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Will Kester

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Castle in the Wind
by Will Kester   

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· Shifting Sand; A Clash of Cultures
· Terror in the Orient
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Publisher:  PublishAmerica


ISBN-13:  1424160170
author official website

An adventure novel, set in Portugal, where few Americans travel, unfortuneately. It is set in a real existing castle, but the secret passages and cave are fictional. The characters come to life as they face smugglers, fear, and find courage, adventure and love.


The next day he took the old truck into Faro. He went to

breakfast at the best hotel in town. The waitress was very pretty,

pleasant and efficient. When he had finished eating, he asked

her if he might speak with a manager.

“What is it you wish, so you might speak with the proper

manager?” she inquired.

He told her about his idea to throw a large party and he was

wondering who did catering, decorations, that sort of thing and

he hoped that a hotel manager might know these things.

“I finish my duty in half an hour, have some more coffee and

I will take you to meet the best caterer in all Portugal.” That was

easy, he thought.

Fifteen minutes later they were walking down a narrow

street behind the hotel, past small older shops with interesting

items displayed in front of open, wide entries. Dana, his tour

guide, not his waitress now, was telling him about the local

leather and pottery and copper crafts trades. They stopped and

looked at all sorts of different items. She tried on a leather hat

and they laughed.

She took his hand and pulled him into the next shop. It was

quite different from the others. Everything in the shop was from

a previous century, or centuries. The old shop keeper looked

like he had been there since the swords and shields and helmets

had been commonly worn by the local knights shopping here.

When they entered the shop Dana released his hand which

made his hand feel empty, but she slipped her hand into his

again when they got deeper into the shop. It was a little spooky

looking, dark, cobwebbed. Great curved scimitars hung on the

aged walls from pegs. She pulled in closer, and pointed at scary

looking spears and spiked bronze maces. He picked up a helmet

and tried it on. She laughed. When they left the shop she



dropped his hand again, they walked a little further, he reached

over, took her hand in his, she looked up at him. He held her

gaze for a moment, she smiled, gave his hand a squeeze, picked

up the pace a bit and they walked on, hand in hand.

They came to a small restaurant and Jesse had to duck to enter

the little doorway. There were four tables inside and a counter

where you could place orders. Dana obviously knew the lady

that came from the back kitchen and they spoke Portuguese so

rapidly there was no way Jesse could keep up. Dana took his

hand and pulled him back outside where she sat at one of the

tables on the sidewalk, Jesse joined her.

The older lady from the counter brought out tea, juice, and

some pastries, sat them down and left. A young girl brought a

pitcher of water and asked if she could get them anything else.

No? She was about to leave when Dana introduced Jesse to

Moina. “This is my friend, Senhor Jesse.” The young girl looked

him right straight in the eye for a beat too long for comfort,

smiled, extended her hand which he shook.

Holding eye contact, she said, “It is very nice to meet you. If

there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.” The

sparkly twinkle in her look, the slight blush in her cheeks and

the flirtatious toss of her hair as she turned to leave made him

wonder if she was referring to more than food and drink.

Dana shot him a quick cold glance that turned back to a huge

smile in a split second. “I think Senhor Jesse has much the way

with the girls, yes? It is not bad thing. Moina, she likes every rich,

handsome American men she meets, and Germans and

Finlands, Ahh, Papa!” Dana jumped from her seat when an

older man came from the restaurant toward their table. She gave

the very skinny older man a hug saying, “Papa, meet Senhor

Jesse. He is giving a big party at the Castelo and he wishes to

have the best foods and dancing and pretty girls serving rich

peoples and he wants to hire you to handle everything.” Well,

that was one way to put it.



Papa joined them as Jesse explained what he had in mind,

somewhat differently from Dana’s version, but not much

different. She had nailed what he had in mind better than he had

it in mind.

Little sample dishes of all sorts of different foods arrived, one

at a time, as patrons came and went. Wine and cheese were

followed by more little plates of dates and onions, then shrimp

and fish. It went on for hours as he and Dana talked and Papa

joined them and left and returned. Moina flitted and flirted and

the sun moved across the sky as Jesse’s party took on a sense of


A man came by and joined them who would be able to handle

the music arrangements. He would provide the “most finest

orchestras in all Portugal.” He was maestro in many countries

and knew all the best musicians and “it would be very best party

in all Jesse’s lives,” leaving Jesse to wonder if the old man was

referring to past lives, probably not.

