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Glenn G Thater

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Publisher:  Glenn Thater Type: 


Copyright:  Jan 1, 2005
Fiction (Kindle Edition) (eBook Edition)
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Eotrus discovers the knight Theta’s secret – a secret so horrifying as to shatter a man's mind and call into question the very nature of good and evil.
THE FALLEN ANGLE by Glenn G. Thater is now available for purchase in Kindle and eBook formats from and many leading eBook retailers. The Fallen Angle is the second story in Thater's Harbinger of Doom series and for the first time is now available as a stand-alone digital book. Previously, The Fallen Angle was published along with the first story in the series, The Gateway, in the trade paperback book Harbinger of Doom. This new version of The Fallen Angle features fantastic new cover art, an Appendix and pronunciation guide listing and organizing the names and relationships of all of the major and most of the minor characters that appear in the book.


In The Fallen Angle, Glenn G. Thater transports you to a time of legendary heroes, armored knights, spectacular duels, courtly intrigue, otherworldly evils, and ancient forbidden magics. Though it can be read as a stand alone tale, The Fallen Angle is the second story in Thater's Harbinger of Doom series and picks up shortly after the events chronicled in The Gateway. Claradon, the young Lord of House Eotrus stands accused of murder and treason by his family’s political rivals while on the trail of the chaos lord that slew those dearest to him. Claradon has recruited the mysterious knight of mystical power called Angle Theta to aid him is his quest. But Claradon has bought far more than he’s bargained for, when his comrade Ob discovers the terrifying secret of Angle Theta. A secret so horrifying as to shatter a man’s mind and call into question the very nature of good and evil.

Mr. Thater's books can be purchased from  Mr. Thater's profile page, which includes a complete listing of his books can be accessed here:

If you're outside the United States and can't purchase from, you can purchase Mr. Thater's Trade Paperback books directly from the Publisher using these links:
Harbinger of Doom (1st Edition):
Harbinger of Doom (2nd Edition):

“How do you know these things?
Who are you Theta?
Who are you really?”
-- Ob to the Lord Angle Theta

The last of them went down – cleaved in half by Theta’s falchion. Geysers of blood gushed everywhere as the Duke’s guards charged into the room. A butchery of flowing blood and spilled entrails. Several corpses soiled the exotic carpet, some still twitching as such are wont to do. The dead wore the Duke’s livery, confusing the guards. The Duke’s guest – a hulking foreign knight stood beside the bed. Nightshirt drenched red as was his face and pants. Bloodied falchion in his left hand. His expression best described as annoyed; his aspect calm. He stood unmoving, staring at the guards with his piercing blue eyes. They all stood there still as the Duke and his personal bodyguards came dashing down the hall to the apartment’s entrance. The guards made way.
Harringgold’s mouth dropped as he entered and took in the sight.
“Are these yours?” said Theta, pointing to the dead with his right hand.
“I cannot tell,” said the Duke.
He motioned to the guards who adjusted the corpses so their faces could be viewed.
“This one has been in my employee some five years,” said the Duke, pointing to a decapitated head at the foot of the bed.
“This one has worked as a guard for a few months I think, perhaps a year. The other four I do not recognize.”
“Nor do I,” said the guard captain.
“Search the bodies,” said Theta, still standing tensed. The Duke nodded to the guards who then began to search.
“Looking for what?” said the Duke.
“A tattoo; a scar, a strange coin, or some such token.”
After some minutes. “Two bear the mark of the Black Hand on their shoulders.”
“Paid assassins,” said the Duke.
“These others all wore a gold coin hung from chains about their necks.”
“Put them down on the bed,” said Theta, as he strapped on his sword belt and wiped the blade on the sheets, then sheathed it. He briefly looked at the coins, wrapped them in cloth and pocketed them.
“I’ll need another room,” said Theta.
“Of course,” said the Duke, seemingly surprised at the request.
“One with a bath, and some bandages, and a few guards at the door that you can trust more than these.”
“You’ll have it. I don’t know what to say, this should never have happened in my fortress.”
You are right, it should not have,” said Theta, giving the Duke an ice-cold stare.
“I’ll stand watch myself,” said the guard captain, “with you permission Lord Harringgold.”
Harringgold nodded.
Servants led Theta to another room, two floors up. Ob appeared along the way.
“The bastards won’t stop coming,” said Ob. “Once The Hand has a contract, they never give up. Not never. They took five years to track down old Par Tandar, down in Minco – he was hiding out as a cobbler – but they got him – hung his head from a lamppost right in front of the tower of the Arcane. Not one witness. Theta, your only chance is to head for the hills and not stop until you’re back home – in wherever it is youse hail from.”
“I’ll deal with the assassins as need be – but it will not be by running.

