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Lynette C Mather

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Unspoken Secrets
by Lynette C Mather   

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Young Adult/Teen

Publisher:  Outskirts Press ISBN-10:  1432780573 Type: 


Copyright:  November 17, 2011 ISBN-13:  9781432780579

“Six Teenagers are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, and what they learn about their past, will change their future forever. “

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Unspoken Secrets
Unspoken Secrets

Do you believe in magic? This question has been asked thousands of times, but for six teenagers in Plymouth, Michigan, this question is about to be answered, when they stumble upon an abandoned warehouse and a treasure filled with jewels. The problem: These six teenagers are then propelled to another world, another time, before computers, cell phones, and X-Box. The new world they’ve entered is all about their heritage and learning to accept the past, and when they’re pushed to do the right thing and try to reclaim what was stolen from their families years ago, the six teenagers find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. While they struggle for survival, they learn the true meaning of family, friendship, and loyalty, as they’re forced to fight for what they believe in, and soon discover a heritage so strong, it’ll change their future forever. 



The day started out much like any other day in Kimmy Washington’s life, except for the dark swirl of mist that she discovered outside her bedroom window this morning when she awoke. Being the brave teen that she is, she opened the window and watched the dark mist slowly enter her room, where it drifted over to her bedroom door, opened it, and slowly made its way down the hall to her parent’s bedroom. Kimmy followed it, and slipped into her parent’s room, undetected, she hoped, because if her mother ever found out Kimmy was in her room without permission she would be grounded until she turned eighteen. In Kimmy’s calculation that was five years away, so she made sure she stayed as quiet as possible, as she watched the mist travel over to a wall. The mist removed a mirror and Kimmy noticed a dark blue circle.

Somehow, the mist opened the circle and Kimmy saw a key, which immediately illuminated the entire room. Kimmy watched in fascination and horror as the mist placed the key in her hand. She studied it for a moment not knowing what any of it meant, and when she heard the stairs creek, she knew her mother was coming. Kimmy slowly opened her parent’s bedroom door saw the hallway was clear, and walked quickly to her room. Once she closed her bedroom door, she watched the mist travel back over to her window, and float outside. She raced over to it, but the mist was gone, it had completely vanished. When she placed the key in her pocket she felt her heart beating as if it were in a race against time. She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down, and wondered again what just happened. Why was the strange mist outside her window? What was the key to, and why did the mist give it to her? What was she suppose to do with it now?

She got up off the bed, grabbed her cell phone and called her best friend Bobby Martin. When he didn’t answer, she walked into her closet, and that’s when the door slammed shut, and a warrior looking man that Kimmy had once seen in her history book at school, appeared.

“Who are you?” Kimmy demanded her blue eyes ablaze with anger.
“I am Onebuyo, and you are Kimmy?” He crinkled his nose.
“Yeah that’s right I am. Got a problem with that?” Kimmy folded her arms.
The warrior shrugged. “No, it’s just not a very strong name.”
“Says who?” Kimmy asked.
“Says everyone that I know.” The warrior watched her with his penetrating blue eyes, and Kimmy noticed how his long, dark hair touched the collar of his shirt.
“Who are you, and why are you in my bedroom?” Kimmy raised her voice.
“I’m Onebuyo, and I come with news about your life.”
“What news, and how do you know about my life?”
“I know all there is to know about you. So hush so I can relay the message I was sent here to deliver.”
“How do you know me, and you better talk fast, I’m giving you three seconds before I scream.”
“That’s a human trait, huh? The screaming?” the warrior asked.
“I guess, now hurry up,” Kimmy said, as her heart raced once again.
The warrior watched her before he spoke, “your spirit is strong, but you do have a hard time listening.”
“Oh, I listen when it’s important. So get on with it.”
“Okay, but try not to interrupt.”
When Kimmy remained quiet the warrior continued, “Today you will meet your best friend Bobby Martin at the fountain. Today is the day you will tell him about the dark swirl that was outside your window. The one you let into the house without permission. The one who went into your parent’s room, and invaded their privacy. The mist that gave you the key, you were not supposed to know about, yet. Once you’re finished telling him about the dark mist, you will tell him about the dreams you’ve been having about your grandmother. Once this is complete you shall tell him about your friend, Camille. After this is done, be prepared for your life to change forever. After today things will never be the same again. Keep your eyes opened for the dangers that await you at every turn. Be advised that some of the new people you meet you can trust. The others you can’t. Your journey will be difficult, but the first seal of your fate was broken when you let the mist into this house, the second, when you accepted the key. Now the rest will unfold as quickly as your heart is racing. Do you understand?”
Kimmy stared at him as she chewed her bottom lip. “No, none of this makes any sense.”
“It will.” The warrior nodded as if he were agreeing with what he had just said.
“But it doesn’t, so why don’t you leave the way you came in?”
As Kimmy watched, the warrior faded, and before she knew it, he was gone. She glanced around her walk in closet, and realized she was alone, so she reached in her pocket, felt the key nestled there, and grabbed her cell phone. The sooner she got a hold of Bobby the better.