Eventually they said goodbye to Papa and Moina who gave

him a smack right on his unprepared mouth. They left in a taxi

that seemed to magically appear as they were saying their


Jesse was beginning to notice that things just seemed to

happen without everything being discussed or at least

discussed with him. He was also noticing that his opinion of

Portuguese women being slightly cool and not especially

beautiful was changing also. Dana was very much the tour

guide as they passed various areas of the town, hotels,

government buildings, and the less congested area as they

began to leave Faro behind. Jesse started to ask where they were

going several times but the truth was that he didn’t care. He was

having a great time and it didn’t matter where they went next.

The small taxi forced him and Dana to sit quite close in the

back seat. She didn’t hold his hand but she touched it to get his

attention as she gestured to the sights. As he seemed to relax and

go with the tour she began to touch his shoulder or his knee and



then his hand again. He did the same as he sought out things to

inquire about. He got up the nerve to touch her knee as he found

something worthy of getting her attention. She grabbed his

hand just as it touched her knee, Jesse almost jerked his hand

back but she clasped it hard against her knee. She leaned her

shoulder into his and gave him something like a hug. Still

holding his hand, but easing the grip enough to allow some

circulation, she pulled their knees together and gave him

another sort of hug with her knees, squeezing his hand

somehow further up and further around her leg than he

remembered having put it. She held the leg squeeze a few

moments, released it, laid her head against his shoulder and

asked, “Are you having a good time?”

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely having a good time.” He could have

sworn he heard her giggle, maybe not.

The taxi had reached a remote tourist spot, “A natural

amphitheater,” Dana explained. There were cars parked on a

bare area and some busses. The taxi pulled up to an entrance and

let them out. Jesse tried to pay the taxi driver who insisted that

he would wait. They entered, bought tickets, found their way to

a crudely carved stone seat with no back which made leaning

against each other more comfortable, and much more pleasant.

The performance was a re-enactment of the history of the

struggle between the Moors and the Portuguese and the

Spanish. Dana would whisper in his ear explaining some of the

scenes to Jesse as the play developed. She would put her lips just

close enough to Jesse’s ear to not disturb the other people in the

audience and whisper just loud enough so he could hear what

she was saying. He could hear her but wasn’t thinking very

much about what she was saying. Her lips felt like butterfly

wings on his ear lobes. It tickled slightly but what was amazing

was that it tickled in places that had nothing to do with his ears.

When the play finished, the taxi was waiting close by and

pulled up in front for them. Dana, the tour guide, was

apparently off duty on the drive back. He actually saw some



things that he would have liked to ask about but Dana was

cuddled into his arm and chest so that he could smell her hair

and she seemed to be so comfortable and at peace that he hated

to disturb her. Actually he was afraid she would move away and

she felt so relaxed and soft and warm and…

Amazingly quickly, they were back to the hotel where this

day had started. The taxi driver asked where he should drop

them. Somewhere beyond the moon?

“This will be fine,” Jesse answered, not wanting to be


Dana seemed to be waking from a nap, she stretched to her

full height as she climbed out of the taxi, arms reaching straight

for the sky. She was probably about five foot five he guessed.

She dropped her hands to her sides, smiled up into his face, held

his eyes, reached up as if to hug him goodnight, placed her

hands on his shoulders, pulled herself closer in to him and his

head toward hers, tiptoed up to reach his lips and kissed him,

full warm lips, breasts pressed close to his chest, thighs

squeezed firmly against his, warm firm flesh. Her hands went to

the back of his neck as his hands hugged the small of her back

and pulled her in tighter.

Jesse heard the taxi pull away. He could feel the beat of her

heart and the pound of his own. He let her go reluctantly as she

pulled away slowly, smiled into his eyes and said, “I am glad to

have meet you, Senhor Jesse.”

She let the caress go but looked up at him. “I cannot wait to

see the famous Castelo.”

Ah, so that’s it, Jesse thought. “When would you like to see it?”

he asked.

