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Margaret A Ottley-Okubo

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On the Wings Of Time
by Margaret A Ottley-Okubo   

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Publisher:  Publish America ISBN-10:  1604743988 Type: 


Copyright:  March 2008

Barnes &
Inspirational Books and Poetry

The Story in this book has appeal on three levels.

•As an Angel, Angelo affords the reader a glimpse into one’s existence on a Spiritual level.

•During his life on Earth, he teaches us, through his example, the meaning of unconditional love.

•By his positive attitude and his determination, he urges us to believe in ourselves so that we may achieve all our dreams and goals.

An Angel among   us is  an enthralling  story of a mischievous, but delightful little Angel, who travels from the Heavenly realm to Earth.

On his way from Heaven, he accidentally finds himself in a new and beautiful realm, which he calls ‘Garbor’s Gardens,’ only to discover that his arrival there is not accidental at all, but was pre-destined. Here he meets with Garbor, the Sage, who prepares him for life on Earth, teaching him many important lessons.

Travel with Angelo on his exciting journeys. from one realm to another. See how he makes the best of his time spent here on earth before returning home.

This is a truly an Inspiring story for all.




                          Life is a journey on the wings of time

                         The flight may be arduous but it is swift.

                          Let not hardship plant bitter seeds of discord within your heart

                          Let only the buds of love blossom therein.



The time for his departure finally arrived. Angelo strolled through the Gardens with Garbor for the last time. He had grown in spirit and felt that he had learnt a lot since coming here.

For a moment, he reflected on his previous life in Heaven. It seemed so long ago. He smiled as he recalled how mischievous he was at that time. Here with Garbor he had been much too busy to think up any mischief.

He glanced about but could not see a single unicorn and thought it was very odd since they were always about. He felt sad that they all seemed to have disappeared. He looked at Garbor questioningly, and then as he glanced once more at the gardens, the unicorns were all there. He thought it odd but he said nothing because he knew that if he mentioned it to Garbor he would not get straight answer.

In fact, at this moment Angelo’s heart was heavy with the thought of leaving this place. He bade farewell to Garbor and felt close to tears at the thought of leaving him.
“I will always remember you and the wonderful time we have spent together but now you must fulfill your destiny,” were Garbor’s parting words.

Angelo said goodbye to the Unicorns. They all seemed sorry to see him go and stood with their heads bowed, slowly swishing their tails from side to side while Zen stood ready for the journey.
He would take Angelo on the first part of the journey to earth. Angelo was exceedingly happy to be able to travel with Zen.
“How I wish I had my wings still,” Angelo said to Zen as he prepared for his journey.
“It would be so exciting to be able to fly side by side with each other.”
However, Zen only snorted. He then blew a few puffs of warm air into Angelo’s ear making him smile.

Garbor sensing Angelo’s sadness smiled but said nothing. He knew that as time passed Angelo would be too busy to worry about not having wings and that
pain and loss diminish with time as new experiences replace them.

At last, Angelo was ready. He looked at Garbor with such sadness that a fleeting sorrow touched the Sage’s heart. This emotion surprised Garbor who thought he was detached from all emotions.
"Parting is never easy. It leaves a void where only joy should exist.' He murmured to himself.

Angelo mounted Zen, taking one last look at the place he had grown to love. He sent a final wave to Garbor while Zen left a trail of golden specks floating in the air behind them. Garbor watched them until they were tiny specks on the horizon.

A gentle wind cooled the air as they set off. Stars shone in the dark skies yet a high moon muted their brilliance. Other Heavenly bodies floated in the dark canopy above them emitting illusive but colorful shafts of light that stabbed the darkness.

“It is so beautiful and peaceful up here,” thought Angelo as they traveled through the darkness, his eyes darting this way and that, as he caught sight of one new object after another. There was so much to see.

Up, up they went, entering the dark void above them, and then in a short while, Zen began a downward descent. The wind, gentle at first, grew stronger as they descended further into the Universe. Before long, it howled and sent uneven currents that buffeted them. There were moments of great turbulence and they encountered sudden pockets of air so that at one moment they dropped, coming almost to a standstill, when a sudden gust of wind propelled them forward the next.