Chapter One

“Will you tell him today?” Camille asked Kimmy as she sat on the edge of the fountain in downtown Plymouth, waiting for her best friend Bobby Martin to arrive.
“I don’t know what to do. I mean I want to tell him, but I don’t know if I will today.”
Camille tapped her foot. “Oh, you have to tell him, if you don’t who knows what’s going to happen. Besides, if you don’t tell him, I will.”
Kimmy laughed. “You can’t tell him, and I need to think about how I’m going to tell Bobby about what’s going on.”
“Why can’t I tell him?” Camille asked.
“Because you know the rules, and you know you’re not allowed to tell him. Camille we were both told the rules this morning.”
“Yeah but…just this once. Please, oh please. Maybe if I tried really hard I’d be able to talk to Bobby. “
“It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it’s not going to work. Now we were both told that the world that you come from forbids fairies to talk to humans, and the last time I checked Bobby was human.”
“But I can talk to you.”
“Yeah, but you’ve always been able to talk to me.”
“Well will you at least let me try to talk to Bobby?”
“No.” Kimmy smiled when she spotted Bobby walking across the park.
“Please, Kimmy.”
“Camille, I said no. Now be a good fairy and leave this to me.”
Camille moaned, “but you’re so boring.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Yes, you are.”
“Oh my goodness, no I’m not Camille.”
“Yes you are. You never do anything wrong. Well at least not yet.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Camille smiled. “It means that Bobby’s got a secret. Bobby’s got a secret.”
“What kind of secret?” Kimmy asked.
“The kind that’s going to make your life exciting and I can’t wait. Like I said you’re boring, and I’m tired of yawning over it.”
“Ha ha, that’s very funny Camille.”
“Who’s Camille?” Bobby asked sitting next to Kimmy.
“No one,” Kimmy sighed.
“So do you talk to yourself often?” He smiled.
“I wasn’t talking to myself.”
“So who’s Camille, and where did she go?”
“It’s a long story.”
Bobby grabbed Kimmy’s hand. “Good thing I’ve got all day.”
Camille fluttered her bright green wings and Kimmy watched the white sparkle of stardust swirl around her. “Oh, hurry up Kimmy and tell him.”
“He’s going to think I’ve lost my mind, Camille.”
“I already think that.” Bobby laughed. “You’re talking to yourself again.”
“I’m not talking to myself. I’m talking to Camille.”
“Yeah, so you’ve said, but I can’t see her, so you must be talking to yourself.”
Kimmy sighed, as Camille giggled. “I’m glad you think this is funny, Camille.”
“I don’t think it’s funny. I’m just excited that you finally get to tell him what’s going on.”
“Well, where do I start?” Kimmy asked Camille.
“Tell him what happened this morning.”
“Fine.” Kimmy turned to look at Bobby.
“Are you ready for this?”
“Yeah, I’m ready to hear what’s going on with you.”
“Okay, when I woke up this morning, I went to my window and parted the curtains. I saw a dark swirl outside my window.”
“What kind of dark swirl?”
“I don’t know. But anyways, I watched a white mist come out of the center of it, and without thinking, I opened my window.”
“What, you’re right, you are crazy?”
“Yeah. I know. Anyway, the white swirl traveled over to my bedroom door, opened it, and went to my parent’s room.”
“What did you do?”
“I followed it.”
“Oh my gosh, what happened?”
“The white mist went over to the wall in their room and moved a mirror. Behind the mirror there was a small dark blue circle on the wall. The mist opened it, and I saw a key that illuminated the entire room and before I knew it the mist had put it in my hand.”
“Wow. Are you serious?”
Kimmy nodded, reached in her pocket, and handed him the key.
“Did you get caught?”
“No. Thank goodness. When the mist put the key in my hand, I heard the stairs creak, and ran to my room, before my mother caught me.”
“So what’s this key to?” Kimmy watched Bobby jiggled it in his hand.
“I haven’t figured it out yet. I know it’s not to my bedroom door. I tried it, but it didn’t work.”
“That’s weird.”
“I know.”
“So now what are you going to do?”
Kimmy shrugged. “I don’t know. I keep having these dreams about my grandmother, and she keeps telling me that I need to find a book.”
“What book?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been having these dreams for months now, and it’s always the same thing. I see an old building, and in it my mother is screaming at me to be a good girl, my grandmother is telling me to find a book, and that’s when the ghost arrives. The ghost walks back and forth in front of the window in the old building.”
“Okay, then what happens?”
“I usually wake up. So this morning, my mom took me down here so she could prance around. You know how my mom loves attention.”
“Anyway, when we went back to the house earlier this morning, I had this eerie feeling when we pulled up in the driveway. I don’t know why, but I glanced up at the attic window and I saw the ghost that’s always in my dreams.”
“What? Are you sure?”
“Oh, I’m sure.”
“What do you think it means, Kimmy?”
“I think it means I need to sneak up in the attic to find the book my grandmother is so adamant about me finding. The only problem is my mother keeps the attic locked.”
“Hey, maybe this is the key?” Bobby studied it for a moment, before Kimmy shook her head.
“I doubt it. Nothing in life is that easy.”
“I know, but you should try it and see if it unlocks the attic door.”