Professional Reviews

Reviews of Glenn G. Thater's 'Harbinger of Doom'
--- Glenn Thater's "Harbinger of Doom", set in a world of men, gnomes, elves, and wizards, asks a tough question: what if we've got it all wrong? What if the God we follow turned bad, and the one we call the Devil is really a maligned angel on a quest to rid the world of evil? So goes Thater's tale, and he tells it in a voice as pretentious as Tolkein's. His world is called Midgaard, its capital called Lomion. Thater populates Midgaard with knights, a young-man-turned-king, a belligerent gnome, a couple scardey-cat wizards, Sir Gabriel, and Lord Angle Theta, the Harbinger of Doom. ...what fascinated me was the clever idea that Azathoth/Odin/God's heart turned black, and the one we know as the Bogeyman is really the one who is trying to save us. What a twist, and what an imagination!
---- Dennis Batchelder, Author of Soul Identity
(Reposted from

--- An amazing tale of swords, sorcerers, and more!...In the foreword, Thater has introduced the legend of Angle Theta. He is a character that has been cited in a number of ancient writings, and is the stuff legends are made of. ... Thater's writing has you in the heat of the battle, and leaves you wanting more of this epic story. ...[Angle Theta] reminds me a little of Moorcock's Lord Elric of Melnibone, who struggles with issues in the fight of good and evil. Cannot wait to read more of this saga from Glenn G. Thater. For those of us who love to read of demons and dragons, knights in armor and legends of long ago.
--- "Ellen in Atlanta", Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
(Reposted from

--- …now I have something I can reread over and over again. Harbinger of Doom has just shattered everything I knew of the epic fantasy realm and created a sub genre all of its own. With a masterful craft of writing with sly wit you are pulled into an epic tale of dark portions. If you are like me, you will scream at the book, and several characters in certain parts as they become like kin folk. The characters own the pages, the story never disappoints, and thank God for this author! In addition, if you are a Brian Lumley fan, I would suggest you give this book a try. A must for fantasy fans!
--- "PoetryLover"
(Reposted from

--- I find Mr. Thater's book, Harbinger of Doom, to be an excellent foray into dark story adventure, … good story, good action. Excellent flow of the story line to hold the attention. Overall very well done.
--- Jacamo Peterson, Author of "A Hard Place: A Sergeant's Tale"
(Reposted from

--- At its core, Harbinger of Doom is a story of heroes and villains and explores the nature of good and evil, of religion and even politics. But this is no four color comic book world, it's a land where the good guys can die, and where it's not always clear who is the hero and who is the villain....
--- "P. Martucci"
(Reposted from

--- This is a complex but highly entertaining swords and sorcery story, reminiscent of the pulp novels of Robert E. Howard, but with more depth and undercurrents to the plot. Thater's character `Lord Angle Theta' is an almost larger than life hero like Howard's Conan or Kull. And although he's perhaps their equal in brawn, he's far their better in brains. The other characters are all memorable and interesting, especially the grumpy gnome called Ob….
--- "Fantasy Fan"
(Reposted from

--- Harbinger of Doom by Glenn Thater is what this genre of literature is all about!...I truly did not put the book down!
--- “Greg M.”
(Reposted from

--- Who can resisit a good sword and sorcery book? Not me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Harbinger of Doom. It plunges you into a magic fog right at the start, and the action never stops! Fast-paced and exciting, it's a page turner. The characters are interesting folk. I loved the twist of the weak-kneed wizard, and the gnome was highly entertaining. I also smiled at the references a true sci-fi fan would appreciate. Clever nods to Dr. Who and Star Trek, to name but two! There are dark secrets and many mysteries in this tale of good vs. evil. I hope it continues!
--- “Susan Jane”
(Reposted from