Angelo found this very disconcerting and a little frightening, but Zen did not seem to notice. Angelo managed to keep a tight grip on Zen’s mane. He could not help but wish that he had his own wings, then he and Zen could be flying side by side, but again he thought, it was not to be.

The moon seemed to grow bigger and brighter the nearer they came to it and so Angelo was fascinated since he had always wished to come close to the moon. He witnessed a few shooting stars on the way down and tried to catch some of the falling stardust. It was like watching fireworks only this was a silent display. He heard the faint sounds emitted from moving objects in the air. They played their own symphony, high pitched and harmonious.This enthralled Angelo.

By this time Zen was splicing through the air, nose forward, neck extended. Angelo stroked its mane just to let Zen know that he was thinking of him and in response, Zen sent jets of golden sparks from his horn into the air. Angelo smiled.
Their spirits were as one.

At this very moment, in a little town in Southern California, on planet earth, Joy Dawson was having a wonderful dream. You see, both she and her husband Tom had longed to have a child, but had not been able to. They had tried for three years and had seen many doctors. They were very sad indeed, and as with many families, both their parents kept reminding the couple of their need for grandchildren thus making them even unhappier. They had finally accepted the fact that they were not going to have children when Joy had this dream.

In her dream, she saw a little boy with dark curly hair, playing with Unicorns in a beautiful garden, his eyes wide with wonder and curiosity. He was small but very energetic. When he smiled, his cheeks dimpled. As he spotted her, he ran towards her with his arms extended. She held him awhile and as he looked into her eyes, she noticed the dancing lights within them. His eyes fascinated her so that she just kept staring into them. As she did so, she experienced such a feeling of maternal affection that she started to cry.

When he left her, a unicorn approached him and together they flew away while tiny golden specks floated playfully above their heads. Joy awoke startled, and at first did not know what to think. The little boy seemed so real, she could still feel the warmth of his little body against her and his smile seemed to say –“I know you!” She had never had such a wonderful dream, and one that seemed so real. Somewhere deep in her heart she felt the little boy would be hers one day.

On awaking the next morning, she related the dream to her husband Tom, and explained her interpretation of it. His heart filled with hope, but at the same time, he was afraid to become too hopeful, for he knew deep unhappiness would follow if the dream were meaningless. Joy was right however, because even as they were discussing the dream, they later discovered that she was expecting.

Zen and Angelo were still on their way to earth, and Angelo could see a thick blanket of white billowy clouds beneath them. It was also becoming very difficult for him to breathe. He was by this time gasping for air. It grew warm and humid around them, so much so, that he felt he might suffocate. They seemed to be flying forever.

Suddenly he noticed a Blue Orb in the distance. It was like looking at a precious gem surrounded by thin wisps of clouds giving it the appearance of a huge blue ball with wings. As they hurtled downwards, it grew larger. The air was still and heavy and Angelo noticed many flashes of lights around the Orb. What Angelo did not know is that the Orb was Planet Earth, and the flashes were lightning.

As they continued to fly, Angelo grew drowsy and dizzy. In addition, he had even more difficulty catching his breath – he needed air. Everything seemed to be closing in around him. At one moment, he felt as though he was losing his grip on Zen’s mane. The thought frightened him. Dense clouds, some very dark and threatening gathered below them making Angelo afraid. For a while as they descended, the clouds shrouded everything. Then he could no longer see or even feel anything; he was losing consciousness.

Angelo tried to take deep breaths, but even that did not work. No air was forthcoming. There was a heavy pressure in his chest and all around him. He seemed to fall into a dark swirling sphere while wind buffeted him on either side. For an instant, he thought he heard a loud roar of something zooming overhead, but was too weak to pay much attention. The last thing he remembered was seeing specks of golden lights dancing around Zen’s head.
Even though he was unconscious, Angelo still had the sensation of floating. Flashes of lights went off in his head, strange beings swirled around him as he slipped deeper and deeper into darkness.

