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W. Shane Wilson

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by W. Shane Wilson   

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Publisher:  W. SHANE WILSON Type: 


Copyright:  7/20/09 ISBN-13:  9780578032993

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A group of six kids with amazing elemental powers must stop and ancient enemy called the Dark People from enslaving thier sun loving race. Malice is the King of the enemy and he sacrificed his own nephew to start a war with the People of the Sun. Lee leads the 6 kids with her partners Darts the assassin and Bells the Master of Sound, to try to prevent her peaceful people from being the slaves of Malice.



The day started as usual on the world of ICE. The three suns shone down on the planet and it was glorious as usual. The problem was; just that is was always gorgeous and splendid; like all life on ICE always was. This was the real danger; everyone was happy too happy; and completely unprepared for the days ahead when the sun would not bring joy; only new sorrows.

Something you should know about ICE; it is a planet of incredible people. Magic is life here. Every child at the age of ten years exactly develops their gift. This is commonly called the Change. There are rare times that a child will meet the Change earlier, Lee was one of these children; she changed at 5 years old and was a master by the age 8 years. Most people master their gift around their twentieth birthday. So, to say Lee was special is a gross understatement. What was Lee’s power? Lee can use wind, air or any combination to do what ever she asked it to. If you made her angry: which was hard to do; Lee could call up hurricane force winds in a blink of an eye. Moreover, no other wind user was her match in power. Lee was not one to show off or bully anyone so that was never an issue for her. Most of the time Lee would blow a rain cloud over a farmer’s field to use the rain on the crops.

This morning was different than other mornings; because her best friend forever Kenya had just turned 10 today and she could already feel the power inside her trying to come out. Kenya was shy by nature and soft spoken; but she was not a push over. Kenya could toss stone well enough to hunt with them. It was thought that her power or gift might be kinetic in nature because of how good she was. It turned out that she was just handy with tossing things; and more importantly she NEVER missed; ever! Lee arrived at the cube where Kenya lived. On adult lived in each cube with the new Change kids. Kenya had the north face of her cube. Lee knocked on the door and it slid away to let Kenya out. Kenya was slender and pretty, she had dark hair and pale eyes; she looked like a mini model. Lee was a tomboy, big smile, light brown hair and smiling brown eyes.

“Hey Kenya; what flavors do you have?” Lee asked.

“Oh I don’t know; what flavor do you like?” Kenya said.

“I think I would like something white today?” Lee said giggling.
“Well then you wish is my command.” Kenya said producing a freeze white treat on a stick.

“Excccceeeellent.” Lee said drawing the word out.

“Better eat on the way sister; or we will be late for my Changing ceremony.” Kenya added.

“Never, you mind about that; I will just lift us there on the wind silly.” Lee said.

Kenya looked ill; last time Lee took them somewhere on the wind; Kenya barfed. You would barf too is you had to ride a tornado. Kenya thought Lee did it on purpose; because Lee is the mistress of the wind; it will do what ever she asked it to. Lee had a funny sense of humor sometimes. Lee saw Kenya look and giggled.

“I promise a soft ride and no barfing zone.” Lee said.

“You promise?” Kenya asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I swear to the diamond throne; I will not spin you or make you sick. All you will feel this time is a gentle breeze as I spirit you away.” Lee said.

The tan Lee put her hand in Kenya’s and closed her eyes and smiled. An instant tornado engulfed the two girls. Kenya thought that Lee had fooled her again; but soon she realized just how powerful her friend could be. Lee and Kenya were two hundred feet about the ground floating on a flat white cloud being pushed by a tornado; and it was just like Lee said’ it was a soft breeze that gently tussled Kenya dark hair. Kenya tried to let go of Lee’s hand and Lee clamped down so hard it made her cry out.

“NO. You cannot let go of me while we are up here; if you do you will fall to your death; or be pulled into the whirlwind and be thrashed senseless. The wind obeys only me Kenya; and I don’t want a new BFF’ so hold on to me.” Lee said sternly.

Kenya knew that what Lee said was true; because when they went swimming Lee would make an air funnel and shoot kids up and into the water. If she touched you; you would not fall; if she broke contact; you fell into the water. It was great funny and Lee was a great hostess; so it was a game as well; who would she hold and who would she drop into the water.

“Sorry it just slipped my mind for a second.” Kenya said.

“It’s okay; you just scared me. I thought I was going to drop you; I don’t want to do that.” Lee said.