“I will. The hard part is going to be sneaking up there without getting caught.”
“I know. If that happens, I’m not sure what your mother will do to you.”
“Me either, but I’ve got to do it. If it is the key, I can find out why my grandmother is haunting my dreams.”
“Yeah, but I don’t want your mother to catch you.”
“Me either.” Kimmy looked at him. “But I’ve got to take the chance. Something is going on and I know the book would answer some questions. At least I think it might.”
“This whole thing is weird.”
“I know. How do you think I feel?”
“So when are you going to tell me about Camille?”
Kimmy smiled at Bobby. “I guess I’ll tell you now, since you already think I’m crazy.”
“Yeah pretty much, so keep talking, and let me decide how crazy I think you are. Right now you’re only kind of crazy.”
“Ha ha, very funny.”
Camille fluttered her wings. “Oh, I knew I liked him, Kimmy. He is such a nice, decent boy, so tell him now. You’ve already kept me waiting longer than you should have. I mean you could have started this whole conversation about me, and not the stupid mist you saw this morning.”
“I had to start there, Camille. This whole thing wouldn’t have sounded right if I would have started with you.”
“Oh, yes, it would have. At least it would have started out exciting. For a minute there I thought for sure I was going to start yawning again.”
“Okay, Camille. I get that you think my life is one big bore.”
“You can say that again. I mean I don’t remember a time in your life when you’ve ever gotten into trouble.”
“Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way,” Kimmy snapped.
“Okay, so obviously Camille is still here.” Bobby smiled.
“Yeah, she is.”
“So tell me about her.”
“Okay. Well, it all started when I was about three. I remember seeing Camille for the first time. I thought it was cool to have her to play with, and little did I know at the time that she was a fairy.”
“A what?” Bobby asked.
“You heard me. A fairy.”
“You mean like colorful wings and a pretty face, and all that?”
“Oh, Kimmy, he’s so smart. He nailed it. I do have a pretty face, and my wings are colorful. Tell him how gorgeous my gown is. Tell him how it has swirls of pink running through it. Don’t forget to tell him how beautiful my hair is.”
“Camille, please. Well you let me talk without interrupting?”
“Oh, I’m trying, but I get this way when people talk about me. Don’t forget the part about how funny I am.”
“Camille I’d tell him everything, and get done much faster if you’d stop talking.”
“Okay then, hurry up.”
Kimmy bit her lower lip. “Where was I?”
“The part about the fairy.”
“Yeah, she is beautiful and funny and I guess I was a lucky kid to have had her around, even though I didn’t understand why.”
“So she’s been around your whole life and you never told me?” Bobby looked hurt.
“I couldn’t tell you. I remember wanting to tell you, but I couldn’t.”
“I was sworn to secrecy, and at the time I didn’t realize it. But this morning everything changed.”
“You mean with the mist and all?”
“I mean with all of it. I’m obviously allowed now to tell you about Camille, and the book my grandmother wants me to find.”
“Yeah, but none of it makes sense to me. Why is there a fairy in your life?”
“I don’t know. All I can tell you is that this morning I went in my closet to get dressed and that’s when Camille and a guy named Onebuyo appeared. Onebuyo told me that it’s time. Whatever that means, and he said that I needed to tell you about Camille and the dreams I’ve been having. He also said that we’ve got a lot of work to do, and that time was of the essence or something like that.”
“So who is Onebuyo?”
“I don’t know. He looked like a warrior or something that I saw once in my history book.”
“Man, this whole thing is confusing me.”
“You? Try to be me. I’ve spent my life thinking that I was lucky to have Camille, and now all this other stuff happened. I’d trade places with you in a second because I don’t know what’s going on. All I know is that Onebuyo wanted me to tell only you about Camille and my grandmother. Now I need to swear you to secrecy, just like I had to do for so many years.”
“You know I’d never say anything, especially when you ask me not too.”
“I for one believe him, Kimmy,” Camille shouted.
“Camille, do you have to shout? You scared me.”
“Oh, sorry, I just wanted you to know that I trust him.”
“Yeah, I trust him too. He’s been my best friend since I’ve been born.”
“I wish I could hear Camille. It would make this whole thing much easier to believe.”
Kimmy looked at Bobby annoyed. “Well I don’t know why you can’t hear her. I thought for sure you’d be able to once I told you what happened. But you don’t need to make me feel bad.”
“I didn’t mean too. It’s just that I’m trying to understand everything that’s going on, and everything you’ve told me, and it’s a lot.”
“Don’t you think I know that? I know it’s a lot, which is why I should have kept it to myself.”
Bobby grabbed Kimmy’s hand. “Listen, I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Bobby smiled. “Now it’s time for us to meet Dave and Manning at Taco Bell.”
“Oh, that’s right.” Kimmy stood.
“Not so fast,” Camille said, “ask him about his secret.”
“Okay. So Bobby, Camille said you had a secret.”
Bobby smirked. “Really?”
“Yeah, really.”
“That’s weird.”
“Bobby, do you have a secret?”
“No, now let’s go meet our friends. I’m starving.”
“He’s lying to you, but you’ll find out soon enough.”
“What’s Camille saying now?”
