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Travis Vp Fox

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Beyond the Mask of Sanity
by Travis Vp Fox   

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Copyright:  July 4, 2007

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This is a breif preview into my erotic/novel due out next year.


The Black Poe
Beyond the Mask of Sanity
An experience in Philosophical Terror


A High for the Dying

All of the doors and windows were locked. There was no solace, no escape. What was he to do? Where would he go? Jamir looked forward at the three inch thick glass, and then he looked back at the death that was chasing him. He held his head down and charged as fast and as hard as he could into the window.


The impact off his body breaking through the window sent a hail of glass through the air. Bloody and bruised, Jamir ran until he could run no more. He ducked inside of a slightly opened door that led to another seemingly endless hallway.


Jamir could hear them, but he could not see them. They were coming for him, and he knew this. My mind raced, and his heart beat at sonic speeds in his chest. "Huh, huh, huh, huh, please God, don't let them find me," cried out Jamir with the thought that every breath might be his last. "I, huh, huh, I can't let those muthafuckas get me. Please, God, let me get the fuck out of here."

Jamir frantically ran from door to door, trying to find an escape from the building. Thoughts of his death raged out of control with each desperate turn of the rusted knobs. No doors would open. There would be no way out. Death was near. Jamir could hear the sounds of death's keepers gaining ground.

"Help, somebody fucking help me!" Jamir screamed, hoping against hope that someone would hear his cry.

Jamir kept running. Hoping, praying that he would be saved. He ran and ran until he reached the end of the hallway. There was one last door, one last way out. Would it open? Was this freedom from death? Could this be Jamir's salvation from hell?

He turned the handle. Nothing, the handle would not move. Shit man, shit, shit, shit, Jamir thought as he recklessly tried at the door. His palms were sweaty. No friction, there was no grip. They were close now. Who are they? What are they? Jamir turned to face death's keepers. He wanted to see his killers, feel his end.


He saw shadows growing as the unknown were approaching the corner. Chilling screams heard, the cries of the dead calling his name. The handle is stuck, frozen, preventing the escape that he prays for.

"Come on you muthafucka!" Jamir screamed with desperation in his voice. "You have to open. I can't die. Fuck that, a nigga won't die here."

The screams grew louder. Shadows were lurking no longer. Death had a face. He can see. They are here. The soulless bodies of the damned, died for their high, returned for his death.

Darkness covered the project hallway now, engulfing the high-rise with each step of the dead. Fear covered Jamir's body. He could feel them now. Their ghostly presence crippled the effects on his mind. Door open the must. Last I time must try one.

Turn, turn, open, it opened. Freedom from death, salvation, life.

Jamir slammed the door behind him.
Boom! Bang! Bang!

Death was knocking. No entry, no revenge, death could not get in, breath. Jamir staggered down the steps, exhausted, relieved, and alive, yes. Quiet, all was quiet. Listen, ssshhhh, nothing. Jamir landed at the bottom of the stairwell. He sat on the bottom step to catch his breath.




Screams, upstairs, death is free. His end is coming.

Jamir shot up from his seat on the stairs, and he tried at the door. Click, click, click, open, Jamir is out. He turned to close the door. His body was the only barricade between his living, and the dead.

Jamir rested his head on the door, thanking God, praying, I'm free.

Darkness falls, the air around his body chills the blood pumping through his fragile heart. Jamir shook his head, crying, pleading, failing.

Bang! Bang! The door is heavy now. The bodies, death's bodies are on the other side now, calling his name, tasting his fear.

Death from behind, whispers his name.

"Your life, our high, you die."

Slowly, Jamir's body turned. He saw his end. The door is too heavy. Must hold, can't. Oh God. My death is now.

Jamir is surrounded now. No life to live now, only a death to die. His end is here.


I live in a state of nonexistence. I am a faceless man without a name, and nameless man without a face. I am just who I am. I exist to be only who I am. When I stare into the mirror, I see no reflection. When I breathe onto the glass of existence, there is no fog present for me to engrave my name.

What is my name? Now that is something that now I do not even know. There is nothing. I often wonder if there is nothing present, because at the present time, time’s present to me was for me to become what it is that I am; absolutely nothing.

I often say that the world in which I live is the deepest, darkest place that exists in God's glorious creation. I live this dreadful life knowing that I exist in a place that is devoid of all of his precious blessings. There is no air present, but yet somehow air still seems to fill my lungs. I am hurting constantly, but yet I can feel no pain. There are no more dreams for me, because for me, there is no more sleep. There is no more sleep for me because sleep only comes to the living. I…I no longer step with the living, because now I am cursed to only walk amongst the dead.

The differences between the darkness and the light—night and day in my opinion are negligible. I view up as being down, and I view down as always being up. Time has no place in my life. The hourglass had broken in my being a long, long time ago. When the last grain of sand fell, I placed my lips to society’s table and blew the sands of time across its own line, shattering what would be my only hope of becoming what society deems as being whole again. I move when I must. I fall when I have to. They say time moves for no man. In my case, this man no longer moves for time.

I have been forced to live my life inside of a constant shadow. Live my life inside of a place where no one else would dare to go. I used to hunger for all of the promises of life. One by one, I stepped through the land of promises with souls made of glue with the hope of somehow salvaging pieces of my broken dreams. Sadly, the glue only served to construct my constant nightmare which sealed my fate.

I prayed to him. I prayed to our imaginary friend in the sky named Jehovah, and nothing happened. I prayed to him the night I killed my father. He did not stop me. I begged for him to ease me of my murderous pain—this murderous rage that encompasses me. He never came to stop me. The death of the many is not on my hands. Their deaths all belong to him.

With all of that being said, there is a thing about me that I think you will all come know. A certain thing—a sudden thing, that if known, would change your perceptions of what you think I am, and who you think I am supposed to be. This is a thing that to the naked eye remains concealed—remains hidden—stays masked if you will until that time when the veil that shades this thing from the world is to be lifted.

