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Scott Winfield

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Hell's Gate
by Scott Winfield   

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Publisher:  Club Lighthouse Publishing ISBN-10:  1897532199 Type: 


Copyright:  Sept 3, 2008 ISBN-13:  9781897532195

Club Lighthouse Publishing

This is story that will blow your mind, its like reading a CSI story with a X file Twist

Colton Phillips, a workaholic crime scene investigator with the NYPD, likes to investigate paranormal activities in his spare time, and has spent a lot of that personal time studying visitations from beyond the grave.

Having accumulated some vacation time, he visits Pineville, a small town in upstate New York, which has been plagued in the past by mysterious axe murders.  It's a case that remained unsolved, as the murders stopped for a long while.  While in Pineville, Colton comes upon an old farm house where he finds a hand held mirror with a solid gold back.  This mirror reputedly came from Egypt and has been used as a portal to travel back and forth from the spirit world to the material world by those who possessed it.   Abruptly, the murders begin again, and the female victims are usually made love to by a beautiful and buxom blonde woman before they're possessed by her and invariably end up murdering their mates.

Together with the help of local psychic, Sheri Osmire who has served with the FBI, Colton learns that the murders are being committed by the spirit of Marge Borden, the illegitimate, incestuously fathered daughter of the infamous Lizzie Borden who also joins her daughter in the murderous sprees.  Afterwards, they use the mirror as a portal to return to the spirit world.  Marge and Lizzy Borden are on a mission to find a way to become immortal and obtain a body of flesh and bones.  Colton and Sheri have their work cut out for them as they try to prevent this from happening.  Their work together will lead them into many hair raising adventures, including trips to Egypt and The Dead Sea, and also into each other's arms as husband and wife.  Colton also learns that Sheri has a kinky side, in that she's bi-sexual and doesn't mind having a couple extra women in their bed together with them.  Surprisingly, Colton finds that he doesn't mind this, and eventually he enjoys their sexual escapades with a lesbian couple they encounter during their investigation, who become part of their lives.  The lesbian couple, Jody and Alexis, are white witches with psychic gifts of their own that they contribute to helping Colton and Sheri bring an end to Marge and Lizzie's bloody reign of terror.

IT WAS A COLD SPRING night on the outskirts of Pineville, New York. The trees blew back and forth from the strain of a brink wind. Instead of finding a hotel, I decided to find me a place to sleep for the night. After driving for another twenty minutes, I came upon an old barn and house on some abandoned farm that aroused my interest. Pulling over, I decided to look a little further on the property. After looking left and right, the coast was clear for me to get out my car and scope out things.

After leaving the evils of New York, it was relief not to hear gunshots and people screaming. Before finding a warm place to sleep, I decided to look around in the barn. In there I found a dusty old army jacket. Feeling the cold wind on the back of my neck, the coat was a welcome addition to my attire. After looking around some more in the barn, it was time to go outside. The door creaked loudly as I walked outside. Looking over to my right, I noticed an old graveyard currently used by a private family. Since studying the paranormal was one of my major interests, I decided to look a little further. Strangely, the further I walked toward the graveyard; the ground began to breathe as if it was a breathing entity. Ten feet from the graveyard, night turned into day. My heart started to thump very rapidly the closer to the entrance of the graveyard I got. Suddenly, the wind stopped and it became very quiet.

Using my flashlight, I opened the gate to this primitive graveyard. After the gate shut behind me, things returned back to normal. By the first appearance, it looked very well maintained. This told me that someone cared enough to take care of the site occasionally. After shaking the dust off one of the headstones, I noticed the name, Marge Lizzie Borden engraved upon it. Could this be a distant relative of the notorious axe murderer Lizzie Borden? After stepping back, the ground in front of the headstone began to move around. Dirt flew in the air, as a body rose out of the grave. It looked much decomposed and smelled bad. By appearance, it looks female. Her eyes as she ran toward me. In haste, I fled from the gravesite. Strangely, everything went back to normal. I pointed my flashlight again toward the headstone and then to the front of it. The dirt looked like it never moved and there was not a body to put the fear of god in me. Since the graveyard showed me some excitement, it was time to investigate further.

After shaking the dust off my pants, I opened the door through a broken window. The house smelled of dust and dirt. While walking into the living room, an eerie cold breeze blew across the room, causing the hair stand up on the back of my neck. In the past, while in college and studying to be a criminalogist, I studied spirits and visitations, which was one of the requirements for my degree. Judged by my education, the cool breeze meant that a spirit was close by. While looking at an old desk, I noticed an old news clipping dated August 6, 1892, which was two days before the Borden Murders. I opened a drawer of the desk and found an old picture. This again told me to investigate further. After walking into the bedroom, I froze in fear. Lying on the bed was an old man. You could see the fear in his eyes. Expressions told me he was pleading for his life. Standing above him stood a longhaired blonde woman with an axe in her hand. She chopped the man’s body repeatedly. Blood squirted all over the walls. Being nude, she smeared blood all over her voluptuous body. The man shook as if he was having a seizure. Suddenly, the women stopped and looked over to me. Her eyes were a very bright red and yellow. With her naked body, she ran toward me with her axe held high in the air. I stepped back into the hallway. Blood dripped from her axe as she stood there looking at me. The moment she reached the hallway, a yellow light appeared and blocked her away. Within seconds, all of what I saw disappeared before my eyes. I went back into the room and took a mirror and a shaving razor. It looked like it was made of solid gold.

The murders happened in Fall River, Massachusetts and not Pineville, New York. How could this be? I decided to look out of the window of the bedroom. Weirdly, a sign appeared across the river that ran in front of the building. It said, “Espirito Santo Catholic Parish established, August of 1798.

