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Joe Vojt

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Enduring Prophesy 1880
by Joe Vojt   

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Science Fiction

Publisher:  Kindle

Copyright:  June 9, 2012

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Download to your Kindle (eBook)

Nothing exited in the earth population’s minds that would make them believe in any other life form existed. Maybe it was a false vision within our modern times. Or did it really exist? Mankind would only embrace, what was visible, because earth would only tolerate the visual images of life. Every day that passes in this sun baked earth you wonder about cosmic dreams that could have cultivated strong ties with the mineral outcasts of the earth sedimentary soil. JV

Enduring Prophesy 1880 © 2012
A Science Fiction Novel
By Joe Vojt

During the early eighteenth century when the earth’s surface was at peace, volleys of meteorites were visibly crashing deep into the desert region known as NuNac. That southeastern desert region covered the following states, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado/California. At that time the land held mostly Native American Indians with cowboys. Miners also lived through-out the scattered region.
These meteors began endlessly burying themselves into the southeastern desert region. The land areas covered one and half million miles of mostly open sand including scattered mountain regions. The intensity of the meteorite action went unnoticed, because this tract of unproductive land covered a massive land area. While the impact could only be felt echoing around the many surrounding mountain ranges, it was not considered important.
At first glance this residual matter did not appear foreign to the earths= surface, but continuous changes occurred. As the dust particles disintegrated these grains of sand slowly spread throughout the NuNac area. As the granular substance spewed out of its miniature crevices new rock formations began appearing.
Then for some unexplained tempest that lasted for days, the scattered sand dunes triggered massive rings of fire. This turbulence activated the area with destruction by consuming all the odd shaped meteor granules that once laid peacefully in the wild open country. Now these hot particles rapidly mixed and expanded, forming burning coarse elements. These hot particles began covering every human form it touched. A dying universe of a million years past began flourishing in NuNac.
Like a tempest storm this new mixture continued penetrating ever deeper into the earths= molten rock formations. At the same time it combined with the surface remnants of the massive sand. Gradually a unique compound appeared that began filling in all the open fissures. At first this modification went completely unobstructed, but the substance slowly tainted the local region. The reality of how this would alter life went beyond any bodies understanding, because it was invisible. No one would have conceived the outcome of this innocent but mysterious phenomenon. Life on earth changed, but who could have thought there would be any transformations.
The few inhabitants that saw this event considered everything a devilish act. In the meanwhile this endless pit of sand began increasing. Everyone knew this mixture of sand was harmless and they never thought that this event came from another planet. Yet for some reason not one person would wander near this increasing sight that glowed, fearing that maybe demons could have landed. Then to add this confusion, during the darkness there appeared signs of life. There began changes within this ominous wasteland. But most of the general population figured, that what could not be seen or counted did not exist.
So the mystery of another living spectrum never crossed their minds. By accepting that simple fact, they knew that the unproductive of sand could never influence any type of life.

