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Ton'e Brown

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Rough Patch Twisted Fate
by Ton'e Brown   

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Publisher:  Hayden Publishing ISBN-10:  1467999822 Type: 


Copyright:  January 3,2012 ISBN-13:  9781467999823

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This book takes you inside the mind of a man as he faces troubling times and shows the pureness of his heart that's not shown to the world often enough. His strengths, weaknesses and how he battles unfamiliar territory of vulnerability. It also gives the true insight of transparency of a woman's heart as she faces an unplanned pregnancy and the fight for validation of existence. An inspiration of faith that gives hope, strength to be empowered and to overcome when all else fails. Dell Montgomery’s Rough Patch and Frances White Twisted Fate bring them together in the most unique way. It's a trail of rough patches with each personal event in their paths that brings about a twisted fate never expect and shock waves that collides their worlds.

Novelist Ton’e Brown shares a captivating story that takes her readers on a whirlwind journey of Rough Patches that leads to a twisted fate that will leave you breathless.

A vivid and compelling story about a young girl’s battle to face her own life challenges. The betrayal of her parents and yet finds the strength to stand strong for strangers who change the path of her life with each encounter. She also must face the violent outburst of her mother's rages and the deep rooted wounds that affects her emotional state of mind.

Dell, he is a man that finds himself showing a vulnerability often hidden by men. Although living a seemingly content, well ordered life, mysterious events disrupts his way of living and he's stuck in a situation caught between two equally rapacious tycoons of a dark world that changes the course of his life.

Frances White and the lives of each stranger intertwine by unexpected fates, their lives spins out of control of whirled wind events unimaginable and a journey that unfolds like a redeeming revelation. Its conclusion shows how friendship and the courage of faith can stand up to the most horrifying of circumstances, the clash of enemies and the most tragic of fates.

My name is David Mckeeson, I am a good friend and business associate of Ton’e Brown. I am honored that she asked that I write the foreword for her book. I admit I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure of the subject matter around Rough Patches; it was all I could do to keep from saying to her “now you know other people will be reading this?” I tried to encourage her as she started the project, but inwardly, I was very skeptical. A book on rough patches and twisted fates, I couldn’t imagine the story, to spend time with Ton’e her life seemed effortless. However, I do understand that no ones life is without rough patches.
The size of this book confirms the complexities and challenge posed by Ton’e, she experienced more than ever expressed and knew the heart of a troubled man and the despair of the lost soul of a woman. I underestimated Ton’e’s tenacity to resolve and to be creative in her writings. I am totally impressed by the intensity of the story, the characters and the journey of each person’s life and how they intertwined.
Ton’e Brown is a people person. She observes in silence, takes in the attributes of the character of the person on a level missed by most. She is like the computer wizard who lives in a dimly-lit world parallel to our own; Ton’e Brown lives, breathes, and eats in the world of love and gratitude.
I was amazed to the commitment to the story she wanted to share about a person’s journey in life. She was determined to show how a person of any walk of life and how they can entertain an unknown angel, a person who would be least likely the help a person would consider or think, and how every step we take connects us all.
She spent countless hours sitting at a computer, scribbling notes until she was able to form a thought and put it to paper. It made me curious; I would peep at her notes and study her story board to see if I could get the story. As she built upon each character, identify the life they were to live, I found myself intrigued as the characters developed.
To the casual reader, this book will be impressive because of its sheer size, but for the avid reader this book will be captivating as you discover the element of its connection. You will be astonished by the book’s depth of detail and complexity. Instead of getting hung up on the exact editing or style of her book, she focused on the story she wanted to convey and Ton’e lets her reader be the final judge. I asked, “Why?” Her reply, “Every editor, knowledgeable writer changed her story every which way and lost its content.” She expressed she wanted to share a story and no matter who she talked too about editation, it was the rules of the person’s concept of punctuation and not the heart of the story.
Ton’e stood her ground and made it clear, no matter the commas, punctuations, exclamations, each reader has its own pause and the smart reader will catch hold of the empowerment of the story. Once I got that, I read it as I communicated and once I did, it flowed smoothly.
Ton’e’s humor twinkles on every page, particularly when she ventures off on the funny situations to our everyday realities. She put it all out there for you, the humor of our actions, and the humor of our reactions, so be ready for the deep belly laughs that will keep you stitched.
Perhaps the most daunting challenge which faced Ton’e on this work was the struggle of the character named, “Dell” whose life experiences was so haunting, even for me, to read and experience of how traumatic his situation became and realize there are men dealing with his life at this level and it took a woman to bring it to light. What I mean by that is, Ton’e took the character of a man and brought him to light, showing his weakness as he struggles and his strengths as he rediscovers himself, and the endearing of a man’s worth. She makes you want to respect him. She makes you see his humanistic variances and vulnerabilities, yet at the same time she shows the truth of the man we all know and want to hate.
Ton’e took a young girl, devastated, betrayed by the only people she believed in and empowered her through her circumstance, and showed no matter what you face in life there is always a way to rise.
Finally, Ton’e Brown has tapped into a different type of writing that will inspire you through storytelling. Her unique writings will inspire you; give you appreciation for your life and the way you choose to live it. It will give you motivation to live more on purpose with a plan for your life. Lastly, in my humble opinion, this book will give you hope to trust in a God that will give you a strength to know, understand that no matter the journey, you are not alone and whatever the need, it’s present. With faith, you can overcome.
Anybody who has gone through something will relate to this book. Rough patch is just a time in your life that so much hits you all at once and you question not only your self, but you question if there is a God, because of the painful roughness experienced. It doesn’t matter what it is, who it is, or how it is, it’s still a painful journey. Twisted fate is sometimes the shock of the end result or the unexpected resolution.
This is a remarkable book, a mix of characters that anyone that reads this book will absolutely find someone that they will identify with at some level. It’s a combination of personalities rolled into one. It is a single, twist of fate that will make you think twice before calling someone a close friend and it will cause you to redefine what a true friend is.
I have worked with Ton’e over the years on several different projects. This is one she called her zone and after reading this book, I would agree. I found the story fascinating, exhilarating and it pulled me in to the intensity of each character. I wanted to love them, hate them and step into the pages to encourage them and say,”Everything is going to be alright.”
I like to encourage you to keep reading, embrace the characters and share in the journey of each one. The way Ton’e ties each person’s lives together will give you hope that the person next to you just might be your angel.
David McKeeson


