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Melissa M Shuler

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I Became Another Man
by Melissa M Shuler   

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Publisher:  shuler Publications


Copyright:  july 1, 2008 ISBN-13:  9780615260464

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Melissa Shuler
Shuler Publications

This is a book of spiritual enlightment, it shows the stages that a person goes through. It involves the many temptations that we are surronded by & forced to make a choice. From lust, money, greed, drugs, and love. It shows how one can continue to live even after one was wrongfully convicted & acquitted of a crime he didnt committ. How he can still have faith and love in his life. It proves that beyond any circumstance that where God dwells in, you can over come any barrier or obstacle that you are going through. You too can become another man.



Stand Aright my Brother”


We must be obedient to the principles that God has placed into our lives. John 11:23 (Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.) To rise again means to stand upon the feet. That is the difference between soldiers and warriors. A soldier fights a long as he can, but a warrior fights as long as it takes. Jesus – a warrior. He fought when they laid his body in the tomb; warriors never give up. God is raising up warriors now. The soldiers were already loosed. That would be equivalent to a sinking ship. Imagine paddling and rowing under water while the ship has sunk.

Are we prepared? Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones. And what happened? They were given life, because the word he spoke was life. The word is what carried him. The word says, “Lean not to your own understanding,” meaning using your understanding as a support system. We must lean to the word. “Are you prepared?”

For example John 11:24 (Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.) She had in intellectual word, but was void of revelation. Why? Because we have not sat before God. What about the things in our lives that need resurrecting power? The resurrection is not an event; Jesus is the resurrection. He is the power. In the hands of Jesus even the dead come to life. Circumstances are only temporal; Jesus is permanent, forever. A person can love Jesus and still not know who he is. Martha had the word, but the word didn’t have her. The word of God is in the counsel of the soul. The counsel of the womb of the Spirit, and there are two chambers for the word to be released through. A thought can be released into my mind; a manifestation of a thought. Intellectual = natural. Spirit = spirit. The effects are eternal and temporal. The spirit is forever. We were a manifestation from the counsel of God’s spirit that is why we are eternal.


Picture this: that an I.V. bag in a hospital was equivalent to the soul and contained its rudiments therein. A man in a hospital that can’t feed himself. Let’s say the word is in the bag. In order for the word to work it must be leaked into the system. Now if it stays inside of the bag, it won’t change anything. We must lean on God to articulate for us the word he has provided. God must give us the wisdom.


When the sons of the prophets did not sit under Elijah long enough, the borrowed word they had fell into the water, but a true man of God, Elijah, went in and retrieved it. Again (John 11:24 ) you can not expect people to move beyond what they know. Your time spent in the word is your reflection. If you can’t believe it or won’t accept it, then we are not sitting before God long enough. In verse 25 of John II, Jesus said (Jesus said unto her. (I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.) 2 Cor. 5:14. How do we change as believers? As men or women of God? We change from “Glory to Glory” if God said that your level of growth was in your hands, and he showed you what it took, would you be willing to do it? The price of change is in your hands, and he showed us what it takes. You have to be willing to pay the price. The price of salvation is already paid. In 2 Cor. 5:14, everyone was dead. Those who live were the believers.

My discernment is not limited to my physical eye, my view or perception. The flesh is man in his sinful state. The doctrine of man. The legalism of the Church. The church of believers who believe in the full demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power of God. If I am to be in fellowship with people for whom they are, then I must learn who Christ is first. We have to stop knowing Jesus as just flesh in his humanity.

In Hebrews 11:6, But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder those that diligently seek him. Everybody is not going to get in. Matt, ch 17, verse 1, we can experience as much of God as he has given. God rewards us according to the degree that we pursue him. Christ’s flesh was used to propel us into an intimate relationship with him. Chap 1 of Matthew was wrapped around who men thought Jesus was. Who do men say that I am? Was the question. We have to move on what God is speaking. God has to speak that Scripture for it to come true to make it life. This is just a book. You can have up to 1,000 of the books and don’t have what’s inside of it. Who is this Jesus? He is the friend, the lawyer, the father, mama, healer, doctor, and brother.

