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Lenuf Eninobor

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Publisher:  Holiness A Must Evangelistic Publishing (HAMEP) ISBN-10:  1257810863 Type: 


Copyright:  June 7, 2011 ISBN-13:  9781257810864

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Wisdom, Skill, & Expertise for Wealth, Greatness, & Success

Book on wisdom, skill, and expertise acquisition and maintenance.

What are the secrets of great people from different fields of life since the beginning of the world? Different things, characters, attitudes, values, practices, philosophies, methods etc were put together by great people to be who they were or are. One of the secrets of great people is ardent pursuit of wisdom, skill, and expertise. This book reveals, “Wealth is born out of wisdom; the wealth is increased by wisdom, and is constantly maintained by wisdom”; “The level of your education, i.e. your acquisition of educational wisdom and skills, determines the type of seat that will be offered to you in the public and offices.” Now is your time to soar to greatness. Lenuf assures, “You too can still be a public figure – national or international – before you die if you can increase your works of wisdom, skills, and expertise.” Begin today! How? Take time to read this book to find out how to do this. 

An Edge over Others
Wisdom, skill, and expertise give one an edge over others. In politics and leadership, wisdom, skill, and expertise will make you to do better than others. In employment seeking, these are needed. This is why the employers’ adverts specify the type of staff needed like this: “Ability to work with little or no supervision.” This is why there is job tests and interviews before giving employments to the applicants. All the applicants are all qualified by certificates but employers are looking for the applicants, who are practically qualified as far as application of wisdoms, skills, and expertises are concerned. Some employers specify the educational qualification they want. The minimum qualification that some companies require to employ staff is Second Class Upper Division. This means that any graduate with Second Class Lower Division and Third Class Division are completely disqualified to apply.
Many graduates have certificate but they cannot apply for all job vacancies due to their results. Graduates with higher grades have edges over those with lower grades. Some schools retain their First-Class Division graduates to lecture in the schools. This is an edge.
Types of certificates also give some staff edges (competitive advantage) over other staff in terms of positions and leadership. Somebody told me that in a particular country, high schools teachers with Higher National Diploma, HND, (i.e. polytechnic graduates) are never appointed as principals of the schools. To be a principal of a high school, you must have a degree. A degree, signifying higher knowledge or skill, grants an edge to the possessors over those with HND.
Somebody also told me that in some companies, in the field of engineering, the staff with HND certificates in Engineering are not recognized as “Engineers” or called “Engineers,” rather they are called “Technician.” The term “Engineers” are only used for staff with degree in Engineering. What do you call that? A Competitive advantage over others.
I witnessed this when I got to bank. The bank where I worked did not recognize the staff with Higher National Diploma (HND) and Ordinary National Diploma (ND) as their full staff. They were outsourced staff with very low and meagre salaries, though outsiders saw them as bankers with big salary. Then, there were no promotional plans for them; they remained in the same level to the end of their working terms. Despite all these treatments, the bulks of activities were done by this class of staff, while those with degrees only did leadership, supervision, planning, directing, training tasks, etc.
In that bank and many other banks in that area, staff members with university certificates have position and leadership edge over those with polytechnic certificates. For instance, when I was employed with my degree, I was placed over those that have been in the banks for many years. Normally, as a new or junior staff member, I was to be under them, but the reverse was the case due to the quality of certificate. However, little improvements have been brought in to lift the polytechnic staff to higher levels than they were used to be in the areas of salaries, promotions, hiring etc. However, they are still below staff with degrees.
Do you learn from all these? The level of your education, i.e. your acquisition of educational wisdom and skills, determines the type of seat that will be offered to you in the public and offices. The more you learn, the more edge you will have in the society where certificates are needed. This will automatically put smile and joy in your cheek.
When I gained admission into university, our acting dean was a very young man. He studied with great zeal. Within the shortest time possible, he had already obtained a doctor's degree. This gave him an edge over lecturers that were senior to him in lecturing and in age. This edge made him an acting dean over them. Despite he was younger, he was a master over them, and they accorded him his respects. Before we graduated, he later became a professor. He later became a full dean.
One of my roommates was working in Registry Department. He told me that the man’s, the dean’s, file with the school in the Registry was full of different awards and certificates. These gave him an edge in position and leadership.
In forces, acquisition of educational skills also gives one an edge over others. Like police, where those with lower certificate start as rank and file, university graduates start as cadet Assistance Superintendent of Police. In army, you will see a very young soldier with a very high rank punishing and disciplining soldiers that are older than his own father is. What gives him that edge? The educational skills and certificate he has acquired does. It is no wonder that is popularly said that if you think that education is too expensive, try ignorance.
You have now seen the importance of wisdom. Hope you still remember the meanings of wisdom above. The second definition above says that wisdom is accumulated knowledge, erudition, or enlightenment. This tells you that wisdom is what you have gained from education. It is this educational qualification that they use in the world to give some people advantages over others. My friend, you need educational wisdom.
Under impartiality and lack of bribery and corruption, some contractors and companies gain more contracts than others do, due to their well-established expertises. Let me come to road construction. Some companies seem to lack experts in constructing standard roads that do not call for repairing from time to time. Geologically, there are different types of clays. Some can lead to serious mud crack, which is one of the causes of cracking of roads or causes of potholes in roads. For instance, the road that has montmorillonite can cause this. A standard construction company with expert geologists and other experts will identify and deal with the situation first before tarring the road. This expertise in road construction gives some companies edges over others, since government want durable roads.
Similarly, in building, some companies have edges more than others have in getting contracts due to their expertises. Geologically, some places are not suitable for ordinary building. Engineering geologists, or their equivalents, are needed to test the strength of the land in order to know the type of the subsurface structure to build for the building. Some lands have caves underneath which makes the building on them susceptible to collapsing or sinking with time or at the slightest tremor. Some people, companies, and governments look at the level of expertise and the experts of any company before they award contracts. Expertise is therefore an edge.
A friend told me how his former boss did everything to impress Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) as far as expertise was concern to win contract from Shell. This always gave them edge over their competitors. The company was into Environmental Health and Safety. He said that his boss often did all he can to acquire most sophisticated and modern machines and equipment. Since SPDC always wants the best, this is how they have edge over others in getting contracts. Expertise is always an edge.
Coming to ministry, Paul had edge over other apostles of Christ of his time in everything. Why? Paul was more learned than they all were. I think this is one of the reasons that made Christ to make Paul an apostle for the Gentiles, since he needed to meet with great learned Gentiles like philosophers (those in Greek – Acts 17), governors, emperor – even Caesar – and so on. When Paul was defending himself before Governor Festus, Agrippa and other, they saw the erudition of Paul in action to the extent that Governor Festus voiced out, “You are raving, Paul; your excessive study is driving you mad.”
This wisdom of learning also gave Paul an edge over other Bible characters in writing. Paul wrote fourteen books out of the sixty-six books of the Bible.
Wisdom, skills, and expertise are therefore our names attachment that we must keep to have competitive advantages over others. This is the world of competition. Survival of the fittest is the principle used in the world’s competition. Your wisdom, skills, and expertise make you the fittest.

