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Pete Grasso

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In God We Betrayed: Soft Cover
by Pete Grasso   

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· In God We Betrayed: Hard Cover
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Publisher:  Xulon Press ISBN-10:  1600345646 Type: 


Copyright:  Aug 20, 2006

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In God We Betrayed

Churches: Last Bastion of Moral Influence Within America?
How to retrieve foundations that are shaken to the core by amoral standards

LONGWOOD, FL— Psalm 11:3 faithfully describes the plea Peter Grasso sends out in his first book, In God We Betrayed (paperback, 1-60034-564-6; hardcover, 1-60034-565-4): “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The book takes a complex look at the key contributing factors to this nation’s current amoral societal mindset, from anti-Judeo-Christian deceptions and hoaxes to secular humanistic views. Grasso hopes the message will get this nation back on the track of “One Nation under God,” an idea that once comprised the essence of this country.         Excerpt
As I began to study the nation of Israel in the Old Testament, there were significant parallels to our country's present situation, and “red flags” were raised to which the people of this great nation should give careful attention. We are not so isolated from the world nor so powerful that we cannot be defeated and destroyed as a nation and dispersed as a people.

Whether you are a Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Evangelical, or someone just curious about Christianity, I highly encourage you to blow the dust off the family Bible and look up the references within this book. You owe it to yourself to seek the truth, which has been hidden and obscured by a vocal minority within this country. We are not well on this planet, and the future is going to get a whole lot worse before the second coming of Jesus Christ. Each generation is getting more corrupt, more immoral, and more wicked than the previous generation—just as the nation of Israel was during the Old Testament times.

Professional Reviews

In God We Betrayed, Reviews By Guy Adams
A book by Peter Grasso

Reviewed by Guy Adams, has forayed into uncharted territory with his book “In God We Betrayed”. In God We Trust has fallen by the wayside. No doubt Peter is going to take some hits for the stances he took. I stand solidly behind him.

Nevertheless, the work touched me deeply. As former CWA leader Sandy Rios said at the Gay Games in Chicago recently “Personal repentance must come before change on a national level.” He makes the point up front that first and foremost we must be assured of a connection between ourselves and the Lord Jesus Christ. Beyond that, all else is futile. Without a correct moral compass aligned with God’s precept, it is almost hopeless to expect America to realize the depths unto which she has fallen.

He makes the point that the 1947 ruling regarding the separation of church and state is nowhere to be found in our Constitution. We have been hijacked!

Early in the book he makes the same points that David Gibbs III does in his book “One Nation Under God”, namely, that all but three of the founding fathers that wrote our Constitution were Christian believers.

To any right thinking historian not embracing revisionist history, this is a matter of public record, as Mr. Grasso points out. Liberals apparently go to great lengths to disguise the true nature of our beginnings. Mr. Grasso points out that the National Education Association has been trying, with some success, to hijack the proper education of our youth, trying to demonize the Judeo-Christian values of our ancestors, who were overwhelmingly Christian.

He quotes many Founding Fathers, who decidedly said, and for the public record, that they were “Christian” and believed that apart from continuing to be a Christian nation, we would cease to be a force for good for our own citizens and for the world at large.

Mr. Grasso also criticizes the Church in America at large, and this might upset some readers. But consider that if the “Silent Majority” had not been so silent over the last couple of decades, we could have changed the face of our nation. We could have halted the ultra-Liberals and secular humanists in there tracks. Is it too late? Mr. Grasso thinks not, and I heartily agree with him. But we must be informed (as his book more than adequately does) and we must also act, and his book more than properly motivates the populace. If you’re discourages, this book will restore your faith in God and in His grand design for America ; but only if you’re willing to get involved.

To those who try to convince us that the founding Fathers were not Christians, Grasso reprints the entire prayer of Benjamin Franklin during a stalemate as our Constitution was being written. I urge you to buy this book and read this prayer. It will wake you up. It also leaves no doubt that Franklin, admittedly a lesser believer, so to speak, still acknowledged that the God of Abraham still rules in the affairs of men. “Young Patriots” by Charles Cerami, also makes this point quite clear. It is beyond dispute, and I thank Mr. Grasso for making this point known.

