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ricky john key's-(romero)

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Illumination of the Illuminati 2009-2012
by ricky john key's-(romero)  John R. Key's 

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Natural History

Publisher: ISBN-10:  0557525616 Type: 


Copyright:  01/01/2010 ISBN-13:  9780557525614

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Illumination of the Illuminati
Illumination of the Illuminati


The Abyss separates what is Actual from what is Ideal...2010...It TRUTH LIES from within the Abyss...between Tipharet, and Kater; Beneath the Nile, the Euphrates, and the Tigris River Region's, thru the heart of tunneled connection's to enter from underneath the secret tunnels of darkness and come out into the open society of the OneTrue Religion of FreeMasonry, The Enlightened Family , or also called the United states Corporation of Liberty and under the AllSeeing Eye of our Protector's and illuminator's unto God's True Oneness and Unitarianism of the Sophisticated and Trustworthy bonding of the Illuminated One's.
From HIS prison on Earth he has revealed lies...of the Flesh!
He governs your mind and give's Wisdom and Knowledge of Ancient Purification Ceremonies and cleansing of the minds of slavery, and into the realm of the One True Enlighenment and Sacrificial ceremonies for powers, and riches, fame and livelihood; by thought one designs and by the hand one creates...yet none master the creation but the creator, and his son's are Satan and Jesus. For these are the Root's of the Tree of Good over Evil;
enter by the flesh, lead by the one called DEATH or Satan and Lucifer;
Enter into your Soul's New Dawn,come,
for this is the Book into: "(The Tree of Life and Death)!"

                             Book of the Illumination of the Illuminati


                                   Author: Ricky John key's Romero



                        The Lord God  Almighty    (Governmental.Operations.Dictator.)

                        The Book of The Tree of Good over Evil (USA)

                        The Ancient Lord God (SOLOMONS' Pillars')

                        The  Old Testament Day's  (Pharoah)                                               

                        The Creation of Man

                        Adam & Eve-Soul's Cursed into the Flesh/Death

                        The Garden of Eden

                         The Secret Society of Illuminati in Heaven

                         The Birth of Evil in Heaven  

                         Yhvh's Creation Hidden                             

                         The War of the Son's of YHVH (JESUS-SATAN)

                         Son of the Father of Evil

                         Lucifer bound into Earth as the GOD

                         Lucifer become's named SATAN; 

                         (God's  Enemy)=SATAN                            

                          The Garden of MAN & WOMAN 

                          Egypt & Nimrod

                          The Beginning of the Dead's Passage into Return

                          The Sacrificial Rite's; The Elite enter the Pyramid Wall

                                                  of Salvation.

                                                       Chapter 1

                                                            The Lord  God Almighty was in the Beginning; "The All Seeing Eye of Horus"...

God, he whom is the Beginning , the Father whom formed the thought of the  Creation of Man and Woman in the Beginning, and by his action's brought into existence Mortal's in his Image and in his Likeness he formed them from the Earth and breathed into them Life , and in them was the Soul which give's each their own Spirit and Essence and distinguishes the Multitude's of God's Children.

God created Man and Woman in his Image and Likeness, to be as him, to subdue the earth and rule over every thing in the earth, and below it, he then placed the two mortal's in the Garden of Eden;  today this is the 2010 geoghraphical location of Southwest Asia.

                                                      6000 B.C.

The Serpent:

Woman was tempted first by the Serpent, by the Spirit of the Evil One called Lucifer , he entered  into the woman's soul, and the man was made lustful and saw the way's of his pleasure , and also took part in the abomination of the seed's of God's children the mortal's, and the Triamera of the flesh of man and woman was forever intertwined in the curse of the Fallen, the bastard children of Lucifer (Cain's Bloodline); and the seed of Man , them who are of the Bloodline of the son of him whom came after Abel, whom  was killed by Cain , the evil spirit in the flesh , a son in the flesh made to rule the flesh of Mortal's, for they shall know not the difference of them who are among them; and Cain the evil son of the fallen son of the Almighty God  , Luc-i-fer, he whom gives man lite thru his eye, the all-seeing eye of AMEN-RA ; (Sol-o-man-the sun ray's of man's lite, or enlightenment, the Mystery Babylon Religion.  all Druidic Kabalah and Hebrew , Jewish, Israelian languages/word's are equal to heiroglyph's and represent meaning. The Enlightened Manifestation was and is known in secrecy, or th Masonic Covenant;  as "(IMBAS FOROSNO)".

