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Acaysha Dolfin

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Publisher:  Trafford Publishing ISBN-10:  1553694597 Type: 


Copyright:  Aug 1 2002

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New Horizons And My Angels
New Horizons And My Angels

Inspiring true story of Acaysha:an “Angel of Diversity and Strength.” “NEW HORIZONS AND MY ANGELS” and the true story of Acaysha, will bring you a ray of hope; a breath of renewal; a seed of faith; and a belief in miracles and angels.Many adversities were thrown her way and she emerged victoriously with the help of her 7 angels and the powers above.“Have you ever let your 2 year old be in charge of the family laundry, fixing your meals or paying your bills?” says author Acaysha. Well, that’s exactly what it was like, starting life all over again, at the physical age of 25, having to re-learn the very basics of life.

NEW HORIZONS AND MY ANGELS is a book you will not be able to put down and will want to share it with your friends and loved ones. It is a guide, an inspiration and a true story that will bring back your faith and your will to go on, in the face of any and all obstacles; and to live your life to the fullest, each and every day.
Acaysha, an old soul, came into this lifetime with several missions. Born perfect and whole, at the age of two, a “bad batch” of measles vaccine caused brain damage, which led to 23 years of epilepsy, averaging 3-5 major seizures per month. This did not stop her though from becoming the “Poster Child for Epilepsy,” riding horses, swimming and performing gymnastics in competition, water skiing and anything else she was told she could “not” do ! Then, in the fall of 1992 at the age of 25, her seizure rate jumped to 22 in one month, along with anxiety attacks, pushing her to want to quit and “just curl up at home.”

Desperately fighting to get the seizures under control, Acaysha found a fantastic answer and chose to undergo experimental brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, to remove the portion of her brain that was damaged, in an attempt to stop the seizures. She made a deal with God: “Take away my seizures and I’ll work for you as a healer, minister, counselor and inspiration to others.” Well, the surgery successfully ended the epilepsy, but left Acaysha with the mind and the emotions of a two year old, and the hidden memories of an adult. She experienced hallucinations induced by medications, and the struggle to mature into adulthood, all over again, on her own, without any hands-on instructions or guidance.

For the next ten years, she matured very quickly from 2 to 35 years old, due to her fighting attitude that she could achieve any challenge or goal put before her. Her motto was that life needed to be lived with gusto and with no holding back. Along the way, she experienced migraines for 16 straight months in a row, anxiety attacks, and constant bi-polar swings of superwoman highs and deep, dark depressions that led to several attempted suicides. But each time, some type of intervention occurred; a friend’s helping hand; a psyche ward counselor’s straight forward words; guidance from professional therapists; books, tapes and seminars that gave her hope; and especially conversations with God and her Angels that helped put her back on earth when she wanted to leave. She agreed to be a leader in great achievements and went on to obtain an AA degree in Retail Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, both with honors, as well as her own make-up image consulting and clothing line business.

Then one day, in a quiet moment on the computer, she met her angels… all seven of them, who told her they were there to teach her; to live and grow and laugh and play. With their help, she survived the emotional, near death effects of a miscarriage; experienced a miracle spiritual healing when the organs in her body shut down by 80%; lived through a major car accident that left her bleeding internally and another car accident that gave her a whiplash; endured being the victim of three major work related accidents of falling objects on top of her head, shoulders and arms; and then was told she had six months to live due to uterine cancer, that was instantly healed in the last month, during a dream conversation with God. The results were confirmed by her medical Doctor and are documented as a miracle healing.

Acaysha, is an angelic name that means “Angel of Diversity and Strength.” Today, Acaysha, with the help of her band of seven, is A Miracle, An Angel and An Inspiration to many people in need, counseling them and giving them healings, hope, and motivation to keep on living, no matter how tough the going gets. Her story uplifts not only epileptics, but also anyone who is trying to cope with an illness or disability, or anyone who is just down and out, discouraged and depressed.

“You can conquer anything, now! The sky is not even your limit!” says Acaysha, author of “NEW HORIZONS AND MY ANGELS.”
At the age of 25, Acaysha was starting over, literally. "After 8 hours of surgery and taking out three pieces of my brain the EEG test went silent meaning there was no more seizure activity in my brain...The surgery was a success !"
With severe mood swings, Acaysha continued to work for Beauti-Control cosmetics and did well. At the time she was being treated for her bi-polar symptoms, she also met her seven angels. "We are angels and we are sent here by God to help you. We are going to teach you a lot about life, living and growing up and loving. There are seven of us and we mean no harm to you."

Professional Reviews

New Horizons and My Angels by Jody Gore
At the age of 25, Acaysha was starting over, literally. "After 8 hours of surgery and taking out three pieces of my brain the EEG test went silent meaning there was no more seizure activity in my brain...The surgery was a success !"

The surgery was a success, The seizures were gone, but at a price. Acaysha had been regressed emotionally and mentally to before her first seizure--at the age of 2 ! "So here I was... a quarter of a century old, with a 2 year old brain, living alone, self-employed, trying to figure out life and recover from surgery all at the same time."