It was strange to me to experience my mother’s wrath. She was really angry; I never thought it possible to make her hate me. It was my fault, I disappointed her and I never meant too, it just happened. I questioned myself on many occasions about my mother, why she couldn’t love me. I hungered for her love. I desperately hungered for love. One day, I will know love. I know I will. This will not hold me back. No, THIS WILL NOT HOLD ME BACK. Ok, Frances, Ok! I will not let this hold me back.

I have encountered many strangers, some in passing and a few, well their part of my life now and I never imagined this to be the path for my life. However, if it wasn’t for this path, I would have never experienced the life I now live.

Frances was pacing about in her kitchen in her hotel room. As she was walking around the room filled with anxiety, scared and in turmoil about what she should do about the money she now has in her possession. She is having a difficult time making a decision to keep the money or give it back. It was a difficult decision because she had lived on the streets, in homeless shelters and she desperately wanted a better life for herself and her daughter Jazzy. She was dealing with her emotions of the betrayal of her parents, the suicide death of her best friend and now, she stands alone with a responsibility and decision she wasn’t ready for. It a test of her faith, a discovery of a destiny beyond her wildest dreams and a twisted fate no one would have expected. Now, faced with a decision that can change the course of her life and everything she has come to learn about life. Her dilemma about the money can put her in a situation she never bargained for. She stood over the money that was on the kitchen table and she can’t help but question herself about the decision she has to make. Frances stares at the money in front of her.

This is a lot of money. I am scared, what if I get caught with all this cash? What about my Jazzy? What if anyone finds out I have this money? (Pacing the floor) I can’t do this; I can’t jeopardize our lives like this. I just can’t. But what if, we can make this work? I should tell…he would know what to do. (Pause) No I can’t, I can’t tell him, I barely know him. I have to keep this to myself. No one can know, I promised. But, can I trust her? Man, what should I do? Oh my God, What should I do?

Frances hears a bang at the door; she grabbed the money and rush to put it in the duffle bag. She looks for a place to hide the money and she puts it in the closet.

No, I can’t put it here.

She takes it to the bedroom and pushed it under the bed.

