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+Steven Curtis Lance

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Publisher: ISBN-10:  1411613805 Type: 


Copyright:  September 2004

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Sweet Moon for Silke

This delightful little book consists of a "Prologue" sonnet, a "Why There Are No Page Numbers in This Book" sonnet, the continuation of the author's incredible series of "Transcendental Sonnets," numbers 633 through 1022, and closes with an "Encore" sonnet. Chockablock with love, philosophy, politics, humor, humanity, as well as the author's distinctive "other observations," the book was a joint effort of both the poet and his wife, Dr. Silke Lance, who did the absolutely stunning cover art. Dr. Lance also served as her husband's editor this time. This second book is smaller and lighter than the first, and meant to be a romantic romp in the moonlight. Anyone who has ever looked up at the moon and wondered about things will surely find something to love in this second volume of extraordinary sonnets from's extraordinary Poet in Residence, +Steven Curtis Lance. As he says in the last line of the "Prologue," "I give this book then: for my butterfly"

Cover art by Dr. Silke Lance

(200 pages)

+Steven Curtis Lance ASCAP

+Steven Curtis Lance was born on New Year's Eve, 1954, and is a lifelong resident of Orange, California. He has been a dual member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, as both composer and author, since 1980. He has composed and published 130 choral motets with all the principal music publishers of the United States, and is well-known and respected in the field of choral music. He has also been publishing poetry since he was fifteen years old, and considers himself to be above all, first and last, a poet. He has won many awards and honors along the way, but all he really cares about is doing his best, as exemplified by his lifelong personal motto: "The highest, the purest, the noblest and the best." Steven is profoundly in love with Silke, the great love of his life who embodies everything for which he has striven, who joined him in taking the Lance name at Passover, 2004. Steven has three children, Maria, 21, Steven Jr., 19, and Teddy, 14, from a previous marriage. He lives with his cat, Freddie Noodles, in Studio Lance, a 1908 redwood frame house listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior, which has been his lifelong home, purchased by his grandmother in 1943. He drives the 1965 Chrysler Newport which he picked out for his grandparents back when it was new. Steven serves as Poet in Residence at, and loves to encourage and help younger poets and composers in any way possible. He is something of a legend in Old Towne Orange, especially among the young. He never really grew up all the way, and spends his days writing his elegantly-formed and highly-mannered sonnets in a manner which could only be described as obsessive. ***Warning: Lance sonnets have been known to become extremely habit-forming; there is something in their perfectionistic yet easy formal balance which has been shown to be highly addictive in many cases.***

Web Site:
Telephone: (714) 289-2892
Address: Studio Lance
145 N. Cleveland St.
Orange, California 92866-1624
United States

Although not half so fat as my first book
Which swelled with sonnets stored up over years
This slimmer second one is worth a look
And brings its share of laughter and of tears

The things a good book ought to do for you
It does because I did my very best
My diligence is not dulled by my quest
No matter long might take to rhyme aright
Of Silke and our sweet moon in the sky
Of wife of muse of life of guiding light

Should forty books fall short still I would try
To sing fair sonnets for my fragile one
To show how our sweet moon outshines the sun
I give this book then: for my butterfly

- - -

Why There Are No Page Numbers in This Book

Whenever I read the Bible (if I do)
I read by chapter and verse (how about you?)
Now I know my book is no holy scripture
But it aspires to transcend too the stricture
Of having its pages numbered all the time
For heaven's sake (and pun intended) the rhyme

Itself is labeled with numbers aplenty
They stack up more than a thousand and twenty
To be enough numerology for me
Transcendental Sonnet Number So-and-So
In these numeric times is enough to know
Sonnets if not pages numbered like ourselves

Go book in untold numbers flying from shelves!
Unnumbered pages soaring through the ages!

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1009:
Sweet Moon You Smile

Drifting and waiting through a darkened time
While my muse and I are under cover
Of silence I will express through my rhyme
If silently my love for my lover
I give my life for she for whom I live

A mutuality of sacrifice
Our lives for one another we live twice
As once and once as twice as two in one
Two lives lived once lived twice when once begun

Sweet moon under your cover this our love
Grows strong and deep as you keep watch all night
On our side night side right side here above
Beyond those who chose to misunderstand
Sweet moon you smile as I take Silke's hand...

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1010:
Rejection and Redemption

She thought I was trying to trick her
I was trying to leave her such wealth
As would be when I no longer were
Here to tend the flicker of my health
When the embers had grown cold at last
Rejection then so be it the past
Behind and only future before

But there is another she I adore
Who knows my heart that love knows of no trick
Whom I make well she me though we are sick
Am I a trickster? I who would but give
That which once given me for which I fought
And saved to leave behind after I live?
A lesson hard-learned which my child has taught

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1011:
The Gauntlet of the Lances

No! Jealous death I will not let you take
My Silke Shining in the Sky from me!
I scream to the sky that here I will make
My last stand for the sake of destiny
Will not go gentle not withdraw from this
Fight for her life for we sealed with a kiss
A covenant of life and love and fire

I shall not yield my Silke to your hand
So cold one who still burns with deep desire
Who is alive so more alive than you
Or any could begin to understand
For she is stronger than you ever knew
As strengthened by pure love we gird ourselves to fight
My life for hers as hers for mine: let there be light!