Many feelings, Acaysha, author of New Horizons And My Angels had never dealt with during her epilepsy emerged. "I never really dealt with many feelings like fear, anger or loneliness when I had epilepsy. I had epilepsy for so long, I was pretty comfortable with it. Now it was gone and I couldn't depend on it or hide behind it anymore."

She struggled through hallucinations, nightmares, and mood swings. At times it felt as though it was too much to take. "...It had been 4 horrendous months of my life. Between the anxiety attacks, migraines 24 hours a day, hallucinations, depression and now the fainting spells, I was fed up !!

Acaysha tried many times to commit suicide. She sought counseling and therapy. She moved constantly in search of doctors and contentment. "In 1995 I was at the 2 1/2 year mark in my recovery-when I decided to return to California, "the land of liberalism and new ideas", so I thought."

With severe mood swings, Acaysha continued to work for Beauti-Control cosmetics and did well. At the time she was being treated for her bi-polar symptoms, she also met her seven angels. "We are angels and we are sent here by God to help you. We are going to teach you a lot about life, living and growing up and loving. There are seven of us and we mean no harm to you."

In New Horizons And My Angels, Acaysha's angels teach her creative design and during that year she learns to laugh again. Her cosmetic business is booming. "I had grown in my business, not only as a strong manager and leader, but also as a glamour make-up artist and I loved it !!"

After a debilitating depression that financially rocked her world, Acaysha was shown the importance of her talents. She could make her own line of clothing with her own creative designs. "So I asked for some confirmation from them and over the next seven days, I had total strangers tell me the outfits that I had made and wore were gorgeous and asked me what boutique did I buy them in."

With the help of close friends, Acaysha, author of New Horizons And My Angels, opened her own clothing company. Even through her bouts of depression, her creativity continued. She learned to put a catalog together and use her networking skills from her previous jobs to sell her unique line of clothing.

Through trial and tribulation, Acaysha emerges a strong woman who learns to love herself and others. The story itself is enthralling. There are important points in the story that I feel would have been better served if given in more detail and written at a slower pace. Overall I enjoyed the story. I thought it fit better as a memoir than an inspirational, but still quite interesting.

To learn more about Acaysha and how to order her book, New Horizons And My Angels, try these websites and email addresses:

About reviewer: Jody Gore is Co-Editor-In-Chief of W.O.W. ezine, Women on Writing. She works with book reviews and interviews. For more information link to Meet the Staff.

New Horizon's And My Angels, Acaysha's Interview

By Jody Gore

Reverend Karen Wilkinson talks about Acaysha's life story, New Horizons and My Angels, as a "true inspiration.” Women on Writing is excited to have the opportunity to interview Acaysha and to find out how her life is now and where her writing is leading her.


Acaysha, originally your name was Susan Lanning, how did the name Acaysha come to be? What does the name mean? What are you doing now in your life?


I was given that name by my spiritual teachers back in 1996 in California. They said everyone has a spiritual name, but it is usually not what our parents named us. Acaysha is an angel name – it means “angels of diversity and strength.” Yes, I am a real life angel, down here doing my mission work for God. It took me a couple of years to adjust to my new name, but now it is all I go by. As my spiritual teachers explained, Susan, the epileptic, died on the operating table that day and Acaysha is who I have become.

I am currently promoting my new book and soon to be released AudioCD NEW HORIZONS AND MY ANGELS and am booking workshops and booksignings across the country. I am also designing a “hug me show me” coping toolkit, to teach people “how to meditate, how to pray, how to be their own best friend and how to get in touch with their angels.” I will be using this coping toolkit in all of my workshops. Everyone has their own angels; they just need to learn how to communicate with them. I want to help people learn how to heal themselves and find natural answers to their problems, whether physical, spiritual or emotional in nature. I am hoping to help others move through their challenges and difficulties that they face in this lifetime, and to inspire more epileptics to step out of their comfort zone and have this miraculous surgery that can help them start living their lives to the fullest ! I made a deal with God while sitting on the red rocks of Sedona – I told him “take away my seizure with this surgery procedure and I’ll work for you in any capacity you want, and I will go natural in my healing process. I will go drug-free and will not cut on my body again, until I am ready to come “home.” Little did I realize the intensity of my words that day, as that has included me becoming a healer, a minister, a writer, a counselor and inspiration to others.

My dream is to become a national speaker like Zig Ziglar; a healer and an inspiration to many; not only to epileptics, but to anyone trying to overcome an illness or disability, or anyone who is just plain discouraged and depressed. My ultimate vision is to create an “all inclusive holistic center” where people can gather and receive natural ways of healing their health problems and concerns. A place where you can find one of every type of natural or holistic technique available out there, under one roof.

W.O.W.: Acaysha, what made you decide to write your story?