Peering at my watch, I noticed the date of August 4, 1892. The murders occurred this same day. In haste, I walked out of the room and went outside of the house. There was no river and the date of my watch said August 4, 2008. Could this be a window of evil? Could this be a gate into another paranormal dimension? Standing lighting a smoke, I felt like this situation was one hell of a state of confusion. I took the mirror, the shaving razor and some other items to study them.

After firing up the car, I headed into town, which was twenty minutes away. Pineville was a modest population of 4,000 people. It had three hotels, which made it easy to find a room. Many of the buildings were very old and declared as historical landmarks, which meant nobody could ever tear them down. After driving for another ten minutes, I rented a room for at least two weeks at the Pineville Inn. It was time to investigate how the Borden Family ties into the town of Pineville. It was about two in the morning and time to sleep for the night. In the morning, I had planned to go to the local library and see if some old news clippings could shed some light on this new case. I lit a cigarette and relaxed for a few minutes. Reaching into my ice chest, I pulled out an ice cold Pepsi, which was very delightful to my taste buds. After twenty minutes went by, I found myself very sleepy and tired. I turned the lights out and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I decided to start on the second day of my vacation from the Big Apple. Being a C.S.I; kept me quite busy and very little time on my hands. However, some of the skills obtained on the job might prove useful in solving this mystery. Feeling hunger pains it my stomach, I went to the local diner and ordered some coffee and breakfast. To my luck, I noticed today’s paper was there for my viewing. I had noticed some weird unsolved murders occurring in this area. One of the bus boys brought me my coffee and breakfast. Suddenly, a man wearing a law enforcement uniform came up to and attempted to have a conversation with me. He appeared to be in his late 50's and had a short well shaven moustache and balding gray hair. Looking up to him, I noticed that he could at least be 6'2 and around 290 pounds.

“Are you from around these parts?” He asked.

“No, I’m not sir, my name is Colton Phillips. I’m a C.S.I out of New York that is trying to enjoy some vacation time, which I haven’t taken in years.” I said.

“Well that sounds good; I’d noticed that you were looking at the crime report in the Daily Pineville Herald.” He said.

“Yeah, I’m an avid reader and like to keep up on all the news in the area where my vacation is taking place.” I said.

“That makes sense; well if you have any questions or I can help with anything my office is right across the street from here.” He said.

“Well actually I do have a quick question. Where is your local library?” I asked.

“That is a question that I could answer. Once you go out the door, you take a left and walk down about three blocks. It does not open until 10:30 a.m. Oh by the way, my name is Sheriff Tom Wilson.” He said.

“Well thanks for the information sir and I’m very glad to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine son, you have a good day now ya hear.”

“Don’t worry I plan on it Tom.”

I did not want to reveal to him what I found and discovered at the Borden Ranch. After all of the information had been collected, then it would be a good time to approach him and ask for assistance in this matter. After finishing my meal and paying for it, I walked out the door of the diner, lit a smoke, and walked toward the library. I looked at my pocket watch and noticed the library would not open for another twenty minutes.

After arriving at the entrance of the library, I sat on a bench to wait for it to open. It was time to find out more about the Borden Ranch. How did this eerie family get involved with the citizens of this small town? Before I knew it, the doors of the library opened and I went inside. This first places that I wanted to look were the obituaries and read more about them. In addition, it would be good idea to look at a copy of the deed to the ranch. By viewing this information, I could possibly determine how it relates to Lizzie Borden. To my luck, the library had microfilm with old obituaries since the year 1800s. It would be in the range of time I was looking for. Within ten minutes, I found the obituary that listed Marge Lizzie Borden. It turned out that Marge Lizzie Borden was the daughter of Lizzie Borden out of Fall River, Massachusetts. To my luck, I found a microfilm that had a copy of her birth certificate. It turns out that Lizzie’s father was listed and the father of Marge Lizzie Borden. This told me that her father had molested Lizzie Borden and she bore a child, which may have been her motive to kill her parents. Since the family was somewhat well off, they arranged to have the child moved and raised in Pineville, New York. By looking at the deed to the ranch, it turned out that Lizzie Borden had a brother who lived and died in the town of Pineville. It was good to get some answers to this discovery. It was time to decipher the vision of Lizzie killing her father and the corpse that came out of the gravesite.

My gut told me to go back to my room and see what was going on. I printed all the information and left the library. After going outside, I noticed that the wind was blowing a little harder, which meant a storm might be in the forecast. Within ten minutes I was back in my room. Something told me to go through the items found at the Borden Ranch.

To my surprise, all of the items were missing with the exception of the picture. I figured while eating breakfast or being at the library, one of the housekeepers probably took the items. If I had asked about them, they would probably deny everything. The mirror, which was the most fascinating item to me, deserved some more investigation. With my laptop nearby, I decided to surf the web and study the mirror and the razor. After about ten minutes, I found out that the mirror belonged to Lizzie Borden herself. It was a gift from her father on one of her birthdays. The shaving razor appeared to be one by Lizzie’s father. The mirror itself could symbolize many things. Could the mirror be a way for Lizzie Borden to enter this dimension from the spirit world? Could she be passing on a curse to the owner of the mirror? The razor could symbolize death or the cutting of something. Thinking about it, told me that someone taking these items might have been a blessing in disguise. I decided to take a shower and let some of this information digest in my mind. Would this be a working vacation? Could some of the unsolved murders of this town be a window of opportunity for me to learn more? The water felt very good to me as I cleaned my body of all the dust from the Borden Ranch.

While showering, I thought of all of the possibilities of what could happen with this curse. During my college days, research showed that spirits do have a way of coming into our existence. From experience, I found that every time a vacation was on the horizon. A mystery would always find its way into my path. After the hot water ran out, I jumped out of the shower, dried off, and went and sat on the bed.

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