“Tonight?” she answered, a bright look in her eyes. The

surprise in his look must have been obvious. She laughed and

frowned at the same time. “You are shocked. Not the silly

Americans woman with the game playing that they teach in the

American’s magazine?” A devilish smile played around the



edges of her sensuous mouth and eyes. She held his gaze

directly, challenging, intoxicating.

Jesse didn’t speak. He was afraid to speak; afraid he would

screw up the moment and the offer. As he made his decision and

looked for the words, she said, “I am needing some things.” She

grabbed his hand tightly and led him around the corner of the

hotel to a walk-up apartment.

He stood just inside the room with his back to the closed door

and watched her open and close drawers. She pulled back

ringed curtains to a small closet and grabbed items casually but

efficiently and placed them in a soft sided bag that was about the

size of his ex-wife’s purse.

“I am ready.” she said. Me too, he thought.

As they were getting into the old delivery truck that Jesse was

a little embarrassed about but Dana didn’t seem to notice, he

said, “We have to work on the ‘Senhor Jesse’ thing.” She

bounced into the middle of the bench seat through the driver’s

side door she had opened before Jesse could get to the passenger

side door to open for her. I guess I failed to lock it, he thought.

“What do you mean?” she looked at him and asked as she

made herself firmly placed where she meant to sit, allowing

Jesse just enough room to get in behind the wheel and squeeze

snugly up to her firm body close enough to feel the heat and the

energy exuding through the cloth of her pants.

“Uh, well, it’s, uh—” he was having trouble thinking. Not

true, he was thinking but he was thinking about a lot of things

that didn’t have to do with the question. She was looking up at

him waiting for an answer, her look saying ‘yes?’ “It’s the

‘Senhor’ thing. Could you maybe call me Jesse?”

“Sure, Jesse.” A huge smile from her brought a smile to his

face and a great warm swelling in his heart that pressed against

the inside of his chest as his heart pounded with something; lust,

love, desire, gratefulness, fear, anticipation, to be determined.

He started the truck and headed back to the castle. Eventually he



got his heart beat under control despite Dana placing her hand

on the inside of his leg much closer to his lap than his knee.

He might have missed the turn if Dana hadn’t pointed it out

to him just in time. She had talked along the way. “I was

swimming on the beach below the castle when I was little and I

am climbing the steep difficult climb up to the Castelo and

sneaking close enough to touch the fortress walls and dreaming

of being a princess in a great castle and running away before I

was caught. That was when I was little girl.”

Jesse stopped the truck in the middle of the bridge over the

moat and leaned out the window, checked to see if the moat was

filling up but more so that Dana could get the full effect. Not

Jesse’s best idea because she pulled away from him and leaned

out far enough to see the water and with a gleeful hint of a

squeak, “You have water under the bridge, from the mill, that is

working, with sort of a waterfall coming from the windmill,”

she had assessed it pretty well and quite quickly, by the

moonlight. Jesse was impressed.

He pulled up to the main entrance instead of the rear so that

she could get the full effect of the great stone stairs going up into

the courtyard. He wanted to show her the dungeon. If it was the

castle she was interested in, the castle it would be, the entire

castle, including his bedroom? There went the pounding heart

beat again.

Dana stepped into the great drawing room, took in the

fireplace and the piano. She crossed silently to the piano and

softly touched the lid with her fingertips and just barely brushed

the polished wood with a slight sensuous stroking motion,

seemingly unaware of the effect that her every move was

beginning to have on Jesse’s psyche, or his libido or whatever it

was. She seemed to float gently, softly, quietly through the room

to the great hallway and peered into the study. She looked back

at Jesse as if to ask permission to enter the next room. He waived

his permission to go where she wished. “Care for something to

drink?” he asked.



“Later.” She went out onto the patio and looked at the pool,

walked out into the courtyard and around the pool, and circled

back into the study. Jesse kept watch from a distance and let her

take it all in as he took in the affect of the different lights on her

body. The reflection of the lighted pool made her skin seem like

pale polished marble. The warm lighting from the built-in

sconces of the “covered barbecue” patio that Jesse now,

probably incorrectly, called a portico, made her hair dance with

firelight. She returned through the study and then back through

the closer arched doorway from the drawing room, looked at

Jesse, straight into his eyes. He thought he saw a hint of a tear. In

an almost whisper she said, “It is beautiful, very beautiful, more

beautiful than I ever imagined.”

