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John Marion Francis

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Copyright:  Dec 1, 2007

Romantic Short Stories by Jonathon M. Francis

The flight to Paris was nearly coming to an end as I watched the flight progress count down on the monitor of the back head rest in front of me. This was my first trip to Paris and I had no idea what to expect.

Chapter 1 Sophie in Paris

The flight to Paris was nearly coming to an end as I watched the flight progress count down on the monitor of the back head rest in front of me. This was my first trip to Paris and I had no idea what to expect.

I could hear the 747 extend its folded legs to reach for the runway. Lifting my window shade to take a peek outside. I could see whispering clouds and the twinkling of small city lights appearing like little fire flys. There it was, Paris, city of romance, tempting deserts, wine and pleasure… my kind of town.

I was going to be here for a few days on business before taking a train to London for the second leg. I added on a couple of days on the front end so I could take in Paris before settling down to business. A tall slender man in a black suit and cap holding up a sign that had my name on it "Mr. Francis – USA" was standing and looking around anxiously for me. "I am Mr. Francis" I said. "Ahhh, Mr. Francis, welcome to Paris. I will be your driver during your stay with us." He said with an accent that would melt the women's hearts back home.

We went to baggage claim where he pulled my luggage and took it to the limo that was parked out near the arrival curb. He loaded my bags after opening my door and off we went heading into the city. I was staying at the Hotel de la Tremoille. A five star hotel right in the heart of Paris, halfway between the prestigious Montaigne and George V avenues where high fashion reign supreme and just a short distance form the Champs Elyse'es.

The drive was about thirty minutes which was nice. I wanted to see the city at a leisurely pace before I fell into its arms. We pulled up the Hotel de la Tremoille where a doorman opened my door and welcomed me to the hotel. "Bon soir Mr. Francis Enchante" he said in French. "Bon soir" I said to him as he placed my bags on the waiting cart. I reached into my pocket and tipped them both well and entered into the lobby.

It was spectacular inside. To my right was the bar filled with international travelers and locals sipping their drinks and talking over table candles. In the background I could hear this wonderful voice singing. I was captivated by it. I went in and headed for the bar. There she was singing in a small corner playing a pearl white piano. She had long dark wavy brunette hair parted on the left just off her soft opal shaped face. Her eyebrows were neatly trimmed with peaked arches and deep piercing brown eyes that gleamed as she sang swaying side to side.

"May I help sir" said the bartenders as he interrupted my gaze. "Ahhhh, yeah. Double jack on the rocks, a splash of coke, hold the lime please" I said half heartedly paying him any attention as I keep looking at her listening to her smoldering voice. Just as my drink was being placed in front of me she was wrapping up her set. I slid him my American Express and said "keep it open".

She stood up and wrapped her shawl across her and walked towards the bar and took a seat next to me and ordered a wine. The bartender brought it over to her. "Put on my tab please" I said. "May I if you don't mind" I said to her. She tipped her head, smiled and said "Merci" in a silky voice. "De rien" I said in the best French I could pull together. "I speak English" she said with a smile. "Good" I said. "Because I was running out of French words to say".

She giggled and said "I figured as much. But I appreciate your effort". We talked during her entire break before she had to start her next set. "Well I've got to check in and you got to go sing" I said. "Will you be coming back?" she asked in small voice. "Before you finish" I said. I told the bartender to keep my tab open, I'll be back shortly.

To my left was a restaurant with a few people dining for the evening. The sprawling front registration desk was majestic and lined with the most drop dead gorgeous women of Paris. I walked up to one of the tall thin beauties and pulled out my passport, sat it down and just starred with gleaming joy. I couldn't decide which one was more beautiful. . "Bon soir Mr. Francis. I see we have you with us for five days" she said in a lilting French accent. "That is correct" I said starring right into her eyes. "I have you checked Mr. Francis in our gold member suite number 1208. Is there any thing else I can do for Mr. Francis?" I could hardly form words after just listening again to her lilting voice. "Thank you that will be it for now. Au revoir". I said. "Au revoir Mr. Francis" she said waiving with her small hand.

PART 2 ~ Her last piano session was done for the night…

I quickly went up to my room where my luggage was already neatly set to one corner of my suite, the bed was turned down with chocolates on the pillows (I love that little touch) and a fresh double jack on the rocks, a splash of coke, and no lime. “Nothing but the best” I thought to myself. Grand sweeping windows with ceiling to floor curtains were drawn revealing Paris and all her beauty. I stood and a just looked out over the city sipping my well chilled cocktail.

