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Sheila Roy

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Dancing With My Imagination
by Sheila Roy   

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Publisher:  PublishAmerica, LLLP ISBN-10:  142413708X Type: 


Copyright:  Feb. 2006

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Poetry that defies boundaries!

"Dancing With My Imagination" was designed to redefine your idea of poetry.  When is the last time you encountered easy-to-read-and-understand poetry from a shark's perspective...or a vampire's? If sex is your favorite topic, there are poems in this collection that will tantalize your senses.  Some are tastefully done, others are quite naughty! Embrace the night with a crime fighter, who has an owl as a partner.  Read and laugh as they attempt to thwart crime with their unique style.  Chew your nails as another series of poems shows you what it's like to be held captive!

Romance, humor, traditional poetry, adventure, and mystery await you in the depths of "Dancing With My Imagination"! Its artistic cover hints at the characters you will meet.


"Secret Lover" by Sheila Roy

Music swims along our skin...escorting dreams
Cloaked in your embrace, nothing is what it seems
Succulent surrender...I am slave to you
A spell cast by filters through
Wisely-placed kisses leave me feeling undone
This mutual gift we give...has just begun

Naked skin warms...we tumble chest against chest
Rolling with curls hopelessly messed
Buried in me...your sensual touch guided
Building on this conflagration ignited
Your heated strokes tantalize my softest skin
Loathe to let you go...dire need to keep you in

Control dismissed...sensation given free reign
Riding the wave's crest and trying to remain
Blinded by your essence...muted by your gaze
Sated now...the hunger I have felt for days
Higher and higher, we float to Heaven's door
Wrapped in your enchanting paramour

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"Bio of a Crime Fighter" by Sheila Roy

I'm thirty years old and decided to fight crime.
My pen later disguises my stories as rhyme.
The crime tales are reality...they are quite true.
I beat up thieves and then write about what I do.

I'm a foot tall and about the size of a sprite.
Just kidding! I'm five foot and I love a good fight.
I have had many adventures capturing armed thugs.
I squash their plans underfoot like disdainful bugs.

I loiter around in the dark and search for thieves.
I'm strict to enforce peace and few are my reprieves.
My inspiration came suddenly...late one day.
When two robbers ran past me, shoving their way.

For now on, I'll do the pushing...they won't push me.
Now I have my own crime-fighting identity.
I go into the cities where the crime is plush.
Each thief I catch comes with an adrenaline rush.

I take them by surprise...innocence cloaks my skills.
Then I engage them in a fierce battle of wills.
They never expect a small package to give fight.
But they shouldn't judge a crime fighter by her height!

Because GOOD is on my shields me from crime.
I make certain the BAD ones are doing their time.
So please don't judge me, lest I judge you with my fist!
And look out all you criminals that justice missed!

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"Crime Fighter on an All-Nighter IV" by Sheila Roy
("Bio of a Crime Fighter" opens this 11-part series.)

T'was midnight when the owl's cry slashed the bubble of my dream.
The call was distant...I'd need my Chevy Extreme.
I threw my red, low-riding step-side into gear.
I was out late fighting crime so never you fear.

There was a disturbance at a school's football field.
When I saw the vandalism...their fates were sealed.
Two of them, each armed...and I had just my two hands.
They were shooting off BB guns, into the stands.

When the first fella turned, I threw a crescent kick.
Then I faked a left's my favorite trick.
Instead a right uppercut caught him in the jaw.
He collapsed...and I figure I won the first draw.

Close to my ear, I heard a click from his pal's gun.
That was just fine...cuz I was far from being done.
I ducked low at the same time my right arm shot up.
He tried to back off but his moves were like syrup.

Too slow to match my block caught him off guard.
A punch to his belly exposed his jiggling lard.
He bent forward with the force and gasped for some air.
One punch later...and he had a dazed and lost stare.

I left the pair of them lying there in the grass.
These guys were total wimps and I'd kicked some a**.
With the cops on the way...I got into my Extreme.
Following the sound of the owl's piercing scream.

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"A Shark's Complaint" by Sheila Roy
(From a female Great White's perspective. This poem is the start of a 9-part series.)