Do I like wearing this mask? That answer would be a resounding no, but I know that for my survival, and for the survival of those that I fallaciously show care for, I must continue to adorn my face—my persona—my life with this thing that I abhor so much.

Grrrrr! My mind boils and froths with thoughts of rage—thoughts of hate—total disdain for this thing. With unbridled fury against….

No, no, I mustn’t show it. Not yet. Not until it is time. For now I must continue to live in this world—this time—this place that I have total disgust and antipathy for. Yes, oh yes, that is what I will do.

My wife, take her for example, even she remained in the dark as to the face that truly resided beyond this mask. Tonight—in this place—on this very bed, I made love to her for the very last time. I made love to her in ways that she had never, ever been made love too before. Then I killed her. Not because I want too, but because I had too. My thoughts that should have catered to her emotional soul, and her carefree feelings, were nowhere in this place tonight. Tonight, she was just another casualty in my war against the societal living dead.

I knew that for the one solitary hope of mine to become my most wished for reality, my mask had to remain in place. I knew this, but it was growing a more pressing task as the days passed by. My eyes often well up with tears, as I struggle to suppress these feelings of death. My hands now, they tremble at their anticipation of another murderous touch. I …I …I am sorry, I tell myself over, and over, and over again as I ready myself to give in to this temptation.

Through my mask I see it. I see my prey—my prize—I can taste my kill. Yes, yes, oh God yes, please saunter just a little bit closer.

As my unsuspecting victim approached, I ran hands upwards on my face from my chin, through down to the back of my neck. I have symbolically removed the mask. My bond is gone from me. My connection to the unreal has also fled my world. I am here now in this place that I am meant to be.

Gone from your world am I. I have gone back to my existence of non existence that lies beyond my mask of sanity.

It was 2am, and the sanctimonious, terror filled city of Philadelphia was still asleep. What was formerly known as the city of Brotherly Love’s societal mask had been lifted. All of those that wore the mask now rested comfortably in their canopy beds made up of sheets of American dreams, and pillows of homemade apple pie. Those who were afraid to be who they wanted to be were tucked safely away. All that walked the streets tonight were not whom they made themselves to be, but whom God made them to be. All that is except me.

We live in a world where no man nor woman is as they seem to be. We have broken all of God’s laws, and started to evolve and adapt to only follow the idealistic societal laws of man. They took God out of the school, and in most cases, man has even taken the true God out of the church. You have many different religious groups, fraternities and sorities claiming to found their principles on God and brotherhood, when most are only fronts to worship Satan and the demons that walk the earth.

I am the last of the true believers that still walks the earth. God has spoken to me, and he has choosen me to be the soldier that will reclaim his land. The day of reckoning is upon us. Armegeddon is here. There is no more room in hell, so the dead will walk the earth.

It is raining now. God is baptizing me with his blessing for me to kill. Tonight, I am stalking the one that calls herself Ivy. This Ivy, lives a lie, and a lie is a very deadly sin. With my father’s blessings, this Ivy will never lie again. I stand in the shadows of this alley watching him, smelling him, with the thought of slaughtering hin, wanting to taste him.

I could see him coming, but he could not, and would not ever see me. In the physical form, yes, he would be aware of my presence, but in all other forms, I would only appear to him as a shadow in the dark. Blinded by his own light, his death would be the darkness that finally made him see just who he really was.

How would I kill him? That was a question that I did not know the answer to. All I knew was that because of how he chose to live his miserable life, this man had to be killed. It was my purpose. It was his destiny. It is my path in to Heaven.

My hands were now shaking uncontrollably. With each step that he took that brought his body closer to mine, my heart began to beat just a little bit faster.

By his appearance, I was swooned; but still would not say that all of my consciousness was lost. I knew where I was—I knew that I was there. What of it there remained I will not attempt to define, or even to describe; yet all was not lost. In the deepest slumber—no! In delirium—no! In a swoon—no! In death—no! Even in the grave all would not be lost. Else there was no immortality for man. As his eminent death approached, my love for this dark life began to grow.

The rain began to fall in linear steady streams. The air was still. No wind—no summer breeze blew to rattle me. It would be my presence that will send the desired chills through his body, and deep down inside of his bones.

This man—this poor, soon to be dead beautiful man was now standing only two feet away from me. I looked at him then with such a look as to let him know that he was the only thing on my mind. I seductively winked at him, and he reciprocated by seductively winking back at me. At that moment I knew that I had had him. I knew that tonight his body was mine, and for an eternity, I had this poor—beautiful man’s soul in my hand for an eternity.

“Good evening baby,” I said to him in my smoothest of voices. I had watched Mr. Billy Dee Williams in the movie Mahogany, and mastered his voice. I mastered his smoothness, and the masculine touch to a woman’s soul that his voice possesed.

As he approached, I positioned myself in front him and took his hand in mine. I looked into his eyes and softly said to him, “There is something about you that I find to be absolutely intriguing, and I would not, and could not live with myself, if I would have allowed a beautiful woman such as yourself to pass me by without at least having the honor, no baby, let me rephrase that, without having the utmost privilege of at least knowing your name.”

I held my other hand out to him, and whispered, “Place your other hand in mine sexy and tell me what it is that my heart desires to hear. Please tell me, what is your name?”

He placed his hand in my hand and his skin seemed to melt as they touched. His hands were small and supple like those of a woman. His wrists were thin, and small, like those of a lady. I looked down at him, as he stepped closer into me. He was no more that five foot five inches tall, The heels that he wore gave off the impression that he was an even five foot eight.

His hair was pulled back in a neatly styled ponytail, comprised of rose colored locks with the hint of extensions along the roots. At first glance, he was a woman. Once within his presence, his cleverly played game of charades gave nothing but the impression of what the first glance provided. He was a woman. That is what he wanted you to believe. That is what he wanted society to believe. After standing in his presence, that is what any man would want to believe. This life that he lived to him was his perfect life. This life—the life of masquerading as a woman, was what he believed to be his purpose. Sadly, it would be this life that will ultimately cause his demise.