 Man was led astray from serving God, and was seen at first by them whom plotted their destruction and war of the heaven's assemblies of them whom saught  their cause of evil and  throneship, for they were to inherit all from God, or take it;  as they were in the beginning before Man was created by Yhvh; they were created for the rule of righteousness , yet they and their follower's  covetness was inevitable because the Mortal's possessed the power to control these being's and Lucifer sought the manipualtion of  them to give their power's to him , and yet they thought and were made to believe they were recieving the power from lucifer who decieved them , and gave these in return  partial limitation's upon their own power's that were given them freely in the beginning of creation, when God Yhvh, said unto them,   I have formed you in my Likeness and in my Image, for the unseen evil ruler's and demon's and alien's are all under the Rulership of God most high , and submit unto him their request's for power,; for these do know the Image and Likeness of God, and do fear the presence of him, so he must in return remove the essence and image and likeness from the mortal's whom were created in his image and likeness ,yet they choose evil, for  lest they bring lite and truth and convey  it into Satan' dark and untruthful world of lies and abomination's , those created to desecrate the holiness and remove all commandment's and righteous virtues of life in peace and without evil intention's or gain , thought's of love without lust and perversity, for what defiles a man and woman is the action's. This ws and is known as the song or chanting of information thru the tre of eviland good knowledge, or "(TENM LAIDA)". As is the Goodword in the Kabalah , Thunderbird, the bird which arose from the pheonix's ashes , the EAGLE!

The temptation of Mortal's was to mislead them into the rulership and disobedience of the one commandment given them by their creator, in order that he (Lucifer); may be their Leader and fulfill his vengeful oath of death of his father God's children , those whom were made whole, with soul's and forgiven , yet he would mislead the masses of people into their belief of unforgivenness,because they themselves were wholely unforgiven by God.  This is also known as the "(ANNUIT COEPTIS-or announcing the birth of ;)" and then follow's the Eagle all mankind into the "(NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM-or the New Secular World Order)"; for they have declared themselves GODS as ONE GOD in ManyMen or AMEN-RA, the Council of the Majestic 12 , now known as the Council of 13 , the United Nation's and World Government's Coalition's and their massive 90% population reduction conspiracy. These are the nnon Illuminated members' of the mass herd of people's whom choose not to accept nor indulge in the knowledge and wisdom of the Mystery Babylon Religion School's, which are mainly within the Babylnian Empire of the (USA). For only afw are invited by their search and meet criteria gained in life , which alot of he masses fail to grasp, yet the few whom are illuminated are the Family of the Protectors' and lawmakers which govern all citizens, bond and free, into the age  of information and Freedom of the slavery of mind, soul, and body.

Eden closes it's gate to man and woman,and other  deciever's and the decieved, in order that none should live eternally by consuming the fruit of the Tree of Life .

Upon the entry of the Evil spirit's  into the soul's of mortal's , which were made cursed and dead, for these became  flesh and were made to enter into earth as dead soul's, for this reason were the Mortal's made flesh and tested, for they had followed Lucifer into Hell, from their home , which was originally in Heaven ,and God Yhvh permitted them not to live evil forever, that he wished  they should loose their evil's in the world of decision and testing of their way's and act's, and not be pemitted to enter with evil in their heart's. For this reason also do the Societies scientist's and Church of Science do seek the advancement of ways inwhich to rid the deseases of the infectious people of lesser cosmic goals and directions, the essence of mans evoluton relies on the advancement of the non deseased soul , and the enlightened body of the Family of FreeMasonry seek the advancement of our species.