What happened on the Sixth day of Creation? If God had sent the picture it would have been final. He sent the negative. The picture – Adam is the negative. God knew the picture wasn’t complete. If God knew Adam was going to fall. Why had he created him? Because we look at Adam as being the picture. Dip that picture in solution. What you can’t see becomes visible and viewable. Now that we see it. What do we choose? What God creates or the creator? Adam was just a silhouette of God. In image. Shapely. The second, Adam was without blemish. What do we have to go through. Everyone has not been called to see the same thing. (In Matt. 17:1) only three went with Jesus. Everyone is not going to go to the level of commitment that some have been called to.

In I Cor 16, v.9, Satan is not going to just sit and watch God give you anything. The word was already spoken (16:9, for a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries) Opened is past tense). In order to walk in what God has for us, we must be ushered in by his spirit. Nobody can see what you see unless God shows them. In order to get there, there are many adversaries. The adversary of your flesh. He will use your flesh to prevent you from obtaining. If demons can enter into a pig, they can use the atmosphere and you know they can get into an unprotected vessel. When the wind was contrary to their direction, when the disciples and Jesus were on the boat, what did Jesus do? He spoke to the wind on their behalf. “Jesus knew.”

Doors. What do we know about doors? Rev 3:7 (And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write I these things saith he that is holy, be that is true) He that hath the key of David, he that opened and no man shut, and shut and no man open!) Jesus is the door. Knock and it will open in or out. Now something about dimensions. God is not the only one who has doors to open. The fiery furnace looked like an evil door. Don’t discern the door according to its natural environment. Witchcraft, soothsaying. You open the door to demonic experience. Once God closes those doors, he won’t open it and the devil can’t. There it is again. The enemy can make your mouth resurrect the dead things in your life. Put meat back on the bones, skeletons. “I don’t have a past life, I have a testimony.” Then Satan goes into over time and for every mountain there is a valley low. We need balance. The same for good news is just like bad news and we must rejoice all the more. To whom much is given, much will be required. Like doctors to brain surgeons to counselors. They must put in work and its simple, those who have not committed enough and have been specifically placed there, they will fail. We must answer the call. There is a huge difference between a gifted doctor and a self appointed one. We must answer the call.


Matt 17(1) Jesus took them. How did they get there? Transfigured; a dimensional experience. Takes place instantly. We have already experienced translation into God’s Kingdom – we have to keep seeking in order to get this translation or revelation. The law and the prophet, in the midst of the blood covenant. Who were on the mount when they ascended?


We have to compare spiritual things with the spiritual. In order to operate at this level of ministry we must understand why they were there. Moses, Elijah (John 1-17, John 1:1 for thought.) Who could approach the word before it became flesh? Raw Power) Now a man who grows up from baby to man, doctor to daddy and husband. We have no problem accepting that, but we try to put God here and there. The people living in the Old Testament could not identify with Moses when he came from the mountain. So he put a veil over his face for something they could identify with. That was the same way with Jesus. Get past who he was as a man. The people couldn’t see beyond the veil. Our mind is what stops us. One thing about the veil, it is taken away in the presence of the anointing. Heb 10:19-20. (Having therefore brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus. 20). By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us through the veil, that is to say his flesh; Jesus’ flesh was the veil. The veil was his birth. Do you know how to get through the veil? We must be exposed to who he really is. Not just getting saved but walking in the anointed one. Jesus’ lordship liberates every issue of our life. If I go to God with a mask, only those parts of me will be healed. Don’t hide anything, take it all to God. The condition of my face will determine my degree of change. Go to God and empty it out, so he can fill us up. God can’t fill us up if we don’t give back what he has given us. (Matt 27:50-52) Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the Ghost. 51) And behold the veil of the temple was rent in twain from top to bottom: and the earth did quake and the rocks rent; 52) and the graves were opened and many bodies of the Saints which slept arose. The veil of the ceremonial temple was renewed and a new veil was instituted. So I need to ask God to give me the wisdom to talk to expose myself. When the veil is opened, rocks represent strongholds, earth – physical issues. The graves opened the things that held me (let go of me). There is order in the passage of Scripture. God will restore us back to right standing. Many bodies of the Saints arose. Why not all of them? What is covering our faces? I must remove my identity and put on the identity of God.


