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Andy Parker

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Prophecy of Power
by Andy Parker   

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Publisher:  bedtime stories ISBN-10:  1589825381 Type: 


Copyright:  2009 ISBN-13:  9781589825383

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Thought provoking thriller...that will make you turn page after page...


Jacob Droutman was a Rabbi in New York, who had become disillusioned with the Jewish faith. He wondered if this was really the religion of God?


After attending a seminar on Revelation, he is given a file by a mysterious blonde woman. The file contains information on three Jewish students who have gone missing. The students were going to announce an amazing archaeological discovery, and after what seemed a motiveless murder of his landlord, would trigger his intrigue and take him on a journey to Israel and the truth behind what these students had discovered.


As he got closer to the truth he learnt of the prophetic world powers. After studying and confirming through the scriptures that six world powers had gone before, it proved he was living in the seventh, the Anglo-American world power…but another was forecast to follow.


A buried tomb under the Golden Dome would announce the signs and how piecing them together would reveal the next world power. Who was the next world power?



A secret burial site that had been deliberately hidden would hold the key…





I’m always delighted when I come across a debut novel that blows me away. There are some reviewers that feel they need to be more critical of an author’s first work, focusing on an in-depth analysis of all the technical components of the work. It’s a given that every first novel is going to have some flaws. To be honest, I read to enjoy a story not dissect it. However, we’ve all read a book where the flaws make it hard to focus on the story. Prophecy of Power is Andrew Parker’s first novel, but it is so captivating, I was instantly drawn into the story and kept enthralled until the last page. Actually, I’m still enthralled and anxiously waiting for him to finish the sequel. I read others reviews of this book before I picked it up and while they were favorable, several did make a point of focusing on minor technical flaws. For me, if there were mistakes, I was too mesmerized by the characters and story to notice.

Prophecy of Power brings to life parts of the Book of Revelations in a very timely manner. Parker takes the mysticism out of the bible’s final book and gives it modern relevance. The central character, Rabbi Jacob Droutman has led an unassuming life. As he discovers he is questioning his Jewish beliefs and exploring his curiosity of other religions, he becomes entangled in murder, missing persons, government deceptions and cover-up plots by religious powers. He begins a journey that will put his life and others in jeopardy as he tries to solve a mystery that could reveal who the final world power is that signals the end of days. There are those who will do anything to find the answers and others who will stop at nothing to keep them hidden. Parker has written an enigmatic page turner that will have you holding your breath as you wait to see what happens next. Five out of five stars.












