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Vincent Gilvarry

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by Vincent Gilvarry   

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Science Fiction



Copyright:  2014

The Ocean of Infinite Mystery is a quest and an adventure into the world beyond, one which will both amaze and delight; with an inventive plot and thoroughly engaging characters.

The Portal Bookshop
The Portal Bookshop

The second book in the series of the Gods of Space and Time explores the mysteries of an isolated galaxy on the outer perimeter of Alpha Centauri. The Khavala is unknown territory, that is, until something goes wrong.

 When everything is in order, the universe resonates perfectly with all of the elements in the equation, but if one crucial element is altered, all hell may break loose.

 Faced by the prospect of a looming disaster, Addric and Dheago spearhead a taskforce of gods and immortals who take a journey like no other, deep into the heart centre of their world.

At their fingertips, they have access to the destructive power of universal energies, but to dispose of the problem will require artillery of a very different order.

The Ocean of Infinite Mystery is an adventure of cosmic proportions in which the forces of light battle the forces of darkness, where universal energies, the supernatural and the paranormal are commonplace events

The universe is like a finely tuned and very delicate instrument whose sole purpose is to make the music we need to survive and the unbelievable hovers around every corner.



‘This is a potentially dangerous situation,' Odin said as he stood on the tailgate of one of the wagons. ‘The dark riders can obviously materialise wherever they want. I want you to be on the alert at all times and keep your eyes posted on any change in the atmosphere.’
‘Addric and Dheago, he said. 'Would you take the lead with Sabu?’
‘Yes, 'we will,’ he said.
‘Starion, I would like you to organise your warriors and position them between each of the wagons. The children will travel in one covered wagon. Those on foot or on horseback are to follow each of the other wagons.’
‘Wimple, could the Krugwah attend to the aerial surveillance. Is that a reasonable request?’
‘We can be doing that,’ Wimple replied.
‘No naughty dark riders will get the better of us,’ said little Boo-tee. We bery powerful, you know.’
‘I know that all too well, my friend and if you do see any of those naughty dark riders, do what the Krugwah do best.’
‘We can be doing that,’ said Eenah, her usually severe face bristling with a newfound loathing for the dark riders.
‘Hector, you have weapons, I presume.’
‘We do sir, one each to be precise, a compact hand-held device capable of unleashing a concentration of electro-magnetic firepower, but compared to what you just did, I don’t think they will do much more than stun the dark riders.’
‘That’s better than nothing,’ said Odin. ‘What would you prefer to do, take the front or the rear?’
‘Perhaps it would be advisable if we spread ourselves out through the ranks.’
‘Better still,’ said Odin.
‘Demetra and Felicity, if ever we needed masters of the arcane arts, it is now.’
‘I am at your service sire,’ said Demetra.
‘As am I,’ said Felicity, what is it that you want us to do?’
‘You have the sight, and in a place such as this, it will be one of our most valuable assets. Perhaps it would be advisable if you walked close to the covered wagons along with the rest of us.’
‘Of course,’ they said.
It was impossible to ignore the fact that they were wandering through an ancient forest, one in which everything had a noticeable odd bluish tinge, an effect which gave it a distinctly eerie quality.
Odin was still concerned by their vulnerability. This would be the perfect place for a Volkori ambush, surrounded as they were by thousands of giant trees as old as time itself. It would be almost impossible to tell if a dark rider was nearby or if it just was the wind rustling through the leaves. Nevertheless, everyone was on a permanent state of alert.
The ever vigilant Krugwah flew one way and then another, monitoring the environment as only they could do, but to those who could see even more, it was apparent that this was something more than just a forest.
‘We have company,’ Lezula whispered to Emphora.
‘We do indeed,’ she said, ‘and they have been keeping a close eye on us ever since we got here.’
‘What manner of creatures are you talking about?’ Slinky asked. He had obviously take Odin’s instructions to heart and was also on a permanent state of alert.
‘Elementals, nature spirits,’ Emphora replied, ‘creatures that inhabit an enchanted forest.’