Matt. 17. We have pressed past the veil and now you know Jesus. Have you made your experience your God? There are more levels than this single mountain. More dimensions. Testimonies are to create appetites, not endings. Why were they there? Moses, Elijah. The prophetic Spirit and the law and truth = to Jesus. This was not just a spiritual encounter; a just balance is required. In his word and the Power of his Spirit, the disciples got a glimpse. And glimpses creates appetite. Jesus took them into the spirit realms so they could see God spiritually. You can not climb a mountain in one day. They experienced the supernatural, first spiritually, and then physically. The supernatural will be established in the natural. Before Mary received the tangible presence of Jesus, she got the word). Press in!


If I am to know my position as a man, then I must examine myself totally. Regardless of all the nasty dirty things that I find within. To those particular nasty dirty things, I must work to overcome them. A person’s measure will be tested by the situations that they encounter and whether or not I overcome these situations it’s all in my attitude and how I see them. A person isn’t challenged when all they get are good things. So we need the adverse circumstances of life in order to grow. A man who is endowed with a lot of knowledge and wisdom is most likely to lead any group, whether he wants to know. People inspire people most times by just being themselves and this gives other people the ability and courage to step out, to become what they know they want to become. If a man has no control over who he is then there is no way he is going to have control over where he is going. This must be our prime objective, to search out, and decipher the truth about life, about love, about me, and you.


This takes putting in work. This will not come overnight. If truth in our lives had been established from the beginning in our relationships. When it is then brought forth no one can get hurt. Whether it is harsh or mellow, truth is truth, no matter how we look at it. We have to bring this back into our relationships with the people we love. Those who we try to love and most importantly to God. This cloak must be removed from our eyes. We don’t have to walk around with a veil over our faces. We have something to identify with a product of God. God himself and our Lord Jesus. We have to yield to his authority and his guidance.


So many times we get caught up in issues about sex and other things. Knowing that sex outside of a marriage is against all Godly principles. Their for detrimental to the health of our most beloved relationship. The thoughts of rapture, climax, and the pure adrenaline rush tempts most men and women, but we have to understand one thing. Once your choice has been made to love someone and to allow them to fall in love with you, you must be true to that relationship. That’s why we must seek God’s help in that department. Love is not based on an emotion or a feeling at all. It’s a choice and that choice should be made based upon examination and a committed individual.


I made a choice to follow God and I must see it through. I must be under the knowledge that he will help me in anything that I do. I can not leave him. Being intimate means not being afraid to discuss my deepest fears, loves, and anything important or unimportant in the relationship. My life was outlined by a serious form of neglect that still sits in my family’s roots until this very day. I sit in prison with a life sentence without the possibility of parole, lost my direct appeal, and my family still refuses to even send me a fifty dollar bill to help pay the inmate law clerks who charge outrageous prices to help do legal work. That’s the bad part. They ask for things as if in obligation you have to help them. We can’t hold that type of stuff against them, though, because it’s not Scriptural. need to move into the new area of deeper understanding of who you are, of other people and of God. We’ll see the changes that begin to take place in our lives, pertaining to self, especially.


I see it as no coincidence that I was sent to prison under the circumstances that I came. The only conclusion to this suspect thought would be the intervening of the spiritual plains. When God cornered me and allowed me the insight into myself, it was a blessing. The ambivalence that I had once harbored towards people of whom I had believed were set out to destroy me changed with the isolation and instruction of God. Now I am in an evolving state of consciousness and progressing further, only because I haven’t let go of principle and for the fact of refusing to become a victim of circumstance to all the extraordinary influences that surrounds me.


