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Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist

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Teacher's Pet
by Kemy Erotica Romance Novelist   

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Publisher:  E-booktime, LLC Type: 


ISBN-13:  9781608620197

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Romance Novel

 Teacher's Pet

Teacher (An occurrence, idea, or object from which something may be learned). Pet (Cherished by or favorite to somebody).

Teacher's Pet is about a woman who relishes her time in developing a variety of feelings for several men who enter her life. A blessed future to the one man who endures to the end.

Jo'Nay Abbington: A beautiful, single, second grade school teacher. Heiress to Abbington International Coffees. What a treat for Jo'Nay to have four distinguished gentlemen dueling for an invite into her bed.

Four tempting male choices to refuse or indulge in physical ecstasy while deciding on which to choose to leave begging for more, and more, and more.

Joshua Stonewell: Hard working and good-looking. Entrepreneur of Josh's Automatic Security Systems. A man who seeks love, not just materialistic rewards. Can Joshua open Jo'Nay's eyes to a life where money comes second to the benefits of life's simple pleasure, real love?

Roman Franlinto: Rich and handsome. Headmaster of Washington Enrichment Preparatory Academy. A man who would give his last breath to possess Jo'Nay's soul and her love. Can the elements of virginal passion sustain Jo'Nay to suppress her existence in Roman's bed only?

Ian Sanchez: Wealthy, handsome, and physically superior. Self-made billionaire of Sanchez Computer and Software Technology Corporation. A man who tried his heart at loving the first time around and then suspended all future long-term relationships, that is until he meets Jo'Nay. Jo'Nay is the woman who controls the beat of Ian's heart, the tempo of sex, and is a candidate to be his bride.

Ethan Reese: Multi-cultured, damn good-looking, has money to lend, and money to burn. A Computer Programmer of Caribbean-Creole descent. Ethan is a man who loves Jo'Nay; however, he has little time to show it. Will Jo'Nay settle for the part time company of a man who is blessed with a great physical endowment, and an unwavering tongue, to satisfy her undercover physical cravings?

Teacher's Pet is the story of a woman's quest to find and maintain love, whether it is under the covers, on top of a fluffy carpet, or on a desktop. Join her on an unforgettable journey. Sometimes the choices you make to fill your immediate desires are not the same choices that will sustain your future happiness.



“Roman get up.”
Jo’Nay pushed at Roman’s chest.
“Baby, I swear I won’t cum inside you.”
“That’s what you said last night.”
“Baby, trust me.” Roman kissed Jo’Nay on her lips. “Have I
told you lately that I love you?”
“Umm hmm.”
Jo’Nay kissed Roman on his neck; she slid her tongue over
his skin.
“Oh baby, and…, and you keep asking me why I can’t contain my release.” Jo’Nay stopped.
Roman looked down into Jo’Nay’s eyes.
“I love you Jo’Nay. Let me please you like a man suppose to please his woman.” Roman kissed the side of Jo’Nay’s neck.
Jo’Nay wrapped her legs around Roman’s back while he goaded his manhood in between the abyss of her thighs. For once, he just wanted to enter her and fuck the consequences behind her
“Jo’Nay, I love you baby.”
Jo’Nay kissed Roman’s lips. She rubbed her palms up and down his sweat drenched back.
“Oh Jo’Nay.”

Roman humped his body back and palmed his manhood. He balanced his body on one hand and placed his throbbing manhood near Jo’Nay’s vaginal opening.
“Jo’Nay, just let me put the tip of my head in. I swear I won’t push. Dammit baby, I need to feel inside you.”
“No Roman.”
Roman leaned down and kissed one of Jo’Nay’s breasts. He scooted his body back and then slowly prodded his dick forward.
Jo’Nay pushed Roman’s chest back.
“Roman, I said no.”
Roman laid his body on top of Jo’Nay. He gripped her hips, and blindly moved his manhood.
“I... I love you... Jo... Jo’Nay. Roman planted his groin against Jo’Nay’s pelvis. He closed his eyes and threw his head
“Aahhhhh shit.”
A rapid stream of Roman’s sperm poured out of his
manhood. It settled around the lips of Jo’Nay’s pussy.
Jo’Nay felt Roman’s sticky residue gather between the cocoon of her inner thighs.
“Dammit Roman, I demand that you get off me. And I appreciate it if you would leave.”
Jo’Nay pushed Roman off her, threw the covers back, and got out the bed. Roman rolled on his back and looked at the ceiling.
“I mean now!”
“Jo’Nay I’m sorry. It will never happen again.”
Jo’Nay reached for the bed’s top cover and wiped the excess of sperm from around her vaginal area. She looked down at the cover before she dropped it back down on the bed.
“I’ve already asked you not to cum near my vagina anymore.”
“Baby I’m sorry, but dammit Jo’Nay, we have been going on like this for over a year now. I love you, and you said you love me. Therefore, why won’t you let me enter you?” Roman slicked
his hand back through his hair. “Baby, oral and anal sex can only be enjoyed for so long.”
“The man that I plan to marry will be the man who gets my