The rest of the trip went by in a dream state; Lee was so good at making the air act like a rollercoaster; Kenya laughed all the way to her own ceremony. Lee put them down on the ground in the courtyard of the palace ceremonial coliseum. Lee made the tornado blow itself out. She still had Kenya’s hand as she walked her toward the staging area; where a few other kids were celebrating their Change. Every person the girls passed bowed deeply; because Lee was a master and it was disrespectful to not show her the proper accord. Now, there is a major difference between mastering your gift and being a master. One is you are good and adept with your gift; verses in all of its uses. The second; being a Master; means that you are on a level far beyond anyone else. These people are rare and usually very old or at the least fully adult. Lee was a Master; meaning no amount of other talents could overcome her. They tested her and it scared them at first; Lee seemed to have no upper limit of her powers. Therefore, Lee was afforded the title of Master of the wind; or Mistress as the other kids called her.

“Come on Kenya; I see Josh over there on the stage; he must have changed as well. This is so exciting; I wonder what he can do?” Lee said.

“Knowing that cute Josh is will be something spectacular.” Kenya said as she blushed.

Everyone knew Kenya was sweat on Josh; but then most of the girls around his age were. Josh was friendly and all boy at the same time. Josh was good at everything; and he was never rude if he had to help someone out; he took it in stride and just pitched in. His family was proud of him and Josh was very popular. Lee and Kenya were distracted by the sound of rain drops; because it was a clear day. They both smiled.

“Come out Bells; we know you’re near by boy-toy.” Kenya said.

A really cute boy with a huge smile and gleaming eyes popped out of a bush near Lee; although the rain sounds came from the other side of the lane. That was Bells gift; he was a expert in the use of all sorts of sound. Bells could use sound to heal injuries and make plants grow. It was ironic really; simply because Bells was mute. He had never spoken a word in his entire life. He could make himself understood easily with his mastery of sounds; and prior to his gift gestures. Bells Was eleven and he was one a very few people on ICE with green eyes. Green eyes and brown were signs of great inner power it was said. In both Lee and Bells; that proved to be true. Bells had his Change at ten like normal, but within two months he had mastered his gift to a point that he practiced with Lee in a deadly game of tag; that they could not play with many others without being afraid of injuring them.

“Hey Bells; give me a hug.” Lee said.

Bells jumped on Lee and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She laughed and pushed him away. Bells turned to Kenya and took her hand and kissed it; like a knight of old. Kenya blushed and Lee giggled. Bells always made them fell good when he was around. Bells made the air fill with celebration music, to remind them that Kenya needed to get up to the stage in the coliseum. Kenya smiled and just stood there; so Bells grabbed her hand and ran her up to the stage. Just before they made it to the steps; Bells sudden spun Kenya and sound wrapped around her and lifted her on to the stage softly. Josh smiled.

“Show off.” Josh said with a grin.

Josh and Bells were best friends. Josh used to try to protect Bells; until three years ago some bigger kids were ganging up on Josh and Bells beat them all up so bad by himself; that they all had to go to a medical unit for aid. Bells would not fight to protect himself; however, if you touched one of his friends; he changed into a silent sentinel; string and lethal. After that day no one in their right mind ever fought Bells again. Bells was long and lean; all hard muscle. At only eleven Bells was 5’5 and 110lbs. Josh was just a bit shorter than his friend.

The grand council waved his hands and then addressed the gathered crowd. No matter how many times they saw a child receive a gift; it never got old or redundant. The ceremonies were every three months. It was just great luck that Kenya’s birthday fell on the celebration day.

“We are once again gathered here to find out what gifts God has bestowed on our young ones. May we all be blessed by their addition to our collective of gifted individuals?” The grand Council said.

There were four kids who were celebrating their change. A shy little girl with blond hair could make plants grow. The other unknown kid; was able to make anything non-living change shape. When the council called Josh forward the kiddie games were over. Josh stepped passed the council; while patting him on the arm.

“Excuse me sir; it is for the best that I am closer to the ground. (Josh looked right at Bells and Lee). “Here we go.”

Josh smiled; raised his hand and the ground right in front of him became a solid four foot wall. Josh stepped out on top of it and the wall moved like it was alive; where ever Josh stepped the wall came up to meet his feet. When Josh was well clear of the stage he had the wall sink into the ground. An older kid shouted “Big deal, you came make a wall.” Josh smiled and raised his hand and a giant rock behind him become a giant stone warrior; complete with stone battle axe. It ran over and grabbed the loud mouth and jerked him out of his seat; and then showed him the blade of the axe up close.

“Still think it is no biggy pal?” Josh said.

Josh snapped his fingers and the soldier fell to sand with the kid still in its fist. So the loud mouth landed in the sand. Josh turned and walked toward the stage the ground jumped under his feet and tossed him up to the stage pertly. Josh just smile and sat down beside Kenya; who looked ill.