They traversed the region's of Babylonia into Cannan, and on into Egypt, they went here to begin a Nation as a new people and under Abraham they sought to become human's with power uder od , thru his Son Jesus, he whom was  to come as the form of the Almighty God in the flesh   , and we mortal's  were taught in the way's of the Master and Creator God .

After four hundred year's Moses was brought  into the earth by Yhvh, to lead and teach  the people in his way's and practice righteous behavior and moral's of truth , without the sexual perversity of animal's and sacrifice's of the people's son's unto the false God called Molech,the false  God, this  was made forbidden and the worship of anything other than God Yhvh was made abolished and declared to be idol worshipping of false God's and would not be tolerated amongst the people of the chosen  people of God.

Moses lead the people by God's word and followed the decree's of him also, so God found favor in the Man, and  he was made to lead the people out of Egypt , where the Spirit of Lucifer was made flesh thru his son's  birth into the flesh thru Eve,  Satan made evil into flesh , yet these contained no soul and were of the seed of Lucifer, for here was the dawn of the evil's creation and dna manipulation thru the sexual immoralities of the bonding of an Angel and the flesh of Mortal's, for they so took from the earth whom they chose and brought them by their enchantment's and technologies of these ancient being's and their ruler was Lucifer, he whom is the first father of the Nephilim, the Giant's whom bare no soul's , and view mortal's as their food and slave's of their sexual and perverse atrocities to God's children, the known and the reknown, for Moses was to lead the people out of their evil master's slavery, for these were them whom were taught   the mastery and dead rite's of the return of the soul as dead awakening flesh being's,  and were shown the magic's and spell's of the underworld, for the pyramid and the writing's are those which were   first done by the ritual's for entombment and the rite's of passage to return from judgement to earth to be entered into life by death thru  contract into the Army of the  first  Illuminati of the Luciferian Council of Empire's and Dominion's, also called the Mystery Babylon Religion School's of Luciferianism or the Theosophical Societies of the Canaanites, this is where the Doctrine of "Do As Thou Will"; came into conscientious being. The Mosac Law of FreeMasonry, their Forefather Ham, whom also was a Canaanite, fully worshipped Ba'al, Canaan the son of Ham left this Will, the brother of shem , for Shem killed Nimrod and cut him into pieces, and sent them to all the false church's that served Ba'al, this was as a warning for the follower's and worshipper's of Canaan's God , yet they rebelld and only buried he pieces' thereof into the wall's and foundation's of these apostic seven church's described in the many transcript's of egyptian hieroglyph's and ancient scroll's of Papyrus , buried to forewarn future geneation's, and they also left their future great grandchildren hieroglyph's and letter's of awareness, for the damned are forever cursedinto earth's realm and forever entrapped and do seek to forever make us slaves to their way's and selves. 

 The Ark of the one true God , is the holy spirit of Jesus in earth and in the flesh, for this is the spirit of he true phrophecy of God's word.   And the word is the eternal son of God's voice and creation, and is called Jesus, for he died for our salvation from his brother Lucifer,and was resurrected from the dead in three day's after which he came from the pit's of his brother Lucifer's , and took away from him the soul's of those trapped in Hades;  and with the key's he took from satan his brother, he opened hell and released all those imprisoned, for they were all innocent in the eye's of him. Then came the power of Jesus by the rising up from the dead and returning into heaven until the day of return, thus are al these called , "(The Men of the Tall OakTrees)".

The holy spirit continue's Jesus testimony in the mortal's mind's , which is the decision of man's path's , where they plot and decide their action's and know there consequence's , yet they percieve not those whom are within them and also hear their plan's and does intercede in their path, for satan seek's to mislead and deter  the mortal's, he   mislead's and confuse's  them as they get close to their God and creator.

  The root of all creation and all that surrounds the heaven's and is in the heaven's and universe's , began to form this planet into a habitable home for his new children, so as to no shape the earth yet formed.

