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William J Smith

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The Adventures of Mighty Girl
by William J Smith   

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Publisher:  Lulu Enterprises ISBN-10:  0557383048


Copyright:  May 2,2010 ISBN-13:  9780557383047

Barnes &
The Adventures of Mighty-Girl

A book about a little girl who is transformed into a super-hero with supernatural powers

A book about a little girl,named Carol Anne,who goes camping with her family,when a UFO abducts her and gives her superhuman powers.She soon learns she must use these powers for good,to help innocent victims of crimes,and bring those said criminals to justice.Eventually,she soon has an arch-nemesis,a crime-boss named Vincent "Eagle Eyes" Fasendone, the head of the Fasendone crime-family.Mighty-Girl must do battle with this crime-boss,who tries to get rid of her,once and for all,when she starts messing up his "business",


Once Mighty-Girl was thoroughly,and tightly bound-up in the strait-jacket, Mr. Fasendone had his goons prepare the cement-boots, and then “Get the boat ready for sail, we pull out once the cement’s ready!”, Mighty-Girl just starting to move around, as the drugs were just starting to wear off, but it would still be several more minutes, until after she was chained to a chair, and put in the cement-boots, before she finally came around, and realized where she was. Once everything was all ready to go, Mr. Fasendone had his goons pick up the strait-jacketed Mighty-Girl, and carry her out to Mr. Fasendone’s yacht, which was waiting right outside, since Mr. Fasendone’s hideout is right on the water, right on, or along, the Hudson River, where the dock, where his yacht was tied up, was located, so it only took two or three minutes before he, his henchmen, and a tightly bound-up, and still heavily drugged Mighty-Girl, were on the boat, and ready to go out on the river. Once they got to a safe distance away from the shore, from where anyone passing by on the nearby road, or a nearby bridge, could see them, Mr. Fasendone had his goons turn off the motor on his yacht, Mighty-Girl already chained to a chair, and wearing cement-boots by then. Then, Mighty-Girl started coming around and moving around in her restraints. Once she realized that she couldn’t move much, she opened her eyes, and looked around her, and once she saw Mr. Fasendone and his goons, and saw that they were on a boat, she knew what was going on, and where she was.
“Hey, I hope you like your new jacket!”, Mr. Fasendone then said to Mighty-Girl, as she looked down, and saw that she had on this white jacket, but that her arms were crossed against her chest, and through this loop made of the same fabric as the rest of the garment, that was attached to the front of the jacket, and then realized that the jacket was on backwards, as she couldn’t find any opening to the jacket, at least in the front.
“What? What is this thing?”, Mighty-Girl asked, as she tried to move her arms, but couldn’t. “What do you have me tied-up in? Why can’t I move my arms?”, Mighty-Girl asked Mr. Fasendone.
“That’s a strait-jacket you’re wearing!”, Mr. Fasendone then replied, and started to laugh, and his goons started laughing, too. “I hope you like it, I pick it out for you, myself. I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, as you’re sleeping with the fishes!”, Mr. Fasendone then quipped, and then told his goons: “Okay, boys, take her outside and dump her!”, ordering them to pick Mighty-Girl up, and throw her over the side of the yacht, the chains binding Mighty-Girl to this wooden chair jingling, and clanging about as she tried to break free of her bindings, and even as she breathed, and her chest rose and fell as she breathed, Mighty-Girl fighting her bindings more and more vigorously, the closer she and Mr. Fasendone’s henchmen got to the edge of Mr. Fasendone’s yacht, until the henchmen threw Mighty-Girl overboard, into the river, Mighty-Girl, and the strait-jacket she was wearing, as well as the chair and the chain binding her to it, making a huge splash as they all hit the water, at the same time. As she sunk lower and lower into the river, and further and further away from the surface of the water, Mighty-Girl fought more and more vigorously against her bindings, her vigorous thrashing about in the water totally drowning out the sound of the motor on Mr. Fasendone’s yacht, as he and his goons started vacating the scene of their latest, dastardly deed. Even as she finally hit the bottom of the river, Mighty-Girl still believed that she would find a way to break free of all of her restraints, and though she eventually broke the chain binding her to the wooden chair, simply by expanding her chest, and her crossed arms, bound together in the strait-jacket Mr. Fasendone and his goons bound her up in, as far out as she could, and was able to eventually break her legs free of the huge, cement-boots (which were really just a big block of cement that had hardened around her lower legs, between her ankles and her knees), that her legs were bound together in, but as she tried to free herself from the Posey strait-jacket she was bound-up in, Mighty-Girl couldn’t free herself by pulling her arms apart, and even as she tried to use her lazar-eyes on the restraint, the lazar didn’t even cause a mark on the canvas-and-leather fabric of the restraint, so eventually Mighty-Girl just swam to the surface of the river, before she couldn’t hold her breath much longer, despite being a superhero with superhuman powers. Once she reached the surface, she let out her breath, finally. Once she caught her breath, Mighty-Girl looked all around, but Mr. Fasendone, his boat, and henchmen, were nowhere to be found, as they had long since motored out of there, not sticking around to see their dastardly deed to its conclusion, so Mighty-Girl then ‘swam’, with only her legs, kicking and paddling in the water, to the nearest shore, solely through paddling with her legs, as she, obviously, couldn’t use her arms to swim, what with them being bound together in a Posey strait-jacket.

