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W. Shane Wilson

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by W. Shane Wilson   

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ISBN-13:  9780578030951

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Jazon and Ajay take the werewolves and go after Brian Finney and Mark O'day to kill them for poisoning Silky

(Second book in the series) In the days that followed Jazon and Ajay’s journey; tales were told of incredible deeds and insane tasks; and impossible battles. The only problem was too many people knew that it was actually all true. Jazon’s heart was troubled. Silky was still dying; and Ajay hated him for it. Jazon had been away from his lover for so long she likely did not want him anymore. Now worse, the adventure they just went on; has likely brought the wrath of a powerful vampire lord on the entire families heads. Jazon felt like such a failure. He would find a way to keep his family safe even if it cost him his life.


Ajay had nothing to say the entire flight. The young proud black man was carrying around a burden of guilt; that was not his to carry. Ajay would likely transfer the debt properly when he met up with Mark O’Day.

“Hey, wonder if there are any hot wolf girls on this side of the pond; as they say?” Jc asked.

“Your on guard duty; so no booty.” Terry said.

All four men laughed; it was good to laugh again; even for something stupid. Ajay was the first to go back to silence. Jazon could tell that his closest friend was so deeply disturbed that nothing short of genocide was going to bring him around. If Silky died; then Ajay would hunt every blood sucker on the planet…and eventually Jazon as well. Jazon would cross that bridge when it came up.

“Hey man, how are we going to find Brian and his leech in the whole of Europe anyway?” Terry asked.

Everyone looked art Jazon and he shocked them by smiling; which displayed his deadly fangs.

“Oh, I think they will find us or leave us some clues. They don’t want to get away; if they did; they would not have left a message telling us where they went.” Jazon explained.

“Trap?” Ajay said.

“Yeppers, they are going to draw us in and close the trap on us. However, since we know it is a trap; it is unlikely that we will be caught by it.” Jazon explained.

“Let’s hope that is right.” Jc said.


Terry was across the plane an in Jc’s face; with his claws extended. Jc was caught off guard and was pinned with Terry’s claws at his throat. Jc’s eyes turned red and he was getting hairy; when a hand pulled Terry back softly, but firmly.

“Calm down Terry.” Jazon said.

“He is questioning your leadership! I will not tolerate a traitor in our ranks!” Terry bellowed.

“He has not been through the ringer with us Terry. Jc does not have the same point of view you do about me and Ajay, because we have bled together and we have had to rely on each other to survive. Give Jc a shot at being part of the team; he has been stuck in Brian’s grasp for a long time and needs to learn to breathe and trust his partners. Beside he is a smart ass and did not mean anything by his comments at all. You just over reacted.” Jazon said.

Jc was surprised at the ease at which Jazon put Terry on his heels; without testing his pride or honor. Jazon just subtly talked the angry wolf down, and the wolf did not seem to mind at all.
Jc was not use to having a vampire as a boss who actually cared about his crew and how they worked together. This Jazon Wild was a strange man.


The private plane landed in the wee hours of the night and the London Bobbies came out to meet it. When the door opened, Ajay was about to walk out the door when Jc yanked him back and held him.

“What…?” Ajay started to yell.

A poison dart was lodged in the wall right where Ajay had just been standing. Jc only shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Ajay gave him a punch in the arm and a nod.

“So, we are expected; I see.” Jazon said.

“So it would seem little brother. Shall we go meet them?” Ajay asked.

Before either of them could discuss the issue, Terry went out the lower escape hatch and bowled over the ten Bobbies. The cop tried to get up but; Terry roared and his eyes changed; so they Bobbies stayed put.

“He is a handy one; isn’t he?” Jc said.

The trio left the plane and walked down to where the Bobbies were pinned to the ground in fear. Jazon looked them all over and then he spoke to the wolves.

“Sniff them’ one of these jokers tried to kill my brother, that can’t go unpunished.” Jazon said.

Jc and Terry sniffed the Bobbies and so did Jazon. They seemed unsatisfied after the job was complete. Ajay smiled and stepped forward.

“Hey Bobbies, we are not your enemies; however’ one of you tried to kill me; so we have to find them for safety sake. Which one of you is not know to the others? Go on, sit up and look at each other, is there anyone that you don’t know/” Ajay asked.