“Then marry me dammit!”
“I’m not ready to get married.”
“I have listened to that bullshit for over a year now. What are you waiting for, another man?”
Jo’Nay thought to herself why does she pretend that Roman will ever change. This would be the last time that she permits his entrance back into her life.
“Roman, you need to leave. Our relationship is over. One of
these days the concept will catch up with you.”
“What the fuck does that suppose to mean!”
Roman threw the covers back and rose from the bed. He walked around the bed
and stood in front of Jo’Nay.
“Are you trying to tell me that you no longer love me?”
Jo’Nay took a step back. “Roman, I am going to take a bath.
When I return, you should be gone.”
Roman grabbed Jo’Nay by her upper arm.
“You’re kicking me out again?”
“Yes, now let my arm go.”
Roman looked down. His hand remained gripped around
Jo’Nay’s upper arm. He immediately dropped his arm.
“Goodnight Roman.”
Jo’Nay walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.
“You fucking bitch,” Roman mumbled under his breath.
He walked around the bed and grabbed his pants and boxer shorts. He
slid both on in a hurry. He put his shirt on and knotted his necktie.
Roman sat on the bed and put back on his socks and shoes.
Jo’Nay sat on the toilet. She will never open her door for Roman again. She knew she should have taken Ethan up on his invitation to join him for dinner.
Jo’Nay heard her front door slam. She then heard Roman start his vehicle. Jo’Nay heard Roman’s tires screech out of her driveway. She stood and opened the bathroom door.
Jo’Nay ran from her bedroom into the living room. She locked her front door. Boots entered the living room and began to bark.
“I know Boots, I like him also, but the man is impossible at times.”
Boots barked and ran back into the kitchen.

Jo’Nay returned to the bathroom. She slid the shower door open, stepped into the shower, and slid the shower door close; she grabbed the bar of soap and turned on the shower water knob.
Jo’Nay sat in bed and graded her students’ classroom assignments until she became tired. She placed the remaining ungraded papers inside her briefcase and pushed it to the other
side of the bed.
Jo’Nay turned off the lamp, and sunk under the covers.


Ethan heard his telephone ringing. He replaced the lid back on the pot, picked up a dishtowel, and wiped his hands on it.
Ethan placed the dishtowel back down on the kitchen counter-top and ran into the living room. He ran over to the telephone stand, and picked up the telephone receiver.
“Umm, I love it whenever I hear your voice.”
“Hey baby, the food is ready, the wine is chilling. Now, all I need is your warm body.”
“Would you like me to bring anything?”
“Just your naked body. On second thought, leave the pleasure for me to undress you.”
“I promise not to even remove a shoe.”
“I’ll see you when you get here.”
“I cannot wait.”
Jo’Nay and Ethan hung up the telephone simultaneously.
Ethan heard Jo’Nay pull her vehicle into his driveway. He lit two long-stem white candles and blew out the match. He threw the match into the sink. Ethan looked at the intimate table setting.
He prayed Jo’Nay gives her virginity to him tonight.
Ethan heard Jo’Nay insert her key inside the keyhole.
Jo’Nay entered Ethan’s home and closed the door. She placed the extra
key to his home on a wooden table near the door.
“Ethan, something sure smells good in there.”