Grasso also points out how hypocritical it is for the Supreme Court, and other lesser courts, to open with prayer and yet still legislate God out of America . It may at one time looked like the right thing to do, all that nonsense about a mythical separation of church and state, but we are now helping ourselves out of the very thing that can help us -- God.

He also exposes the lies concerning evolution and the damage it has done to our children. His analysis is beyond reproach and is well documented and constructed. It will do great damage to the Left. Remove the one true moral compass and all else is moral relativism. Legislate God out of our lives and there is nothing else to guide us.

In God We Betrayed also exposes the ACLU, who in my opinion, is one of the worst organizations to ever have been naively embraced by the American people. We have been scammed. We have been taken hostage. We have come to a point in America today where we believe, as Grasso points out, that most sin has come to be embraced as “alternative lifestyles”. We have failed to call evil for what it is -- evil.

All in all, In God We Betrayed is well worth your read.

The links Grasso makes between the downfall of our nation and its recent rejection of God and His laws are unmistakable. Even a cursory reading of God’s precepts will illuminate and support Grasso’s points. Reject God and His ordinations and our nation will suffer the inevitable consequences. We are not above God’s authority. Like the law of gravity, even if you don’t believe in it, ignore it at your own peril.

He concludes by showing how our nation can still repent (a politically incorrect word now days) and yet still be blessed by God. It is NOT too late. Grasso points out two verses to illustrate this:

· Jeremiah 18:7-11, which says “The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it.”

· 2 Chronicles 7:14, which admonishes us that “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We therefore must:

Humble ourselves
Seek Him
Turn from our wicked ways

God is quite clear on this, as Grasso points out. There is hope. There is a way out for America . But it is God’s way and none other.

But there is our hope only if we meet His conditions. We must meet Him on His terms and on His terms alone. He is the sole architect of the universe and we must rely on the owner’s manual that we have all been provided with, the Bible. Grasso gives us some sorely needed information -- and information is power -- and he provides us with some practical and valuable solutions.

So, In God We Betrayed has the solution too, it’s not all bad news, IF we repent individually and as a nation, God will heal our land. We have that promise from Him. Look how far the mighty has fallen. But also look at how long is God’s arm to save.

Grasso has a collective prayer near the end of the book that I wholeheartedly endorse its application.

As told throughout the book, we have departed from God’s ways and the concepts as laid out in our Constitution. We depart from them at our own peril. But we can humbly entreat God to be merciful and as we embrace His ways, the Lord of the universe will heal and restore our land.

That is the message of Peter Grasso’s book “In God We Betrayed”.

I sincerely recommend it to you. For your sake.

Guy Adams

Literary Review -USAVoice
Review by Thomas Anthony Longo

If you ever wondered why things aren’t as good as they used to be in the “good old days,” or if you ever pondered the question of “what is happening to this country?”, then Christian author Peter S. Grasso has an answer for you. In God We Betrayed is a new book by the conservative thinker and businessman that outlines in compelling and understandable terms what’s gone wrong with America, and anyone who loves their country should thing seriously about reading it, reading the whole book, and thinking about it before they dismiss it, even if it comes from a point of view that you disagree with.

The biggest drawback I can find with In God We Betrayed, is that Grasso shows his hand at the very beginning of the volume, before presenting the very compelling evidence contained therein to buttress his point of view. Because of this, many of the people who most need to read this book might never get past the opening chapter. This is a real shame, because the message of In God We Betrayed is one of vital importance to our country and each and every one of us.

In one thin volume, Grasso has carefully presented evidence that shows the link between the degradation of science, the spread of pornography, the derogation of individual liberties and free speech, the spread of atheism, and the terrible erosion of the feelings of pride and patriotism that was once the heritage of every American.