                                                 Chapter 2

On the first day Yhvh began his creation and the word was spoken to the spirit of Adam, after Yhvh had formed the vessel of clay  from the dirt , he breathed life into the mortal, and said , "rule the earth and subdue it , also conquer and rule your home , and to you I give all rulership and power over all in the earth, below, and above, and to govern all beast's and principalities and demon's and angel's and all which are put or brought into the earth shall be under the command of the mortal's, to all people I God Yhvh give freely to all the land and food and beast's as food theirof; every single mortal shall be free and choose to live under the house of Lucifer or the house of God, by their action's shall their thought's of evil or righteousness be unveiled unto the people of the earth in the day's of the last sin's of the people unto their selves and unto their God's eye's shall they sin in public and behind closed door's , and all secret thing's shall be seen opened for all to see judgement. 

Yhvh seeing that Adam had not a suitable mate , sent his spirit into the man and out came the rib of the man whom was in the dream state put  under by the spirit of God, and the rib was made into a woman, for out of a man came the woman, so she was called (WOMAN) , for the womb of the man was his rib, and the rib was made her, for out of one flesh came the two , and out of the two  would come the entire population of the world, these whom are the children of God-Yhvh.

The mortal's flesh being portal's and vessel's for the old soul's which were made dead by the curse of Lucifer for the entry of him into the soul's in the garden of eden.  

The war of the mortal's and god was inevitable, for Lucifer had instigated the overthrowing of his brother's seat, he whom would be the spirit of the father in the form of a son whom would rival all flesh as righteousness, and would so conquer the evilone, yet the angel of lite was everso sorcerous and vengeful that the war would be so abominable in the end of day's that all would perish, from beast to mortal , even unto the demon's and the angel's and the principalities whom formed the evil empire in the day's of the Egyptian's and their hierarchy of the evildamned of them whom would come back as prominsed in the form of the underworld Czar's and the pharoah's of ancient day's.   These are the them whom formed the illuminati of the ancient council of the formation of the evil Empire.

In the beginning was the formation of the temptation of the soul's into the universe and prison of Lucifer, for we suffer from the fallen forefather's temptation's and we also follow in the footstep's into the abyss, as we create new being's and demon's and principalities with our evil deed's and evil way's and teaching's unto one another and act as he whom was the first enemy of God Yhvh. The Sun of Man is the Lite bearer, whom is Solomon , he whom layed the foundation in his home, of Ivory and did pour sixhundred and sixty and sx talons of gold onto the foundation of Ivory, and did set about himself the pillars of the ten Law's of SIN, therefor bringing all man and woman under the banner of sin,(1 Kings 10-14.

 All shall walk in the valley of the shadow of death, that they be led unto the lite of repentance , that which is righteous, for everyone of these mortal's shall sin unto the death's of themselves, but thru Jesus , them shall not enter the darklite, which come's as thou a thief in the night, for the gate's of righteous behavior are narrow, and the gate's of freedom from God are wide and abominable unto his sight, yet there are those whom seek to become as their power was created, and have found the way's of true power thru righteous spirit's of war, and the power is in them , yet they fail to achieve that power because of them whom hide and mislead the inhabitant's  from their creator unto the world of many misleading door's, and some remain hidden in their sorceries by them whom possess them , and permit their possessed not  into the realm of the righteous, for they have trapped their mind's in the lust of materialism and have bound their magic's and power's unto themselves with confusion and deciet by their elite and powerful and are known as the opressor's of man and woman, for God sent into the world his spirit thru his son's birth , Jesus, and did abolish and make known our enemies from the beginning, (Ephesian's 2;15, Colossan's 2:14, for all Government's and Law's are Anti-Christ,

 All was set according to Yhvh, for he was pleased with his work and returned to the heaven's to his throne and began to discuss his new plan's for his creation of mortal's, for his delight in his new creation was obvious to all the arcangel's as well as the lower angel's whom served the higher angel's in the lower rank's , those are them whom were also made corrupt in heaven, and a third of heaven was polluted and made dead, and banished into the land of Nod, where Adam's second son (the son of Lucifer), Cain, was banished to serve in his father's kingdom of the alien race's .