Ethan walked into the living room.
“Hello gorgeous how was your day?”
“Fine and yours.”
“Ethan, I hope you took the telephone receiver off the hook.”
“Yes the receiver is off the hook. If my boss needs me, it’s not my problem.”
“I like the sound of that.”
Ethan pulled Jo’Nay into his arms. Jo’Nay gathered her arms around Ethan’s lower back.
Ethan kissed Jo’Nay on the side of her lips; he then kissed the side of her neck.
“I missed you,” Ethan whispered in Jo’Nay’s ear.
“I’m sure I can make up for my absence.”
“Jo’Nay, I want you.” Ethan kissed Jo’Nay on the top of her forehead.
“Umm, I love the power of a woman’s worth.”
Jo’Nay moved her thigh up Ethan’s inner thigh. She slowly kissed him on the lips. Jo’Nay slid her palm down Ethan’s chest;she cupped his bulging manhood.
“Do tell me more.” Jo’Nay glided her palm over Ethan’s dick; she kissed him on the lips and then speared her tongue
inside his mouth.
“Baby, don’t make me wait another day to make love to you,” Ethan whispered in Jo’Nay’s ear. “I envisioned me making slow.” Ethan kissed Jo’Nay on her chin. “Passionate.” He kissed one of her breasts through her shirt. “Love to you. God, I want
you baby.”
Jo’Nay increased the stroking sensation up and down Ethan’s erect dick. Ethan raised Jo’Nay’s skirt up from behind.
Jo’Nay rested both palms on Ethan’s chest and quickly kissed him on the lips. She stepped back, and walked around him.
Jo’Nay walked in the direction of the kitchen and turned around.
“Oh, I forgot to mention. The outcome of your request depends on the flavor of the meal.” Jo’Nay winked at Ethan.
“Well in that case, consider your virginity mines.”

Ethan walked up to Jo’Nay and wrapped his arms around her waist; he nuzzled the side of her neck.
“I knew I made the right decision to beg you for your telephone number after the play.”
“Then you should have no complaints where the direction of thisrelationship ventures.”
“On your back works for me.”
“That may be, but feed me first.”
Ethan disengaged his arms from around Jo’Nay’s waist. He grabbed her by the hand, and both walked into the kitchen.
Jo’Nay forked the remains of her Filet Mignon into her mouth; she placed the fork down on her dinner napkin.
“Ethan that was a meal worth remembering.”
“Since you always seem to fill this man’s belly. I thought I’ll repay the favor.”
Jo’Nay picked up her glass of red wine and took a sip; she placed her glass back down on the table.
“Ethan, when will this secretive project at work be completed?”
“I’m hoping sometime next month. Therefore, after that, no more postponements on my behalf at the last minute.”
“It appears you seem to make up for every one of them.
Nevertheless, someone did cancel out on the ballet performance last night.”
“In that case, it’s time I make up for my non-attendance.”
Ethan wiped his hands on his dinner napkin and stood. He walked around the table, and held his hand out to Jo’Nay.
Jo’Nay scooted her chair back and stood. She placed her hand in Ethan’s hand.
Ethan led Jo’Nay up a flight of stairs. He walked in the direction of his master bedroom. Ethan opened the door.
Jo’Nay admired the red rose petals that covered Ethan’s black silk sheets.
“Oh Ethan, this is so special.”
Jo’Nay walked into Ethan’s bedroom. Ethan followed behind.
“Wait, there’s more.”
Ethan walked over to his dresser;he
slid a drawer back and removed a black jewelry box.