Once she got to dry-land, after swimming (sort of), for some ten to fifteen minutes, or so, using just her legs to paddle her way to shore, Mighty-Girl sat down in the dirt, and mud, totally, and utterly exhausted from swimming the only way she could, with her legs, under the circumstances, and then started thrashing about in her strait-jacket, grunting all about as she tried to move her arms in the restraint, to no avail.
“Why can’t I break… of this…..thing?”, Mighty-Girl asked herself, in-between grunts, as she thrashed about in her Posey strait-jacket.
“None of my powers are working on this strait-jacket-thing!”, Mighty-Girl then said, letting out loud grunts, as she tried everything that she could, in her arsenal of powers, to burn, or rip a hole in the strait-jacket, but nothing would work on the canvas-and-leather fabric of the jacket. Mighty-Girl then struggled to her feet, and climbed the steep, muddy hill up to the nearest road, and once she reached the pavement, a car passed by, and Mighty-Girl was about to try to flag the car down, when she realized that she couldn’t, with her arms very tightly bound-up in a punishing Posey strait-jacket, the jacket showing Mighty-Girl no mercy in its hugging tightness, so when another car approached, Mighty-Girl started jumping up and down, hollering at the driver in the car to stop, but the next car just drove past her and kept going, so Mighty-Girl stopped her jumping, and just paced around the street, tears streaming down her cheeks as she thought she’d never escape that infernal strait-jacket that Mr. Fasendone and his goons were able to bound her up in, after having her fall into their latest trap that they set for her, when another car passed, but this time, it stopped, and pulled over to the side of the road, and once the car came to a complete stop, Mighty-Girl ran up to the driver’s side of the car, while the driver of the car rolled down his driver’s-side window.
“Sir, please help me! They’ve tied me up in this jacket-thing, and I can’t break free, please help!”, Mighty-Girl, tearfully pleaded.
“You’re Mighty-Girl aren’t you? You know, my little girl just loves you! She watches your cartoon show, and even wore your costume for Halloween this past October!”, the driver said, as he then started fishing through his glove-compartment, looking for a pad and a pen, or pencil. “Can I get your autograph, my little girl would be thrilled!”, the driver then said, when Mighty-Girl said, “Well, I can’t, I’m tied-up in this jacket-thing!”, in response, nasally, as her crying gave her the sniffles.
“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, I forgot, you’re bound-up in a strait-jacket! Let me get you out of that!”, the driver then said, as he got out of his car, turned Mighty-Girl around, and unbuckled the back-buckles on Mighty-Girl’s strait-jacket. “The buckles are here on the back. They put these things on backwards, so the wearer can’t open them to free himself from the strait-jacket, though I’m surprised a superhero like you couldn’t free yourself. You seem to be able to get yourself out of other tight, confining situations”, the driver then said, as he freed Mighty-Girl from her strait-jacket, Mighty-Girl slamming the jacket to the ground once the driver got all the back-buckles undone, but then, as Mighty-Girl was about to fly off, the driver asked, “Wait, can I get your autograph, for my little girl? She’s a huge fan of yours!”, and with that, Mighty-Girl obliged the gentleman, as a show of appreciation to him, for freeing her from that infernal strait-jacket she had been trapped in, until a few seconds before, so Mighty-Girl took the pen, signed her name on the piece of paper the man had given her, and then Mighty-Girl flew off, thanking the kind man for freeing her from that bedeviling strait-jacket. Once Mighty-Girl reached home, she flew into Carol Anne’s closet, morphed back into our sweet, beautiful, innocent, little munchkin-princess, and then hopped right into her bed, Mighty-Girl fuzzy, woolen, pink-and-red, blanket sleeper-like costume having turned into the pajamas Carol Anne had gone to bed in, once Mighty-Girl turned back into Carol Anne, Carol Anne dropping off to sleep almost instantly, as she was totally exhausted from her harrowing ordeal, breathing a deep sigh of relief that Mighty-Girl had been able to get that man to free her from that Posey strait-jacket, “Or else I’d probably be trapped in that thing, forever, and I’d probably have to remain Mighty-Girl forever, too!”, as she put it, as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 9