He looked up at me, and smiled. This beautiful man moved closer in to me, until he could feel my fully erect penis pressed firmly against his stomach. Yes, I was aroused. Not by the touchof his body to mine, but to my touc h to his. With each finger stroke from my fingers to his body, was the preimminent stroke to his death.

Once he felt me pressed up against him, he moved his body in very subtle movements until he could feel that I was erect and throbbing. I am almost ashamed to say that it felt so damn good to me. This man ran his frail hands up my face, and onto the back of my neck in order to gain enough leverage to pull my left ear closer to his lips. In the sultriest of seductive voices, he whispered, “My name is Ivy, Poison Ivy. Everything that I touch with my hands—my lips—my mouth will never, ever be the same again.”

He started to move his hands from my head down the front of my body. Inside, his actions repulsed me, but stimulated me all at the same time. Each step that he took deeper into his web of deceit marked for me the tightening of the symbolic screws on my mask. His hands traveled on its downward path until they reached their desired destination. He wrapped his hand around my erect penis and smiled. I was disgusted, but in order to reach my desired destination, I had no choice but to like it. My outward appearance and all of my subsequent reactions had to love having this sick charletan place his hands on me.

I grabbed his hands with my right and with my left hand; I grabbed the back of his head. I squeezed his hands, which caused him to get a much firmer grip on my penis. “If you want this dick,” I said, as forcefully as my temperament would allow, “if you want this dick Ivy, you have to show daddy just how much you want it. If you want this dick that is making you smile so hard right now, you have to get on your knees and show me just what having this dick would mean to you. I want, no, I crave your poison. Show me baby, what it would feel like to be touched by you my angel.”

“I will show you all that you wish to see, if you will allow me to come home with you. I love to please a man, but I am a lady first. Take me home with you, and I will give your body all that it desires.”

Ok Ivy, grab my hand, and I will take you home, but before we go, I want to see exactly what it is that I am taking home.” I turned my attention to the alley that sat behind the Gamestop at Broad and Hunting Park. “I can see the way that your mouth is watering for me baby, It is 3am Ivy, and we are the only two out here.”

I know that I may sound a little desperate, but I had to get him to think that I was longing for him. I need him to think that he is the most desirable creature in the world. It is working.

I unzipped my pants and exposed myself. “Now Ivy, get on your knees and show me just how deadly your poison is.”

She look up at me and smiled, I knew what she wanted, so I decided to give it to her. She wanted to create the illusion of her as a woman pleasing a man. So I decided to help her fulfill that fantasy.

Ivy sank to her knees, and took my erect penis into her hands. I braced myself up against the brick wall that I spat on in passing so many times on my way to the dumpster. I looked down at her as she opened her mouth and prepped herself to take it all in. Not wanting to be consciously aware of the fact that a man was about to place my dick in is mouth, I closed my eyes and imagined that the beautiful woman in her knees was the woman of my dreams. Mmmmmm, Ms. Hudson, damn, now that’s more like it.

I looked down at him and studied the top of his head as he creased his lips to kiss the tip of my penis. My mind became clouded with thoughts of muderous rage. His touch disgusted me, but this masquarader’s forseen death served to arouse more than any woman ever could.

The earth was quiet tonight. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the prisoners of the night shuffle all around us from high to high, looking to make their miserable, meaningless existences worth living for only a few moments longer. Like to society, to me they were invisible.

This intimate, animalistic session of felatio was bringing the prey closer to his hunter. I wanted to take him home, but it was going to take me doing something that I have killed others for doing many times before. I was goignt o have to show him love. I was going to have to make love to him.

I ran my hands over his locks to the side of his face. I removed my penis from his mouth and tilted his eyes until his eyes met mine. “Stand up,” I said to him much to his surprise. The expression on his face was one of disappointment. He believed that he had failed, and the illusion was over. What I said next, would reassure him that he ws indeed all that he was meant to be.
“Make love to me Ivy. Right hear. Right now, I need you to make love to me.”

“Are you sure. What if someone catches us? What is we are discovered?”

“To feel you, hold you, taste you, I would commit a thousand crimes in the middle of the open world a thousand times. Please baby, just make love to me.”

“Ok. Whatever you wish, is my desire.”

At that moment, I fully realized that this man’s soul no longer belonged to God. All that he was, all that he would soon become belonged to me.

He unbuckled my pants and pulled them down and laid them on the soaked cement pavement. I motioned for him to pull my shirt off of my body. He did as I asked.I slid his skirt down, revealing the erection that the world was never meant to see. He looked ashamed. I moved my hands from his waist to his penis and slowly began to stroke him. Ivy’s eyes closed, and he let out the softest of moans. I pulled him colser to me and gently placed a kiss to his lips, and whispered to him, “Do not be ashamed. Only be what God made you to be.”

I turned from him, and disappeared into the makeshift home of mattress and cardboard boxes left behind by the strung out dumpster divers. I called out to him, and a few seconds later, Ivy was standing by my side.

I knew that a man like this, would be a very poetic man. Most people like this are. He was an artist. I had to further capture his heart, with art.

I wiggled my index finger, signaling for him to inch even closer to my body. I kissed him on his cheek and I began to recite the last poetic words that would ever enter into auditary senses.

“Oh baby, come here, I want you to feel this.
Give me your hand. Dont speak. Just feel. Just touch. Bend down. Just kiss.
Hard, not soft. Smooth like me.
Long. Not short. Touching, brushing my knee.
Do you want it? Tell me. Do you want it? Let me know.”

“Yes, oh my God yes, I want it. Please give it to me.”

“Ok. Lie down love. Feel me. Enjoy this show.
Slide a little closer. No closer. Closer. Yeah baby. Close like that.
Now. Slowly open your legs. Tilt that ass. Arch your back.”