‘Tell me about elementals,’ he said. What are they?’
‘They have existed since the beginning of time,’ Emphora said. ‘They are the caretakers of nature and come in many shapes and forms. '
'The great spirits of nature are called devas and even though they are not visible to the naked eye, as are others such as elves or fairies, they are there nonetheless and they are a most wonderful sight to behold.'
Devas are powerful in their own right Slinky, as you would need to be when your domain is a forest or a river.’
‘In a place like this, they attend to the details of an evolving world, making sure that everything is in its place and that all living things, whether they are fledgling plants or field mice get the nutrients they need to survive.'
'Nature spirits inhabit every living thing,’ Emphora said, ‘including the very ground we walk on and that includes every rock and stone and especially the water.’
‘What being these fairy creatures that you mentioned Emphora and what being their job?’ he said.
It was obvious that Slinky had been listening attentively to every word that Emphora had said.
‘Well, fairies are very small, no bigger than the fingers on your hand,’ she said. ‘They have gossamer wings and fly from one flower to another, just like bees. Some glisten like fireflies at night and if they are good fairies, they can be most helpful to a traveller that has lost their way.’
‘And then of course, there are sprites as well,’ she said in such a way that Slinky almost leapt off the ground.
‘Sprites,’ he cried, 'they sound like mean little critters.’
‘They can be, sometimes,’ said Emphora, ‘but not always. They have a bit of a reputation in some places, but nevertheless, they do have a part to play as well.’
‘And elves you said, what being they?’
‘Elves, now that is a good question Slinky. I haven’t had much to do with elves, but I have heard that they are quite industrious little characters and have a reputation for offering a helping hand to those who need it the most.’
‘An enchanted forest,’ said a pensive Slinky, ‘I used to think a forest was just a forest and a field of vegetables was just a field of vegetables and if it hadn’t been for Felicity, I would never have believed it could be otherwise.’
‘And then of course,’ Emphora added in a tone designed specifically to impress, ‘there are other creatures yet again, like those grand and imperious centaurs hiding all around us.’
‘Where,’ Slinky cried, ‘where are they?’
‘If I am not incorrect,’ said Emphora, ‘there is one behind every tree that we have passed so far.’
‘And what being them,’ Slinky wondered.
‘Now, they are very unique creatures indeed,’ said Emphora. ‘Centaurs are half-man and half-horse.’
‘Oh, you be making that up,’ said Slinky, ‘nobody could be half and half of two different things.’
‘Centaurs are,’ Emphora said, ‘and in some worlds that I have visited, I have seen equally curious creatures, some of which live in the depths of a real ocean, in a world of total darkness.'
'One that I do know of is a very strange looking fish which has a face like a dog and so that it can see where it’s going, it has a blazing lantern hanging from a hook attached to the top of its head.’
‘Now, you are pulling my leg,’ said Slinky.
‘Not at all,’ said Emphora. ‘Why, in those very same oceans, there are fish as big as a house and it is said, they even communicate with the cosmos.’
‘Why being that,’ said Slinky, ‘if it be true.’
‘Oh, it is my friend. They are called whales and they have a most unusual style of singing. Can you still hear that beautiful music?’
‘Yes Mam, I can,’ he said, ‘it be sending tingles up my spine every single minute. A most extraordinary sound it is. Touches me to my soul, it does.’
‘Well, the music of whales is very much like that Slinky. Some people have a theory that they transmit essential information to the universe for one reason or another.’
‘Now, isn’t that amazing,' Emphora said curiously.
‘It is indeed,’ replied an ever more curious Slinky, ‘but is there anything else that I should be knowing about Emphora?’
‘If you look up there in the sky,’ she said, ‘you will see a horse of a very different kind, Slinky. If you are lucky enough to spot one, it should be white and have enormous wings.’
‘No, Emphora, you not saying that there is such a thing as a flying horse, are you?’
‘Yes Slinky, I am and if you ever have the opportunity to encounter one, you will be amazed by its magnificence, but if you are clever enough to catch one, they have to take you for a ride, but it is not always easy to do that.’
‘Well, I never,’ he said, ‘in all my living days. Flying horses! What next you will be telling me about.’