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1012:
Dialogue With an Ideologue

To engage in constructive dialogue
Or have a meaningful conversation
Is a challenge with an ideologue
To make an obvious observation
And that I have accomplished this today
Tells me I must have known just what to say

A shining moment of diplomacy
Yet something quite profound took place as well
Instead of demonizing me to hell
The closed mind opened and listened to me!

I take this as an omen sent from fate
A late encouragement a little taste
Of hope that even now is not too late
A time to save a good mind from its waste

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1013:
Till Break of Day

God is in heaven the emperor far
Away and I feel how alone we are

My Silke is in Germany tonight
But in the velvet dark she shines for me
There in the night above me beaming bright
To light me home as lost I find my way
A castaway awaiting destiny
My love my life my light by which I see

Shine on sweet Silke shine till break of day
Shine in my sky shine in my heart and be
My guiding star for I am all alone
A lonely lost one looking for the light
In darkness and the first light I have known
Is you amid this wrong to shine aright

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1014:
True Questions

What am I waiting for?
Why do I live?
What am I baiting for?
Why do I give
Myself on a hook
Myself in a book?

Will anyone read
Will anyone heed
Anything I might say
At the end of the day
When I have gone away?
What for? No answers anymore

But my questions are true
And I ask them for you

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1015:
The Brutality of Impotence

Open your eyes and you will see
That this present society
Is a lie
And we die
For want of thought

Hate me berate me
But what have we brought
Into being?
Are you seeing
The unspooling tragedy?

The utter futility
The wasting of our innocents
The brutality of impotence
I weep for the sin of what might have been

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1016:
Premature Epilogue

I will publish this book then I will die
And leave you this to remember me by
I have grown bitter the world has grown cold
I have seen too much and now I grow old
If I tell you this world is full of pain
Will you ever listen to me again?

But then you already know this don't you?
You will listen to me again won't you?

(Just checking) Sometimes I have to wonder
If I can handle the dubious looks
Of my hearers as I blurt and blunder
Along the road to truth in these my books
But be patient and come along with me
And let us yet see if we can be free

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1017:
I Want to Live

Having escaped to this bright sunshine here
In the Plaza by the fountain again
I seek to transcend the darkness and fear
Which gripped me all night in a vice of pain
Wrestling with the demons I know so well
My dark lifelong comrades who call to me
Who say I must die and join them in hell
Who tell me that this is my destiny

I hope for better to break their fetter
I want to live and laugh and love and rise
I want to be with Silke and be free
I want to have dignity lift my eyes
And feel I have a right to live somehow
I want to be a human being now

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1018:

I had to get out of my house somehow
I felt like a cat-cornered mouse somehow
Computer broken sonnets in token
Stacked up to share again when she is there
On the other end of the telephone

When Monday comes I will not be alone
But until then it might as well be when
Hell freezes over and time flows away
And it is only Saturday today

I miss my website and I miss Hey Hey
Does anybody know that I am gone?
I am as much an absentee as Shawn
I write here alone in the great outdoors
Remembering you and faithfully yours,


- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1019:
Nor See the Moon

I can see neither stars nor the moon
Featureless clouds obscure the features of
The sky which I depend on which I love
I need to see them need to see them soon

As the face of the sky is effaced by
Ghosts of storms far away another day
I wonder what it would be like to die
And before I did so what I would say

I would say I have learned I have no one
Except for one only her there are none
Only Silke not my three children not
Anyone I am someone they forgot

What does it matter? I let it all go
Silke I love you I want you to know

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1020:
Nation of Alienation

What does it mean to be alone?
Who is alone and who is together?
How does it feel to be unknown?

You wonder if anyone cares whether
You live or die you laugh you cry
And all your days you wonder: why?

This is my home and this is where
I live: in the state of despair
In the nation of alienation

Here the blind are led by the blind
Here we all fall into the ditch
Here everyone is left behind
Here the poor are harvested by the rich

Goodnight goodnight goodnight... as fails the light

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1021:
Non Cogito Ergo Sum

Books! Books! Books! Lots of books and scented tea
Wordsworth and Heine and Goethe and Poe
Sharp-edged reminders that I used to be
A know-it-all now remind me I know

Nothing: non cogito ergo sum: doom?

No! Now that I know nothing I know more
Broadly more deeply more intensely than
Ever the nothing which I knew before
I live a full life as an empty man

Now I am open to your suggestion
I answer your question with a question
I now know nothing and know it for sure
My mind is open and my heart is pure

To be: come and be or not to be with me!

- - -

Transcendental Sonnet #1022:
Our Sweet Moon Calls to Us

I have just taken a walk about my grounds
I have mistaken my limits and my bounds
And I must conclude from these cursory rounds
I am far more fortunate than I realize

My life is less paradox and more paradise
I must see out of this box with this pair of eyes
The latter gift from God has become forgotten
By the strictures of the former misbegotten

I would escape the border of my disorder
Unsure as to the how I would be happy now

Silke so sweet so fond so fair: are you still there
With your hand on your sword your sweet moon in the sky?
The road leads long before us though we know not where
Our sweet moon calls to us: this is no time to die!

- - -

+Steven Curtis Lance

Copyright MMIV Silke LLC

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