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Genevieve Lilith Vesta

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Hell's Grim Tyrant
by Genevieve Lilith Vesta   

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Publisher:  Createspace ISBN-10:  1482091313 Type: 


Copyright:  Jan 30, 2013 ISBN-13:  9781482091311

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Hell's Grim Tyrant

The powers will be combined and the earth will be sacrificed. Out of the ashes a new power will emerge!

Four people have a gift, the power of an element. If a sacred ritual was used to combine them, they would become very powerful. The dead would rise, demons would roam the earth and man would kill man. The blood of the innocence would cover the earth. The ground would shake, fire would shoot up from the earth, water hundreds of feet high would crash down on homes and people, the air would swirl into powerful tornadoes destroying everything in their path. One group of friends join together and try to put an end to hell’s powerful grip on the earth. 
“The large full moon lit up the night sky. Wind blew my hair back, out of my face. A euphoric sensation overwhelmed me as I moved along the tops of trees. I dove; the ground rushed up to meet me. At the last moment, before crashing into the earth, I would soar upwards into the sky. It was exhilarating; I could not help but to laugh aloud. It was so real; I was flying. I was actually flying.”
“Cassandra are you in there, come on, wake up.” Someone shook her.
“What!” Cassandra yelled. The C. D. played Iron Maiden. Cassandra looked around, she was dazed and confused. Cassandra did not feel like she had been asleep, just rudely interrupted she saw Duane’s big, brown eyes staring at her.
“Why are you giving me that dirty look, what I do?” He asked her.

“You shouldn’t bother me when I’m busy,” Cassandra screamed.
Duane looked confused. “Busy, are you kidding? You were just sitting there with your eyes wide open. Were you meditating?”
Cassandra’s eyes widened in surprise and she said, “I was flying, flying through the air with the moon and stars,” she told him.
Duane laughed and said, “yeah and I flew up there and dragged your ass down, too.”
Cassandra slapped his arm. “Stop it, I’m serious. I was flying.”
He stopped laughing. “Ok, tell me everything that happened.”
“You put in Maiden, I was listening to the song when my body began to tingle and everything got hazy. Then I was flying in the moonlight, until you came along.”
“I’m sorry, all I know is that you were jamming. ‘Infinite Dreams’ came on and you just sat still, staring ahead and did not move. Which is strange for you, you can’t sit still with Iron Maiden,” Duane told her.
Cassandra shook her head. “I don’t get it,” she said.
Duane jumped and yelled, “the curse!”
She looked at him. “What?”
“Every time the curse happens you stare off into space. You even said you felt your body tingle and your vision gets hazy.”
“I didn’t see any fires, Duane. It was similar to the curse, but different.” She sighed.
“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it,” Duane said.
“Worry about what?”

Cassandra and Duane looked toward the voice; Thomas stood in the doorway that led to the kitchen.
Duane smiled and said, “Cassandra’s been flying.”
“Flying huh, well, we need to fly to school, you’re late,” Thomas told her.
Cassandra looked at the clock. “Oh, shit! I hoped to see Caleb. I guess that we better go.”
Thomas said as he walked to the door, “you can see my brother, later.”
Cassandra stood up and kissed Duane’s cheek. “I’ll see ya later.” She stopped in front of the mirror in the hallway and looked at her reflection. Sixteen-year-old, Cassandra pulled back her long blonde hair and moved the bangs away from her face, bright green eyes reflected back. She smiled, ran into the kitchen and out the door.
Thomas was already in the car and had it started. Cassandra got in next to him and shut the door. He pulled out of the driveway and they headed to St. Johns. When Thomas pulled onto the highway, he finally asked her, “so where were you off flying off too?”
Cassandra looked out the window, she watched the trees go by for a minute, before she smiled and looked over at Thomas. “We were listening to ‘Infinite Dreams’ when I had a vision, I guess.”
“A vision of flying?”
“Yeah, it felt so real; I swear I was actually flying. Duane said I was just sitting, staring off into space,” Cassandra told him.
“Like the curse?”
“I guess, but I didn’t see any fires.” Cassandra looked out the window again.