You silly humans keep teasing me...playing in my ocean.
Your flesh tastes like chicken...flavored with coconut, sun lotion.
Truly fools to disguise yourself as my main diet, the seal.
When I bite into a human do you think I feel?

You trick me with surf boards...I can see limbs a danglin'.
I get a thrilling desire; chicken-of-the-sea bumps on my dorsal fin.
It slices through the water on my way to grab some lunch.
My eyes roll into my head...with that first, lovely crunch.

Some consider us Great White sharks grouchy and, yes, we are.
But if we're so scary...why make one of us a movie star?
Ah yes...I've heard the whispering down at the Leaky Reef.
You called it, "Jaws" and portrayed us as bad fish with teeth.

And you liked the idea so much, you filmed three more sequels.
Yep...I heard that at the Leaky Reef, when I was pouring refills.
Some say we're evil...we take too much pleasure in the kill.
But it's in our nature to kill to eat...and I refuse to fight my will.

So if you're hanging around in the ocean, dressed up as a seal...
Just remember, if I eat was a mistake and you've ruined my meal.

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"The Riffraff at the Leaky Reef 1" by Sheila Roy (From a female Great White shark's perspective.)

I know I told you about the Great Blue I had thrown out of the bar.
I know I told you about the Lemon shark that I saved from a scar.
I know you've heard the tales about what my Tiger friend and I do.
But sit back with a cup of Chumster's Bait because I'm not through.

The Sand sharks come in with other species of their family.
The Sand Tiger shark is menacing and looks alarmingly like me.
He intimidated his way through the bar until he met my lidless eyes.
Swimming confidently behind him was one of his close family ties.

The Gray Nurse shark swam up to the bar by his relative's side.
Sure...he looks innocent enough but his reputation cannot be denied.
If Great Whites are rightly feared Kings and Queens of the deep,
Then this Gray Nurse is Prince of the Depths and a misleading creep!

First of all, most of his kind are actually brown and not gray.
And believe it or not, they've made more human kills to this day.
This particular thug works for a group of sharks called Monsters of the Ocean.
He's the one they send a killin' when they want to set things in motion.

He'll break a shark's back or rip the claspers right off a guy.
I've seen him in action and it's not a glorious way to die.
But this Great White doesn't fear fact, he should fear me!
Because I'm Queen of the Ocean and he's but a Prince of the Sea!

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"Hell's Throne" by Sheila Roy
(This poem starts off a 5-part series.)

spreading branches, flowering shroud
hiding death beneath its skirt
a secret grave in hallowed ground
a curse sketched there in the dirt
Continuing forth
may bring death
to you and yours
no heed to warning, throwing caution to the wind
a decision, once made, you can't rescind
proceed on a trail to mayhem and debasement
where suffering and pain are a daily event
But I warned
Continuing on
would be
the end
of you
Welcome Home
You're mine
and mine alone
Welcome Home
Now you sit
on Hell's Throne
fire licks your ear, sizzles and cracks at your side
running your tongue over your lips in an effort to hide
that you're thirsty, you're're here in hell
the stench of flesh burning...get used to that smell

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"Ice Dancing" (Triolet) by Sheila Roy

Etching pictures on the ice with single blades
Holding hands while we glide across a mirrored pond
A moment erased in time but in the mind...never fades
Etching pictures on the ice with single blades
Enjoying life...laughing at our own escapades
We dance at the tip of Mother Nature's wand
Etching pictures on the ice with single blades
Holding hands while we glide across a mirrored pond

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"Simmering up Some Lovin'" by Sheila Roy

two alone, no witness
sweatin' bodies, slippery surface
dark undercover
kissing your lover
mussed hair, pursed lips
feeling good to your fingertips
moist skin, curled toes
deep in rapture, deep in the throes
Deep in...
to the feeling, to your lover's eyes
seeing with hands, on hearing rely
everything is just so right
simmering up some lovin' tonight

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

" Days of Old 1" by Sheila Roy
(There are 3 poems in this series.)