He did as my poem asked. I placed my hands on his chest and began to caress him. My left hand stayed on his chest, as I moved my right hand down his body to the place that he desired for me to touch the most. I stroked his penis in a slow, moderate motion until I could see the tiny beads or pre-ejaculate form on the head of his member. I continued…

“Do me a favor. Give me your hand. No. Just one. The other one. I dont need it yet.
Touch it. Oh yes right there. For my tongue. Tease it. Make it. Very, Very, Wet.
Can I. Please tell me. Can I mount your body? May I. Please climb on top. Oh yeah. I like this spot.”

He masturbated to the sound of my voice. Damn, this shit made me horny to a point that I never knew existed. He was ready to treach his climactic moment, but that I could not let happen. I would not let that happen. Not yet. It was not time.

I crawled on top of him, and placed the head of my penis to the base of his asshole. His body shivered and his testicles tightened.

“Ummmm. Your body. My body. Our bodies. Meet. Damn girl. This shit is hot.
Turn your head. A little. Slightly to the left. Give me you neck.
Let me slide my tongue around. Kissing . Sucking. A kiss? Ok. No lips. Right now. Just a peck.
Dont stop baby. Keep your hand right there for Poe.
Show me. Show Daddy, how long you can go.
Can I please. Can I lick you right there.
Oh, my love. Your breast are so nice. Precious. Soft. Round. Bare.
Like a cat. I will bath you. My tongue is sliding. Touching. Your body. It is falling down.
Baby, is it wet. Ok. Move your hand. Your pussy. My tongue. It need it now.
Open. Open. Open please baby. Open let me play. Please let me lick.
I have to get it ready. Wet it. Get it. Ready for this dick.
Are you ready? You. Yes you know that I am talking to you. Poe says are you ready.
I can tell that you are. You are touching yourself. In my mind. I can see you. You are ready to let me.”

I kissed him from his lips to the base of his feminine cloaked shaft. I closed my eyes, and opened my mouth to place him inside of me, like so many women before him have done to me. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed himself inside of my mouth further until there was no place else for it to go. Up and down I moved, sucking him harder and harder, until he begged for me to stop.

“Oh shit! Please don’t stop. Please—I beg you, please don’t stop.”

I didn’t. I sucked, and I stroaked in every motion that my wife would stroke me. I wanted him to cum. I needed him to cum. Did I want to experience the taste of his semem in my mouth. No. I needed him to cum, so I could feel the release of his soul all over me. I need to feel this before I can kill him, and send him to hell where he belongs.

“Stand up. Get up. Turn around. Bend down and grab your ankles. Give me that ass.
Your body is calling for me. For us. For this dick. Long. Pleasure. Deep. Make it last.
Slowly. Inside. Stroking. Slow, slow. Feel me. Feel my body. Take pleasure in this dick. Breath. Breath. Breath I said. Hold on baby. The sheets. Grab the bed.”

I take my penis and put it in his mouth to let hie saliva provide the natural lubrication that I need. After I pleasured myself in his mouth, I sauntered behind him. This poor motherfucker knows not what he does, and what great tragedy is about to befall him.

I spread his ass open and placed my penis inside. What should have been a struggle was done with relative ease. In and out I went inside of his body. I could feel him growing weaker as he fell into his world of bliss. I was killing him slowly, and softly, and it felt so fucking good to me. I fucked him until I came. This primitive nut busting was just the first of many more to come. Now, the true game of death was about to begin.

I pulled my vanilla glazed penis out of him and put him down on his knees. He looked up at me and then placed my dick into his hands.

“Give it how I like it. Put it in your mouth. Let me grab your hair. Work me. In and out of your mouth real slow.
Oh, oh, ooooohhh, my body is feeling you now.
I don’t care about who you are with. Please he does not matter to me. You have to finish. Finish me now.
Yes, yes, yes. Oh Ivy. Faster, please. I can feel it. Oh shit. It feels so good. Without your head, my shit would die.
I love you know. Your game has made my soul cry.
Please love. Finish I am almost done. I want to cum. Put me to rest.
Oh. Oh. Baby here is comes. You feel it. It is hot right there. Feel the heat on your lips and heat on your breast.

“Get up. Hug me. I want to feel it too. Your cream—my cum—our bond, makes my body stuck on you. But it is not over. You can rest, minutes; I will only give you three.
Then it will be time for you again to give it to me.”

I laid Ivy down on his stomach, and climbed on his back. I positioned my right arm under his neck, and cuffed my left bicep while forcefully putting my right hand on the back of his head, and squeezed. He started to struggle, but in a matter of seconds, his world turned black.

I rolled over and sat up to look at what I have done. His unconscious body, laid there dying—prone in its position. I stood up and gathered my senses. I picked him up and hoisted him on my shoulders to carry him away. At the end of the alley, I could see a shadowy distorted figure staring back at me. Paying him no attention, I turned to walk the other way. As I approached the end of the walkway, I turned to see if the body was still there. It was. Its bony little arm was outstretched with a finger pointing towards me. I closed my eyes. When I reopened them, there were ten more bodies staring back at me. Feeling that my safety was at stake, I turned and walked off into the darkness to take my prize home to finish what I had begun.

Kevin Weeks

The rain fell heavily on this hot and steamy summer night in Philadelphia. To some, the rain was nothing more than a watery nuisance that only served to hinder one's plans for enjoying an evening out with friends. But to those that could look beyond the soggy, dreary nature of Heaven's celestial shower, a rain storm is that erotic elixir that causes our nature to rise in ways that only true lovers know how to make it rise. To them, there was nothing more erotic than lowering their umbrella, pulling their loved one closer, and walking hand in hand rain. Then stopping to hold their lover in an embrace under the fall of the sun until that special moment when their lips meet.

Dr. Kevin Weeks sat down in his black leather recliner and turned it until he was facing the window. Even as a small child, Kevin was always fascinated by the rain, and the soothing effect it had on all of those who actually appreciated it. To him, there was something therapeutic and spiritual about the rain when it hit his body. Kevin would sometimes sit outside until the clothes that covered his body were completely soaked. He did not mind the many spankings that he got because of it. To Kevin, it was all worth it.