“Got get them Kenya.” Josh said.

“Yeah thanks for making it impossible for anyone to look cool other than you.” Kenya said. “Great job though.”

Kenya smiled and squeezed Josh’s hand. When her name was called; Kenya got up and walked to the center or the stage and raised her right hand and pointed at the giant stone structure that Josh took the stone soldier from and a pure blue light came out of her index finger; when the light touched the stone it began to burn letters into the stone. Kenya wrote her name. The loud mouth kids shouted again.

“Come on is that all you can do?” the kid shouted.


Kenya pointed her finger at him and he screamed.

“I am blind, what did you do to me?” the kid screamed in terror.

Kenya snapped her fingers and the kid’s sight was restored.

“You really should be silent; you’re not powerful enough to heckle me or Josh.” Kenya said.

“So you can blind me and write on rocks; that is all pretty weak,” The kid said.

Kenya looked at Lee and a single tear ran her cheek. She turned back to the crowd.

“I asked all of your pardons for what I am about to do.” Kenya said.

Kenya was really crying now. She began to blur and took on the colors of a complete rainbow. All of a sudden she screamed and slammed her hands together and a beam so powerful slammed into the hills behind them. Where the beam hit the hills were gone. Kenya looked straight up and spoke “Solar Flare”, her body instantly began as bright as the suns. Kenya was on her knees crying. Lee was on the stage in a wisp. She held Kenya to her chest while her friend cried her eyes out. The crowd was stunned. Little shy Kenya was so powerful, that she was a danger to herself and others. Josh save the day as usual.

“That was AMAZING!!!” Josh screamed jumping up and down.

“Kenya, you destroyed an entire hill and all the plants on that hill. You gift is dangerous and should never be used.” The counsel said.

“Nonsense, she was showing the extent of her abilities and it made her sad; because she is a soft heart. She will use her gift and increase her powers; I will train with her personally. Do any of you challenge me as a Master?” Lee said

The council’s face went white and so did the crowd; because Lee was angry; and the air itself was alive with malice at her call. Once again Josh put things to right.

“Is the problem that the hill was juiced? Not a problem.” Josh said.

Josh jumped off the stage; drew a deep breath; then he stomped his foot down so hard the planet shook. Every muscle in Josh’s entire body was locked in concentration; he looked like a miniature body builder flexing for the crowd. Where the old hill had been now there was a mountain growing toward the sky. Josh fell to his knees in exhaustion; but he was not done yet. He turned and looked at the little blond girl and beckoned her to him. Bells helped her off the stage as he walked up to help Josh. The girl stood by Josh who was still on the ground sweating like a pig.
“Take my hand….” Josh said


“Holly make the plant life grow on the new mountain.” Josh said as he was shifting his weight trying not to fall on his face.

“It is too far and I am so little and weak; not like you Josh.” Holly said.

“Take my hand and I will help you. You make it grow; and I will ask the earth listen to you no matter how far.” Josh said.

Holly touched Josh’s hand and the ground around them was green and super healthy at once. Josh was just as exhausted; however he would not give up. He began to dig deeper and he asked the earth to help him. It was not the earth that helped it was Bells and Kenya. They wrapped their hands around Josh’s and Bells hummed a happy tune. Kenya sent light into Josh and he was instantly invigorated. Holly used all her tiny powers and then a lot more to make the entire mountain turn green with life. Kenya removed her hand and Holly passed out from exertion. Bells stopped humming and Josh collapsed from exhaustion. Kenya raised her hands and sent a blue ultraviolet light over the mountain; it super changed the growth.
“Lee, can you blow some clouds over there to water the plants?” Kenya asked.

Lee did not answer; her hair sprang up and if a gale force wind was blowing it around. Clouds blew in and rain fell on the entire mountain. Lee smiled and so did Kenya. Bells had Josh over his shoulder and had Holly her hand she was shaky but up on her feet. Kenya put her hands on Holly’s face and a pure light surrounded Holly. The petite plant girl was renewed in a few moments. Bells was doing the same thing to Josh only he used sound waved to renew his friends energy. Josh opened his eyes.

“I name the new mountain; Mt. Kenya’s Bells after my selfless friends.” Josh said and closed his eyes again; totally asleep.

The council came over to Kenya and studied her for a moment. Then he looked wisely at Lee; before he went on. Lee winked at him.

“Your gift is truly amazing; at first we thought your gift was only dangerous; but we see that is incorrect. You can heal; and add growing and many other wonderful things. More amazing is that you kids mixed your gifts to achieve a goal. I have rarely ever seen adults perform that miracle. I was wrong; you are gifted beyond your years child.” The council said

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