After what seemed ages, he heard a loud bang that jolted him awake, having no idea where he was or what was happening to him. There was another loud bang and everything seemed to be propelling him forward. He was pushed and pulled, tugged, and nudged from side to side by rough surfaces. It was certainly uncomfortable and it was also very dark, yet he felt warm and wet all over. He still could not breathe, and had difficulty resisting the squeezing pressure that was propelling him forward. Angelo began to wish that he could just go back to sleep, but he was also wondering where Zen had disappeared to.

A bright light suddenly pierced the darkness around him; its brightness hurt his eyes. People were moving around in the light, and everyone seemed to be talking at the same time. There were much banging and crashing, sounds that terrified him. Then it happened!

Angelo was forced out of what seemed to be a long spiraling but rough tunnel, into a cold room filled with very bright lights. Hands caught him, as he popped out of the tunnel. Some kind of tube was thrust down his throat, and he could feel it sucking the moisture out of his lungs. He coughed and spluttered feeling sadly out of sorts.
He was so very uncomfortable, and then just like that, someone slapped him on his buttocks. This came as such a shock that he screamed, but everyone just said “Good boy!” while others applauded.

Moreover, as if this was not enough, they poked and prodded him, as if they thought he was not real. They turned him this way and that way; pulled at his fingers and toes; stuck him with very sharp things that hurt. Poor Angelo wondered miserably when it would all end.

“How strange these people are. Who are they, and where am I?” he wondered. Unknown to Angelo, he had arrived on planet earth.
Next, he was wrapped in a warm blanket and handed over to a woman who laid waiting on a bed nearby. She smiled, extending her arms to receive him. She seemed familiar too, and she appeared to recognize Angelo. An anxious looking man stood beside the bed, and he too beamed as he looked at Angelo. He then held out one of his fingers and was overjoyed when Angelo curled his tiny hand around it.
At that, moment father and son bonded.
This moment was precious to Tom .He laughed aloud holding the baby up at arms length as son and father stared into each other’s eyes. Angelo squirmed as he felt the chill of the air around him.
“My son! my son!” Tom cried. “I shall name you Angelo.” Tom then handed Angelo over to Joy and at that moment, it was evident to Angelo that he was expected.

A feeling of tenderness and comfort swept over him when Joy cradled him in her arms then, due to his very exhausting ordeal, he fell fast asleep.

Professional Reviews

Review by MaryJane Hartman-Holzer,Author/Poet.
The author has capturedthe heart and soul in this warm and loving book. As a reader of Angelo the angelI find this story is a wonderful read for both children and adults.It takes you to anothe plane of existence where you can share in Angelo;s questto be like all the other angels. It will touch anyone who picks it upand it is difficult to put down.It was a sincere pleasure that I had the chanceto read it before it went to print. This book will grace abd adorn any child's library Congratulations Margaret on yet another winner

Awesome Stuff regarding Angelo the Angel, December 25, 2008
Margaret Ottley-Okubo has written an awesome and inspirational book which touches the depth of the soul. "On the Wings of Time," focuses on relationship with others, and their jovial nature. Angelo the Angel, the main character in the book is such a charming angel. This book is a wonderful adventure which will touch the soul. This excellent book is packed with actions of a positive and uplifting nature. Angelo the Angel will make you smile. He is such a funny and wise character. With the proper mentoring and training, he makes his journey to earth to help others and enriched their lives.

This book is a demonstration of Ottley-Okubo's faith, and ability to communicate with individuals using positive actions, and inspirational thoughts. The mission of Angelo is stunning; it's a mission which some individuals would have probably rejected to stay in their comfort zone. She brings to the stage an angel with the mission to save others.

Angelo's travels through the galaxy, looking at the "Big Dipper," attending high school on earth, and his travels to Africa and India are really amazing. Naturally, there is a female in the picture, who brings balance to the script.

Angelo made great friends everywhere, and did not destroy any bridges behind him. His mission was spiritual and a blessing to those he touched. He brings inspiration to the hearts of many and made them smile internally. He is an angel of love who displays passion to everyone he touches.

This is a wonderful book to read and enjoy!

Review by Joseph.S.Spence Sr.Trilogy poetry.

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