance routine will give you the competitors edge. Being able to recommit at anytime gives you the confidence to maintain the edge, and being purposeful will complete the package giving you the whole edge."

Professional Reviews

“Ed Tischler has a firm understanding of the golf swing and the feel for the game. I’m confident that players from all levels can benefit from his coaching and take their games to a higher level.” Dean Wilson (2000 rookie of the year, Japan Golf Tour & PGA Tour Player)

“Ed Tischler ‘s knowledge of the game is thorough. I turn to him for answers to questions regarding the swing, its mechanics, and specific fitness for golf. He has an ability to explain the “why” to almost any question. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious and comes through in person, and in his books.” Larry Stubblefield (Former PGA Tour Player, Class “A” PGA Member)

“Ed Tischler is an outstanding teacher of the game. He is also an accomplished player, but I feel his major strength is in his ability to blend the mechanics of the game with the “inner game” approach to learning. He has a passion for education and helping people, and he has a real gift for communicating this to golfers of all levels. Greg A. Nichols (Director of Golf, Ko Olina Golf Club)

"I read everything I can get my hands on with respect to golf and coaching. By far, Ed Tischler's books are the easiest to follow and apply. He has a tremendous ability to clarify the needs of the athlete, both physically and mentally. His passion for the game is evident, and his knowledge is thorough. If you want to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, I recommend you read Ed's books with the true intention of becoming a New Horizons Golfer." J.K. Sung, Korean PGA Professional

"I have known Ed Tischler for fifteen years. In his books, I see him use words such as magnificent, extraordinary, committed, integrity, honesty, honorable, trusting, confident, innovative and imaginative in regard to the game and the student's of the game. These words barely begin to describe the man who has authored this exceptional series of books. Ed has tapped into the universal wisdom found in the great philosophies, sciences and religions of the world and has applied this wisdom in simple and effective ideas, theories and exercises useful for students of all levels of the game of golf and the game of life."
Kim Kokoska, Los Angeles, California

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Reader Reviews for "Focus On Golf - Creating The Golfer's Edge"

Reviewed by Jim Dunlap 5/24/2004
This is a remarkable paragraph:

If you do not know your nature, then you won’t be able to depend on yourself in the moment of action. To understand your nature you’ll need to observe your mental state and your response patterns. By observing your mental state as you prepare to play, you become aware of how your thoughts influence your choices and actions. And by observing your mental state as you respond to your actions, you’ll become aware of how your thoughts influence your evolving attitude as well as your next move. This whole cycle involves a process of productive reflections, which is a developed skill.

This can be applied to just about anything in life, I expect.

Come visit my webpages dedicated to the victims of genocide in Africa and central Europe:

Best wishes,

Jim Dunlap, webmaster
Voices for Africa

Reviewed by Wayne Choy 11/3/2003
I have had the pleasure of knowing Ed Tischler for the past 2 years as my daughters golf coach. When I was looking for a coach for my daughter, Ed's name always came highly recomended from students, parents and professionals. In fact, whenever I was asked by professional golfers here in Hawaii who Britney's coach was, their response has been, "she is going to the right person.
When my daughter first came to Ed she was a 9 hdcp, today is she a 2 hdcp at age 14. Ed has not only taught her swing mechanics but the "inner game" to golf. He has prepared her not only how to golf competively but how to apply this as she goes through life.
Ed's books are exactly what we have learned through his golf lesson's. We read and re-read his books to reinforce what we have learned. Ed, Thank you very much, I know my daughter will enjoy the game forever.

Wayne Choy
Honolulu, Hawaii
Reviewed by Ralph Black 9/15/2003
I am an attorney. Please don't hold that against me! Ed Tischler didn't! Notwithstanding my natural and trained ingrained resistance to "let it go" and be natural, Ed showed me that you really can feel "natural and unrestrained" and yet control the golf shot. Most importantly, he also showed me the way to enjoy the game as I never had before. Yes, life is good, golf is good. Ed Tischler is truly the Tony Robbins of golf!!!
Reviewed by bill skowronski 9/1/2003
This book helped me focus my energy, time and skills in golf. I have always loved to play, but when the pressure was on, my mind would wander into doubt and when the pressure was on, I would really tense up and think about not screwing up. Now my focus is on enjoying the moment and the challenge and I look forward to the big moments that I used to fear. I'm shooting the best golf of my life at the age of 54. Best of all, I've shot par and one below par this month in my church golf league at a tough course(Pine Hills in Cleveland). Thanks Ed for all your help!

Bill Skowronski
Cleveland, Ohio
Reviewed by Cindy Petty 8/18/2003

I'd be lying if I told you your books and pocket coaches are good; they're invaluable.
I only wish I would have found these sooner like years ago. Anyway, I enjoy your philosophy on golf and life. There's alot of garbage out there in the golf reading world.

I don't bother with golf magazines anymore. I truly believe I've found a great system through your NEW HORIZONS GOLF APPROACH to golf. The exercises/drills are great. The explanations with photos tell all...I've relied on your philosophy and golf instruction through theses books and have improved my short game tremendously. It's alot easier putting when you can toss that ball close to the hole.

My swing path has improved as well and probably because of these exercises. As a result of your drills , my confidence has grown and developed. Now I know what it feels like to approach the ball and toss it to the flag with my club.

GREAT STUFF. Like I said before, you can't find this kind of quality golf material in a bookstore. This is a special find for me.

Thank you for writing the books.