The sergeant sat up and looked at the men and some of the others did the same. All of them spotted the one who was not one of them instantly. That guy bolted at inhuman speed toward the dark throughway on the left. Terry made to follow but Jc grabbed his forearm.

“Think before you act Terry; poison darts of unknown origins. Besides kid; it is a obvious trap. Jc said.

The words were more true than Jc knew. The throughway was filled with traps and explosives. The wolf could have made it beyond the blast area, but they assassin would have caught him at the end in a death trap. Jc saved Terry for a bit of bother as the Brits say.

The sergeant got to his feet looking rather embarrassed by the whole mess. The other Bobbies got up as well.

“Well, um, sorry about that Governor. Seems we have had a bit of a mishap. (Chuckle). Welcome to England…such as it is.” The sergeant said.

All four of the Yanks looked at each other and then they busted out laughing, it startled the Bobbies somewhat. Jazon regained his senses and reassured the cops.

“Sorry, it is just a long running bad joke; you see there is always someone trying to kill us; so we are use to this kind of thing. Anyway, why is there a squat of police here to meet our plane?” Jazon said.

“Sir Alister sent word that his plane was coming in and there would be important personnel on it. Where are the dignitaries sir?” The Bobbie asked.

“Sir Alister?” Terry asked.

“Alister told them we were important; because we are important. We have a duty to hunt down Brian Finney and Mark O’Day and put them both in the dirt face down.” Ajay said in anger.

“Were you supposed to take us somewhere, or toss us some information Sarge?” Jc asked.

The Bobbie looked ill for a moment and shook as if he were about to die. Jazon noticed most of the police were green as well. None of them seemed to be able to speak.

“Did…did you say O’Day, as in Collin O’Day?” The sergeant asked.

“We don’t know anything about a Collin, we are after a punk named Mark, same last name perhaps; but not likely to be related unless this Collin fellow is a dirt bag.” Ajay said.

“Nay, Collin O’Day is a grand man and he is the Lord of most of Europe and he literally rules Ireland lads. If it is in yer minds lads to stir up some mischief where Lord O’Day is involved; don’t do it; he is not to be trifled with.” The sergeant said.

“Look mate, we are tired and angry at present; and we would like to rest and eat; if you follow my meaning.” Jc said in a gruff tone.

The Bobbies looked at each other and then they pulled out pistols and pointed them at Jazon and the boys.

“You better come with us for your own good; that is until we can get your plane fueled up and send you home again. You are all way to young to die.” The sergeant said.

It was the last thing he heard before he hit the ground. Jazon drove into the middle of the Bobbie and brought his hand in tight to his chest as he moved; as he came to a stop so fast nobody saw him move; he threw his arms opened wide. All the Bobbies were knocked flat in a near perfect circle. Jazon looked around and all the men began to tremble in mortal fear. Jazon’s eyes were a brilliant color of glowing lite crimson. Since it was dark when they landed; Jazon’s eyes were like search lights over the coast. Worse, the two werewolves transformed and were snarling only millimeters away from the London police squad.

“Boys back off a little; you are scaring the Bobbies to death. Now listen up gentlemen; because I am not going to repeat this. I am not your enemy; keep it that way. We do not require your protection; we are more than capable of looking after our own hides; as you can plainly see.” Jazon said calmly.

Ajay walked over and grabbed the sergeant off the ground and held him dangling by his coat. Ajay shook him hard a few times and then spoke.

“I am looking for a murdering piece of crap, if you know where he is and don’t tell me; then I will find you and kill you!” Ajay growled in the man’s terrified face.

“I dun not know hem.” The sergeant said in sudden deep accent.

“You’re an Irishman.” Jc said.

“Aye, I am.” The scared man said.

Jazon looked at Jc and smiled; although the wolf did not know why. However, Ajay did know why and he smiled also.

“Take me to your lord Collin O’Day.” Jazon said.