These realities are not, gimmicks and jokes. No one needs to be misled about life, about money, about love. I have encountered the foundations of them all and I have overcome them. Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the “substance” of things hoped for. For so long after my downfall, I still felt the presence of God. Nothing had been taken away, but my life had no substance. It had nothing to build upon, only the foundations of a torn faith in Christ. Now the substance has reappeared and I’m standing again. The Scriptures can not lie. My brother shall arise. The hopes and faith have substance now.


No longer is it, shapeless, and void. I can stand, I can walk, I can talk, and I can pray again and believe, I can speak in tongues. My blessings keep pouring out. God will not break – a “bruised reed” and that’s what I was. How many more of us out there are bruised reeds, bent, broken, and drifting aimlessly on still waters? How many more of us have fallen to internal issues made flesh? Made for real in our lives? In order for us to experience change we have to first seek it and allow it to change us, by looking at the things that our thoughts are pushing out into our actions.

The sun won’t shine all the time. There will be storms, snow, and darkness. One thing is for sure, we have a powerful God, a mighty one. When man refuses to forgive us, God makes it his business to forgive us and pour out of his spirit and push into ours. We have a God who looks out for us. He does it on all levels, too. The question is not whether nor not you can change, the question is whether or not we are willing to change. And in order for us to do that, that portion of our souls being our “wills” must be brought into the will of God. That is first to learn of him in all that he wishes for his sons and daughters to do.


One thing that also amazes me is how people change in the midst of being in control over people. I can recall an instant where I was confronted by about six correctional officers on an issue involving me and a white inmate. The situation involved me and the other inmate. We were cool and the Sergeant that particular day was harassing him. So he cursed them out and they sent him to confinement. I, on the other hand, was called into the back room, where these six officers confronted me, saying that I was inciting racist things in the dorm which was totally untrue. They pulled me in the laundry room. They tore up my locker and cursed me, asking me questions like, “Have you ever had your butt kicked by a big country white boy?” And ridiculing me about my life sentence. Things like, “You’re never getting out, kill a white man. Then the white man is going to hang you.” Then when they had came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to let them blow my cool, he called me a “nigger.” This is the same officer that laughs, talks, and wrestles with black inmates. Some people do not know the situation that they put themselves into. Had I been one of those individuals who felt that he had nothing to lose; I would never have stood for that. Although I didn’t fight the beast, I know I surely would’ve lost, too. It made me do some more examining of me. In that I believed I was weak and that I couldn’t handle a white man calling me a nigger. I was wrong. I overcame it. Why put my hands on him? When I know eventually I’ll lose and end up with thirty more years for battery on law enforcement.


They would believe the testimony of an officer before an inmate, even though every one that walks this earth can tell a lie. It would’ve been a lost cause and not on their parts, but mine. Respect is something gained by being strictly about your business and keeping to yourself. Some of the things I saw and did at the age of fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen merit a life sentence in prison.


No one in my family knew because I kept if from them, from moving large amounts of cocaine and marijuana to different places on four wheelers and rental cars. Even in my own car I had bought. I personally don’t discuss this portion of my life with people because they wouldn’t believe it, considering the changes I’ve made. No one would ever have known that Shu-Shu (or so they called me in prison) was a pure natural born fighter or drug pusher. Because I didn’t fight. I stopped using the drugs and I became humble under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I’ve done things like run down on people in the middle of the night and beat them mercilessly, just for the sake of points. I was young, ignorant, and foolish. Among worse things.



When I took part in a botched robbery that left bullets in a woman’s body. I had a rifle that didn’t fire. God was there. He saved me from myself. The darkness had me when I was a child. I had been utterly defeated and I had nowhere to turn until I came to prison and met Jesus. This removed the fatal stain of sin from around me. I would never know some of the people I’ve hurt in my ignorance, but I do know that people change. God changes people; he lets us experience things so that we can learn, so that we’ll appreciate life and all it gives. So that we can become what he designed when the foundations of the world were laid into place under his mighty command. New Heaven and new Earth. All things have become new. God is serious about his people and he will not let anyone mislead them, especially one he has given much. I changed in my situation. I became. Simply because I believed I could.



please see above.

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