Mortal's, those whom would possess the entire universe's and the heaven's and all the creation's  and living creation's and being's , all these were to be Yhvh's children's gift's and as heir's to their father yhvh, they would be ruler's by his side, and so these new children of Yhvh were his thought's made alive and given their own soul to create and grow it to their power's and being's of yhvh,they were the climax of God's creation's the perfect being's '.

                                Them who are made alive and made free to choose their live's and their dream's , for all is thru Yhvh and none are alive nor have cause but with yhvh.

                                                    Chapter 3

The Tree of Life was hidden in the beginning , behind the veil the sword of Eden flashes;  as it spin's to and fro in a spinning slashing non ending motion of continuity, that it might decapitiate any being of flesh or spirit that would try to enter into it's proximity, for those only granted access into this garden , is he whom grew the soul's in this enchanted garden of life, for here all creation is formed and made grown by the water's and word of yhvh.

The Cherubim also surround the Garden of Eden , and the fire of Yhvh come's forth from their eye's.   Eden's veil is unenterable by the realm of flesh and or evil spirit, it quenches the darkness of evil as fire put's out water, , unless permitted by the Almighty,  to enter into that portal.

The mirror's of portal's unseen by them whom believe not , yet are there to entice those whodo know, the image's of abominable ceremonies are ever present in the evil mind's and thought's , man and woman are made evil by the lust of unnatural carnal pleasure, for he whom begets evil , has been close to Yhvh, and made returned unto hell by their lost way's , for the mirror's of evil and good are around us all , yet none venture into the door's of the righteous spirit's and call upon them as commanded , but rather choose the evil spirit's that can only bring materialism and death and false power's of commanding authority, for whom seek's to control one , but them whom seek to be ruler's, and so enslave thru the concept of mastery, yet are they themselves mastered by that which they seek to control, but them whom control are also made to be controlled, because they serve that which was meant to serve them.

The elect of both side's have been made powerful, in order that the mass be lead by the force's of mass influence thru the corporation's of Satan's underworld, called corporation of the teaching's of man and woman, to enslave the mind unto the world of luciferian materialism and so binding them in the continuance of the life of evil and the need to remain in the presence of the one called satan, for he bind's thru the deed's that you serve  for pleasure, and in this pleasure come's chain's to servitude and enslavery to the lust's of the need's you create and make alive into the world by the action's one does it unleashes it's evil spirit into the flesh and so flesh and man and woman being one entity, it so goes thru the total human dna of the worldly human mind, the universal mind remain's in the corruptness of it's creator's, for man create's his own demon's as well as them whom offer the human's the teaching's and way's of sorcery from them whom were made to become the race of Lucifer and them whom were made the race of the coming evil dead one's from Egypt. 

Those whom taught the ancient way's of ressurrection thru the dead soul freely given into the slavery of the dead one, for these in the beginning were being made dead and magic spell's of return and reconstruction of the DNA was performed and manipulated and made forever entombed until the day of their return from the dead, and these were them , the people of egypt ,whom the serpent gave  the rod to resurrect the dead and make them alive under the serpent's spell of influence, for these were them whom created the tablet's and laid writing in stone , for the mastery of return and damnation of the soul for the promise of return from death was to pleasant for the already dead, for they lined the hall's of the Pharoah's and the Czar's and them whom were Ruler's and King's, and "[Nimrod was made the awakener of the Damned]" , for he was the Prince called Cain, he was made King of the alien race's of the land of Nod, the race of the marked , those whom hide in the darkness of the shadow's.  Egypt the Land of Nod.

 The world of the human's was made in  God's order , yet those that the evil  recruited were to be made dead and that the soul's of them whom are fallen be made righteous and invoke upon themselves the soul's which they conspire for trade , and are given the power's of  temporary materialism and pleasure thru an Utopia without regret and from out the sight of God, yet they are liar's  , because of their sight of him whom brought evil into the earth and so corrupted the bloodline of his children, for they polluted God's heir's in the hope that their son's and daughter's might be ascended into the heaven's in the form of his mortal children, for this reason does the Father God Yhvh warn his children that the wolves shall come in the clothing of lamb's, for they are them whom take the children into the darkness , and never return them.