Cassandra felt his eyes on her and then he began to watch the traffic. Thomas had feelings for Cassandra, the wrong kind. She did love him, but only as a brother. Thomas continued to take quick glances at her and just as quickly, his eyes would be focused on the road again.
Thomas pulled up to the school; Cassandra opened the door. He asked her, “when you coming home?”
Cassandra smiled, kissed him softly and said, “I’ll be there around seven.”
“Is Miranda coming over too?” He asked.
Miranda was Cassandra’s best friend; she was short with brown hair and eyes, but they had the same personality. They met in elementary school and been best friends since the beginning. Cassandra always secretly wished that Thomas would fall for her. “She has to baby-sit, but she will see you tomorrow.”
Cassandra watched Thomas drive away; then turned toward Theresa Merrill. It was a school where the troublemakers go, or in her case the quitters. Cassandra hated high school and she quit but she wanted her diploma so Cassandra went back to school.
Everyone liked Cassandra, although she felt like a freak. The other students understood her; they believed the curse was cool. Cassandra could not agree with them, she was cursed and it was not cool. “Hey, can you make someone catch on fire?” They would ask and Cassandra would reply, “No, I just see the fire before it happens.”
One time she saw a barn catch on fire, all the animals ran and Cassandra yelled during class, “fire!” Everyone looked at her when the fire whistle blew. She felt like such a freak.

Cassandra walked up the steps to the school. She saw two guys standing on the steps, smoking a cigarette. Cassandra never saw them before.
The both of them wore black jeans, black T-shirt and black boots; they looked like twins. Once she reached them, Cassandra noticed one had brown hair and brown eyes; the other had blonde hair and green eyes. They smiled at her; she smiled back.
“Wanna smoke?” One offered a cigarette.
“Sure,” she took the cigarette. Cassandra noticed a tattoo on the back of his left hand. It was a red oval with something black in the middle, looking closer she saw it was a bug of some kind.
When the other guy lit her smoke, Cassandra saw he had one too, same one, and same place.
“My name is Lewis,” said the one who gave her the cigarette. “And this is Arnold, we are new here. You must be Cassandra, we heard so much about you.”
“Good things, I hope,” she said.
Arnold’s smile widened. “Only the best.”
“You got yourself a hell of a gift,” Lewis said.
“A curse, you mean.” Cassandra threw out her cigarette and walked into the school. They followed her in.
All her friends were in one room, had one teacher and learned all the subjects at once. As the day continued, Cassandra felt more uncomfortable. She noticed Lewis and Arnold spent the day staring at her.
When school was finally over, Cassandra quickly walked out into the warm evening. Lewis and Arnold caught up with her.

“Where are you going now?” Lewis asked.
Cassandra lit a cigarette, blew out the smoke and looked at them. “I am going home.”
“Where do you live?” Arnold asked.
Cassandra looked at both of them and said, “with a friend.”
Arnold then asked, “what friend?”
“A friend of mine, I have to go now.” Cassandra walked away; she turned her head and saw Lewis and Arnold watching her.
Cassandra turned back around, and said to herself, “something creepy about those two.”
She knew the way well. Thomas was a good friend; he took Cassandra in when her mother passed away. Duane also lived with Thomas, he was very tall with brown wavy hair and very handsome; they were one big, happy family.
She had met Thomas through Caleb. They were brothers, but opposite in every way. Caleb was the same age as her and Thomas was twenty-one. Caleb had brown hair and his eyes were blue. It was his eyes that made Cassandra fall in love. Caleb's eyes really captivated her.
Thomas, on the other hand, was tall, blonde and had blue eyes. His eyes were different from Caleb’s; Thomas's eyes held love, compassion and friendliness. Caleb’s eyes were very dark; Cassandra could not read them.
Thomas and Caleb's personalities were as different as their eyes were; Thomas was always loving and caring. He was the friendliest guy that you could ever meet. Caleb was as dark as his eyes, one minute he could be loving, and then he would suddenly change and became almost evil.