Tonight was a night just like any other. Spending a late night in his office away from his wife and infant child was something of the norm, as he had to put in the long hours to ensure the survival of his business. A writer by day and a publisher by night, Dr. Weeks, was no stranger to hard work. But like most men that work, he enjoyed the simple pleasures of playing hard as well.

Dr. Kevin Weeks earned a doctorate degree in literature from Cheyney University. Literature and all things literary were his passions. The sensual art of erotica was the genre that he most often hung his hat on. He reveled in the fact that he was a sensualist, and took pride in bringing his readers to orgasm with the mere reading of his words. Yes, he was that good.

His wife of six years Elicia often served as the inspiration for his pieces of poetry. In his mind, she was as beautiful a woman that God has ever created. They met in a creative writing class taught by Professor Tamara Hollins the first day of his senior fall semester, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Tonight, he was composing a piece that like all of the rest would be dedicated to the woman that he loved. After laying down the final pen stroke, Kevin picked up the phone to call his wife, and recite to her the words that he has written in her honor.

After three rings, his ears were blessed with the sound that all night, he had been longing to hear.

“Oh baby. Hello my love.”

Kevin smiled. Each time he hears his wife’s voice, it is as if he is hearing it over again for the very first. He smiled and responded, “Hello my darling. I just finished the poem that I was writing, and I want you to be the first to hear it.”

“Awww Kevin. Thank you. Ok, just give me a few seconds. Let me put Dara back to bed.”

Dara was Kevin and Elicia’s five month old daughter, and the axis on which their world rotated.
“Ok Kevin, I am ready. Let me hear it.”

Kevin dimmed the lights in his office, and he instructed Elicia to do the same at home. He then instructed her to go to the radio and put in their favorite Luther Vandross CD, and set the player to track seven. She followed his instructions to the letter. Her anticipation was building, and she could hardly wait to hear her man speak his words of ecstasy.

After a sigh of confirmation from his wife that the mood was set, and her body was ready to receive him, Kevin began.

Elicia, I want you to visualize this. Close your eyes, and envision us in an enchanted dimly lit room. A room where there is just barely enough light that shines for you to see my silhouette as it slowly moves toward the stereo that sits at the wall that mirrors the sacred place that we make love.

You are lying on the bed wearing nothing but that beautiful, chocolate birthday suit that the Heavenly Father blessed you with the day that he made time stand still to create you. I pull out my favorite Luther CD and carefully slide it into the player. I close my eyes an beg time to pause for just a moment as I stop to think about what would be the perfect to make love to you on this perfect evening.

After a few moments more, I press the button that tells the player to immediately proceed to track seven. You close your eyes because you can sense that the song I played mirrors the exact thoughts that you have had in your mind from the moment that you first laid eyes on me.

Kevin breaks character briefly to tell his wife to press play.

The music begins to play, and Luther sings in a voice that only he can, "Let me hold you tight."

I turn to you, and watch as you sexily caress your body. I walk to the foot of the bed, and begin to undress, thinking about the words to this song.

Elicia please let me hold you tight. It is all that I have in me to do. I want to cherish you, love you, and build my whole world around you. Your eyes speak to me. They say things that I never hear from you. They say what your lips will not say. They whisper to my soul, and divulge to me the secrets that to me your body wants to do.

I grab your legs and pull your body to the edge of our bed. I kneel before you and gently place my lips to the lips to heaven's gate and in a whisper I say to you, "If only for one night."

As the song continues to play, my lips begin to play with your lips, and your clit becomes intertwined with my tongue as they dance to Luther's lyrical serenade. The louder the music plays Elicia, the wetter your love becomes. And the wetter your love becomes, the harder I want to make you cum.

The song has played halfway through, and I stand up to do what I came to into this bedroom to do. I stand up and instruct you to climb off of the bed and turn around. I grab the chair that came with the room and position it in front of you. "Get on," I command as you willing do as I instruct you to do.

Now that you are kneeling in the chair what that beautiful ass pointed in the air for me to see, I grip your cheeks and spread them open, licking my lips, ready to set my tongue free.

One lick and I can feel your body move, and hear you moan. One more lick and I bend you over the chair further so I can lick that pussy one more time. Damn it feels so good to be alone.

Your knees are weak, but you manage to rise to your feet. I take your place on the seat, waiting for my massive, educated dick and your dripping wet pussy to meet.

Straddle me baby. Ride this dick like you know that you want to.

You climb on top of me. Slowly at first, because you want to be easy taking it all in. Drip, drop, drip, drop, the banks of your cream filled ocean are running over onto me. I take my finger, and run it across the stream that has formed from your pussy to my balls. Mmmmm Elicia, you taste so good to me.

Start riding me. I want you to make me cum. You go to the flow of the music. Luther is singing slowly, but in your mind, he is speeding it up. I begin to move in the chair to meet you, and match you stroke for blissful stroke. As I build, you collapse. When I fall, your love rises to the top until I begin to tear all of your walls down. Faster, you ride me. Our breathing is heavy now. I am about to cum, baby. I am about to let it go.

You ride faster, because you want to explode when I explode. You want to share this moment with me.

Faster, faster, faster you ride. I buck harder to match you. I squeeze harder to catch you. I fuck harder to please you. Our fingers meet at your clit and we are both about to blow.

Come on Elicia. Come on baby. Cum for me.

Kevin could hear the heavy breathing of his wife on the other side of the phone. She tried to respond to her husband’s demand, but at this moment she can hardly speak. “I—I—I’m cumming baby. OOOOOHHHHH shiiiittttt! I can’t hold it baby. Daddy, I am about to cuuuuummmmm!”

Yes Elicia. Give it to me. Give it all to me. I want to taste you. I want to bathe in you. My lady, I want you to just let it go.

“I—Ooooohhh fuck! Mmmmm Kevin, I need you. Come home, and give me your dick please. Ohhh my Goooooddddd!”

Your body collapses into my arms. I hold your head up, and kiss your lips. Your body begins to stir, but I hold you tighter and don't let you move. I want to cum down inside of you. Please don't take your body away from me.

Please Elicia, let me wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. Because this is special to me. Even though it is only for one night.