“That you’re lying to me, but I’ll find out soon enough.”
“Whatever,” Bobby said.
Once Kimmy and Bobby walked in Taco Bell they saw their two friends already sitting at the table, and Kimmy and Bobby ordered their food before they joined them.
“What’s up?” Manning asked.
“Not much, just hanging out,” Bobby answered.
“And of course the two of you are always hanging out,” Dave said, nodding toward Kimmy.
Kimmy smiled. “Of course we are always hanging out. That’s what you do when you’ve got a best friend, Dave. You’ll learn that maybe one day when you have a best friend.”
Dave glared at Kimmy. “I have best friends, Kimmy. The difference is I don’t need to be with them all the time.”
“Oh, he’s lying, Kimmy. He doesn’t have best friends because he runs his mouth when he needs to keep it closed,” Camille said.
Kimmy didn’t answer her because Dave and Manning couldn’t find out about Camille.
“Did you hear me? I said he doesn’t have best friends.”
Kimmy stood. “I’ve got to use the ladies room.” She walked away, went in the bathroom, and turned around. “Where are you, Camille?”
“Look up.”
Kimmy looked up and Camille was flying around near the ceiling.
“What are you doing way up there?”
“I’m keeping my distance. I know when you’re mad at me, and right now I get the feeling that I said something annoying, so I’m staying up here until I know.”
“Yes, you said something annoying. Dave and Manning aren’t suppose to know about you, so I would appreciate it if you would keep quiet when their around. I can’t have you whispering in my ear things that I can’t answer when I’m with them.”
Camille twitched here tiny nose, like she always did when she was upset. “Okay, okay. I was only trying to help. I’ll just keep my lips together until you’re alone.”
“Camille, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It’s just that all of this has happened so fast, I don’t know how to handle it.”
“What do you mean? I’ve been around forever.”
Kimmy sighed. “I know. Just forget it. Now let’s get back out there.”
When Kimmy approached the table she knew something was wrong. She could tell by the expression on Bobby’s face.
“Oh, Kimmy, glad you’re back.” Dave laughed. “So tell me do you know about the treasure chest Bobby found?”
“What? No,” Kimmy answered.
“Well, sit down, and listen. Bobby is telling us that this morning he went into an abandon building on Mill Street to check it out and he found a treasure chest buried in the corner under some wood, and now he wants us to go with him and see the treasure he found.”
“It’s true, Kimmy,” Bobby said.
“See I told you he had a secret,” Camille shouted, making Kimmy jump. “Oh sorry, I forgot I’m not allowed to talk when you’re with your friends.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kimmy looked hurt for a moment.
“Because I wanted to tell all of you at one time.”
Kimmy nodded, as she sipped her drink.
“So, let me tell you what Bobby said,” Dave winked.
“You already did. Is it true, Bobby? Did you really go into an old, deserted warehouse, and find an old chest buried under some wood in the corner filled with treasure?
“Yes, I did,” Bobby answered.
“And now you want us to go with you to see the treasure you found?” Kimmy stopped talking long enough to swallow the lump that had risen in her throat.
“Yeah Kimmy, I do.”
“Wait a second,” Dave blurted. “Bobby we all know you’re not that brave. Face it. You’d never go in an empty warehouse, alone.”
“Dave, stop it,” Kimmy scolded.
“Stop it,” Dave mocked her. “You know it’s true. He’s not the type who would wander into an empty warehouse, especially alone.”
Kimmy rolled her eyes at him in annoyance.
“Face it, Kimmy, Bobby would never go in a deserted warehouse. He’s not brave enough.”
Kimmy glared at Dave, and was just about to speak, but Bobby beat her to it.
“Believe what you want Dave, but it’s true, and you’re right most of the time I wouldn’t go into an empty warehouse alone, but today I did, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll show it to you.”
“Give me a break. Is this a trick or something?” their other friend Manning asked.
“Just forget it.” Bobby looked at them.
Dave snickered. “Don’t get mad, Bobby. You’ve got to understand that we’re freshman now, and we don’t believe in that sort of thing anymore.”
Bobby shrugged. “Fine, don’t believe me, but when I’m rich and famous, I don’t want to hear about it.”
“You won’t.” Manning laughed.
Kimmy watched the scene unfold, and felt sorry for Bobby. Dave and Manning always picked on him and it wasn’t fair. Ever since they were young, Bobby was always the brunt of their jokes. She imagined it was because Bobby was such a nice guy. He was more mature then most boys his age and she knew that was the reason Dave and Manning taunted him. Bobby was also honest with his feelings, and told people the truth whether they wanted to hear it or not. Those two traits were just some of the reasons Bobby was Kimmy’s best friend. She could talk to him about almost anything and he was always there to listen. At times, she knew it bothered Bobby when she told him about certain things going on in her life, but she did it anyway.
She glanced over at the three boys, stood, and went over to Bobby on the other side of the table. She playfully punched him in the arm. “If you found treasure, I want to see it,” her voice cracked with emotion thinking about the legend her Grandmother Culver had told her when she was eight. “Besides, how fair would it be if you were rich, and I wasn’t? Girls like money a lot. I’m willing to go with you Bobby.”