He pushed the drawer close and walked back to where Jo’Nay stood. He concealed the jewelry box behind his back.
“I have something for you, but first, I need for you to turn around and close your eyes.”
Jo’Nay turned around and closed her eyes.
Ethan opened the jewelry box, and removed a one-caret teardrop diamond necklace. He threw the jewelry box on a nearby chair. Ethan unclasped the necklace.
“I need for you to lift your hair.”
Jo’Nay gathered her hair and piled it on top of her head.
Ethan placed the necklace around Jo’Nay’s neck and clasped it.
He slowly kissed the back of her neck.
“Okay, you can open up your eyes.”
Jo’Nay let her hair go and opened her eyes. She looked down and ran her palm over the necklace. Jo’Nay walked over to the dresser and looked in the mirror.
“Ethan, it’s beautiful, but you did not have to.”
Ethan joined Jo’Nay at the mirror; he positioned his body behind hers.
“Baby, I’m just getting started.” Ethan matted his groin against Jo’Nay’s derrière. He hugged her from behind.
“Jo’Nay, you are so beautiful. Your skin is so soft, and your body is just right.”
“Thank you.”
Jo’Nay met Ethan’s dark brown eyes in the mirror.
The handsome man, who held her within his embrace, was a light-skinned complexion man, and a descendant of Caribbean Creole parents. Ethan’s inky-black waves occupied his crown. A smooth goatee descended from his sideburns, which ran the course along his jawbones, and gathered above his succulent top lip. The genetic attribute blended with perfection against his facial features and gifted mouth. Jo’Nay looked at Ethan’s mouth again.
Boy, his lips always felt seductive gliding over the contour of her
derrière, not to lessen the degree of what his tongue did to her libido when he let it loose over her skin.
Jo’Nay always wondered which side of Ethan’s ancestry traits dominated his existence, his African American heritage, or his upper class European appearance. One thing she could attest too. In the area of his physical endowment and his hefty sexual
appetite, she would have to weigh toward his African American
genes. If you were not aware of his bi-racial heritage, Ethan looked the average European male she thought.
Jo’Nay twisted her head both ways to admire her necklace.
She turned around in Ethan’s arms.
“Thank you again.”
Jo’Nay linked her arms around Ethan’s neck and kissed him.
Ethan picked Jo’Nay up and carried her over to the bed. He sat her on top of the rose petals. He looked down at her while he removed his shirt and threw it on the bed; he unzipped his pants,
unbuckled his belt buckle, and then unsnapped the button.
Ethan slid out of his pants and briefs he tossed them behind himself.
Jo’Nay looked up. As she always imagined, the gifted size of the
man’s penis is what keeps her interested to return for more.
Ethan stood Jo’Nay up. He unbuttoned her shirt, took it off, and then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Ethan grouped both items in his hands and threw them on the bottom of the bed.
Ethan hugged Jo’Nay around her lower back; he rubbed his palms up and down her spine.
“Jo’Nay, I love your body. I swear, you would not regret the decision if you let me make love to you.”
Ethan palmed one of Jo’Nay’s breasts, and then squeezed it.
He licked over a nipple. Jo’Nay cupped the back of Ethan’s head and threw her head back.
“Oh God, when you do that it drives me crazy.”
Ethan continued to suckle Jo’Nay’s breast. He took his other hand, and unzipped her skirt from behind. Ethan let Jo’Nay’s breast go. He slowly pulled down her skirt. Jo’Nay’s skirt rested around her ankles.
Ethan bent his head down and kissed Jo’Nay’s jeweled navel.
“Damn, you’re beautiful.”
Jo’Nay stepped out of her skirt.
Ethan squatted on his knees. “I don’t think that you’ll need this.” He slid her thong down her legs.

Jo’Nay lifted one foot, and then the other as Ethan assisted her out of her thong. Ethan threw Jo’Nay’s thong on the bed. He inserted his finger inside her pussy. Ethan looked up.
“Already wet I see.”
“I’m past that.”
Jo’Nay placed her hand over Ethan’s head, and pulled his face against her womanhood. Ethan braced his palms on the sides of Jo’Nay’s hips. He bent his head lower, and licked over her
downy hairs. Ethan cupped Jo’Nay’s derrière; he kissed the soft folds surrounding her clitoris, and then stood.
“Lay down.”
Jo’Nay laid down on the bed. Ethan took off his shoes, and then Jo’Nay’s shoes. He positioned his body over hers.
“Put your arms above your head.”
Jo’Nay put her arms above her head. Ethan lifted one of Jo’Nay’s breasts, and began sucking on it. He duplicated his actions with the other.
Jo’Nay opened her legs.
Ethan kissed Jo’Nay’s neck. He kissed a path down her cleavage. Ethan hunched back, bent down, and lifted Jo’Nay’s legs he kissed her clitoris.
“Oh shit Ethan.”
“Baby, you smell so good.”
Ethan stuck his finger inside Jo’Nay’s pussy. He knew his finger was limited in how far it can travel. Ethan bent his head downward and sucked on Jo’Nay’s pussy.
“Aah... Ethan.” Jo’Nay arched her back.
Ethan parted Jo’Nay’s inner thighs.
“Hold your legs up.”
Jo’Nay held her bent legs up. Ethan divided Jo’Nay’s pussy;he prodded the depth with the tip of his tongue. He slightly lifted his head and found her eyes.
“I want to make love to you.”
Ethan lowered his head and kissed over Jo’Nay’s downy hairs.
Jo’Nay was tired of holding back. She looked down at the size of Ethan’s distended dick.
“Yes...Yes... make love to me.”
Ethan got off the bed. He pulled the lamp stand drawer back,removed a condom packet, and ripped it open.

