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Karen Michelle Nutt

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Publisher:  Publish America ISBN-10:  1413793029 Type: 


Copyright:  May 2006

Dougray Fitzpatrick finds that Aislinn Hennessy is fearless in the face of an enemy, but shies away from what her heart holds true. Aislinn discovers that Dougray is honest and brave to a fault. He would die for her if necessary. They were thrown together by a twist of fate, a magical mist that sends them back to sixteenth century Ireland where conspiracies, feuds and unexpected violence are commonplace threats, but along the way, they discover a few surprises that neither one expects: a chance for love even when they're: Lost in the Mist of time.

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Chapter One

Sixteenth Century Ireland

“What is it, old woman? Why have ye summoned me?” He was civil though to anyone that knew Dougray Fitzpatrick, they would have known that he was not pleased to be beckoned forth in the middle of the night.

Neala, the woman of the glen was not a fool. She was well aware that this man was strong enough to crush her with one powerful blow. Yet she was not afraid. She knew him better than perhaps he knew himself. He would grumble and threaten, but he would never raise a hand to do harm. Her high-pitched cackle was proof enough that she feared him not. “Milord, ye speak gruffly, but I’ll forgive ye. Come follow me, so only ye can hear what I have been destined to reveal.”

Dougray could not help but roll his eyes wishing that he had stayed back at the castle where he was nice and warm with the fire burning hot and his goblet filled to the brim. He sighed, knowing if he didn’t let the old crone speak her mind, there would be no end to this charade. Reluctantly he made his feet move to follow her.

She waved a crooked finger at him, so that he would lean ever closer.

“Well, woman?” He threw up his hands. “I lose patience.”

“Then listen well, young lord, for ye will have to keep the wits about ye, when ye are cast from this place and time.”

“What are ye babbling about?”

She shook her head, but continued determined to make him listen to her. “Ye will be sent to another place and time for it has been written. Learn what need be so that ye can save yer future born.”

He was about to give her an unpleasant retort but she silenced him. “I have more to say to ye before ye go wagging yer tongue.” He gave her a rather unpleasant snort letting her know just how annoyed he was with her prattling. When she folded her arms against her chest and narrowed her silver-gray eyes at him, he finally gave in with an irritated harrumph, nodding for her to continue. “Ye will meet a lass that will believe yer tale. She will be the vision, a dream. Do not rush what should not be. Listen to yer heart, and ye will find yer true love. Do ye understand me Fitzpatrick”

“Aye, aye,” he said with impatience to be gone. He wasn’t one to believe in fanciful tales, and most especially if they involved matters of the heart.

“Ye will do well, young lord.” She placed her gnarled hand on his. “Please pray ye will not tarry long in this other world.”

Tarry? Dougray couldn’t help but chuckle. “How is it, old crone, that I will be thrust from this time and place?” Neala was well aware that he was just humoring her, but all the same she felt it was her duty to answer him.

“A mist like no other will appear covering ye like it were a woolen blanket. When ye finally come out of its heaviness, ye will be where yer destiny has sent ye.”

Once more, Dougray’s deep vibrant chuckle filled the night air. “I’ll take heed, old crone. If ever I see such a mist, I’ll do as ye bid. Now if that is all,I would like to get back to the warmth of my fire.”

“I have spoken.” With a wave of her hand, she turned away from him with her dismissal.

He shook his head wondering why he allowed her to give him orders. He straightened his mantle and strode back to his horse thinking no more of the old woman’s prediction. “Magical mists!” he exclaimed. “Dar Dia!”

Murrough didn’t miss the Lord of Dunhaven’s scowl. He had known the man long enough to realize that he was not troubled but rather perturbed. Obviously the old witch had not given him bad news, only information that thoroughly irked him. “So what did she say of our meeting with the Butler?”

Dougray shrugged his shoulders. “It seems, my friend, that we were summoned out here for no reason at all. She had no news. Rather she wanted to warn me of a magical mist.”

For a moment, Murrough just sat there upon his horse wondering if he were joking. Neala was known for peculiarities, but this? “Milord, surely ye jest.”

“Ah, that I were. It seems the old woman has dipped into the spirits this night. She babbled about me finding my true love.” He chuckled, though it was the troubled laugh that Murrough recognized all too well. Neala may have been talking nonsense, but she had hit a sore spot. Dougray had been married once to the beautiful fair-haired Ella, the daughter of his now hated enemy, Fingham Butler the Lord of Castlehold. It had been a good match for the clans, ending the petty quarrels that had plagued the land. The marriage was even approved by the Tudor King bestowing favor once more to the inhabitants of Dunhaven. By the stars, their love had been of youth’s strong devotion, but tragedy befell Ella only a few weeks after the blessed nuptials. Dougray vowed that he would never love again. As far as Murrough knew,he was holding strong to that promise. As for Ella’s father, he blamed Dougray for her death, and was determined to avenge her. The raids and skirmishes were now a weekly occurrence to that pledge. Tomorrow marked the anniversary of Ella’s death, and Fingham summoned a meeting. He proclaimed that he just wanted to converse, but Murrough didn’t trust it. He had the men well prepared in case of trickery. If only he could convince Dougray to finish the deed, but his friend wouldn’t force Fingham to the death. He still insisted that they try to find peace.