Bobby smiled, stood, and looked at his other two friends who laughed.
“You two run along. Go find the treasure. We’ll be at the roller rink later if you want to catch up.” Dave teased.
“Okay, fine. Have it your way. But if what Bobby’s telling us is the truth, you’ll both lose.” Kimmy was upset and it wasn’t lost on any of them.
“We’ll take our chances.” Manning laughed again.
Bobby turned to look at Kimmy. “You ready then.”
“Yeah, Bobby I am. I’ve always wanted to find treasure. So, Bobby Martin led the way to my richness.” Kimmy felt her heart flutter with the thought of finding treasure, and she smiled at Bobby remembering how the two of them use to draw treasure maps for the field that was down the street from their houses when they were younger. She also recalled how the two of them would dig through the field pretending to search for the hidden treasure.
“I hope you don’t mind walking,” Bobby stated. “But it’s not too far away from here.”
“Bobby, why would you say that? We walk all the time because we’re not old enough to drive yet.” Kimmy grabbed her drink off the table, took Bobby’s arm, as Dave and Manning continued to laugh, and the two of them left Taco Bell.
Once they started walking, Kimmy glanced at Bobby. “I’m sorry about what happened with Dave and Manning.”
“They’re just jerks!” Camille shouted.
“Camille, we know they’re jerks.”
Bobby smiled. “Don’t worry about Dave and Manning. I’m use to them treating me that way.”
“Yeah, but still,” Kimmy paused. “I bet if I looked up jerk in the dictionary, Dave’s picture would be right there next to the word.”
Bobby chuckled. “That’s a good one, but like I said don’t worry about it.”
“But I do. Dave always picks on you, and he makes me so mad.”
“He shouldn’t. He’s been doing it forever.”
“I know, and that’s only because he gets away with it. But someday he’ll be taught a lesson. My mom always tells me you can’t treat people differently than you want to be treated, or it’ll eventually come back and bite you.”
Bobby chuckled again. “Don’t let him ruin your day. He’s not worth it. Besides, I’m over it. I know what I told them is the truth, and that’s all I need to know.”
Kimmy nodded, and fell quiet. She knew Bobby wouldn’t talk about Dave and Manning anymore.
“Ask him why he didn’t tell you when the two of you were sitting at the fountain. It would’ve saved him a lot of grief from the Taco Bell jerks.”
“What’s she saying now?” Bobby asked.
“She wanted me to ask you why you didn’t tell me when we were sitting at the fountain.”
“I already told you that I wanted to tell all of you together.”
“That’s a lame excuse. He knows how mean Dave is, so why didn’t he save himself the grief and just tell you?” Camille asked.
“Camille, I don’t know.”
“Well, find out.”
“Camille wants to know why you’d tell them, when all Dave does is bring you grief.”
“I thought because we were freshman he’d of grown up some.”
“Oh, he should’ve known better, Kimmy. It’ll take Dave a long time to grow up.”
“I think he knows that now, Camille. How far is the warehouse?”
“I don’t know. Several blocks at least.”
“So how did you find the treasure?” Kimmy asked.
“Well earlier today I felt like taking a walk. You know how I am. I love to walk around, especially in the summer. Anyway, as I was walking down Mill Street I saw these abandoned warehouses and decided today would be a good day to investigate. I don’t know why I wanted to see what was in them. Maybe because it’s so hot out here, and I thought the warehouses would be cooler. So it’s where I ended up.”
Kimmy squinted against the sun, as she glanced up at him, and they both stopped. “How did you find the treasure though?”
“Well, I went into the biggest warehouse first, through a broken window at the back of the building. I got to tell you it was really dark when I went in, and dusty. I could tell that it was old and hadn’t been used for quite a few years. Anyway, I saw a bunch of wood in the corner, and I saw something glittering. So, I crossed the warehouse, and started pulling the wood off the stack. This is going to sound weird, but I felt like something was coaxing me to do it.”
“Yeah, you’re right that’s weird.” She giggled. “So continue.”
“Well, as I reached the bottom, I saw the old, wooden treasure chest.”
“Oh my gosh, you must’ve been surprised.”
“That’s putting it lightly. At first, I told myself to leave it alone, and get out of the warehouse. But curiosity won and I opened it.”
“What’d you see?”
“No kidding.” Kimmy laughed. “I know that silly. What kind of treasure?”
“Every kind you could ever want. There were different colored jewels and coins.”
“Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. I can’t wait. So after you saw the jewels and coins what did you do.”
“I closed the lid, and met you at the fountain.”
“That’s it.”
“Yeah, that’s it. What did you expect me to say?”
“I expected you to say something besides that.”
“Well, sorry to disappoint you. But that’s all I did. Now if you don’t mind can we start walking again? I want to hurry. I don’t want anyone else to find it.”
“Tell me how much treasure there is,” Kimmy’s blue eyes sparkled with excitement.
Bobby shrugged. “Enough that we couldn’t carry all of it without help.”
“Really. So you’re not just making it up.”
“No. I’m not making it up.”