Without ever mentioning any of these, Grasso has explained why it was alright for Bill Clinton to have perverted sex with an intern in the oval office, why Muslim extremists have a better chance of achieving victory in their quest for the death of America, why Al Gore champions the fake science of global warming when he knows it’s a sham, and why Nancy Pelosi marched in a “gay” rights parade with one of the founding members of the National Man Boy Love Association.

How can these things be connected? Grasso lays it all out. The one thing that all of these events have in common is that they could never have happened in the America of our Founding Fathers. That’s because our Founding Fathers were all devout Christians, and none of the things just described could occur in a nation that truly considered itself Christian.

Grasso correctly points to the intervention of the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that was founded by people with an Agenda to fundamentally alter the Christian character of our nation, including an avowed Communist who wished to completely abolish private property, and the ACLU’s role in bringing about the 1947 court ruling that ingrained in our culture the notion that there should be a separation of church and state.

If one reads the constitution of the united states, you will never find the words, “separation of church and state.” Those words were taken from letters written by one of the founding fathers, but even so, they’re meaning today is a twisted perversion of what they originally intended. When the founding fathers wrote in the constitution that the federal government should not “establish” a religion, the so-called establishment clause, the reason that they excluded a federal religion was because each state had their own official “state religion.” The founding fathers wanted to insure that no overreaching federal government could ever interfere in the religious practices that were adopted and promulgated by the individual states.

Grasso correctly points out the Founding Fathers would be shocked and repulsed by the federal institution as it exists today, which not only has not established a religion, but has used this clause of the constitution to outlaw and destroy every vestige of religious passion it can, not only on the state level, but on the individual level as well. At the behest of the ACLU, activist federal judges have stripped the ten commandments from statehouse and public property all over the country. They have prevented prayer in huddles at high school football games. They have intimidated religious people in every state in the union, and indeed, the atmosphere of intimidation is so heavy that it has placed a pall over any attempt by American to express faith at all.

This was not the America that was intended by the Founding Fathers, and it is not the America that any American should be satisfied with today. When a graduating valedictorian can have the microphone cut and the lights in the auditorium shut off if they happen to mention Jesus in their address, there is something seriously wrong with our country.

An America without religious freedom is an America without freedom of any kind. It isn’t really America at all.

Not only does Grasso lay out the history of how this deplorable situation came about. He documents his history with scholarly notes that make it clear that the information he is presenting isn’t just his opinion, isn’t just a majority consensus, it is factual. The litany of information he delivers about how abortion was legitimized at the expense of the lives of the unborn, how pornography came to be protected while the bible was outlawed, and how God himself was kicked out of our schools and barred from our culture, is breathtaking. Anyone who actually reads the book and checks the sources with an open mind will be changed forever.

Because the information Grasso presents is so important, and because America is so compromised already, it might have been preferable for Grasso to present his litany in a slightly different format. The reader who is a typical product of the secular American culture in the devolved America is the reader who most desperately needs to hear Grasso’s message, but they are also the reader most likely to be so intimidate by the language in his opening chapters that they never give the book the chance it deserves.

This is a shame if it is so, because In God We Betrayed, is truly an important volume in today’s degraded culture. More than anything, In God We Betrayed is a call to arms for Americans of faith to not sit still and just tolerate the injustice and oppression that surrounds Christians in America. It’s not good enough to maintain your own faith in a county that views Christians as the only minority it is alright to pick on. One has to stand up and say, “it’s not alright to pick on Christians any more than it is just to discriminate against black people or women!”

In the end, this call to arms is the most potent and moving portion of In God We Betrayed. Grasso himself compares the obligation of the majority of Americans who call themselves Christians to the obligation felt by Rosa Parks when she was asked to move to the back of the bus and refused. For Peter Grasso, it’s time for Christians to insist on sitting in the front of the bus. If In God We Betrayed has the effect it should, then perhaps the time will come again when the Christian are driving the bus once more.

If that were to happen, America would be a better, more free, and happier country for everyone who lives in it. We can not only pray that this vision of prosperity comes to fruition, we can take a stand and do our part to help bring it about.

by Thomas Anthony Longo

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