So are you, he thought. For a moment, Jesse was both James

Bond and a small boy showing the little girl from down the

street his ‘fort’ he had made all by himself from scrap plywood

and cinder blocks. You ain’t seen nothing yet, he thought.

Jesse took her hand and led her down the steps into the

dungeon. They reached the turn of the stairway, before she

could see around the corner and get the effect of what was his

favorite room, he stopped her, took her hands from here side

and lifted them to her eyes like blindfolds, left her standing at

the turn of the stairs, rushed across the room to the stereo,

popped Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganinni CD

soundtrack of the movie A Moment in Time into the player, put

an old Frankenstein movie in the DVD, turned the TV volume to

mute, adjusted the light until the beat of the strobe was at its

slowest setting and the light from the recessed sconces and the

black lights didn’t overwhelm the light coming in from the pool,

as the music began and the movie on the big screen was starting

and the checks from the furniture were throbbing just right to

achieve the most magical, mystical effect he could get, he

bounded back up the stairs, took her hands from her eyes, held

his breath to stop his gasping for air and gently guided her

forward down the stairs.



He felt her body tense and he let her stop where she was. He

slowly moved away from her and watched her from the

distance, afraid to look at her face. He was about to have a stroke

wanting to know what her reaction was, watching from behind

and slightly off to her side, he couldn’t tell. Ever so slowly she

turned her head from side to side, not quite enough for him to

get a glimpse of her face, she turned left and gradually back to

the right, taking everything in. Jesse had finally allowed himself

to breathe, slow measured quiet breaths, his heart pumping

with excitement as he watched her.

Finally! She turned to face him, tears in her eyes, apparently

he had upset her. She started to speak, stopped, formed a word,

held it, stopped trying to speak, came toward him, pulled him

down toward her and made the previous kiss seem like a

friendly little peck. Wet tongues found each other, body parts

began to mesh into one, body parts began to swell and throb,

and then she pulled away, oops, sorry, but what did you expect?

She pulled away just enough to be able to walk and lead him

closer to the sofa. She continued to take in the room, seemed to

decide where they were going, pulled him down with her as she

positioned herself on the sofa in order to see the movie and the

glass to the swimming pool. Jesse was in between her legs and

on his knees with his head pulled into her breasts before he

knew what was happening. He didn’t mind that he couldn’t see

what she was seeing. He was happy right where he was, thank


She wasn’t large enough to smother him but plenty large

enough to be quite comfy. He didn’t actually kiss her breasts but

he allowed the pressure of her hands on the back of his neck to

gently push his lips against them, a little further with every

breath until his lips were much closer to the target than the little

bit her blouse allowed one to see of her cleavage. Just a little bit

of vacuum from an inhale through his mouth and a little nudge

to the right and a nipple popped out from under the barrier of

cloth, right into his mouth and against his tongue. Jesse froze for



a second as she jerked ever so slightly, too much, too fast? She

moved just enough to let him have full access to her entire

breast; the material seemed to move out of the way as she shifted

her shoulder and relaxed into him. Better, much better. He could

taste the coppery blood fill the nipple as he gently and then not

so gently caressed it with his tongue, more and more flesh

gradually creeping into his mouth, nipple and tongue being

drawn ever deeper into the back of his mouth and almost the

entire breast filling his mouth, just about a perfect fit.

Almost inaudible moans began to mingle with the music. He

could hear, or feel them start deep inside her and make their

way to his ears as her pubic mound ground against his chest

almost in time with the music but not quite. He wanted to look

at her face, to see her eyes but he didn’t want to lose the

connection they had at the moment. Eventually, he let the nipple

slip from his mouth, tugged the cloth away to expose more and

then kissed her other breast for a moment before he raised his

eyes to hers.

Her eyes were like a wild animal but unfocused, staring in the

direction of the pool. Before they could focus on his eyes he

looked down, hooked his fingers in the stretch waistband of her

shorts and pulled downward until
Dreams Do Come True

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