No, what if they look here?

She takes it to the bathroom and sets the bag in the tub.

They would find it here too.
She hears the bang on her door again, but it was harder than the first one and she starts to feel panicked.

Ok, breathe…now think. Think girl!

She turns, takes the duffle bag out of the tub and walks to the living room area. The door opens; she holds the duffle bag close to her chest and freezes as she watched the door slowly open.
Dell was running down the alley, the two goons chasing him, one grabbing at his jacket as Dell twist his body to pull his arms out of the sleeve of his jacket, until it slides off. He picks up speed as he continues to run away from the goons chasing him. He turns the corner into a dead end; it was bright with tower lights beaming from the roof of the buildings. All he could see was scattered bags of trash. He slows up to look around to figure the direction he should take to get out of the way of the goons he was running from. He took a step back, looked down and there were people sleeping on the ground. He stepped on the hand of a man that was sleeping, who screamed out and told him to get away. He hears a voice.

Psss…Psss…over here.

Dell looks around, looks down and sees a homeless man on the ground in a box on the side of a large green dumpster. He walked towards him, the man offers him to climb in the box to hide. Dell hesitated, but heard the foot steps of his chasers, decided to climb into the homeless mans box and the man covered him with his green trash bags and some filthy dirty clothes. Dell went in head first and the homeless man grabbed his feet and pulled them in. Dell pulled the rest of his six foot frame into the box, into a fetal position. He hears the foot steps of the goons; the homeless man sits up and watches the goons pace back and forth in the alley way until they realize Dell had to have gone a different direction. One of the goons spoke out saying, “he must have went the other way lets go.” The goons leave the alley; the homeless man nudges Dell and tells him the coast was clear. Dell’s body was so large that it was difficult for him to maneuver and turn his body around to get out of the box. As he was trying to pull himself out, he tore the box and the homeless man yelled at him.

Man, you ripped my box.

Dell immediately began to apologize and worked himself out of the box until he was able to stand to his feet. Once he was able to stand, he looked at the homeless man to thank him and the man blew him off and shouted at him.

Get out of here.

Dell tried to talk to him and the homeless man turned over, put the broken up box over him and ignored him. Dell stared at him, shook his head and started backing up. He was shocked that the man helped him and how quick his attitude changed on him. He turned to walk out of the alley, looking up and down the street to see if there were any signs of the goons. When he saw there were no where in sight, he took off running down the street toward were he had parked his car.

Dell was sweating profusely; he made it to his car, continuing to look around before getting in his car. He starts to drive away, and as he drove off, he noticed the goons still walking up and down the street in search of him. He leans down in his seat, holding on to the steering wheel as he pulled up to a red traffic light. He started praying in his head for the light to change.

Come on, come on light, change. Dear God change that light. PLEASE!!!!

The light changed and he pulled off slowly and was trying not to draw the attention of the goons. He drove off and got on the highway. He was relieved that he was able to get away from the goons chasing him. He drove a few miles and right when he was about to take the next exit, he noticed a car coming up on him fast. His heart began to race, he was contemplating if he should keep going or take his exit. The car was getting closer. He looked at his hands and they were shaking so bad he could hardly hold on to the steering wheel. He decided to take his exit; he pulled up to a curve not far from the highway exit and parked. He had his head down and his body curved over the steering wheel. He rolled his window down for some air and leaned against the steering wheel. Taking deep breaths, trying to regroup and decide what he wanted to do next. Suddenly, he felt his neck jerk and he was being pulled out of his car. He was being pulled out of the window. He was trying to look at the face of who was pulling on him, but his neck was in a head lock and all he could do was hold the arm that was around his neck to keep from choking. He was thrown to the ground and the next thing he saw was a fist aiming towards his face and he was out.

When he woke up, his head was covered and it was pitch black. He heard voices and foot steps. When he took breathes he noticed it smelled like burnt toast. He kept his head down so the voices surrounding him would not realize he was awake. But one of the goons saw that the bag over his head was moving with his breaths, and reached over and smacked his head. Dell jumped and his body fell off the chair. He felt hands lifting him off the floor and sat him back into the chair. He couldn’t understand why they kept calling him Roger. He tried to say his name was Dell, but before the words could form, he felt a needle stuck in his arm and he passed out.

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