--- …It took me by surprise because I had never heard of this author and was blown away by how exciting this story and the characters were from the get go. I literally could not put this book down once I started reading it. ...It has all the adventure and excitement of the Star Wars Saga but set in a different world of endless time.
--- "Mythical Books Aficionado"
(Reposted from

--- …Thater takes his fantasy and places it inside your brain. I wasn't reading a book, I was standing in the middle of the action, looking to pick up a sword and jump in…
--- "George T"
(Reposted from

--- My New Favorite Book. Ok, that's saying a lot, but this book is just that good. The author doesn't just spit out a story here - he's crafted every line and word - there's a rhythm to the way it reads; both the exposition and the dialog. It draws you in; providing a more immersive experience than you'd expect in fantasy fiction. The depth of the world, and the complexity of the characters, and an underlying ambiguity as to who's really the hero and who's really the villain make this story a true standout. I liked it so much, I actually read it twice - and found that on the second read I picked up all sorts of subtleties and nuances that I'd missed on the first go round.
--- "Connie Brady"
(Reposted from

Masterful Storytelling
--- Storytelling is an ancient and sacred tradition, and as an avid reader and author, I recognize right away when an author has penned something truly great. Harbinger of Doom is such a story, and Glenn G. Thater is such an author. This is a fantasy novel about events, people, and places that are most ancient and highly colorful. Mr. Thater's writing style suits this time-honored genre to perfection. Harbinger of Doom is flawless storytelling about an ancient time where good people are threatened by an unspeakable evil. This is a time of brave knights, skilled wizards and sorcery, dark spells, and all manner of curious creatures. An evil so malevolent that it breaks all bounds of sanity befalls a good people. They must summon the courage and strength, and forge uneasy alliances to face a foe immensely terrifying and strong, one that is not of this world, and should they fail, all will truly be lost. There are scenes so frightening, I would caution younger readers, and after reading them, I thought twice about going to sleep right away. The story verily delivers the armies of hell and pulls no punches in describing the horror of war that must be waged between the forces of good and evil.
Harbinger of Doom is a tale of ancient myths and legends, and is populated by one of the most intriguing, diverse, interesting, and entertaining cast of characters in memory. Chief amongst these is the enigmatic and deeply mysterious Lord Angle Theta. This story is graced with sharp, clever, highly sophisticated writing peppered with humorous moments. Its scope is vast; its lessons eternal, and you will recognize parallels to many other well-known legends, even those biblical. To quote some excerpts from the story: "The stories of many religions oft have a common basis...there is some kernel of truth contained...Though the truth may be twisted by the tellers." Harbinger of Doom has all the hallmarks of such a story, it is as good as any fantasy tale you will read, it honors the tradition, and adds to our lore a story so good, so well told, I hope it will be remembered forever. In fact, if there came a day when all the great storytellers of the ages would be called to be seated at the same table, I would shout out that Glenn G. Thater be granted a place for this novel. Harbinger of Doom is fantasy most excellent and is a story for the ages...
-- Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands
(Reposted from

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Reader Reviews for "The Fallen Angle (Kindle & eBook Editions)"

Reviewed by persnickety penn 1/20/2009
Ok, I was hooked from the incredibly sexy part about wiping off his sheath and giving her a separate bedroom and, of course, bed.. not the gory descriptions, however. Truly, this is a subject I have thought of in the dark annals of anxiety : What if good is darkly evil and vice versa?

You have to be sharp to read,( and certainly write!) what is referred to as fantasy or science fiction. You must be able to curve and twist your mind , thoughts, and beliefs into many different directions, both for your characters and readers. You must be able to decipher
and keep up with complicated story lines that often are not stories, or characters, at all, such is their universal recognition.
Jumping from different points in time- past, present, and future, also presents many challenges to a less-astute reader.

You have the ability to put into phrases the doubts and fears that many have hidden within them. I like the premise, and your ability to turn deep debates (is good really evil?) into a coherent book structure is considered admirable.

I found many of the same ambiguities present in the book 'Rowan of the Wood' by authors Christine and Ethan Rose. They, too, have presented a question of who, or what, was really good in intent, and who were truly the evil ones?

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