Cindy Petty
Woodbridge, NJ
Reviewed by S.P. Kuo 8/11/2003
I'll be the first to admit that I hate reading golf publications!! Ed Tischler's books, however, are completely different. He has a unique writing style that really speaks to you -- as if you're not really reading, but rather having an insightful conversation with him out on the golf course somewhere. He's been a golf coach for such a long time that he understands both the physical and mental struggles of every golfer and knows exactly what to do to help. I've been so fortunate to be able to work with Ed in Hawaii (he took me on as a pure beginner and helped me achieve a 9.5 handicap in 2 years!) Every bit of advice and wisdom he has passed on to me applies not only to my golf game, but also to my life in general. My relatives, who haven't worked with Ed personally, have read his books and marvel at the incredible amount of knowledge and experience he has with the game. With his amazing gift for the game, his impressive background and his understanding of the inner game, he should be the #1 player on tour!

S.P. Kuo
Taipei, Taiwan
Reviewed by Tak Kondo 8/11/2003
Ed Tischler is not only a golf instructor, he is a true student of the game and of life. He uses all aspects of human interaction from philosophy to physics, psychology to kinesiology, as well as mechanics to metaphysics in his approach to golf. His ability to see the untapped potential of individuals is unique. It reminds me of the teachings of Bruce Lee. Both men express the true posture of living life as an awakened person.

Tak Kondo
San Francisco, CA
Reviewed by Pamela Smith 8/7/2003
It is not often that I find a book that is truly worth sharing on the instructional level. Focus On Golf, however, provides a complete, concise, and easy to follow approach to developing strong focus habits. I'm sure it can help you, because it truly did help me.

New York
Reviewed by Gary Stanford 8/5/2003
One of the best things about working with Ed is that I am enjoying golf more than ever. Ironically, as Ed has taught me to enjoy myself more, my scores have improved as well. I truly believe that the fun comes first, and the good results simply follow. Focus On Golf has given me the blueprints to stay the course and keep my composure. Even if you don't have the chance to work with Ed I highly recommend Focus On Golf.

Gary Stanford
Reviewed by Glenn Preus 8/5/2003
I am a student of Ed Tischler and he has changed my golf game completely. Now my swing and game has total confidence where before it was filled will second guesses and too much mental processing. His book, Focus on Golf, reiterates what I have learned about the importance of playing with your senses, trusting one’s abilities and avoiding counterproductive distractions.
Glenn Preus
Reviewed by Chris Quincey 8/5/2003
I met Ed while playing golf on the California mini tours over ten years ago. He was the best ball striker I had ever seen, and he also had the ability to help us struggling pro's straighten out our games. Unfortunately, I did not get to spend enough time with him on my game. When I found out Ed had written some books I had to get them. Since reading Focus On Golf, I have been reminded of the mind-set he would describe to us when we were playing. Even though I am a father and don't play as regularly as I would like, Focus On Golf has helped me become more consistent even without regular practice.

Hope we met again some day. Best Wishes.
Chris Quincey
Tampa Bay, Florida
Reviewed by Matt Tsuruda 8/4/2003
I have the oppurtunity to be one of Ed Tishler's students in Hawaii. After reading his book Focus On Golf - Creating the Golfer's Edge, I have a better understanding of what I need to focus on when I am on the range as well as on the course. His experience in the game really comes out in this book and I am thankful that I can go back and continually review and remind myself of what I need to do to better my game. Thanks Ed!!!
Reviewed by E.J. Carson 8/2/2003
My wife bought me Focus On Golf - Creating The Golfer's Edge as a birthday present. She know how much I love golf, and she knows how often I get frustrated, so she thought it would be a good gift. It turned out to be one of the best birthday presents I have ever had. With the exercises that Mr. Tischler presents in Focus On Golf I have been able to lower my handicap 8 strokes. Even better yet, I have lowered my frustration level 5 points on a scale from one to ten. I use to be totally frustrated with my game, now I seem to enjoy myself almost every time I go out to play. Thanks Mr. Tischler.

E.J. Carson
Dallas, Texas
Reviewed by Scott 8/2/2003
While I had the pleaure of holding the position of Head Golf Professional at Ko Olina Golf Club, in Hawaii, I met Ed Tischler. Ed is a fellow golf professional and is known as the best of the best in Hawaii. After getting to know him, I was amazed by his ability to explain almost every aspect of the game. I become intrique by is knowledge and asked if I could acquire his books. The most significant experience with regard to reading Ed's books is that they filled in the gaps and answered the question I was unable to ask him in our one-on-one meetings. Each of Ed's books contain hundreds of hours of lessons. All you need to do is read them and apply the exercises he recommends, and I am sure your game will surpass its next horizon. If you believe your physical skills are up to par, but lack the confidence to play your best golf, then I especially recommend Focus On Golf.

Ko Olina Golf Club
Oahu, Hawaii
Reviewed by Yeh, Kuantai 8/1/2003
I was introduced to E.A. Tischler while he was on a coaching tour in Asia. A mutual friend arrange for me and some friends to take lessons with him over two weekends. We spent one weekend at the President Golf Club in Thailand, and the other at Agile Country Club in China. We were very impressed with his ability to communicate the game's fundamentals in a very natural and comfortable manner. After the lessons, I bought a few of E.A's books, The Way Of The Golfer, and Focus On Golf, his books have allowed me to continue improving even though I have not been able to see him in person. I find the books as easy to follow as the lessons we had in person.

Yeh, Kuantai
Hong Kong
Reviewed by Johnny Rieger 8/1/2003
Ed Tischler was my personal coach for 4 years while I was a touring professional. With his help I was able to develop a competitively sound game. He is the most insightful professional I've ever met, and his books have made it easy for me to maintain my competitive edge. Focus On Golf is a great book for understanding how your attitude, your perceptions, your commitments, and your total approach to the game all must be aligned if your are going to play your best golf. If you have the opportunity, I recommend you visit him in person. Until then, read and study his teachings diligently! I guarantee they will make you a better golfer.

Johnny Rieger.
L.A. California

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