I loosened up my tie, flipped off my shoes and turned around to see to my surprise a bottle of champagne (Roederer Cristal 1999), chocolate dipped strawberries, a small box of Richart Chocolates and a card with my name written on the front it in delicate hand writing. I sat my drink down, plopped in the near by leather lounger and fingered it open.

“Mr. Francis” it started… “With my pleasure I welcome you to Paris and all she has to offer.” It went on to say… “Fine champagne is best experienced with company. Fruit is best served by delicate hands and chocolate, best served with passion from the finger tips of a woman. I’ll be at the bar waiting for invitation. Sincerely, Sophie.”

I took a long draw on my drink and swallowed slowly. “Wow!” I said in disbelief. “Who is Sophie?” I said in a bewildering voice to myself. I went quickly to my suit case and pulled out a black Ralph Lauren blazer, a matching black long sleeve cuffed shirt, and black leather paints. I wanted to look smokin’ hot. I didn’t know who she was, but I wanted to make damn sure that when I walked into that bar… heads were going to turn and there would be no doubt of who was comin’. I sprayed on some Calvin Klein “MEN” cologne on my chest and neck. I check the mirror and headed out the door.

The elevator doors opened and out I strutted. I walked pass the long reservation counter where the same beautiful girls that were checking me in, were now checking me out. They smiled and gave me finger waves. I smiled, looked over my shoulder as I passed and winked back at them.

The bar was just a few feet away. My body filled with excitement. I didn’t know what she looked like. Her note had no description. But I knew her name was Sophie. Everything including time seemed to shift into slow motion. I approached the doorway to the bar and pushed it open. The room was still filled with much of the same people I had just seen a little while ago. I walked in scanning the crowd. But there was no one at the piano. “Was her set over and I got here too late to see her before I was to meet Sophie?” my mind raced.

There I was with not one, but two women on my mind! I thought to myself “What will I do if the piano player is there waiting for me at the bar, and Sophie as well?” “Boy I am screwed” I murmured to myself. I took a deep breath and went to the bar to take my medicine.

There she was… the piano player. A small smile began to grow on my face. She was sipping her glass of wine and looking at the mirror behind the bar that was cluttered with liquor bottles. Her gaze stopped as she saw me approaching her in the mirror. A small smile came across her lips as she slowly turned around to face me. She tucked in her bottom lip, turned her head to the side, nodded slowly, and released a bright smile. I was mesmerized and enchanted at the same time. I had forgotten all about Sophie and focused this moment in time all on her.

“Hello piano player”, I said in a low excited voice. She looked at me and said in a soft whispering French accent, “Hello Mr. Francis, I am Sophie”.

Chapter 3 – Where do we go from here?

My smile turned to immense joy. “So you are Sophie? I must say you have a unique way of introducing yourself Sophie.” I said looking into her deep brown eyes. Circling the top of her wine glass with a finger she said… “Paris has so many beautiful women and I wanted to make sure I caught your attention.” I smiled and said “You captured me with your music and the sound your voice from the moment I walked into the bar. Oh and by the way, my first name is…” I started to say before she softly tapped the top of my wrist with her finger. She leaned in closer to me and drew a small capital “J” on my wrist. “I know” she said with a smile looking softly into my eyes. “It’s Jonathon”.

We talked until the last of our drinks were gone. “So are you done here for the night?” I asked looking at my watch then back to her. I figured it was about time for her to start another set. “Yes I am.” she said. “I could use a bite to eat. Can I buy you dinner?” I asked. She broke into a big smile. “Yes and I know the perfect place to go”. She picked up her small purse, wrapped her shawl around her shoulders, held out her hand to me and said, “I am ready. Let’s go”.

I took her soft hand into mine as we walked out the bar and towards the lobby through the opening front doors. “I have a driver” I said. “No, no. No need.” She said. “We can walk. The café is just a short distance away. Remember? We have champagne chilling “. I smiled, wrapped my scarf around my neck, and reached for her hand. Our fingers interlocked as we started strolling down the street.

The night air had a slight chill. The sky was clear and dotted with stars. Sophie began swinging our hands and asked “So how long are here for?” “Five days” I said. “On business or pleasure?” she asked. “Both” I said beaming with a smile. “Good” she said smiling back at me “I was hoping your stay wasn’t all business.” She leaned her head against my shoulder and squeezed my hand. I looked up at the sky and thought to myself “I am in Paris with a goddess”.

I could see the café just in front of us. “Her we are! Fouquet’s! I know you will like it” she said in her cute French voice. She wasn’t kidding. It was as beautiful as her. It was majestic. Huge bronze doors that drew open when we approached. “Bon soir! Enchante” said a tall beautiful women dressed to the nines. “Bon soir” said Sophie as she began to speak to the woman in French. “Right this way S'il vous plait”. We followed her to our table near a window looking out to the street.