C.. Carter Martina

John Christian spoke six different languages, having been bombarded by private tutors from a young age, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Italian, and he had been used extensively on operations around Europe. He was an expert marksman and had performed many assassinations. He was an agent who carried out special missions with a dozen different names and disguises and a large passport collection for an anonymous power within the CIA.
His role now was to pass on his skills, shady friends and those all-important contacts in significant places, to his young partner, Eddie Bailey. Once in your fifties it was time to think about a nice villa in the Caribbean. He was admired by his superiors and, despite his age, they knew he was the right man for this assignment. The world would quickly forget about Terry Carter; his body was already ashes scattered into the wind and his file buried by levels much higher than NYPD. But this assignment was different and the most sensitive that he had ever undertaken. Any mistake would be devastating, not only to the continuation of the Anglo-American World Power, but to World religion.
They sat outside at a small, metal table in Ristorante Giardinaccio, which was a stone’s throw away from St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. It was an Italian restaurant, rarely visited by Americans, decorated in a country tavern style with dark wood and exposed stone. The menu was written in Italian which, of course, was not a problem for Christian.
John Christian had met this contact twice, but knew the CIA had gone quietly about the business of briefing the Pope on world affairs since the 1960’s. His first visit to this particular contact was after 9/11, the first major terrorist act on U.S. soil in the name of religion, his second was now. Christian looked at his wristwatch; they had forty minutes to wait. He glanced at a waiter who efficiently swung his way to the table where both he and Eddie were seated.
“Buon giorno, come sta?”
Christian smiled, “Sto bene, due Perroni per favour.”
“Grazie.” The waiter nodded and walked back into the restaurant.
They sat there taking their time to knock back the beer, watching the myriads of tourists that were visiting the smallest independent nation state in the world. Christian glanced at his watch and nodded at Bailey. It was time to go.
They were to meet inside St. Peter’s Basilica and took a leisurely stroll through St. Peter’s square, blending in with the tourists and pilgrims taking time to admire the very tall obelisk. The grand opening hit them with the wonderful decorative marble and lights; they walked along the right aisle of the basilica in awe of the monuments and memorials. Immediately to the right of them was Michelangelo’s Pieta. They were to head for the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament where they would be met and taken to an inner sanctum.
They waited for a few minutes, pretending to take great interest in the tabernacle on the altar. The silence was broken by John Christian. The voice had come from behind and surprised them both, Christian recognized what he was immediately, ‘Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Citta’ del Vaticano,’ he was the Vatican police force and personal bodyguard to the Pope; he waved his arm to follow him.
They took a few strides before he lifted up a rope and ushered them through before replacing it. They were now down a side corridor behind the altar, confronted by a large, wooden door which had inscriptions on the marble above it. On the right of the door, concealed by a sculpture of two angels, was an electronic keypad. He typed the code in quickly and the door automatically creaked open. As they went through, the door swung back, closing again making a loud thud as it did so. He waved his hand to follow again as they walked down a narrow corridor on thick, lush, red carpet with marbled walls until, eventually, their contact was waiting at the end of the corridor.
John Christian was summoned forward but Eddie Bailey was told to wait with an arm across his chest to stop him moving forward. Christian nodded back at his young partner to say it was okay and made the last hundred yards to the end of the corridor.
“Sorry for the cramped conditions John,” and he held out both hands and clasped the right hand offered by Christian.
John Christian kneeled and kissed the hands before getting back up again.
“That’s okay Cardinal, I understand the precaution and secrecy these meetings hold.”
He was in the presence of the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and the Governor of Vatican City, born American of Polish descent. He is the state’s de facto head of government acting with powers of a prime minister.
“So, we have a problem John?” the Cardinal asked.
“I think so Cardinal, but one that can be handled.”
“So what is this problem that causes so much alarm if it can be handled?”
“A Rabbi by the name of Jacob Droutman,” Christian said.
“A Rabbi?” the Cardinal asked and raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“We believe he has come into the possession of some highly sensitive documents. How he has done that we are not able to ascertain as of yet, but we have just had confirmation he is on a flight to Israel as we speak.”
“So, what is so sensitive about these documents?”
“We believe they contain details on the three students who nearly uncovered and would have told the world who the next world power would be.”
“But it doesn’t tell him where the site is, correct? And in any case, in your line of work if he gets to close then,” the Cardinal gave a wry smile as if to suggest he didn’t have to say anything more.
Christian nodded, “but we need to find out how much he knows, who he is going to meet and how he got hold of the documents.”
“Not like the CIA to be so careless,” the Cardinal said disapprovingly.
Christian felt accountable on behalf of his organization and bowed his head for a second before rallying with an answer. He wanted to hit home with the main reason he was discussing this predicament.
“Worst case scenario Cardinal, if he were to uncover the truth it would be no more hand-in-glove religion and politics. It would be brought to the world’s attention to take a good hard look at religion, the root cause of wars and troubles throughout history which could lead to World War Three. But it wouldn’t be nation versus nation it would be governments versus religion!”
The Cardinal shrugged his shoulders as though it was very unlikely and his persona stayed calm and assured, “I don’t think that will happen, do you?”
It became apparent, and was of no surprise to Christian that the words the Cardinal had just spoken were not a question but an order. The Cardinal patted Christian on the shoulder before asking, “so, how will you deal with this problem?”
“We have an agent in MOSSAD in their special operations division METSADA and we will get her to keep an eye on our friend.”
“Woman?” the Cardinal stated with a hint of surprise.
“Yes, she is very good and …”
The Cardinal was quick to cut him off as he could be dispensed of all the details. He held out a limp hand and he appeared to be bored.
“Thank you for your time Cardinal and we will keep you informed,” Christian said.
The Cardinal nodded and smiled before turning away and passing through a door behind them.
Christian quickly returned to where Eddie and the bodyguard were still waiting.