An Opportunity Presenter
Abraham Lincoln says, “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” I received this quote from Mr Odiete, my brother-in-law (the husband of my eldest sister - Grace), as a congratulatory message for me when I got employment into bank. I cherished the quote greatly due to the meaning it carries.
Coming to the quote, if you give yourself to study today, you are opening doors of opportunities for yourself someday when the wisdom, skill, and expertise from the study will be required. How do I mean? Let us say that you are a graduate with bachelor degree. At present, you do not get job; no employment anywhere. Keep on studying; go for you master’s degree. Your master's degree gives you higher opportunity to get job in some institutions like lecturing. After getting master’s degree, if there is no job yet, get money and begin your pursuit of doctor’s degree. As you do all these, even if there is no job today, the whole studies, wisdoms, and degrees acquired will definitely give you opportunities someday. This is what Abraham Lincoln was saying by this quote. I like the quote.
Your educational wisdoms and qualifications open door of opportunity for you before helpers. For instance, let us say your best friend in your primary school’s day is the newly elected president of your country. Let us say that you did not study further than High School. Let us say that the president comes to visit your state or region. He sees you and asks you to bring your credentials in order to appoint you as one of the ministers of the country. Tell me, have you not closed the door of greatest opportunity against yourself already? Your Senior High School Certificate does not make you eligible for the post of a minister of a nation. This is why I say, “Your educational wisdoms and qualifications open door of opportunity for you before helpers.” The quote of Abraham Lincoln is saying the same thing.
An operations manager in one of the branches of the bank where I once worked told me a story of a former member of the bank. He said that the young woman was a bulk teller in the bank. As a bulk teller, her duty was to be receiving....
A Pathway to Wealth
Wisdom, skill, and expertise provide one of the surest ways to great wealth. Remember how the wisdom of Solomon translated into his immeasurable wealth.

Wealth is born out of wisdom; the wealth is increased by wisdom, and is constantly maintained by wisdom.