The small twelve year old frame of a boy was watching the scene play out. He saw one vampire and two wolves. The black man he was not sure about, he was very strong and fast but that could be from training hard. The boy hated vampires so passionately; that even at his tender age he hunted them without any mercy and lived to tell the tale. One of the wolves turned and looked into the shadows, he clearly saw the boy; who flipped him off. The wolf laughed to himself; which confused the boy. Weren’t wolves supposed to be mad dogs? A small rustling behind the boy made him spin silver knife at the ready under his over sized sleeves. It was a drunkard falling over at the mouth of the alley, the boy was not happy about this. It was likely a trap. He now had death in both directions. When the boy turned to look back at the vampire and his wolves; he found himself looking at the chest of the younger smaller wolf. The werewolf made no move tot touch or attack him. He did not even look down; his dreamy eyes were glued to the drunk in the alley.

“That is not a man over there kid; and he is not drunk; there is no smell of booze on him. It is a trap however…for you or us. I wonder?” Terry said.

The boy felt oddly safe next to this monster and that scared him. He had his knife in line with the wolf’s throat and could plunge it home at anytime. The boy looked away and followed the wolf’s gaze; it went to the person laying in the alley. The boy suddenly saw what the wolf did. The eyes of the drunk were slightly glowing.

“Shit…they are after me!” The boy said.

“What; why would a monster be after you kid?” Terry asked.

“I kill vampires mate, and they don’t like that much. I lived this long by keeping out of sight and picking one off at a time. I think that one over there is not the only one.” The boy said.

“Fine, then you are with us kid.” Terry said as he grabbed the boy and made like a flash of lightning.

The boy was put on his feet in the middle of the Bobbies who looked at the boy and one reached for him, only to have his arm knocked away by Terry.

“He is with me.” Terry said as his eyes turned a nice shade of no touchy yellow orange.

The boy was a known thief and the police wanted him pretty bad; because he stole high priced items made of the purest silver. The Bobbies wanted to argue but the sergeant told them to shut up and fall in to ranks because they were leaving.

“Good luck to you my young friend, you’ll be needing it.” The sergeant said.

Jazon stepped in front of the man and was promptly shot in the stomach with a silver bullet. Jazon smiled and leaned in closure.

“I believe you were going to introduce me to Collin? If you shoot me again I am going to toss you a beaten.” Jazon told him.
In the end the Bobbie left the sergeant on his orders and marched away. The pilot of Alister’s plane; who watched the entire scene told Jazon he would have the plane ready to go whenever he said. Jazon shook the man’s hand and told him to watch his back and thank you.

Terry was enjoying the kid. Terry was the youngest wolf in the pack and it was nice to feel like the big brother for once. The boy was quiet and he looked over Jazon with intense hatred. Terry noticed the look and chuckled.

“Lil’ buddy; with all the weapons you can carry or imagine; you could not beat that guy.” Terry said.

“My name is Payton not little bubby. You would be surprised what I can do; if I must. You are a wolf are you not? I thought werewolves were the slaves of vampires, yet you seem like friends to me; I do not understand this?” the boy explained.

“Yes, I am a werewolf. No, I am not his slave, and yes I am his friend. Jazon is like no man I have ever known. He is selfless and kind and the most fierce unstoppable vampire killer whoever lived.” Terry said.

Payton started to speak and then he looked at Jazon and then at Ajay with an extreme case of confused, the big wolf kid said that the vampire was a vampire killer? That did not make any sense at all. Why would the vampire kill his own kind? Maybe he wanted their territories; yes that was it.

“Payton, do you know anything about a man named Mark O’Day, I wish to find him and kill him?” Jazon said.

“Not if I get to him first bro.” Ajay said.

Payton was shocked by the face of the vampire in front of him. He had kind eyes that were a strange mix of brown and red, and he smelled like Rootbeer, and not blood. What was up with this guy?

“I don’t get you guys. Are you a human or are you like them monsters?” Payton asked.

“I am a full human; Jazon is my best friend and brother. He is very special Payton, and so are these two. We all hunt together for the bad vampires and monsters that prey on innocent blood; whether it is human or magical creatures.” Ajay explained.

“What; do you mean to tell me that there are more than just blood suckers and wolves out there?” Payton said grey faced.

(All four of the boys laughed at once).

“We’re sorry bud, it is just that we have fought so hard and bled so much lately that the question was just ironic and funny to us.” Terry said.

“I was recently the enforcer for the Prince of Portland; and I hated his guts. He held me in slavery by holding my best friend hostage. She died before I could find her and rescue her. I will live always with that shame. I will no longer let any vampire or anyone else use me.” Jc said as his eyes grew very hard and black.