The next day (Sunday, May 23, 2021), as Mr. Fasendone and his goons were prematurely celebrating what they thought was the demise of Mighty-Girl, Carol Anne was starting to feel the psychological effects of her having to constantly free herself from tight, sticky situations as Mighty-Girl, what with this Mafioso boss out to kill her, having already tried to on several occasions by then. That day, my wife, Lauren, was doing her usual weekly, household chores, that she doesn’t get done during the week, when she’s working at her job, while Carol Anne was playing in her bedroom. At first, she seemed to be fine, as she was happily playing with her dollies on her bed, but then she started getting these visions of flying around all over the place as Mighty-Girl, and of her being tied-up, and wearing cement-boots, as she was tossed into the river by Mr. Fasendone’s evil henchmen, including her being bound-up in that child-sized strait-jacket the night before, especially since that happened just the night before, mere hours ago. Then, a bit later, as Carol Anne was napping, she again had these visions, but of course, they were now dreams, but again, she was flying all around the area, stopping robbers, muggers, and burglars either from committing their criminal acts of aggression, or to stop them from getting away with it, if they did these acts before Mighty-Girl was able to get there, to prevent them from even happening, to begin with. Then, Carol Anne dreamed about the night before, of her being fooled into responding to a museum break-in, when it was really Mr. Fasendone’s goons setting, or springing, a trap on her, which she fell right into, and then of her waking up, chained to a chair, and strait-jacketed, her legs locked in a huge cement-block called ‘cement-boots’, as well, Carol Anne even feeling the hugging tightness of the well-applied strait-jacket, despite her not actually being, physically tied-up, even in ropes, and/or tape, let alone a Posey strait-jacket. Then, Carol Anne saw visions of her being on the alien spaceship, as she was being given these superhuman powers, Carol Anne still not quite understanding why these aliens abducted her, let alone gave her these superhuman powers. She then saw the faces of the ‘little green men’, as she was being dragged down a long corridor, and then poked and prodded by these devious creatures, Carol Anne trying to scream for help, but nothing would come out, no matter how hard she screamed, just like when she was really on this UFO, while we were on that camping-trip during the summer of the year before (of 2020). Just then, Carol Anne woke up, shooting straight up in her bed, while her Mommy, Lauren, was putting some laundry away in her dresser.

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Reader Reviews for "The Adventures of Mighty Girl"

Reviewed by William Smith 8/10/2010
This is my fourth novel,about my fictional daughter being abducted by aliens,who have a reason to abduct little Carol Anne,to give her superpowers to fight against the forces of evil.As all superheros must have an arch-nemesis,Mighty-Girl's ends up being a crime boss,Mr. Vincent,Eagle Eyes,Fasendone,who keeps trying to rid the world of this "pink-and-red menace",but Mighty-Girl keeps finding a way to escape each predicament that Mr. Fasendone puts her in.Will Mighty-Girl be able to stop Mr. Fasendone and bring him to justice,or will Mr. Fasendone finally find a way to get rid of this "pink-and-red menace",once and for all? Find out in "The Adventures of Mighty-Girl",out now as an ebook,on and coming to later this month.

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