Professional Reviews

Simon Barrett. BNN
Andrew Parker is new to the book world and Prophecy Of Power is his debut novel, and, in my opinion he is off to a very fine start. The subject matter is an interesting one, and is the second novel I have read in recent weeks that uses the bible as a backdrop to a suspense thriller. This tactic is not an easy one to make work well. It is with great care that an author must tread. The reading public are a fickle group and it is all too simple to rile up certain factions. One only has to look back at Dan Brown and Irving Wallace to see the backlash that works of fiction that have a religious undertone can unleash. Andrew Parker though, does it with aplomb.
Our main character is a New York Rabbi, Jacob Droutman. A man slightly different from his fellow Rabbi’s, a man who is not neccaseraly questioning his faith, but is always seeking additional knowledge, there is always more to learn, it may be outside of your own faith, but it is all of potential interest. One such opportunity arises when he is invited to attend a lecture on the hidden meanings of the biblical book of Revelation. Dr. Stewart Renton will explain the modern day meaning of the last book of the Bible – the pamphlet reads. Jacob feels drawn to attend, while it might be nothing, offer no new insights, what possible harm could there be in just listening?
It is while at the lecture that Jacob meets a pretty young lady, Ayn. It is no chance encounter, for some reason he has been selected, but for what? Even Dr. Renton seems to be singling out Jacob during the lecture. Ayn gives the Rabbi an envelope, the contents of which are both baffling and intriguing. A series of newspaper clippings about 3 young students who mysteriously disappeared in Israel while on an archaeological investigation. Even stranger, the three had left clues that they had made a very significant find, one that had world wide consequences as well as a huge biblical significance.
The clues all seemed to lead to the book of Revelation, but what does it all mean? Is there a clue in Revalation that predicts the future of mankind?
Upon returning home Jabob finds his landlord dead, killed execution style, and his own apartment ransacked. Even stranger, he seems to have become a man of interest to the CIA and various other agencies. Why would a lowly Rabbi be of such interest?
One thing is clear, the three missing students are the glue, and the clue, are they dead or alive? It is with this determination to find out what happened to the three students, that Jacob basically walks away from his responsibilities in New York, even selling his beloved car, and heads to Israel to investigate.
To share more of the plot, would be to spoil it. Prophecy Of Power is an action packed thriller and well worth seeking out. It is also the stage setter for Andrew Parker’s next novel. Prophecy Of Power has a fine conclusion, and stands alone as a work of fiction, but I also know that there is a great deal more to this story than we learn in this first book.
I am hoping to interview Andrew in the next few days, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the subject of sequel is going to be a prime subject for discussion.
Take Prophecy Of Power out for a test drive, you will not be disappointed, I suggest that you order your copy from Amazon. It is also available in E-Book format here, and Andrew has a web site with additional information.
Simon Barrett.