                                                Chapter  4

For Yhvh so loved the children of the world , that he sent his only spirit son into the flesh to be tempted and to learn how the man and the woman were tempted and to feel the hurt and pain of his children , for he was the spirit of his son Jesus , and he knew their flesh and it's way's , for he was the power behind the resistance of his son's temptation's , and he seen the plague of flesh and the evil it so created and subjected them too, for the evil was more than the children could bare, so he made the son to not defile himself in order that the son's of Yhvh be saved from their evil way's , and that they would have the power of the lite, as evil had it's power of darkness.

O Papal Rome , WOE! WOE! WOE! AMERICA raped by the NEW DAWN, th SUN/SON of Perdition and change of whatever one believes , the evolvement of righteousness and the abolishment of the old Law, the evil son's new world order, to serve him is death, yet he whom seeks his life thru evil shall indeed lose it, they ar not the giver's of life, nor do their promises of Immortality become them, for in their creation , they forget that they also were created by the Creator, and he alone erases the words of life, he is the GOD of People, yet we have all bee made hidden in darkness , for this reason we are them whom are the shadows of the sun of darkness, the new dawn of evilness , the Empire og Lucifus, Lucifer, Satan,Adam, Cain, Canaanites, and them whom are of their Coven's them of Old, the Giant's and ruler's and this is the Family of Lucifer.   The TARES of the Seedsower Lucifer, he whom corrupted the Garden of Eden and made it's fruit soulless, those of whom are born of the bloodline of Rh blood, the soulless, for this reason theyare not bound ny the spirit of decision and judgement, for they have already been judged, and are made to decieve humans into their own damnation and forsake themselves by the freewill of their evil actions in the sins of the evilunrighteous flesh, for this reason , all flesh must die, for it has been made into two seed's and willbe rooted out, the tree of the olive and the fruit is destined to grow and be plucked bythe bundles . 

She boast's of her throne , the evil idolatrous throne , which was in the beginning pure and righteous, was made defiled and unsacred because of her adulterous way's to her creator, for the church of God is the People;we are the vessel's whom bring the word of Jesus into reality thru the HolySpirit, that which was left to us humans , in order that those wit a soul would be saved and illuminated of their Evil Sins unto their creator , and in his sight,  those whom are made idolatrous and made unholy are all humans, for this reason we are to condemn no-one, for to judge is also to judge one's self , for we all have decided our path and will still be deciding until the end, for this reason must we spread the TRUE WORD , ad become as ONE, this is in Order that we be not part of "The Missing", for by Dividing the humans, we have been made prisoner's and have  become separated and unprotected from the evil one's , for we must come together and become one FORCE of Righteousness, and do beware the FORCE of EVIL, for to walk in the wide path of self Godliness is Death ; for we choose to be  lead by our ENEMIES and  ourselves, and our own ways of the flesh , and by doing so are lead not by Lucifer 'the lite giver Lucifer, he, whom is Life and Death of the Soul, and is the Humans' Saviour and Opressor, and deciever of Truths to those whom seek the usury of the Craft or the destruction of the Empire , yet the Saviour to those whom knock , and seek , and do ask the Supreme God for Wisdom and Knowlege, these are lead thru out the box and into the circle of Illuminati(on). 

                                                         Chapter 5

Lucifer, having been given the position of Chief ArcAngel over the Annunaki and the Igigi, as well as the Rephaim, and the Cherubim and the lower Angel's of the Heavenly realm's, was enraged and grew ever more jealous of these righteous Mortal's among the evildoer's which were Lucifer and Legion and their bastard children , the Nephilim, (those born of the Fallen Angel's, those whom entered into the women in the day's of Noah and in the day's of the end times), and their dominion over man and woman,The fallen by were we made evil and enlightened unto technology and usury nd Idolarty.
By these man was made intolerable and forsaken unto righteousness which is GODNESS, by the underworld ruler's.