Payton was more confused now than ever. Why didn’t the vampire eat the human, and why would to free wolves follow this blood sucker. Nothing made any sense. Payton jumped up and stabbed Jazon in the heart with his silver knife.

“Well isn’t this magical.” Jazon said.

Payton was beyond shocked; he felt mortal fear to the core of his existence. Why didn’t the blood sucker die when I stabbed him?
“HEY!” Terry roared and reached for the boy.

Jazon grabbed his arm and held it still and looked at Terry and shook his head no. Then he looked at Payton.

“He is never going to trust us if he is always afraid of us. Look Payday; I am not a regular vampire; silver, garlic, holy water and so on do nothing to me kiddo; I am immune. Here check this out.” Jazon said as he pulled his silver cross out of his shirt and showed it to Payton.

“What…that does not make sense!” Payton said with angry tears in his eyes.

“It is my fate to look after the weak and helpless kid, I gave my word; my oath to GOD that is would protect the innocent from other vampires and their allies. Now pull your knife out of my chest please.” Jazon said.

Payton pulled the knife out of Jazon’s chest and smelled it. The boys watched him; and then the kid tasted Jazon’s blood and was startled. Payton turned his eyes on Jazon and they were wild with emotion.

“Everything that I knew is shit; I don’t know what to believe anymore; you just shattered my beliefs and my drive; now what the hell am I going to do.” Payton screamed at Jazon.

“What brought that on man?” Ajay asked.

“His blood is alive, he is not undead. He does not have the vampire poison in his blood. He… he can’t be a vampire!” Payton said through clenched teeth.

“Well tough shit about you ideals kid; we are at war. Where Jazon and Ajay are concerned, normal does not apply as far as I have seen. Ajay is a pure human, but he steps aside for no man nor beast; he has fought to the point of his own death. Jazon is much the same; he takes the lead on all of our raids and places himself in the front of the danger before he will risk any one of his friends. All the wolf packs in the states know his name and he has been mark as a beware of person; if you want to start some trouble.” Jc said.

The group sat on the private bus and pondered their personal thoughts quietly as the sergeant lead the boys to see a man who could introduce them to Collin O’Day. The sergeant did not want any part of this. Collin was held to be a good man; however, his retribution if he felt crossed; was shift and brutal. The thief boy sat next to the smart mouthed big kid and they seemed to have bonded. The big hair guy was watching the vampire intensely as if he were trying to decide something important; or to discover something important. Jazon was on the phone with someone. Ajay had his headphones on and his eyes closed; but he seemed alert despite that fact.

The bus stopped out side of a hotel and the sergeant got out; the boys followed. They enter the hotel and it was plush as plush could be. The sergeant was shaking in fear when they walked in. A huge man was walking toward them at a slow rolling gate. He had on a black suit that made it impossible to tell if he was fat or a rack of muscles; and he walk was no help. The kid settled the matter for the group.

“Hello lard ass; I told you I would get you in the end.” Payton said with a smile.

The large man actually looked shocked and fear went across his massive face. He locked his jaw and charged like a bull elephant. He was not fat, not even close to fat. The kid went into an elaborate dance and drew blades out of thin air, as he went down the hallway toward the charging mammoth. The boy looked like his might get himself killed so Terry launch himself into the elephant and the shock wave from the impact made the walls crack. The elephants eyes changed to blue and he tried to push passed Terry to get at Payton; but Terry had him in grid lock and he could not reach the boy. All the time Payton taunted the elephant with insults and threats.

“Sheez, will somebody do something with that damned kid!” Terry snarled.

“I WILL KILL YOU!” the elephant screamed in a tiny little voice, like a small girl.

All time stopped for a moment as they boys looked at each other and then burst into uncontrollable laughter. The elephant stepped back and looked at the group in general dismay. He did not however attack.

“Look big guy; we did not come here to listen to you sing, we did come here so we could meet Collin O’Day.” Jc said in a smart ass tone, and then snickered.

The boys watched the man with expert eyes, even Payton who had deadly blades in both hands looked ready to rock at a moments notice.

“Fine; come this way; it is your funeral.” The elephant said.