This still happens today. A good example is that of Bill Gates. Bill Gates’ wealth was born out of wisdom; the wealth is being increased by wisdom, and is being maintained by wisdom. This is a great lesson for everybody. Do you need explanation on this? Okay, let us see it together. Let me begin by taking a quote from Solomon the wise king:

Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

According to that quote, through desire to pursue his full-time vision, Bill Gates separated from school, i.e. dropped out of Harvard in 1977, to seek and intermeddle with all wisdom for wealth. Dropping out of school was foolishness to a normal man, but to Bill Gates, it was wisdom for wealth. What is the full-time vision that led him to drop out of school? It is the vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home.” That is a vision of wisdom. Do you understand how this vision is of wisdom? The vision is to make sure personal computers are available in excess that everybody would be able to afford them. The vision was to make sure that computers were not only available in industries as supercomputers or mainframe computers but also as personal computers (PC) for everybody and every home. Do you know what that means? Each PC in every desk or every home would contain Microsoft software. Do you know what that means? Money through the software would come into Bill Gates’ pocket from every home and everybody, as they become owners of PC’s. It was reported that an estimated 7 million copies of Windows 95 were sold throughout the world within two months of its release.
This is how Bill Gates used wisdom to give birth to wealth for himself. Did the vision of using wisdom to create wealth work well for Bill Gates? Yes, it did. This wisdom made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the...

Having learnt all these about wisdom, skill, and expertise, we need to know how to acquire and maintain them. What are the ways? Let us look at few of them here. They can be acquired and maintained through these following means.

Study is one of the ways to acquire wisdom, skill, and expertise. Study also helps to maintain and keep them. Give yourself to study without being tired. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, says, “Spend as much time as you can in learning, for there is joy in it.”
There are two classes of study that you must engage yourself. First, study to obtain certificates. Second, study and read to feed your brain with information.

Study & Read to Obtain Certificates
Go and get certificate in school if you do not have any. If you have one, you can go further to get higher one. Keep on climbing the ladder of success. According to Abraham Lincoln, opportunity will definitely be opened for the certificates someday in the future. As a bachelor’s degree holder, you can go for your master’s degree, and so on.
Let me sound a warning here. Do not acquire a certificate that you cannot defend. What do I mean? Some graduates cannot defend their certificates before employers. Did they cheat during examinations in schools? Not really so, some people passed their examinations without cheating. Why can they not defend the certificate then? That is a good question. Many students in school only read to pass examination, not to know the fact in the course. The purpose of schooling and examination is to acquire knowledge that will be useful for one now and later in life. However, some students read to pass. They just cram to pass the examinations. Few days to few weeks after the examinations, they cannot remember those facts again.
Therefore, study to know; assimilate the facts into your system so that you will be able to defend them anywhere and anytime. This calls for studying your books always; repeating them over and over until they are fully assimilated. Do not wait for examination time before you begin your study and reading.
Moreover, study can extend to obtaining certificates in professional courses in your field of study. This will give you an edge in some companies for employment and for promotions. Remember that you need to be computer literate. If you are not, you can go for this also.
If possible, go and obtain certificate in management in addition to your qualifications. This will give an edge in rising to management level. This will also help you to manage you own business well. If possible, obtaining certificate in marketing or sales will also help to boost your own business. The knowledge you will gain there will help your business to grow.
Let me emphasise something here. Nobody is too old to obtain certificate; you can still go to school at any age and be the professional you dreamed to be. I was going in a town and somebody told about one hospital in the town. He said that the owner of the hospital was a retired principal of a high school. After retirement, he went to university to study medicine. He graduated and established his own hospital. Whenever there is a will, there must definitely be a way. Dear friend, go and achieve what you want to achieve before you die.

Study & Read to Feed Your Brain
Let me give you some quotes here:
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young, but becomes consistently more valuable regardless of physical capacity. (Harvey Ullran)
The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge. (Orrin C. Hudson).
As to the learning that any person gains from school education, it serves only like a small capital, to put him in the way of beginning learning for himself afterwards. Every person of learning is finally his own teacher… (Napoleon Hill)
What is the implication of all these to you? Keep on learning personally everything that is worth learning until you die. Read newspapers to feed your brain. Study more about the course you studied in school. Study more about the job you do in the office. This will give you expertise and an edge over others. Study to know more about the software your company uses for transactions.
This is one of the secrets of great inventors, innovators, developers, and so on. For instance, this was the secret of Thomas Edison who patented more than 1,000 inventions before he died. How did he achieve this? Do you think that he had more school education than you did? No! History has it that he attended school for only...

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