The righteous one's because of their faith in their God BA'AL, the one's whom they could not see, yet these served wholeheartedly, they were of his elect, to be his son Lucifer's Family of Rulers'on Earth and in the Heavens'; and his enemies destruction was about him.

For God's Angel's and Spirit's, these being's whom serve God , yet are unseen to the closed sleeping evil eye's of man, the possessed, they do battle upon the calling of the unrighteous in the earth, and they do battle the way for them whom call into their world the power of his son Jesus, for to him was given the Key's to Hell and hades , he descended into Hell and did take by force all those captive before his death and resurrection, for they were not at wrong and had not the forgiveness and power to enter into heaven , so Lucifer had them entered into hell to serve him, and this was the land of Egypt, and their Pharoah before Nimrod was he whom entered the Evil spirit of Lucifer into the King known as Nimrod,yet this man served him not righteously and his EvilSpirit did proceed them with their birth's into the realm of the Mortal's, in order that their plan of deciet, not prevail which would enable their children whom bore no soul's to enter into the heaven's at death, for when the flesh dies , the essence of it is sent to be judged and so enter's into the heaven's of God Yhvh, and by this manner were they attempting to enter into that from which they were banished, and by this way they would make war in Heaven.
Lucifer the God of Fire and pillar of Cloud.
Lucifer and his 33 Annunaki Angel's, and Legion his second in command of the 333 were made as subserviant's to these lowly being's of flesh, those which are made to die, and are to be made ruler's and tested and tried ;and those which were made to live forever and given not the chance to rule or be ruled by any God or Devil ,these are mortal, yet he made spirit's for the pleasure of these mere men and his Father permitted this , "we shall ascend on them both," said Lucifer,Father of the son of the Almighty Cannanites, of the Will of Caanan.

As the watcher's of these men and women were placed to watch and guide the way's of them , and to teach them all the Masteries of the earth and it's word's and element's, for in the beginning was the faith which made the dragon come alive, and the serpent talked as in Rome, an image of a statue walked , and the power's of the dark and the lite were known unto them, yet now he hide's in the shadow's of the mind's of the possessed, and make's himself pubic unto the congregation's of the Illuminati of Lucifer, those of the Elite and Powerful.

Mortal's were to be above all, an below none but God himself, and so Lucifer was at task creating the confusion's of the world, as to mislead the time of man's earthly test of return , called life, for these are the state of the heavenly being's whom dream the nightmare of death and have fallen under the spell of death's sleep in heaven and are made their spirit's to be fallen into the realm of flesh, into the darkness of the sorcery of the one called slavery of the mind,these fail to grasp the Enlightenment of the Novus ordo seclorum, also known as the sleep of eternal death, for the men and women have fallen asleep spiritually in heaven and are made confused into it's door's, and are made to be dark and evil in their way's , that the darkness may keep them in the dark, and to be asleep forever, and realize not their death's nor their power's to re-awaken into heaven and life, yet all the people's shall see the world ascend in the end day's, and all will be awakened unto their true nature, and the spirit of them each shall be judged for teir participation in the state of the fallen sleep, for we entered orselves into the tree of good and evil, and the fruit of his seed was also put into our flesh which is the sleeper of the fallen soul in heaven made tested unto his return and permittance back from his curse of entering the temptation of the fruit of the tree of lustfulness and deciet, which the son of the father God , Lucifer had placed in the Garden of God, for man has fallen far from God and Heaven and our true spiritual righteous ,loving and justified way's of the likeness and in the image of our true teacher and son of the Almighty God, for he came in the sleep of man's nightmare and brought to mortal's the power to wake up from the mind controlled death's of the soul's; which the body has been made to manipulate the soul in the flesh into it's enemies power of the decision's of each person, for they do what they want not, and what they see as perverse they shall crave, all them which are abominable, shall say under what and who's authority is the name Jesus the Lord and King given to rule man!!! In those day's has the spirit of Yhvh been made gone by the evil's of man, and the beast, for they lack the calling of Satan and Lucifer ,and King Nimrod, shall be lite to the people in earth, and all shall worship and recieve their materialism by him and for him, and none shall live without the mark of this God/Man/Saviour, for the mark is also his throne and name,for he is all desolation and Salvation and sit's upon the government throne of the church of the New Papal Roman Empire of past and shall so return this church mingled government rulership in the like manner, so as in the beginning , so shall also the end return unto herself the beginnng of life, and death shall be brought to life , both the evil and the righteous shall enter into war and be judged, and the beast, the alien, and the mortal, for all the being's of creation's under Yhvh shall be made shown to the mass's of the inhabitant's of the earth , and the conspiracy shall be made revealed unto the children of God. And the Council of The Illuminati of Heaven and Hell and Earth shall be made revealed and made exposed to the multitude of the people on Judgement Day.