“So when you found the treasure were you scared?”
“Not exactly. At first, I thought I was dreaming. Like I said, the chest is full of all different kinds of jewels. Every color anyone could ever want.”
“That’s cool. I can’t wait to see it.”
Bobby cleared his throat, “Listen, before we get there, I got to tell you something.” Kimmy looked up at Bobby and noticed how broad his shoulder had become. Gone was the baby fat that she remembered. Now he stood beside her pure muscle. Kimmy knew it was because of the different sports he played, and she had often wondered how he could keep up with everything and still manage to get good grades. She herself was on the dance team, and cheerleading squad.
The two of them had grown up together, along with Dave, Manning, Renee and Shelby. For as long as Kimmy could remember, they had always been friends. The six of them were inseparable their mother’s were, too. Despite the arguments they had sometimes, nothing stopped them from being friends. Not even Dave’s ill temper manner.
Kimmy thought about Dave again, and the arguments she had with him. Their personalities went together like bologna and peanut butter, and out of the group, he was her least favorite.
Bobby suddenly waved his hand in front of her face, making her thoughts rush back to reality. “I’m sorry Bobby, what were you saying?”
“I was saying when I opened the lid on the chest I picked up a red jewel and saw something weird.”
“Something weird? Like what?” Kimmy stared down the street.
“I saw these things inside the jewel that weren’t normal looking. Not like we are anyway.”
“You lost me. What’d you mean?”
“Yeah he lost me too. If you ask me you’re the weird looking ones. Not any of us.”
“Camille, what’s that supposed to mean?”
“What did she say?” Bobby asked.
“She said that we’re the weird looking ones.”
“You’re correct, Kimmy. That’s exactly what I said.”
“Okay, Camille I heard you now please be quiet so Bobby can tell me about the jewels.”
Bobby sighed, “When I picked up the jewel like I said, these things appeared.”
“What things? Do you mean things that are alive? Like people or something?”
“I guess you could say they’re people but they looked different.”
“What’d you mean?”
“Just what I said. Look, you’ll see when we get there.”
Okay,” Kimmy paused. “Could you at least tell me what the things were doing?”
“At first they were sitting around a camp fire. Then all of a sudden I think they knew I was watching because all at once they turned their squinted eyes and stared at me.”
“Oh my gosh, what’d you do?”
“I stared at them. I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting to see anything inside the jewel, and finally I put it back in the treasure chest.”
“I don’t blame you. I would’ve done the same thing.”
“Oh, no, the two of you are so dramatic. I know what those people look like and I happen to believe they’re all gorgeous.”
“Camille, please,” Kimmy said, “will you let Bobby finish without interrupting?”
“I can’t help it. It’s the way I was raised. What do you call it, Kimmy? Oh yeah, I was blessed with the gift to gab.”
“So I’ve noticed, but right now Camille I wish you’d stop.”
“Fine, tell Bobby to continue, and once you reach the warehouse don’t ask me for help, because I won’t give it to you.”
“Good.” Kimmy answered. “Please continue Bobby.”
Bobby nodded, “Trust me, they didn’t look friendly.”
“Do you think it’s safe for us to go in there?”
“I don’t know, but we’ve got to. I don’t want someone to find it. If that happens we might miss our chance to be rich.” He chuckled.
“You got a good point there.”
“I know.”
“I’m telling you Kimmy, do not go in the warehouse,” Camille said.
“Why, Camille?”
“Because you’re not supposed to do this, I just know nothing good is going to come from you two venturing into that dirty warehouse.”
“Camille, please. Bobby and I are old enough to make our decisions. So we’re going in the warehouse and you can’t stop us.”
“Why is she so upset?” Bobby asked.
“I don’t know, let me ask,” Kimmy said.
“I heard him, Kimmy and I’m upset because if you go in the warehouse, I can’t go with you.”
“Why can’t you go with us, Camille? You go everywhere else with me, so why is this any different?”
“Because it is, and I’m telling you Kimmy, not to go in the warehouse. I think something bad is going to happen.”
“It’s a warehouse, Camille. Nothing bad is going to happen.”
“Tell her that I’ll protect you,” Bobby said.
“Oh, he thinks he’ll be able to protect you, but he won’t be able too. So just save me the sore head I’m sure to get if the two of you don’t listen.”
“Camille, it’s called a headache.”
“Yeah, so you’ve told me, but I call it a sore head.”
“Why is she so upset?” Bobby asked.
Kimmy shrugged. “I don’t know, but she said she’ll get a sore head if we go in there and not listen to her.”
“Tell her we’re sorry, but we’ve got to go in there. We don’t have a choice.”
Camille folded her arms, and tapped her foot. “Tell him I heard what he said, and the two of you are going to be sorry.”
“Camille said that we’re going to be sorry.”
“Tell her it’ll be alright.”
“No it won’t. You two need to listen. It won’t be alright. No my body is tingling, and I’m going to disappear.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just what I said, good-bye for now, Kimmy.”
“What did she say?”
“She said Goodbye. “
“What, why?”
“Because we weren’t listening to her about the warehouse.”
“But we’ve got to go in there.”
“I know.”