Years passed in harmony in the land of total isolation, until one lonely evening on the Fourth of July 1880 another abrupt transformation occurred. It started with a wild storm force that intensified through NuNac. Not one person knew that interplanetary forces induced this tempest. As the velocity of the atmospheric disturbance increased, electro-proton elements attacked this enduring mixture of modified sand. New multi-colored formations began expanding, with it came new clusters of soaring energy. A new power base began developing as these high energy spikes propelled downward through the heartland of NuNac, This became apparent, as the power built and released spikes of energy into the mosaic pavement below.
Gradually an ancient spirit reached out from the mighty universe that slowly encompassed the many primitive ancestral homes. Again these events went mostly unnoticed until the grains of sand began increasing. At first the permanent residents would feel the effects of increasing winds. Then came a heighten level of discomfort. Even having lived in this harsh environment, few knew what the true storms indicated. Slowly everybody in the massive sand region became micro implanted with those cosmic particle mixture. This brief common looking sandstorm dramatically changed countless body configurations, by impelling grains of sand into the un-expending local bodies. Meanwhile in the desert region new creative transformation resulted and with it, came a new life.
Those that viewed this crystallization process never understood how some of the human society’s life changed. The continuous storm velocity began casting a shadow that would forever alter their lives. Those who experienced this transformation felt a spectacular uplifting as their skin texture and eyes gradually changed. This created a new permutation that was sensitive to all forms of radiance (brightness). Not only was this environment controlled by the cosmic power of another universe, it developed the fear of light by limiting their reflect index. This simple act routinely changed their lifestyle for ever by creating the Triskalon Society with a new form of unicellular organisms. Now the only safe heaven became clear for them, it meant living in the shadow of darkness in peace. They quickly adapted that their vision with any light source would destroy them. At the same time new behavioral patterns were mandated.
Slowly this primordial looking setting became an immersion process. Creosote and volcanic particles mixed within this growing mass during this transformation process. An anise mint scent became the inner core of their life. While the guided rays of daylight became their night. This modified their organic elements and where sunlight existed was a false vision.
No one really knew if these isolated inhabits survived this turbulent storm, mainly because they now lived in their own seclusion. The earth populace in this region never felt anything unusual happening to them. Everybody changed and they considered the storm as an optical illusion. In time more bodies adapted their new routine by recognizing it as their new life on plant earth. Each Triskalon entity felt that NuNac was their ultima of life. It naturally became their paradise on the plant earth.
This drastic change resulted in altering the tonality of life. Daylight could no longer bring them joy, because this forced the transformation. Illumination of any magnitude became turbulent and time dependent for their survival. Having survived on the planet earth for a relative short time, did not relate to their feelings that centuries had already passed. None had the knowledge that there was a link between them and any other conceived living society. All human features extended into the Triskalon Society, with one unique power. They gained night vision as their inbreed characterization it was considered day in this environment.
Based on the barren nature of the land very few inhabitants were normally visible or in fact recognizable. Simultaneously another infralapsarianism life survived, even though it was just on the fringes of that inner surface known as the micromania of the universe. This became true because light was no longer a requirement for survival. Now they became a living testimony that encompassed the region of NuNac. Life in darkness became an absolute silence.
Through the many generations of hot burning days the intense light with the atmospheric transmittance permanently altered life. A remaining puzzle within this strange cultural mix, neither side included the human earth inhabitants because the other existed. The Triskalon people became invisible moving objects in the earth’s long heritage. With perpetual reproduction their foothold solidly established the land of NuNac. Certain restrictions become clear, the Triskalon society could not recognize moving objects. So any type of visible motion remained undefined. They never knew that they derived from a human body.
New enhancements of aberrations became their only true image. With that they maintained living within their own framework and survived invisible. Their culture achieved the simplistic lifestyle, because the desert in NuNac was void of life. This type of independence fit and was a part of their heritage. The only influences that existed endured through ‘The Book of Wisdom'.
Maintaining their only ambition would eventually return them all to a happy life, that simple factor remained as their soul goal. They facilitated all their energy in that direction, and never allowed themselves any variations in what was imminent. Having accepted the earth form they accepted that the early storm created their life.
Very few knew that they emerged within this mixture of earth’s= society, but their feelings remained strong in surviving for a greater future. These sensibilities prevailed with tradition guide with their Triskalon existence. Coming out of the universe, no one on earth could challenge his or her power.
Growth and prosperity was the dominate downfall in their origin of life. The Triskalon Spirit had advanced beyond perception on their planet. At that point they became a destructive force of their own destiny. At first all had flourished but through the century of time war divided their basic level of existence and thus destroyed their legacy. An attempt to rebuild their society remained curtailed, because they had built in faults of their past transgressions.
Now life existed on earth in the darkness of another form. This transformation became their latest manifestation to attain a future for survival. The key was to excavate varied grades of ‘colors'. This became valuable in their civilization for survival on earth. The bonding of those two precious metals ‘colors’ would someday become their transport through an eternal creation, that would personify as an intangible quality of their re-incarnation. This manifestation had reached far out into the unknown, yet it remained a driving goal of the elders.
With all that, earth became a transitional condition that represented the supreme transformation through time and space. Here the atmosphere was forced by the gravity of what could never be actuality cultivated. These two rare substances found on earth were the requirements for Triskalon survival. They utilized a basic mining process, that they considered modern in this earth timeframe. Embracing this antiquated technique they were able to process their required minerals. Mining became their only priority and any earth human would never visualize this required ultimate sequence.