Geri Ahearn
Inspired by Michael Connelly and John Grisham, along with his passion for
writing, Andrew Parker created a spectacular chilling story in his Masterpiece,
titled "Prophecy Of Power." Jacob Droutman was tormented for a long time,
by a sad, haunting memory of the disappearance of his older brother. While
Jacob preaches at the synagogue in New York as a rabbi, he tries to follow his father's footsteps, but has always been confused about the teachings of
his own religion, curious to learn about different religions. Jacob meets a
young woman, who is interested in details on Jacob's life history, because
her own brother also disappeared, along with her brother's two friends. Ayn
encouraged Jacob to read about a story, involving three Jewish students,
claiming they found a lost tomb. As Jacob began to investigate, he found out
that the discovery did not take place, and a student disappeared. Who was
John Duncan, how well did Ayn know him, and why was he declared a
danger to national security? Jacob's investigation began to bloom, while his
apartment is searched, and his landlord is murdered. Who did Jacob have
to follow, and who was following him? Who stole the papers from a CIA
agent, and how did they end up in Jacob's hands? I highly recommend this
book to all mystery, and thriller lovers. The story is incredible, the setting is
realistic, and the characters come to life. Furthermore, the author penned
a nail-biting and suspenseful plot, which is totally entertaining page-after-page, made for the movie screen. Why was Ayn murdered? Follow Jacob's
journey from New York to Israel as his investigation explodes, while he
walks in the same path as the missing students did. What does he find in
Jerusalem, can answers be found in a buried tomb, and who is the next
prophetic world power? What is found in Daniel's Prophecy, does Jacob
uncover the truth he searched for, or does his journey become Mission
Impossible? Andrew Parker's "PROPHECY OF POWER" is as electrifying as
15 MINUTES, and portrays an imaginatively living suspense on the same
scale as FRANTIC, with Harrison Ford.

Alvahs Books
Reviewed by Randall Radic
The title of this new religious thriller sums it up: a prophecy of power, potential and talent reside in the author, Andrew Parker. All the elements of a rock ‘em sock ‘em bestseller are in his novel, Prophecy of Power.
There’s a skeptical rabbi, who wonders if Judaism is indeed the one, true religion. The rabbi, whose name is Jacob Droutman, begins comparing one religion with another, as he searches for the truth. The quest leads him to a seminar on the Book of Revelation. The seminar’s speaker – Dr. Renton – is a slick purveyor of the most irresistible type of religious snake oil – prophecy.
There’s a mysterious femme fatale, too. She hands Jacob Droutman an envelope containing information about three missing students, who may or may not be dead. Soon afterward, Droutman’s landlord is found murdered. As the police homicide unit investigates, two CIA agents show up, informing the police that they are taking over the case “for reasons of national security.” Suspicious of everything and everybody, the police decide to continue an unauthorized investigation.
The story is now cooking with gas!
Rabbi Droutman, pulled in ever deeper, finally goes to Israel to try and find the three missing students. If he can find them, maybe he can discover their ‘secret.’ A secret so potent, world governments are willing to kill for it.
Now we are talking! Prophecy of Power has every ingredient necessary for a thrill-a-minute ride. Almost.
Parker writes well. For example, his description of Lansky Lounge, a local bar where the good rabbi indulges in a daily health regimen is a doozy: “Lansky Lounge was the Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky’s old boardroom and they kept his hideout dark and dangerous.” And Parker’s ear for conversational sound-bytes is finely tuned. There’s nothing phony or affected in the speech patterns of the characters. In other words, the dialogue isn’t forced. Rather it’s smooth and natural.
There are, however, a couple of glitches in the story. For one, the story unfolds too fast. It’s like taking a hit of crank and then watching Jason Statham – who is also high on crank – as he tries to keep his heart rate up in the action flick of the same name, Crank. The overall effect is one of supreme twitchiness. One scene jumps into another scene before the first scene is over. Which means the reader is left breathless and wishing he was allowed to inhale before he was forced to exhale.
For two, the story and the characters – which are definitely intriguing – lack development. Which is directly connected to the first glitch of too much velocity. Most readers want to watch the characters and the story evolve. In Prophecy of Power, they explode. Which means readers can’t enjoy the nuances and flaws of the people populating the story. Nor can they relish the interactions that result because of all those human flaws.
All in all, Prophecy of Power is a good book. It has a zippy plot with lots of electrifying hanky-panky. Who doesn’t like tales revolving around the Book of Revelation? The Apostle John’s apocalypse has it all: demons, angels, Second Advent, Rapture, Armageddon, Gog and Magog – and oodles of prophecy. Combine all that with the writing talent of Andrew Parker and, well, it could be one hell of a story.
But it’s gotta be developed just a little bit more. If that had taken place, then a good story would have become a kick-ass thriller.