They fell silent until Kimmy asked, “What’d they look like?”
“The people in the jewel?”
“Little men.”
“Little men? Like dwarfs or something?”
“Kind of, but not really. Look, it’s too hard to describe them. But I will say I’ve never seen anything like them. Not around here anyway.”
“Did it scare you?”
“Yeah. But don’t go telling Manning or Dave what I said. They already think I’m a wimp and I don’t want either one to have any more ammo against me. Face it, when it comes down to me, Dave and Manning I rank last for bravery. Sometimes I wonder if anything scares those two.”
“Oh I’m sure there’s plenty that scares them, but they’d never admit it, and what you tell me stays between us. I would never do that to you. Besides, you know I don’t get along with Dave. I think he can be the biggest jerk. I also think Manning just goes along with him so that Dave will leave him alone. But to tell you the truth, I think they pick on you because you’ll say when something isn’t right.”
“What’d you mean?”
“I mean that Elise and I were talking yesterday on the phone about all three of you, and we both agreed that you keep it real. You know, that just because you’re a guy, you still admit when you’re scared, or when people do things that aren’t cool you’ll refuse to go along with it. You don’t care what people think. That’s cool. So, anyways, Elise and I think you’re brave for standing up to other kids about what’s right or wrong.”
Bobby smiled. “I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything, silly. I just wanted you to know how we feel. Oh by the way, Elsie and I both think Manning and Dave are the real wimps. Neither of them have the courage you have. I mean if you think about it they always have to be tough and they never admit when something’s wrong, or if they’re freaked right out of their skin.”
“So what’re you saying?” Bobby’s green eyes pierced hers.
“I’m saying don’t change Bobby Martin. You’re doing a fine job.”
“Thanks, Kimmy.”
“No problem. I do have another question though.”
“If you found treasure why didn’t you bring a jewel back with you? I’m only asking because if you would have done that, you could’ve shown Dave and Manning. I bet then they would’ve believed you.”
He shrugged. “You’re right. But I never thought about doing that. I mean the treasure doesn’t belong to me, and everything happened so fast, and when I saw those weird looking things inside the jewel I threw it back in the chest, slammed the lid and got out of there.”
“Yeah, I would’ve done the same thing.” Kimmy shivered as she stared down the street, which was deserted. She felt the heat from the hot sun beating on her back, and was grateful when she saw the abandon warehouse. “Is that it?” She pointed at the chipped dark, blue building and cracked cement parking lot.
“Yeah, that’s it. Come on.” Bobby held his hand out and she took it.
When they reached the warehouse door, Bobby stopped. “Are you ready?”
“Yes. I can’t wait.”
“Okay, but before I crawl through the window again to unlock the door, I’ve got to tell you one more thing.”
“Okay, what?” Kimmy stared at him.
“When I saw those weird things they said something to me that didn’t make any sense.”
“Like what?”
“They said that one of my good friends is a witch.”
“What? Who?”
“They didn’t tell me that.”
“Are you sure that’s what they said?”
“Yeah, I’m positive. All the little creatures were chanting it.”
Kimmy shivered, again, despite the heat of the day. The whole situation was scaring her. “Oh great. I feel better now. Thanks for sharing that with me.”
“Sorry, I just thought I should let you know. Do you still want to go in?”
“Of course I do. I want to find out what’s going on.”
“Me too.” Bobby pulled himself up with ease, and slid through the window. A few seconds later Kimmy watched the door being pushed open and soon she joined Bobby inside. Both of them waited a moment until their eyes adjusted to the dimmer light of the warehouse.
“It definitely feels better in here,” Kimmy stated.
“Yeah, its cooler that’s for sure. Come on, the treasure is over there.” Bobby pointed to the corner at the far end of the huge room, and Kimmy heard the echo of his voice in the big, empty warehouse. “Let me close the door first.” He grunted, as he pushed the heavy door shut, which echoed as it closed.
“It’s kind of creepy in here,” Kimmy whispered.
“I know. I still can’t believe I came in here.”
“I can. You’re braver then you think.”
“Thanks. I’ve always liked that one thing about you. You’re very sweet. I don’t think there’s a mean bone inside your body. Unless Dave’s around.” He laughed. “Now, come on.” Bobby grabbed her hand and pulled her across the warehouse.
After Bobby took all the wood off the treasure chest, they both knelt down. He slowly lifted the heavy lid and it moaned as it came open.
Kimmy’s breathe caught in her throat.
“Oh my gosh it’s real. Look at all the beautiful jewels.” She stared into the array of colors that were glittering and winking.
She reached out to touch a jewel. “Be careful Kimmy.”
“I will.” She picked up the big, blue gemstone. “Oh my gosh. It’s so pretty.” She laid the stone in the palm of her hand, and Bobby reached over and touched it. Then he picked up the red ruby that he had held earlier when he saw the little men.
When he saw the same vision, he looked at Kimmy, and saw confusion on her face. “What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know. I keep seeing knights on horses.” Kimmy told him with her eyes closed.
“What?” Bobby put his red gemstone back in the treasure chest. “Let me see that?”
Kimmy placed the stone in his hand, and instantly Bobby saw the knights on the horses running through startling green fields.
He dropped the stone back in the chest.
“Did you see them?” Kimmy wanted to know.
“Yeah, I saw them. Now I want you to see these strange little creatures.” He picked up the red stone, and put it in Kimmy’s trembling hand.
“What are they?” she asked staring at the little people, sitting around a campfire, dressed in rags, with big shoes that curled at the top.
“I don’t know, but this whole thing is weird, huh?”
“Yeah, it is, and I want to know what these stones are and why people are trapped in them.”
“Yeah, me too.” Bobby took the stone Kimmy was holding and put it back in the treasure chest.
“What color do you want next?” Kimmy asked him.
“I don’t know. Which one do you want?”
“The green one, I guess. It reminds me of your eyes. But before I pick it up let’s hold hands.”
“Okay.” Bobby held his hand out as he picked up the stone. When they felt the vibration, both of them knew they were in trouble, and then all went dark.
When Kimmy opened her eyes, she saw Bobby sitting next to her at a long table, before a huge fire. Foreign music was playing and as the two of them looked around, they were frightened.
“Where are we?” Kimmy whispered.
“I don’t know,” Bobby kept his voice low. “What kind of creatures are those.”
“I don’t know, I never seen anything like it before.” Kimmy looked at the creatures gathered around the table. They looked like dwarfs, but they weren’t. The things had long necks like an ostrich. Their eyes slanted upward, and each had a turquoise jewel at their temple.
“What kind of creatures are they?” Kimmy whispered.
“Heck if I know.”
“What’s this stuff on our plate?” Kimmy asked.
“I don’t know, but don’t eat it.”
“I’m not.” Kimmy starred at the sparrow’s head lying raw on her plate. The bird’s dead eyes were vacantly staring.
When the two of them heard the trumpet, they turned their attention to the head of the table, and watched a huge creature walk in, then take a seat.
“Okay, I’ve had enough, Bobby. Get us out of here right now.”
“I don’t know how. I don’t know where we are or how we got here.”
“Then figure something out. I mean have you noticed the thing at the head of the table. It looks like a pig’s head on a human’s body, not my idea of a fun afternoon. Besides, it’s drooling all over the table, and I feel like I’m going to be sick.”
“Okay, what would you like me to do?”
“Silence!” The roar of the pig man stopped all activity in the room. His eyes looked like those of an eagle, which stared directly at Bobby and Kimmy. “Who are these creatures?”
When no one answered, he roared, “Why are there creatures at my table? Both creatures that dare join me for dinner as ugly as they are should be thrown to the floor. They’re to take their meal like the other animals around here.”
“Excuse me,” Kimmy blurted, before Bobby could stop her. “Did you just say that my friend and I are ugly, and we should be shown to the floor?”
“Kimmy be quiet.”
“To the floor with you!” the pig man yelled.
When one of the dwarfish looking creatures grabbed their arms, they both struggled, but the little people were stronger and threw both of them to the floor where they landed with a thud.
Kimmy glared at Bobby. “Get me out of here. I don’t care how you have to do it, but figure it out. I don’t want to be here anymore.”
“I know. Now start crawling toward the door, right there.” Bobby nodded toward the door that was next to them and watched as Kimmy started inching her way.
“Now go.” Bobby told her forcefully, and as soon as Kimmy got out the door, Bobby followed.
Once they were outside, they heard the pig man yelling, “After them.”
The two of them took off running, and never looked back.