Earthly powers never accepted these unusual glowing minerals that they would have any value. They could not connect that any intense mineral would produce radiance through the night or that it might contain earth’s longevity. This concept never crossed their minds. The path that earth managed its scientists was limited, because it required financial and social backing. Their concept helped them devise forms of self destruction. These unknown experiments not only altered the human line, but it began diminishing valuable natural resources. During this very time frame life gradually became re-organized and tainted. Many creative methods were overlooked because of human greed.
Our modern world now had two indistinguishable societies. Both co-existed and learned to survive. The basic emergence of the Triskalon Society or could be known as Night People was traced back to those early violent cosmic sandstorms of the 1880s. Here their powerful new presence reached out, far beyond any earth human. This controlled upheaval was not purely by chance. Just because the earth’s normal inhabitance had no meaning. No one could understand that a flux of power transformed many earth people living in the open desert of life. Now these forces from another universal culture governed this transformation process and lived in peace.
Through all this, the Triskalon Enduring Prophesy not only survived. but also flourished. These unusual modified pink humans went unnoticed. No one recognized them, because they didn't exist in their spectrum of light. Its origin came from a chiliad time frame and embraced this new identity on the planet earth. These significant superior forms became the true Living Prophesy of their Spirit in the universe. They moved totally unnoticed, within the umbra of visual perception. Never being recognized but they existed within our boundless planet. Adaptation of these antipodes was like a permanent artificial fusion that was especially concentrated in the land area known as NuNac.
Meanwhile the Triskalon Spirit prospered and survived within the shadow of time and space. This unique species dominated the region in total darkness. They mastered the art of enduring side by side within the crude spacious land. Two societies remained isolation they could never see each other. Isolation formed the base line for this invisible living spirit, all within our present human society.
The Triskalon people's life cycle was the base supported their principal concept of longevity. They existed with slight modifications of the human bodies. Their basic endurance of harshness, distinguished them as the true living spirit of the earth society. They went totally unnoticed and based on their modified characteristics speech would have a slightly higher frequency. Words sounded unique and had new meanings. This sound represented change but was lost of any earth recognition. A true living aversion to light, that became bound into the encrusted wasteland they began to invoke earth their refuge. This fostered interbreeding and from within their strength, cultivated a new beginning.
Both societies viewed their life as normal. All variations of another life easily overlooked, because these new worldly inhabits came from their own distant stars. Nothing exited in their minds that would make them believe that other life forms could be residing within their universe. The Triskalon people had one common belief life beyond the stars contained their sole spiritual paradise. Their temporary home on earth became natural like their bodies.
Surviving these ever changing landscapes of turbulent winds and enduring heat was an accomplishment. This included mastering by both forms in equal success. When the corresponding atmospheric turbulence began, they could not influence the many twinkling stars. Finally life settled down into this new peaceful community. The Triskalon society became a separate nebula and co-existed between the common earths inhabitants. Neither of the groups knew that another life form occupied the same land area and with that each group had its own sense of equal importance. They only knew their heritage because of that they would never realize that another earthly society co-existed in the same time frame. Mainly because the human earthly population lived in the forbidden light segment of time. That simple fact allowed the other culture to adapt in what they considered a hostile primitive land. The Triskalon had a plain lifestyle and it was based on one simple fact, survival, nothing was more important.
One factor that changed in the open human bodies was that they would become invisible through the spectrum of light. This effectively transformed their modified earth bodies into a solidified translucent mirror. Without anyone ever realizing this was the dawn of the Triskalon Society birth. Without knowing it they where able to slide past the abundant earth population. It was never significant, or in fact caring that other species could exist in the same atmosphere. Ultimately, this secured the Triskalon Society harmony into a new invisible transparent community.
The Triskalon people were like a weed out of place, yet they quickly adapted within these adverse circumstances. They became a peaceful hard-working society. What bound them together through time was their fixed thermal energy pattern. The one goal they had was to continue working for their enduring prophesies. With the common belief that live beyond the stars contained their spiritual paradise. With that they quickly learned to survive within the shadows of the human earth populace. Yet within the Triskalon society living in total darkness was routine.
Then the question asked if the Triskalon people had a different life spectrum. For them earth was also normal. From there own distant universe of stars these inhabits became a real manifestation. Yet these variations of another life were overlooked. This left you with a stubborn question, what created this different life spectrum? Could this be an optical illusion that ended changing earth? The Triskalon people had one common belief, that life beyond the stars contained their uncontaminated spiritual paradise. Could all this be a new perspective of earth living in the peaceful settings of NuNac? But there were no clear indications that another variety of life coexisted. But in real terms, it did. Living on earth would become a challenge for both societies during 1880 and 1950, 1990 and end in 2030.
The evening mist began settling on the old mining town of Packhorse. Without a care in the world, a true majestic wasteland existed. The occupying land had been broken out of what once represented an unproductive territory. Packhorse appeared spread out and yet from a distance it was bearably noticeable. Was this a scene from the past or was it moving into the future?
Within the Triskalon society time felt obscured as the Azuza hacienda emerged unique. It was a delicate touch of Gothic detail. Just like the majority of the homes they had that hint of revival architectural sensitivity. The Triskalon civilization began accepting their new environment and started expanding their families.

Marc Azuza, a thirty-five-year-old de-aged father was eager to get home. He thought about his family anxiously waiting to hear the many experiences he encountered.

Professional Reviews

Enduring Prophesy 1880
It was amazing to read that the Enduring Prophesy 1880 could be real, but who would believe it? Earth is only one speck in the universe but reading this novel opened my thought that life could be hidden. I kept on reading and it made me think. Joe's imagination of this dark past and future turns an interesting tale of possibilities. This is a well developed story with plenty of technologies described.

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