They followed the big man down the hallway to a door with gold lettering; that was real gold. The big man opened the door and entered. Terry pushed the door open wide all the way to make sure no person was behind the door; looking to bushwhack them. Ajay walked in next and Jc could tell his hand was gripping his shotgun. Payton and Jc walked in together with Jazon hot on his hills. Ajay looked at Jazon who had rust red eyes; that meant there were supernatural creatures here. Suddenly Jazon’s eyes went deep crimson.

“Oh Snap!” Ajay said as he yanked the shotgun out of his coat and turned it on the middle of the room where Jazon was looking.

In the middle of the room against a solid wood wall sat three men. The elephant addressed the man in the middle. He was a handsome man of maybe thirty and his long blond hair and blue eyes marked him as a vampire. The Asian man beside him was powerfully built and angry looking. However, the third man was Brian Finney, who looked shocked and afraid. Instantly the wolves changed into full werewolf mode. Jazon grabbed their fur and held them steady.

“No…not yet; first we talk business, and then you can kill Finney if it pleases you.” Jazon said.

“You assume a great deal stranger; what makes you think you could kill Brian? What makes you think we would let you?” The Asian man said in a vicious way.

The room was startled by Jazon and Ajay’s laughter. Ajay had tears in his eyes but was able to talk through the fits of insane laughter.

“What makes you think you could stop us Gus?” Ajay asked.

The blond man spoke softly and without menace to try to regain the peace; that was not to be however.

“I think we can work this out; without blood shed. This man is the Prince of Portland and as such he can pay off any debt he may owe you.” the blond said.

“Wrong; he is no longer the prince. I am the new king and this piece of trash attacked our mates like the coward he is. We have come to settle up. I might let him live if…if he gives me the cure to the poison he injected Silky with. It is his choice to make.” Jazon said as his eyes turned white and his ear became pointed.

“I have heard enough.” The Asian announced as he jumped up and made to attack.


Ajay jack a round into the chest of the Asian vampire; who foolishly thought he could take it. He went down and screamed in pain until he was nearly dead. Ajay went forward and was going to take his head off when Jazon stopped him.

“No, he is an arrogant ass, but he is not our enemy. Let him go Ajay.

“FINE, but I want Finney’s head on a stick!” Ajay roared.

Payton had never seen a vampire put on his back so easily; what the hell was in that gun anyway. Payton saw the elephant reaching for a double headed axe, he did not know if he should say something or just nail the elephant with one of his knives. Payton was shook out of his concentration by Jazon’s whispered voice in his ear.

“If he lifts that axe off the floor take him down Payday.” Jazon said.

Payton looked at Jazon and the man was not even close to him; or looking at him or the elephant. Payton refocused on his target, just as the elephant lifted his weapon, the twelve year old moved like a seasoned killer. Before the elephant even knew what happened; the kid had impaled him at the base of the skull and the small of his back with silver knives. The elephant dropped the axe and screamed in pain. Just as he turned to see who his attacker was, Payton did a flying barrel roll flip and cut off the elephants head and impaled his heart. Payton stood back and looked at the man on the couch in a way that was unmistakable…you are next.

“I will grant you; your life; however, Brian is mine, please do not interfere with us or we will be forced to kill ya.” Jazon said pleasantly.

Brian sat so still he seemed dead; which of course he was. The blond man stood up and spoke.

“We have a problem; you see this man is a guest in my house and as such I must actively protect him as the host. I might agree with your claim; however, I cannot allow you to take Brian from me…no matter the cost.” The blond man said.

The Asian man on the floor was trying to get up, but Ajay stepped on the back of his head and lowered his shotgun barrel down until it touched his bald head in a meaningful way.

“How about this dude, are you responsible for him as well?” Ajay asked.

“That is Ming; he is the nephew of Kahn; who rules all of Asia; you would do well not to make an enemy out of Kahn. I am sure that Ming would be willing to let all of this go like water under a bridge if you let him leave unharmed.” The blond man said.

The boys all laughed; which scared the blond vampire and Brian. Ming was just plain pissed; because Ajay’s size twelve’s were on top of his bald head and so was the barrel of a shotgun.

“Do we look like idiots man? Well, we are not fools; and we are not asking you shit; we are taking Brian. The question posed to you is whether you and Ming here are going to live through this; not if we can take Brian; because he is already ours pal.” Ajay said in a harsh tone.