When they finally stopped running, confident they had lost the creatures, Kimmy fell to her knees in the grass exhausted, and breathing heavy. “I don’t know where we are, but I want to go home,” her voice was choppy.
“Me too. Whatever happened isn’t cool. But I don’t know how to get us back.” Bobby sat next to her, and the two of them looked around.
They were in the middle of a brilliant green field, filled with wild flowers that neither had seen before. Both shielded their eyes against the brilliance of the colors, which instantly made their eyes burn and water. Through blurred vision, they noticed the field they were in was surrounded by weirdly looking twisted trees. The bark was violet blue, and the leaves were crimson.
“These are the strangest trees I’ve ever seen,” Kimmy stated.
“Yeah, I know. If they’re trees.”
“Sure they are. What else could they be?”
“I don’t know, but right now nothing’s going to fool me.”
“The colors from the wild flowers are hurting my eyes.”
“Mine too.” Bobby lifted his hand shielded his eyes and saw a reflection of something glitter brightly. “Did you see that?”
“See what?”
“Did you see that flicker over there?”
“No, the only things I see are all the bright colors that are burning my eyes.”
“Look over there.” Bobby pointed.
Kimmy squinted hard. “Yeah, I see it. What is it?”
“I don’t know. It’s almost like someone is using an object to reflect the sun.”
“Should we go find out what’s going on?”
“No way. We stay here. We don’t know whose over there, and after what happened back there, I’m not in the spying mood.”
“What’re we going to do?” Kimmy asked sadly.
“I don’t know yet.”
“Where do you think we are?”
“Kimmy, I have no clue.”
“Well personally, I think the jewels had something to do with it.”
“You think. I know they did. Our life was normal until a couple hours ago.”
When the flicker of light became stronger, Bobby stood and pulled Kimmy to her feet. “Let’s walk. I want to know what’s around here. There’s got to be somewhere better to hide until we can figure out what to do, and how we’re going to get home.”
“Yeah, I agree. Look, the flash is coming closer. I don’t want whatever it is to catch up with us.”
“I know. Now let’s walk faster and talk about what we’re going to do.” Bobby pulled Kimmy through the field into the trees, and finally their eyes felt better.
“I’ve never seen colors so bright before. Now I just want to go home, Bobby. I don’t like it here.”
“Me either. But try to stay focused, okay? We’re not going to get home any quicker by complaining about it. You know.”
“I know.”
“Now look over there through the trees. Do you see how thick the bark is?”
“Yeah, I see.”
“Good, that’s where we’re going.”
“Okay, but keep your eyes open. I don’t want anything popping out at us.”
“It won’t. But if it does, we’ll deal with it. Now, hold my hand tightly and don’t let go no matter what happens, okay?”
“I won’t.” Kimmy squeezed his hand.
The two of them ventured deeper into the thick, twisted forest, and neither one noticed the little sprinkle of stardust dancing behind them.

Professional Reviews

Highly recommended-what a great book!
I loved this book-the author pulls you in from the first page and keeps it going. It's a book that's hard to put down. I think everyone would enjoy it. The characters are realistic and the journey is awesome.


Mary Anne

Highly Recommended for any age
Unspoken Secrets is a very magical mysterious book. I found myself participating in the adventure that all the characters in the book had. Each character has a special adventurous role that will keep you at the edge of your seat from the begining to the end. You will not want to put the book down because you need to know what is going to happen next. It was a wonderful book and can be enjoyed by any one of any age. Be sure not to miss your opportunity to participate in this wonderful magical adventure yourself. I highly recommend Unspoken Secrets. Enjoy your magical adventure.

What a great book! Lynette Mather has an incredible imagination. Like nothing I've read before. Kept me interested through the whole book. Had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. I hope L.M. is a fast writer. I can't wait to see what she has planned for the sequal.

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