That part of him always scared her. Cassandra did not know why she had such a strong urge to be with him.
They all had something in common too; all three had a sixth sense. They could talk to the dead, bring back their spirits, see and know things that no one else could. Only she and Caleb had an even more special gift, Cassandra called it a curse. She could see fires; she had predicted many fires before they happened. Caleb’s was earthquakes and landslides, anything to do with the earth.
Cassandra turned down the familiar street and walked down the block. Children were out playing; she smiled at them. Cassandra reached the tall, blue house and entered the front door. Thomas’s apartment was upstairs; she began climbing the steps when a sensation of dread filled her. She did not know why, Cassandra took a deep breath and continued up.
Thomas opened the door as she reached for the handle. “Something’s wrong!” He said.
“You felt it too, what happened?” Cassandra asked.
Thomas turned around, and Cassandra followed him, he said, “I don’t know, I can’t see anything.”
“Neither can I, but something bad happened.” Cassandra felt blocked somehow.
Thomas and she sat down on the couch, the feeling never left them; they sat and waited in silence. An hour later, the telephone rang, Thomas and Cassandra jumped.
Thomas stood up and answered it, “hello.” Thomas listened for a moment and then looked at Cassandra. “Ok, thanks for calling, see ya!” He hung up the telephone.
Thomas took a deep breath and looked at Cassandra.

She braced herself. Cassandra knew that she was not going to like what he had to say.
“That was Caleb, Duane isn’t coming home. There was a car accident, he ran into a tree on his way home. Duane is dead.” Tears welled up in his eyes.
Cassandra’s first thought was not of the friend she had just lost, but of Caleb. She wondered if tears welled up in his eyes when he found out. Then suddenly it hit her that Duane was dead! She jumped and hugged Thomas. They held one another and cried.
Later in the night, they brought out the Tarot cards. Their hearts were not into it, so the two friends gave up.
“Let’s talk to him?” Thomas asked.
“Talk to who?” Cassandra asked. “Caleb!”
Thomas looked at her and said, “no, to Duane.”
“Duane is dead.”
“Yeah, but we can bring him back for a visit,” Thomas told her.
Cassandra smiled. “I did tell him I would see him later.”
Thomas stood up and went to the bookshelf and grabbed a white candle. He sat back down at the dining room table, across from Cassandra. As he lit the candle, Cassandra turned off the lights in the apartment. When she sat back down, they began the séance.
Cassandra closed her eyes and opened her mind. She concentrated on Duane's face, tears formed in her eyes; she was going to miss him so much.
Thomas put his hands on the table and said, "Cass, your hands."
While her eyes were still closed, Cassandra reached over the table and held Thomas's hands.

"Duane, we are trying to reach you in the spirit world. If you can hear me, please answer. We wish to communicate with you. I miss you, use our..." Cassandra could not continue.
Thomas finished for her, "please Duane, show yourself to us. Use our energy to give you the power to appear."
Both, Thomas and Cassandra began to feel energy being drained from them. There was a slight breeze in the room and the candle went out. As they sat in darkness, the temperature in the apartment got colder.
Cassandra and Thomas slowly opened their eyes. The street light outside the window cast an eerie glow in the room. Cassandra looked around, they were alone. Thomas and Cassandra looked at each other.
"That's strange, where is he?" Thomas asked.
"I don't know something drained us of our energy; I felt it."
Thomas told her, "I know, I felt it too; someone is here."
"But, where is he?" Cassandra asked.
A low growl was heard.
“What was that?” Thomas asked.
A louder growl was heard from Duane's room.
“It sounds like a dog, when did you get a dog?” Cassandra asked him.
Thomas told her, "I didn't."
A howl sounded from the bedroom.