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Reader Reviews for "Prophecy of Power"

Reviewed by Glenda Bixler 9/7/2009
Have you ever had something happen in your life that so affected you that you later chose a strange path because of what had happened? Jacob Droutman, in Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, has done just that! Parker's first book will soon be followed by The Doomsday Preachers! Trackle "Andrew Parker" today, so you'll be sure not to miss the climax to this thriller, although Prophecy of Power easily stands alone as a suspenseful mystery!

Jacob Droutman is a rabbi who preaches at the synagogue in the Lower East Side of New York. When he was just ten, his older brother disappeared. Now, a young woman is using her knowledge of Jacob's life to help her--because her brother, along with two of his friends, had disappeared!

Did Ayn also know that he was having questions regarding his own religion? Jacob's father had been a rabbi and he had automatically followed his footsteps. But he often wondered about all the other religions of the world. Even when he was young, he and his brother had snuck out and joined the crowds heading for a midnight mass and watched with wonder as Baby Jesus entered the celebration.

Jacob had been devastated when his brother disappeared the very next year!

It was Ayn who ensured that he learned of the lecture that was being given by Dr. Stewart Renton, entitled "Revelation Explained." Given that Jews did not accept the New Testament, Jacob had never even read Revelations, the last book of the Bible. Renton's talk was to explain how Revelations affected modern-day life. This was an opportunity for Jacob to learn more about this particular religion! And obviously somebody wanted him to attend. As Dr. Renton spoke, Jacob squirmed a little as he referred to the Nazi-inspired Holocaust as an illustration of what had been foretold in Revelations. He admitted to being intrigued by all that had been explained.

But he became confused when, after the lecture, Ayn handed him a package to read. He learned that in March 2001, three Jewish students had announced they had found The Lost Tomb of Hebron, a tomb that would reveal secrets on future events. Having just learned much about the future from the lecture, Jacob eagerly read each page, only to discover that the discovery was later called a hoax and that the students had disappeared. John Duncan, the only American, had been declared "a danger to national and world security," according to this packet. John Duncan was Ayn's brother.

Jacob is caught up into the investigation and tries to learn more, only to have his landlord murdered and his apartment searched. Although Jacob had not yet realized it, the papers that had been given to him had been stolen from a CIA agent! And the CIA is not the only ones that are watching Jacob, and following as he leaves New York to travel to Israel!

Travel with Jacob as he visits Jerusalem and follows the same trail that the missing students followed. Read portions of Daniel's Prophecy. Share his joy of love with Ayn right before she is cruelly murdered, and, with a totally unexpected new partner, finds the tomb of Daniel, second son of David.

Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, is an exciting thriller based upon religious prophecy. I am already looking forward to the next novel, The Doomsday Preachers! Highly recommended for thriller/adventure readers, those that love to follow the puzzle to the prize and those who enjoy matching religious prophecy with today's world!

Ever thought who could be the next world power? Enjoy the possibilities in Prophecy of Power!

G. A. Bixler
Reviewed by pamela ashby 8/10/2009
As a big fan of Dan Brown I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew's book. A fast paced thriller that I couldn't read quick enough.The subject of religion and all it's mystery's are always going to be a good source of storytelling.Well done Andrew
Reviewed by Richard White 8/5/2009
Just finished reading this great page turner..
This book deserves to be in the best-selling list, but unfortunately for unknown or debut authors it's hard to get amongst the big boys as i'm sure Andrew Parker is finding out.
The main character is a jewish rabbi who questions his own religion, which is a strong topic in itself, anyway i found this book rattled along at a furious pace and you just wanted to flick the next page and i couldn't put it down.
Sometimes it was hard to draw breath and maybe Andrew could have slowed down now and again to expand on the characters.
I enjoyed this book very much and the ending left you wanting to know more which i don't know if deliberate by the author, but i'm certainly going to buy the next one!
All in all a highly recommended 7 out of 10.

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