I am but a young, privileged girl of ten and six years
I look now from my bedroom window, pulling aside the sheers
Father has invited my intended to the castle for a repast this night
The young man is riding into the courtyard now...difficult to see in the waning light

I check the looking glass, firm my hair and pinch my cheeks
I admire the reflection of my cinched waist and my womanly peaks
I worry if I'll be enough for this boy...will he love me right away?
Mother said she didn't love Father at first...but she does 'til this day

To think I will be running a household soon with servants of my own
I will be living two days ride from here but I won't be alone
I will have a new husband to please and many skills to learn
And being the Lady of the castle...everything will be of my concern

Mother has taught me to sew, cook, clean, write, and read
I have learned how to host a meal, welcome guests and offer them meade
Many things I've yet to learn...especially the secrets that pass at night
Between husband and wife...Mother tells me there is much delight

Those mysterious moments are the ones that have me worried about my worth
Then there are the results of such a night...leading to a babe's birth
"All will come to you in time," Mother says.... So it must be true
Her last advice on the subject was, "Honor thy husband and he shall honor you."

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

"The Mind Bend" by Sheila Roy
(Part 1 of a 2-part series.)

Welcome to my mind. Can I have your ticket please?
No gum chewing, no spitting, and for God's sake don't sneeze!
So strap yourself in and keep your arms and legs tucked.
Because my wit is sharp and can sever...and then you'll be f***ed.

On the left we have IMAGINATION, growing every day.
That's also where DAY DREAMER is sometimes known to play.
DRAMA joins the first two, CREATIVE SPARK is close behind.
Always blowing things out of proportion, putting me in a bind!

To your right, MISTRUST stands tall and questions all who pass.
But think before you answer because ANGER will knock you on your a**!
Then HAPPINESS walks by with LAUGHTER at her side.
SILLY leads them all away and you can see SHY about to hide.

FRUSTRATION is her companion...she's had it up to here.
Not even tolerating ANNOYED who just simply appeared!
That's GIDDY there and TIRED who just tripped and fell.
Now we're passing EXHAUSTION who looks dazed from a spell.

DEPRESSION peeks at us from the shadows...ready to latch on.
But INSPIRATION shoos her away and now they're both gone.
HOPE is strong. Can you feel her power from your seat?
DISCRETION arrives, making the young blind to who next we meet.

That's LUST licking her lips and peering into our eyes.
But look out, LUST! GREEDY intends to steal the prize!
Is's AMOROUS begging for attention.
DESIRE is trying to take is her penchant.

Okay, kids, you can uncover your innocent eyes.
And look at MYSTERIOUS in her natural disguise.
She holds secrets and only TRUST gives them to few.
One more honorable mention...then the tour will be through.

FORGIVENESS is trapped in a space on the way out.
She's locked herself in and continues to pout.
But don't look at me, it was't my fault!
So wave to her as this ride comes to a halt.

When we come to a stop...gather everything you brought.
There's no need to throw your moods into the pot!
Disembark on your right and slide out my nostril.
But don't pull on the hairs or you will meet HOSTILE!

Copyright 2006 - Sheila Roy

Professional Reviews

William Phenn from Reader Views says...
"In this 177-page collection of her favorite works, Ms. Roy takes the reader on an amazing journey. From the dark shadows of a vampire's embrace to the wonders of nature, Sheila covers it all."

"'Dancing With My Imagination' is an adventure in poetry that everyone should take. I thought it to be an outstanding read and gave it my highest A+ rating."

"Ms. Roy flows through her poetry like a literary symphony. Hitting every note on key and never once breaking a string."

"Sheila amazes the reader with her versatility by including a chapter of Japanese Haiku's and Senryu's. These are a difficult series of poems that have a certain structure that must be followed. Ms. Roy did an impressive job with these and I think any fan of this style of poetry will find them very enjoyable. From a male perspective, I enjoyed the erotic chapter and 'Men are like Snowfalls' the best. But I must admit, the pages on 'Orders' made me chuckle."

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Reader Reviews for "Dancing With My Imagination"

Reviewed by Regis Auffray 11/7/2007
Congratulations, Sheila! Love and best wishes,

Regis (Reg)

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