He ends the scene by blowing his wife a kiss into the phone. She does not respond.

“Elicia baby, are you still there?”

There is still no answer. Kevin then chuckles and then says to himself that she must have fallen asleep. He whispers goodnight, then hangs up his phone.

He leaned back in his chair with a satisfied look on his face. Good. Now that that is done, I can do tonight what I really came here to do.

Dr. Weeks was unlike any other man, in his wife’s eyes, but like all men in the eyes of another. His closet was full, and he too lived a life full of secrets. You see, as intimate as that story was, and as beautiful a moment that he and his wife had just shared, none of it was meant for her. He secretly wished to spend his one night and one night only with another woman.

Kevin rotated his recliner, and rolled his chair closer to the pane. He lifted his hands and placed them on the cold glass, closing his eyes in the process to imagine his love placing their hand to his from the other side. He leaned in closer to place the side of his face to the window. Kevin then closed his eyes and pressed his lips to the glass giving a symbolic kiss to the one that he secretly longed for.

Soon my love, soon all obstacles will be removed and you will be the one that I am spending my nights with, the one that I will be holding tightly against my body, the one that I am making love to. I love you and you know this.

Kevin often got caught up in moments like this. He was a twenty seven year old hopeless romantic that sometimes forgot that his profession called for him to stand strong and proficient in the face of awe inspiring, body melting erotic thoughts and experiences. Kevin knew this, but at times like this, he could not help himself. He was a man that was lead by his emotions. No matter what the result, he lived by the beating of his heart.

Kevin removed himself from the glass and turned his chair back towards his desk. He leaned back for a moment to think about his next course of action. I know that what I am thinking and what I am about to do is wrong, but at a time like this, I don't want to be right. If my wife finds out, she will just have to understand. I have this urge that needs to be met, this craving that longs to be fed. She will understand. In his mind it is what it is. Elicia has no other choice.

Kevin glanced up at the clock that was suspended above the portrait of Mona Lisa that hung on the wall in his office. "Nine o'clock," he whispered, as the excitement of the anticipation of the moment began to take hold of him. His lover was on her way to him. It was only a small moment in time before he would hold her in his arms.

A few moments passed by, and Kevin began to grow impatient. He began to tap his fingertips on the desk to break up the silent monotony.


Kevin jumped in his seat at the unexpected sound of the loud buzzing of the intercom. He regained his composure and pressed the button to answer the page.

“Yes Claire,” he answered, giving his receptionist the feeling that he was annoyed. “What is it?”

“Your guest is here to see you Mr. Weeks.”

A wide grin came over his face. “Thank you Claire. You may send her in. After she enters, you may sign out, and retire for the evening.”

“Sure thing Mr. Weeks. I will see you on Monday. Have a good evening sir.”

“Oh I plan to Claire. I plan to.”

Kevin took his hand off of the button and sat back in his chair. He turned to the window to watch the falling of the rain against his window once more.


The feint sounds of tapping on his office door startled Kevin, momentarily taking him out of his moment of mental, erotic bliss. His mind began racing around the thought that the woman that he has waited for his entire life had finally arrived. Be cool Kevin. You must brace yourself.


Kevin rose from his chair and rubbed his hands across his face and over his head, tracing his neatly pulled back the honey brown locks that gathered into a sexy pony tail spread evenly over the back of his shoulders. He slowly walked over to his office door, soaking in the moments of anticipation with each step.

"Who is it?" he asked with a smile, already knowing the answer to his question.

“I am the woman that you think of when you can think of no one else. I am the color of your thoughts, and the goddess that encompasses your dreams. But most importantly, tonight Kevin, I am only here for you. This body, my mind and soul are all yours for the taking."

Kevin opened the door, took his lover's hand, and led her into the room. He closed the door behind them, and lingered there, watching her walk over to his desk. In his mind, she was a vision of pure beauty. She stood a statuesque 5'7 inches tall with legs that went on forever. Her plump bosom provided Kevin with the means by which to dream. She was twenty years his senior, with the body of a woman five years his junior. Tonight would finally be the night that Kevin got to touch the body that he longed for.

Her name was Sarah Bloomquest. Sarah was Kevin's English professor at Cheyney University. There was always an air of sexual attraction between the two, but for fear that each would lose much more than either would ever gain, they decided to exchange nothing more than passing fancies. Now that Kevin is no longer a student at the university, he felt it was time for those fancies to become their reality.

Kevin walked up behind Sarah and placed his hands on her waist, pulling her body closer to his. She wiggled a little bit, enticing his hardening penis with the ass that it was resting on.

"No, no baby," she said as she pulled away, "it's not time yet. I have to set the mood."

Sarah walked over to the stereo that was placed over in the corner. Fishing through the library of compact discs, she finally stopped at the perfect CD to make this evening right. She placed it the stereo, and turned to Kevin. She untied her coat, and seductively slid it down her body, revealing the fact that she was wearing nothing but the beautiful smile that God gave her. She pushed the button on the machine and the song began to play.

"Tell me a secret," the words began, with Sarah curling her right index finger, inviting Kevin to come closer. "I don't want to know about just any secret, I want to know about your special secret."

She grabbed Kevin and whispered into his ear, "Tonight baby, you are going to learn about all of the special secrets in my garden."

Al B. Sure's verse played in the background, providing the melodic backdrop for their secret moment of ecstasy.

Kevin wrapped his arms around Sarah in a passionate embrace. Their lips touched, and their tongues met. His heart began to beat rapidly as the blood raced through the veins in his body. Sarah felt him as her was feeling her. She ran her hands down his chiseled body, tracing every well developed abdominal muscle on her way to the only muscle that would matter on this evening. She placed her hands around the bulge in his pants and began to massage his dick, as he had wanted to ask her to do. Kevin held his head back in anticipation of what this dazzling woman was going to do next.

Sarah gently pushed Kevin back with her free hand into his leather office chair. She went down on her knees and began to unbuckle his pants. He grabbed her hands and said, "No…no baby. Please, let me be the one, to taste you."