Jo’Nay sat up. She pushed Ethan’s hand aside and palmed his manhood. Jo’Nay spit on the head of Ethan’s dick, massaged the wet excess around the engorged tip, and then gapped her
mouth. She pulled his member inside. Ethan’s dick kissed the back of Jo’Nay’s throat.
“Damn,” Ethan hissed. He grabbed a fistful of Jo’Nay’s hair and impelled his groin forward.
“That’s right; show me that this
pussy is going to me mines.”
Ethan tore the condom packet open
and removed the condom. “Hold up baby.”
Jo’Nay released Ethan’s manhood from out the corridor of her mouth. Ethan slid the condom down his manhood.
“Baby you ready for this?”
Jo’Nay looked at the monstrous size of Ethan’s awaiting penis.
Jo’Nay scooted to the head of the bed. Ethan climbed up the length of the bed. He bent his head down, kissed Jo’Nay’s toes, and then up the path of her leg.
Ethan opened Jo’Nay’s vaginal opening, and stuck his tongue deep inside. “Hmm, I see you’re still wet for me.” He kissed over her belly button.
Jo’Nay lifted her head from off the pillow and looked down into Ethan’s eyes.
“Be gentle baby, we have all night, and there’s no need to rush on my behalf.”
“Tell me that after I’ve busted my nut in you for the third time.” Ethan leaned down and kissed Jo’Nay’s navel.
“I love you for your giving nature,” Jo’Nay uttered.
Ethan positioned Jo’Nay’s body under his. He placed the helmet of his penis near her vaginal opening.
Ethan’s cellular phone rang.
Jo’Nay pushed Ethan’s chest back.
“Baby, I thought you said we would not be disturbed.”
“And we won’t.”
Ethan continued to let his cellular phone ring. He heard a vibrating buzz to let him know that the message was delivered to his voicemail. Ethan could not stay focused long enough to

“Shit. Baby, just let me see who it is.”
Jo’Nay sighed. “Go ahead, but be advised you were in the midst of making up for last night’s cancellation.”
Ethan looked down at Jo’Nay’s nudity lying over a bed of crushed rose petals. “I have not forgotten.”
Ethan got off the bed, and walked over to the dresser. He lifted his cellular phone, flipped it up, and then pressed in his voicemail button. Ethan placed his cellular phone up to his ear.

Mr. Reese, this is Mr. Sanchez, this call is of an urgent matter.
Somehow, the computer microchip marketing demographics
are locked in your office. I have four possible investors
here. And I need those demographics like now. And I mean, right

The caller ended the call abruptly.
Ethan flipped his cellular phone down and threw it on the
Jo’Nay sat up.
“What is it?”
“Baby, I locked the fucking marketing demographics to my boss’s computer microchip in my office, and of all the days. The motherfucker needs them.”
“Right now?”
“Yeah. It appears some investors are at his office, and they might be interested in buying…, some shit like that he said.”
“Who works on a Sunday?”
“Apparently, a motherfucker with no life.”
Ethan removed the condom and placed it on top of the dresser. He looked over at Jo’Nay.
“Baby I’m sorry; just stand behind me a little while longer, please.”
“Tell me something that I have not heard numerous times.”
Jo’Nay rose from the bed. She gathered her clothes and shoes, walked into the bathroom, and slammed the door.
“Fuck,” Ethan said to himself.

Jo’Nay quickly dressed. She opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.
Ethan stood in front of the mirror knotting his tie. He turned
around and walked up to Jo’Nay.
“Baby I’m sorry.”
“Save it.”
Jo’Nay pushed Ethan back and walked to the door. Ethan ran to the door.
“Jo’Nay, please don’t leave. All I have to do is go into the
office, unlock the door, and before you know it. I will be right back. In fact, you can even ride with me. Then I can show you inside the prison walls that my irritating boss has me locked
“No thank you. How long do you think you will be?”
“Give me an hour, then when I come back. We can go to a movie, come back here, and finish where we left off.”
“An hour, are you sure.”
“I promise, no more than an hour.”
“Okay, I’ll wait.”
“Thank you for understanding.”
Ethan kissed Jo’Nay and strolled out of the bedroom.
Jo’Nay waited for Ethan. One hour turned into four. She gave up and dressed.
Jo’Nay lifted the key to Ethan’s residence from off the table.
She opened her purse, dropped it inside, and closed her purse.
Jo’Nay opened the door and stepped out she pulled the door close.

Teacher's Pet
Copyright 2009 Kemy

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