“I hope you like it Jonathon.” Sophie said in small voice. I looked deeply into her eyes, held her hand from across the table “I know I will Sophie. It is as perfect as you” I said. She smiled, let her shawl drape over her resting arms. The waiter came over to our table “Bon soir!” he said with a smile. Sophie looked up at the waiter “Parlez-vous anglais?” she asked (do you speak English). “Ahhh yes I do. Good evening. May I start you off with some drinks or refreshments?” he asked in a thick French accent. “Yes. I’d like a double Jack on the rocks with a splash of coke, hold the lime and your wine list please?” I said looking at Sophie. She smiled and said to the waiter “Cote de Blaye, S'il vous plait”. “My pleasure” the waiter said.

The music in the background was soft and mellow. The flame flickered under our whispering voices as we nibbled on small appetizers and sipped our drinks. Our hands were nearly inseparable as they touched off and on. Here I am, (I thought to myself) here in Paris with a beautiful girl, in a beautiful French restaurant, what more could I have asked for? A long awaited dream had finally come true. Oh, I almost forgot the best part… There was a bottle of Champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, and fine rich French chocolates waiting for us my room.

Part 4 – Champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, and fine rich French chocolates…

The night was still young after we finished our wonderful meal and stood outside the restaurant hand in hand. I looked at Sophie, smiled and said “Do you need to go back to the bar and put away anything?” “No. The only thing I need tonight is you.” She said with a deep important gaze. She put her arm under mine as well walked back to the hotel.

We stood waiting for the elevator. I was hoping we would be the only ones on it to take us up. The doors opened and my wish came true. It was only her and I that got in. Both our fingers pressed the button for the twelfth floor. Our gazes turned to each other after we felt the elevator pull upward. Her lips were close to mine. She tilted her head and parted her lips to let me kiss her. My lips pressed gently to hers, my arms wrapped around her soft body as I pulled her deeper into our kiss. Her perfume was entrancing, her hair soft as silk, her kiss was long and lingering.

The elevator stopped as we released ourselves from our kiss. We stepped out and headed for my room. I opened the heavy French doors to my suite placed the card key on the desk and turned on some soft music. Sophie slipped off her shoes and walked up to the large sweeping windows and slowly closed the large drapes leaving them parted enough to let the moon light in and the view of the Eiffel Tower be our background.

She reached behind her back to feel for the zipper to her dress. I walked up to her and pulled her zipper down her soft long back. Her dressed slowly fell away over her shoulders as she let it drop to the floor. She stepped out her dress and turn to me. “I want you to know that I wanted to be here.” She said is a small whispering voice. “I want you to be here in the morning too not just in this moment.” I said.

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt one at time looking up at me. I kissed her softly and unclasped her bra and felt it fall from my fingers as it released her soft breast against my chest. She arched her back and moaned softly. Her hands pulled my belt from my pants as her soft fingers slid my zipper down and released my pants to the waiting floor. Her warm touch against my hardness was divine serenity as I surrender to her seduction.

My hands softly glided over her hips and underneath the top of her silk panties. She leaned forward as I slowly pulled them down to her knees kissing her soft silky mound of joy. Her hands caressed my head as she swayed to rhythm of my nuzzling kisses. I kissed her knees, then the tops of her feet as she stepped out of her pile of clothes.

She walked over the table and reached for the strawberries as I followed her seductive walk. I opened the champagne and poured two fluted glasses for us. She fed me a strawberry as I fed her one. We sipped champagne as we slowly danced to the music. Her body was soft against my mine as we embraced each other.

She turned away from me reaching back grasping my hand. I followed her steps as she walked towards the bed. She pulled back the turned down covers, crawled slowly onto the cool sheets and turned over looking up at me and said in a delicate French accent “You are my moon, my night, and my desire.” “And you to me.” I said. I pulled back the sheets and covered our bodies. She slowly parted her long soft legs and pulled me gently into to her. We looked deeply into each others eyes and could see the soft rhythm of our passions uniting into divine ecstasy. I will never forget the nights of Paris in the arms of Sophie…

The End

Jonathon Francis
The flight to Paris was nearly coming to an end as I watched the flight progress count down on the monitor of the back head rest in front of me. This was my first trip to Paris and I had no idea what to expect.

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Reader Reviews for "Romantic Short Story - Sophie in Paris"

Reviewed by A. White 5/5/2010

This was an evening to remember. One can only hope to have a dream like this come true. I enjoyed the way the story unfolded. Kindling a fire with words is a art form that you seem to have mastered. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to share an evening with someone they love. Thanks. A.L. White.

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