Kevin stood up and brushed the contents of his desk onto the floor. He reached down and grabbed Sarah by the hand, lifting her to her feet. "Lie down."

Sarah did as he asked.

Kevin stood between her open legs and placed a kiss on her stomach. He took his tongue and traced the outside of her navel in a figure eight motion all the way down to her clitoris. Sarah let out a small moan. That was the signal that Kevin needed to let him know that he pushing the right button. He grabbed her legs and placed them around his shoulders, and positioned her feet until they rested comfortably on his back. Kevin opened his mouth wider, taking more of his lover's love inside.

Like the king snake that he often called himself, Kevin mimicked its every move. Widening his tongue to sooth her clitoris, and making it smaller to make her pussy cum with fury; french kissing her labia majora every second of the way.

Sarah squirmed uncontrollably. Kevin knew that he had her. He knew that her body was his.

He cupped Sarah’s toned thighs and held her body tighter, pulling his face closer into her tunnel of love. Kevin placed her clit between his lips and began to suckle it like a newborn suckles the milk of life from his mother’s breast. Sarah’s mind raced with ecstasy laced thoughts about the dick that was still to come. Sucking harder and moving the hardened tip of his tongue faster, brought Sarah to the brink of an orgasmic explosion. Sensing that she was about to let it all go, Kevin pulled away. Establishing his sexual dominance and control over his lady of tonight.

He unfastened her legs from around his shoulders, stood to his feet, and licked his lips. Kevin unbuckled his pants and took them off. His thick eight inch penis laid perfectly down the center of his body, leaving Sarah to gaze up at a perfectly symmetrical work of art.

Sarah closed her eyes and said while still fingering the spot that Kevin left to baste in a pool of its own juices, "Oh God yes. Please Kevin; I want you to give it to me. Give me all of it."

"Baby, you don't have to ask for what is yours. All you have to do is take it."

"Mmmmm, I'm ready baby. Oh…I want it all."

Kevin inserted himself into his lady. She winced during the initial penetration of her pelvis' prize possession, wrapping her arms around Kevin's body and digging her nails into his back. Slowly—gently—carefully, Kevin stroked Sarah, sending her a euphoric realm of utopia each and every time.

"Come on baby," Kevin whispered, digging into her world a little deeper each and every time, "I want you to make love to me. I want you to feel me. Feel me Sarah, like I am feeling you."

"Oh—oh Kevin, I am feeling you!" Sarah cried, as she dug into Kevin's back deeper. "Oh shit, am I feeling you. Don't be afraid to give it to me baby. I want to feel all of that big dick inside of me. I want to savor every moment of it. Give it to me.”

Heeding Sarah's words, Kevin wrapped his arms around her body and picked her up off of the desk. He carried her over to the far side of the room and threw her body against the wall. Over and over and over again, he thrust inside of her. She was cumming uncontrollably, and Kevin knew this. He was pleased by this. He was turned on to a degree that no woman has ever turned him on.

He moved Sarah's body from the wall to the floor. He positioned Sarah on her knees and told her to bend the fuck over. Damn, he thought when he saw the perfect shape that her ass made from that position.

Kevin grabbed her cheeks with both hands and opened them, giving him easy access to her ass. He leaned forward and buried his tongue into anus, with his saliva, and her cum providing the perfect lubrication, he fit easily inside. "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed. "Damn baby, your ass feels so good to me. I love you Sarah. Damn baby, I really think I love you."

"Oh! Ooooohhh! Fuck me baby! Show me how much you love me by fucking me. Oh Kevin, I want you to cum inside of me. Fuck my ass until you cum, please."

"Yes—yes Sarah, I will."

Kevin grabbed the back of Sarah's head, taking a handful of her strawberry blond hair and dug in. His dick slid from her ass to her pussy in a matter of strokes. He stroked her pussy faster and faster. The music had stopped a long time ago, but the rhythmic slapping of his body against hers was the only desired music to their ears. Kevin was about to explode and there was nothing that he could do to hold back.

"I'm cumming," he confessed as he tried in vain to hold back this unbelievable force of nature. "Here is comes. Here—it—cums—ooooohhh shit. Oh…oh…oh, damn.

Kevin and Sarah's bodies both collapse to the floor. He reached his arms out and pulled Sarah's body on top of his. He looked into her deep blue eyes and said, "I will never forget this moment. And as long as I live, I will never forget you."

"Kevin, I will never leave you. As long as you think about me, I will always be the woman of your dreams. Now close your eyes baby. Close your eyes with me, and let's savor this moment."

Kevin closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Sarah tighter. Unbeknownst to Kevin, Sarah’s body slowly started to fade away. The blissfully tight grip that Kevin held around his lover’s body, started to loosen, causing his hands to fall to his chest until he could feel the rhythmic beating of his heart.

When he felt the beating heart to his hands, his eyes shot open to reveal that once again, he was lying there all alone in his world of lonesome sadness. Tears began to stream down his face.

Kevin pulled himself to his feet and looked around to see that the room was exactly the way it was before Sarah came in. His desk was neat, and his chair still faced the rain soaked window.
Was I? Was this only a?

Kevin returned to his chair. He pulled it closer to the window and said, "Soon my love, soon all obstacles will be removed and you will be the one that I am spending my nights with, the one that I will be holding tightly against my body, the one that I am making love to. I love you and you know this."

Kevin cracked the window a little so that he could feel the wetness of the rain against his fingertips. He lowered his head to peak outside onto the streets of Philadelphia. His eyes widened a little when he noticed that it was unusually busy for this time of evening. There were dozens of bodies mulling around. Wandering in what seemed to him like a state of confusion.

“I wonder what the hell is going on out th…”

Kevin turned back around to grab the stereo remote control off of his desk. He located and pressed the play button.

“Tell me a secret.”

A look of bewilderment came over Kevin’s face. What in the world, he thought as he stood up and walked over to the stereo. He reached out to eject the CD when the intercom sounded.