“We best head home.” Dougray clicked his mount into motion.

They rode in silence for a while before Murrough sparked a conversation wondering if Neala wasn’t right to have spoken of a new love. “Are ye ever going to open yer heart to another?”

“Why do ye continue to ask me this? You know Ella was the only woman for me.”

“Aye. Ye loved her, but she is gone but one year now. You need to think of the future. What of an heir?”

“An heir can be sought without love. When the time comes, I will choose someone that will make do this task.”

Murrough shook his head. “Do ye not think that a woman would want more than to lie down and take your seed?”

“Perhaps.” He chuckled at the way Murrough was so concerned over his personal life. “Maybe I will ask Fiona to do the honors. She has been more than willing to give in to my needs without promise of more.”

“Aye, and she is willing with half of the keep.” This won Murrough a sideways glare, which he chose to ignore as he continued, “Maybe this mist would be a godsend.”

“Don’t tell me ye believe the old crone?”

Murrough sighed not knowing if he believed it or not. Neala was of the old ways and was known to have a second sight. “Stranger things have happened.In ancient times, an O’Donoghue of the Glens was supposed to have gone over to the fairies. According to the legend on May Day, he glided over the Lakes of Killarney on a white horse. And the unearthly music could be heard while his troops of spirits scattered flowers.”

“Dar Dia! I would loathed to go into battle, worried that my back was not covered because ye were looking for the wee folk, or worst this mist the old woman speaks of.”

Murrough’s red, bushy brows furrowed with irked displeasure. “I must tell ye that I take offence to that statement. Have I ever let ye down?”

Dougray hadn’t meant for his teasing to offend him and immediately tried to make amends. “Never, my friend. Ye’re the only one that I have ever trusted. I know without a doubt that I would never have to worry as long as ye’re at my side.”

“Apology accepted.”

“Good. Now tell me Murrough, why have ye not married?”

“I am not cut out for marriage. Women are of a troublesome breed.” He said this with such venom that it caused Dougray to laugh.

“Ye had another argument with Rhiannon, didn’t ye?”

“Bah! The woman has a bite. I’ll tell ye. She was put out because I had forgotten to take home the shirt that she had made for me. Come morning, I went straightaway to her door, and the foul woman nearly spit in my face. She said that I didn’t love her, that I didn’t care a wink about her feelings. Can ye believe this? Me?” He pounded his chest. “I do everything, but kiss that woman’s…well ye know what I’m saying.”

“Bring her some flowers and she will surely welcome ye back.”

“I’m not crawling back to her. I’ve done so much groveling, that my knees are near worn thin.”

Dougray let his friend vent, but he already knew that Murrough would be at Rhiannon’s door as soon as they returned to the keep. It was Murrough’s way. He didn’t like any dispute to last more than a day’s time, and unfortunately Rhiannon also was aware of this. She’d pout for a while then she’d forgive him. He was sure that come tomorrow’s light, when they rode out to meet the Butler, Murrough would be wearing a satisfying grin.         

Professional Reviews

Ghost Writers Literary Reviews
(Sept. 2007)
Lost in the Mist of Time
This is a long read, but worth every word. Karen Michelle Nutt did a marvelous job on writing this lengthy novel. Aislinn, a woman of our time ends up being greeted by a man named Dougray from the past. A mist that transports them from one time to another sweeps over them and Aislinn is lost in a new time, a past time. She battles with wanting to return to her land but she is stuck for a unknown length of time. Dougray a lord and a Clans owner, is responsible for Aislinn. They're at each other’s throats all the time, but passions grow between them. Though they keep it to themselves; Aislinn finds friends and family but still others want to send her away. For her future antics are different from their time. She is very independent and full of spirit. A woman comfortable to wear her slacks and short hair but beautiful to the eyes, and full of opinions, she will not let know one tell her what to do. Dougray is very brave, strong and handsome, full of strong spirits also, he believes that things should be run like he see them. The conflict between their beliefs and opinions cause a spell bounding picture. They're attracted to one another, but can not let their selves go, because of past relationships that did not work out for reasons you will find out when you read this brilliantly written story for yourselves. This story has some very wonderful historic truths to it thought the characters are completely fictional. You will be swept away on this journey through time and you will feel as if you are there. Eighty-one Chapters of magical words that will keep you spellbound throughout the story. You won't get any sleep, once you pick up this book, not wanting to lay it down until you reach the end; the ending will leave you wanting more, but yet also satisfied .
This is one of the best books I have ever read, and I'm so looking forward to reading more from this author. I hope to see this turn into a movie.
Reviewer: Tabitha