The scene was as tense as could be. The boys; plus the kid were staring down the vampire in his own layer. The sergeant slipped out and disappeared into the night; he wanted no part of any of this mess. Ming stopped struggling and made a command decision.

“Remove you footwear from my head black man and I will leave this building and not return; nor will I take any action against you. You have the word of the Kahn’s nephew, and my word of honor.” Ming said.

Ajay was not about to let Ming up but Jazon cleared his throat and motioned for Ajay to let the Chinese man up. Ajay stepped back and away. Ming got up very slow and looked into Ajay’s eyes. Ming’s eyes were a brilliant blue and he was deeply angry; however, he extended his hand to Ajay. Ajay had the shotgun aimed at Ming’s chest; but he reached out and shook the vamps hand anyway.

“You are a brave man human; I will we never have to meet as foes; it would please me not to have to kill a good man such as yourself.” Ming turned and looked at the blond man and then looked at Jazon. “You should asked Brian to leave your home; thus dissolving your need to protect him. This man is no mere vampire, he is more; I can feel it and so can you. We both know how strong Brian is and he is scared of this man; let that be your teacher alone.” Ming said as he smiled at Jazon.

“Go in peace Ming and good journey to you.” Jazon said.

The prince of Asia left per his word and did not return; although Jazon knew they would meet again. Jc snarled and turned to the door and instantly transformed fully into a werewolf. Jc was special even for a werewolf; he could be human, or a werewolf or a complete Timberwolf. He was a giant hulking werewolf now and he was set on the balls of his feet to launch himself in an instant. The blond man took this short distraction to attack. Darts came out of his sleeves and they were flung at blinding speed at each of the boys. In a blur of movement Jazon flung his leather jacket out and spun; the move deflected the darts harmlessly into the walls. Brian saw his chance to live and took it, his rammed his way right thru the wall and ran off into the night. Ajay would have went after him but the room was suddenly flooded with vampires; and they wanted to fight. Jazon grabbed Payton and tossed him to Terry. The werewolf shoved the boy behind him and went to work killing the two blood drinkers that charged him. Terry had worked on his close quarters combat with Wolf and Jazon, so he was patient and let them come in close enough they even if they tried to retreat he who nail them hard with one or both hands or a well placed foot.

The blond man sat down and was surprised to see Jazon sitting next to him.

“I should kill you; but I want you to call off your boys before they are all dead. None of you are equal to us; we will kill you all if we continue.” Jazon said in a matter of fact voice.

Blond saw the truth of Jazon’s words; his crew were being destroyed; not beaten, destroyed. He suddenly understood why Brian Finney feared this man.

“STOP, please, just stop fighting. It is futile.” The blond vampire said.

All fight stopped immediately and they looked at the blond guy for orders. Jazon said nothing which confused the blond guy.

“You issue no orders to you men?” the blond vamp asked.

Jazon smiled and winked at Ajay and Terry.

“They are my friends; not my minions. They are free to choose their own path, I only intervene for the greater good at times; or give my advice. It is completely up to them if they want to comply or take the advice; I will not force them.” Jazon said.

“You could if you wanted though I take it?” blond asked.

“Yes, he could force all of us put together; but he is our leader by deeds and judgment not force. I follow him because he cares if I live or die and will sacrifice himself for me if he thinks I will live. That is the mark of a great man.” Terry said.

“Right; he’s my boy; we are in it to win it all the way.” Ajay added.

The blond vampire’s crew picked up the badly damaged among their ranks and carried them out while Jazon and Ajay questioned the blond vamp about Brian, Mark and Collin.

“Do you know where Mark O’Day is? Who is Collin and why did Brian come here to you?” Ajay asked.

“Collin is the ruler of all of Europe and he is as far as I know Mark’s grand sire. Mark is trash and I would not receive him in my home; therefore, his location is unknown to me. Brain and I are old friends, he is a scoundrel; but I like him anyway. He should have told me about you however. I like not having my home torn up during combat.” The blond vampire said.

“I see.” Jazon said.

“You must see and speak with Collin soon or he will put hunters on you back. He does not like war being waged in his territories. I will set it up for you as a gesture for not killing my crew and myself; call it professional courtesy.” The blond vamp said.

One half hour later they left the blond’s home and were off to meet Collin O’Day the lord of the country.

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