His head snapped in the direction of the phone. Kevin stood frozen for a moment before the intercom buzzed again, this time accompanied by the frantic sound of the receptionist voice.

“Mr. Weeks are you there? Sir, are you there?”

“Yes Clair, I am here. What is it?”

“Sir, there is a woman here to see you. She is crying, and says that you are the only one that can help her.”

“Um, ok, sure uh Clair. You can send her right in.”

“Ok Sir. Another thing, I have to hurry home. I just received a call from my mother, and she said that there has been a very bad accident involving my little brother. I’m sorry, but I have to hurry home.”

“Oh no Clair, it is fine. Please by all means, hurry home to be with your family.”

“Thank you Dr. Weeks. I will see you on Monday.”

“Ok Claire. Goodnight.”

There was a thumping on the door just as soon as Kevin switched off the intercom. He walked over to the door and turned the handle.

“Sarah!” he shouted after taking a look at her swollen, bloodied face, “What in God’s name happened to you?”

Sarah walked in to the office and took a seat Kevin’s desk. She moved with great difficulty because of the pain. She then looked at him and said, “They attacked me. They just attacked me.”

“Who Sarah? Who attacked you?”

“I—I don’t know.”

“Where were you? Where did this attack happen?”

“At school. I was closing up the office, and these—these things attacked me. It was like they were trying to eat me.”

She lifted her arms to show Kevin the bite marks.

Kevin embraced her and held her head close to his chest. “Just thank God that you escaped. Why did you come here? Why didn’t you drive yourself to the hospital?”

“I tried to, but they were all full. I don’t know what is going on Kevin, but I am scared. It hurt Kevin. My body hurts. I feel like I am dying. I don’t want to die Kevin. Not here. Not like this.”

“Sarah, stop it! It is just a few scratches and bruises. You are not going to die.”

Kevin swept his hand across the desk and cleared it of everything. He held Sarah and told her to lie down. Her body was shivering. Kevin ran to the closet and grabbed his coat to place over her. “Stay with me Sarah. You are going to be alright. You have to believe that. You are not hurt that badly. Please do not make your injuries worse than what they really are.”

“I just want to go to sleep. I need to rest. Please Kevin, please just let me rest.”

“Ok. You may rest. I will wake you up and take you to the hospital in an hour.”

“Thank you my love?”

The deafening wail of sirens could be heard off in the distance. Kevin ran to the window to see what was going on outside. He shot his hands to his mouth at the sight of what his eyes had taken in. He slammed the window shut, and ran to get his cellular phone to call and check on his wife.

He fished on the floor through he items that he had knocked off of the desk in clearing a space for Sarah. He found it and discovered that there was a voicemail icon on the LCD display. He flipped open the phone to reveal that he has fifty missed calls. They were all from his wife.

Kevin dialed the voicemail, and burst into tears as the message played.

“Kevin! Kevin! Please Kevin you have to pick up! They are coming for us Kevin. Oh my God! They are trying to get into the house. Where are you Kevin! I need you! We both need you.


“Oh no! They broke in downstairs. No! Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Kevin! Kevin! Noooooooooo…!”


Kevin pressed the corresponding speed dial button to call his wife back. The phone rang five times, then it answered.


“Elicia—Elicia, baby are you alright?”

“Yes I am fine. How are… I can’t answer my phone right now. I am either busy with the new baby, or I am busy taking care of the most wonderful man in the world. So when the phone beeps, you know what to do.”


Kevin slammed the phone shut and ran to his office door. He reached for the handle, but stopped short when he heard rumblings outside in the waiting room. He peered through the peephole, and saw what he had feared all along. The waiting room was filled with the decaying bodies of the dead.

Kevin stumbled back from the door and fell to the floor hard. He banged his head on the hardwood floor, cracking it open. He laid there dazed and fighting to stay conscious. Unable to fight it any longer, his eyes closed and he drifted into unconsciousness.

“Oh my God,” Kevin groaned, still groggy from hitting his head on the fall. He looked down to realize that he was awakened by Sarah performing oral sex on him. He could not see her face, only the top of her head. She was moving in what seemed to Kevin like slow motion.

The sounds of the sirens were gone, and all was quiet in the waiting room. Kevin closed his eyes again and chalked up all of this craziness to another dream. He placed his hands on Sarah’s head and guided her head up and down.

She performed on Kevin to the point of his climax. He exploded in her mouth, and she let out a primordial scream. Kevin opened his eyes. He looked at Sarah, and saw that the woman that she was existed no more. She had become one of those things.

He stood up and ran to the desk to grab the gun that he kept in his top drawer. He fumbled to grab, load, and cock the pistol.

Sarah smeared the blood from the stain on the floor with the remnants of semen on her hands and licked her fingers clean. She then looked up at Kevin and groaned, “Mooooorrrrreeeee.”

Kevin aimed the gun at Sarah and yelled at her to stay back. He did not understand that Sarah was no more. She kept moving forward with her rotting left hand out groaning more.

Blam! Blam!

Kevin fired twice, striking Sarah in her chest both times. She stumbled, but kept coming forward.

He aimed the gun at her head and fired. Hitting her, killing her again instantly. He ran to the window and looked out over the city. The streets were now covered with hundreds of these creatures. He slumped down in his chair and put the gun to his temple.

“It’s my fault that you are dead. If I were a better man, I could have been there to protect you. But I gave it all up for a chance with this bitch.” Kevin pointed and fired five more shots into Sarah’s body. “I can’t and I won’t live without you. Elicia, I am coming to join you honey.”

He cocked the pistol and placed the barrel back to his head. His trigger finger shook violently, but he was unable to pull the trigger.

Buzz! Buzz!

“Now let me ask you all a question that you never heard. How do you make them dollas disappear like Copperfield for lack of better words? Now let me introduce my friend. That’s Huey and Bow Wow. And I’m the Pain better known as Teddy—Pinned—Her—Ass—D own.”

Kevin dropped the gun, and quickly opened his phone. All he saw was a message that read one missed call. He checked the number. The missed call was from…

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