They jumped and ran toward the sound; it came from Duane’s bedroom. Thomas opened the bedroom door. A gray wolf sat on the bed, it stared at them. Thomas and Cassandra looked at one another, then back to the wolf.
Then it spoke to them, "hello."
The two friends looked at each other again.
"Well, come in," the wolf told them.
Cassandra and Thomas reluctantly went into the bedroom.
“Stop staring at me, this ain’t my doing,” the wolf said to them.
“Who are you?” Thomas asked.
“It’s me, Duane.”
Cassandra could not believe that she was about to talk to an animal, “why, why are you a wolf?”
Duane answered, “a wolf is my animal guide spirit, can you believe it.”
"No," Thomas told him. "Not really."
“What happened?” Cassandra asked.
“I don’t know, I was coming home and I saw a tree, that’s all I remember,” Duane told him.
“All you remember is a tree,” Thomas said. “You ran into it.”
“I ran into a tree that was stupid.”
“No kidding,” Cassandra said.
Duane stretched out his paws on the bed. “You are in danger, Cass.”
“Danger?” She asked.
“I can’t tell you why, I can tell you warnings, though,” Duane told her.

“Who is going to hurt, Cass?” Thomas asked.
Duane told him, “well, for some reason I don’t know their names.”
“How am I supposed to know? Am I supposed to be scared of everyone,” she asked.
“I can give you a clue,” Duane said.
Thomas smiled and said, “a clue, are you kidding?”
“Listen closely, hmm let me think, oh yes, here we go:
Blue as his eyes
such as the skies
Hells Grim Tyrant
is what he is
his love may be real
but it is your fate he will seal.”
Duane stretched and said, “I’m not gone for good; from time to time, I’ll show up to help.” He winked at Cassandra and disappeared.
Unbelieving what he had just witnessed, Thomas asked, “what the hell happened just now?”
Cassandra looked at him. “Duane is a wolf.”
“Who and why is someone after you?” Thomas asked.
Cassandra shrugged. “I don’t know.”
“Who was Duane talking about?”
“I don’t know,” Cassandra told him.
“You must know, what is a hell’s grim tyrant?” Thomas asked her.
“I seriously don’t know.”

Thomas looked at Cassandra; she just stood there.
“I don’t know,” Cassandra said again.
“We need music, how about some Maiden?” Thomas asked.
“Sounds good,” she told him.
Thomas put ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ in the C. D. player; the familiar music began to play.
Cassandra began to relax as she sat down to listen. ‘Infinite Dreams’ began to play, and her body began to tingle, everything went hazy.
“Flying again. I was flying over a street; it did not look familiar. Suddenly the street disappeared and I was flying over woods. They did not look familiar. I soared higher into the skies; the feeling was wonderful.
I began to fall; I was spinning downward. As the ground came closer, I landed softly. There was a noise behind me; someone chased me so I ran. I fell down and I looked behind me. It still chased me so I stood back up and ran. I looked toward the sky; oh, to be flying again. I saw the moon and it was not normal. The moon was in front of me, close to the ground. It was red like a ruby and had a strange looking bug in the middle.
The bug looked familiar but I could not remember. I ran on, and looked behind me; still it chased. A scarab, that’s what the bug was, it was a scarab. It was in one of Thomas’s books; I had just seen it recently too, but where?
I ran through the moon and landed in a castle; mist surrounded my ankles. I looked back and I was alone. I began to walk, and the floors turned into dirt.”

“The walls were old brick and looked ready to cave in. Images began to flash in my mind. Men in robes were chanting. I walked on, and fell through a hole.
It was somewhere underground; cockroaches crawled on the floor. I started walking again and heard crunching under my feet. The dirt tunnel turned into an endless hallway. The walls and floor were marble, the hall had cement arches overhead every few feet.
Then there were voices; I listened closely. They were repeating my name, over and over again. I stopped, something on me was different."
"I looked down and saw I was wearing a black wedding dress and someone held my arm; I jumped. It had no face that I could see, we walked arm and arm toward what looked to be an altar. Someone, no something stood there.
We moved closer; I looked again to the person next to me, I could not see who it was. I looked forward again; the altar was closer. I looked behind me, men in robes chanted. We stopped; I slowly turned around, Satan stood before me.”

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