The year the Abyss was made ready in 2012, the water's were turned abominable and made dirty by the error of man and the plot of Lucifer and the curse of God Yhvh, for the water's shed their blood of the sea from under , and the water's turned loose their prisoner's of ancient time's, and so the evil one's were released and made ruler's in the earth, and brought the dead to life , in order that all men and women alike would recieve the mark , seeing that he could awaken the dead, yet the dead that were awakened contained not the soul nor were they righteous in their way's , but returned the more evil possessed and had inherited the mass's of demon's which give false life, and do give the vessel of flesh their movement and will, for these are the evil dead which contain not soul's no more , but rather have freely given their will's and soul's and bodies into the service of the father of the damned, he whom make's the soul dead, and give's animation to the clay, yet the possessed has no life after the judgemnt, but is alive in the flesh of the dead in earth as a man or woman, these are the chosen of the Evil Empire's Hierarchy Council, they have given their life's for exchange of eternity over earhtly pleasures and delights, and walls which constrict the darkened soul , power's over men and women , and have become rich by cursing the blessed, and making defiled the Holy sanctuaries of Mortal's , their vessel's, for by these they are judged in their way's and their action's are those which possess them, and in that manner is the righteous act's and the evil act's and way's of man now known and separated in the sight of the total universal mind of earth, for the masses have been asleep and do lack knowledge and wisdom , not seeing the evolutionary existence of the unknown in the current present,this lack of understanding is associated with the deseased of the Societies advancement.

The Holyspirit testifies unto them whom gather evil masses , and do make drunk the multitude's whom know not realities witchcraft, for with their magics,the enchantment's of illusion , you entertain them with materialism, and invite them into your homes with attention and need; that which shall be consumed by the return of the New Dawn, he whom bring's the fire of refinement into the enlightened ones realm, and from old make's new the children of God , (the mortal's), and they do not drink the perversity of which the unrighteous know not what they are being made to drink; by their thought's they fill their heart's with want's and evil's of abomination's unto their death's, the lust's given into and manipulated into their world and thru their ear's they hear, but thru the spirit, they have become asleep to the evils of the world around them, and so have been familiarized with the need for them not to re-act, for they are made dead and immoral by the technology of the watcher's and the alien race among which cain was banished unto the land of nod, where they plot and do invite those which have been moved into heirarchy by their pledge and freely choose to deny and resist god by pact and death , the oath into hell's empire.

Babylon the great harlot of the earth whom was entered by the evil's of the earth, these are the preacher's ,the teacher's of the church's of earth, when the son of god left earth into heaven, for they made the king's of
earth drunk with their word's and teaching's of hidden sexual and secret practice's, they taught unto the women of old, whom bore children unto these angel's , and were given teaching's of charm's and the splitting of root's to enhance demon possession and mind control of the body thru the thought's and coersion of evil, and entities , they taught them also the deep thing's of satan, and the worship and sexual gratification of self, and mind image's of magicical desecration , by defilement of the image of any Mortal, Beast,Demon or Angel.

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Hard Cache by Charles Neff

HARD CACHE is Charles B. Neff's fourth thriller, Joining Hidden Impact, Patriot Schemes and Peace Corpse. Each book is freestanding and may be read without having read t..  
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