‘Well, there are quite a lot of very strange looking animals in this universe of ours, but in one world I have visited, there are thousands of them.’
‘Take a giraffe, for example.’
‘A giraffe,’ Slinky exclaimed. ‘You may not be believing this Emphora, but I be knowing what a giraffe is. I have seen one for myself.’
‘So then,’ she said, ‘why shouldn’t there be creatures such as unicorns, centaurs, gryphons and flying horses?’
‘I give up,’ said Slinky. ‘You win. I be knowing you be telling me the truth.’
‘But,’ he added, ‘what is this gryphon thing?’
‘Oh, it is a very noble creature indeed,’ said Emphora.
‘I used to have two of my own once. They have the head of a bird, the body of a lion and wings like an eagle.’
‘I not be knowing what any of them animals are at all,’ said Slinky.
Slinky was so astounded by Emphora’s stories that he did not realise that he was not the only one glued to every word she said. Over a dozen New Soul Children in the rear of the covered wagon were enraptured by what she had to say.
‘And, do you know anything about the New Soul Children?’ Pluto asked.
‘I do, my little darling.’
‘Oh,’ he said, somewhat surprised. ‘Tell us please, I’d love to hear a story about us.’
Those within earshot of the covered wagon were equally amazed to hear that Emphora knew so many things about the mysterious creatures which inhabited the secret world of an enchanted forest.
As their cavalcade wound its way through an ancient wilderness, listening to Emphora’s stories was the perfect way to keep their minds off of their problems. Emphora knew this instinctively.
She was a master of many forms of magic and particularly adept at disseminating a sizeable dose of one of the oldest of all tonics. As she knew from her vast experience, stories have a magic of their own.
‘Now, there are several items of interest that I know about the New Soul Children,’ she said. ‘Some believe that they are nature spirits and that is possibly true.’
‘Nature spirits come in many forms, like the adorable Krugwah for example, but the New Soul Children, who are equally adorable in every way, have a very special place in the scheme of things.’
‘We do!’ said Queroladis.’
‘Indeed,’ said Emphora. ‘Of all of the creatures which inhabit this universe of ours, you have one of the most special jobs of all.’
‘Tell us more,’ said Sipitarcha.
‘At night, when people are asleep, they dream. Secretly, they dream of the good things which might happen, but sometimes they need a little helping hand to make them come true.'
'In dreams, people see familiar faces, friends and family and sometimes strangers, but most dreams are complicated for one reason or another, but during that time, they have the opportunity to be whatever they want. Most of the strangers they encounter in their dreams are really New Soul Children in disguise.’
‘Really,’ said Barclay.
‘Yes,’ said Emphora. ‘I once heard a story of a little boy who dreamed that one day he would wear a crown, that he would be king for a day.'
'Little did he know that the stranger in his dream was actually one of those New Soul Children.’
‘That stranger took him on a journey and revealed a very special secret. He told this little boy that one day, this would happen to him.’
‘I wonder who she’s talking about,’ said Conrad.
‘I wonder too,’ Emphora said, as she winked at Barclay. ‘It is probably someone you even know.’
‘We never get to meet those people, really,’ said Pluto, ‘never.’
‘Well, I know it’s against the rules to tell you this,’ Emphora said, ‘but that little boy is sitting right beside you.’
‘Barclay!’ they gasped.
‘Yes,’ said Emphora. ‘Isn’t that true, Barclay.’
‘Every word of it,’ he replied.
‘I could tell you all about that beautiful day if you wish,’ he said.
‘Oh, please do,’ said Pluto, ‘start at the beginning.’
Over the next few hours, more than a few people shed a passing tear. Their journey passed without incident, but once or twice, Barclay felt a slight twinge in his right shoulder. The New Soul Children instinctively sensed his pain and rather than miss out on a moment of his wonderful story, they would gently place their hands on the back of his neck.
They knew that Barclay was indeed a very special friend and they were not about to lose him, not to those nasty Volkori creatures. They had lost too many of their special friends over the years and when they saw what the Volkori almost did to him, they could hardly believe their eyes.
‘That was a beautiful story,’ said Pluto. ‘Do you think you could tell it again?’
‘Okay,’ said a now very weary Barclay, ‘but, just once more.’
‘Now, one night…’

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