ISBN: 978-1413793024

Lighthouse Literary Review

After tragedy befell Dougray’s first love, Ella, he
promised never to find love again. One thing he cannot
forget is Ella. Of course Ella’s father solely blamed
Dougray for his daughter’s death and has sought revenge
believing that dear Ella only married Dougray because
she had lands and wealth when in reality Dougray had
really loved her.

Aislinn Hennessey was enjoying a book signing when a
woman steps up and hands her a decrepit leather bound
book then disappears. It is a good thing that Aislinn
can understand the Celtic language and make it out. Now
boarding a plane, she heads to Ireland to search for
answers never realizing she would find a whole lot

Lost In The Mist of Time is a story that spins with
much creativity. The characters, strong in their
actions and emotions, never knew that crossing time
would bring a togetherness that would last through the
years. The well-rounded secondary characters blend in
to make the read even more dazzling in Aislinn and
Dougray’s search. It is a tale of loss and conquering
that allows the reader to feel part of the time travel
while feuds, hatred and heartbreak increasingly grow
around them. Karen Michelle Nutt takes the reader to
16th century Ireland with luscious landscape and men
who defend their country at any costs. She paints her
characters with emotions that reach deep in a land that
is not always full of happiness. Whether retrieving a
sword for duty or protection, she fashions men that are
willing to forbear and take on any task, and the
strong, yet tender women who stand behind them. She
pens a time where chivalry lives on and love triumphs.

Reviewed by: Linda

A Must Read
“SPOTLIGHT BOOK!”'s book review of Lost in the Mists of Time
Being a history buff, The Tittle of Lost in the Mists of Time and the setting in 16th Century Ireland, where my ancestors once called home, led me to read a romantic tale, which for me is very rare.
Karen Michelle Nutt has penned a very entertaining story filled with hilarity, strong complex characters, love, danger, fear, courage and a larger than life adventure that captured me completely. Lost in the Mists of Time is a fantastic tale, told by a gifted storyteller and will delight anyone that steps into this wonderful book and travels through the Mists of Time.
A Fantastic Tale! Gifted Storytelling! My highest Rating! A Must Read!

Ray Ward Editor6(at)

Adored This Romantic Tale
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Aislinn Hennessy is a best-selling steamy romance novel. Having learned several languages and self defense by her father growing up seemed odd, but during a family vacation in her father’s native Ireland, his teachings become invaluable.
Dougray Fitzpatrick, Lord of Dunhaven, reluctantly engages in a sword fight with his former father-in-law, Fingham Butler’s, men when he gets turned around in a dense fog. Upon exiting the fog, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory and in the direct path of a contraption that is barreling straight at him. When he regains consciousness, he is greeted by a worried Aislinn, who is speaking a strange dialect.
Over the course of two weeks Dougray and Aislinn, along with her brother Conner and her parents, Donagh and Francine, learn much about each other. Dougray is confused with the language and the dress, while Aislinn is baffled by Dougray’s apparent lack of knowledge concerning everyday modern conveniences. Aislinn feels responsible after driving the car that hit Dougray, so she follows him back to the scene of the accident and they both disappear into the fog. What happens next is unimaginable.
Ms. Nutt has written a beautiful book. This book grabbed my heart from the first and proceeded to take me on an emotional roller coaster ride that had me cheering one minute, crying the next, and talking to the characters throughout. My heart went out to Aislinn and her plight, and I could have screamed in frustration at Dougray’s hard-headedness. I absolutely adored this romantic tale.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
(Historical review)

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Reader Reviews for "Lost in the Mist of Time"

Reviewed by patrick cruce 4/1/2007
That was a great read. I applauded you. Patrick
Reviewed by Rick Lodewell 2/13/2007
You may be a Nutt (ha ha) but you sure can write!
Reviewed by M McBryar 11/4/2006
Author Karen M Nutt has penned a tale of romance, magic and suspense that litteraly keeps readers on the edge of their seat. Aislinn Hennessy and Dougray Fitzpatrick come to life easily and become the reader's close friends. Nutt makes the plot and emotions seem to flow effortlessly, a task not easily done by most.
Nutt is the author to watch. If Lost In The Mists of Time is typical of her writing, she's going to soar straight to the top of the charts. I can not wait to see what she comes out with next.
M.L McBryar
Author of: The Demon's Eye

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