AC: I decided to write, because everyone asked me to share my experiences with others. I have lived such an eventful life in the last ten years, more than most have by 65 ! I had to re-learn everything about living, loving and finding happiness, that now I want to share my story and help others find their happiness and true purpose in this lifetime. I regressed back to the mental and emotional age of a 2 year-old, with the hidden memories of an adult. My motto is that life needs to be lived with gusto and to the fullest, with no holding back. It took me 6 years to catch up with my physical age; once I learned something it was deja vous. After 9/11 I decided it was time to tell my story and start helping people heal. “ My angels have taught me so much about life, love and laughter, and how to really enjoy the journey we are all on, and now I am being guided to share that knowledge with you !” My book is meant to be an inspiration to everyone, whether you are fighting a major illness or dis-ease or you are just having a bad day. This book is meant to inspire and motivate you by giving you the strength to keep going and find new answers and hope for your life. We are all here for a reason, some of us know what it is, the rest of us walk around looking for it, and always wandering ! What’s your purpose ?

W.O.W.: How does writing fit into your life choice of being a healer, public speaker, and a minister?

AC: The written word is a powerful thing, and can be referred to and re-read often, long after you have heard a speaker or been counseled by a minister. Writing is a way of expression to me, a way to share my experiences with others and to give them a ray of hope; a breath of renewal; a seed of faith; a belief in miracles and a new attitude of joy and determination to live life to its fullest. So writing is just another piece of the puzzle to me.

W.O.W. : In relation to your life story, do you have advice for beginning writers?

AC: Just do It !! Just start typing, it will happen !! I have been writing my story for over nine years, in journals, poems and note form, and then not long after 9/11 I just decided to start putting it all together, one keystroke at a time. Now I have finished it, and got published, and now I am promoting the book across the country – so it can happen ! Believe in your story and just do it !! Remember to ask your angels for help too ! Also get a great editor and when ready to publish, check out my publisher online at – they are fabulous – tell them Acaysha sent you !!

Your family & friends have played important support roles at different times of your life. Who supported you while writing New Horizons And My Angels?


Everyone did, they were so excited to hear I was finally going to write and tell my story. Now that the book is out, the response has been fabulous. Many say it has helped them in their own lives, giving them the courage to keep “ putting one foot in front of the other,” and to start finding new answers to some old problems.

Do you have another book planned for release?

Yes, I am just starting another one. It will be a children’s series - teaching children how to love and live life to its fullest and how to believe in themselves and their angels early on in their lives. This series will not only help children, but the parents who read them to them, as it will heal them and their “inner child” issues. I am hoping to bring this series out sometime next year, depending on when my angels decide the time is right. I am also going to be creating a meditation and angel CD soon, which will tie in with the “hug me show me” coping toolkit I have designed.

W.O.W. : With all that you have had over come in your personal life, did you find it hard to write about it? Did you suffer from Writer's Block at all?

Actually not. Writing was a way of releasing it for me. By telling the story, I have grown and healed so much. I wrote all along the way, I kept a journal by my bed and wrote almost daily for a while. It was when I had to type it into the computer that I finally realized how much I had actually been through, how intense some moments were for me and how I was able to get through them, with the help of God, my angels and my many wonderful friends.

Writer’s block is common with everyone, but it is just fear standing in your way. Walk away and go do something fun and light-hearted, this will help to get your creative juices flowing again. I finally released my fears through meditation and prayer, and then I channeled my book, with the help of my angels. The angels made composing the book really easy, I just “donated my fingers to the keyboard” and allowed them to type the story. By releasing the book to my angels, I got my conscious mind out of it and just allowed the story to be told.

What are your favorite authors, Acaysha?

I have many I love. I have become a bookworm through the healing process, as I willing to learn anything from anyone. But some of my favorites are: Louise Hay, Barbara DeAngelis, Deepak Chopra, Melody Beattie, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul collections.

Who inspired you to write?

All of my wonderful friends and acquaintances along the way. Rev. Karen Wilkinson, a dear friend of mine, was the final push for me. She encouraged me daily to keep at it, that it would happen if I just surrendered to God and the angels and just let it come out.

W.O.W.: Where can your readers order your book, New Horizons And My Angels?


You can order it off my website at, from Border’s,,, and directly from my publisher at

Wholesale orders can get my book from Baker and Taylor or from my publisher directly.

Lighting up her dark days;Port St. Lucie woman had a rocky road -- epilepsy, depression, brain surgery. Now, she says, seven angels and a strong faith help steer her life.
By Nicole Berner correspondent
December 7, 2002

There was a time when Susan "Acaysha" Lanning wanted to die.

She tried to overdose on pain pills several times in a span of 10 years.
But that's just a fraction of her story, she will tell you, with a boisterous laugh. Today, the 36-year-old Port St. Lucie resident has an associate's degree in retail marketing and a bachelor's degree in marketing. She works as a clothes designer, makeup consultant and Reiki practitioner, with knowledge about hands-on healing methods.

In March, Acaysha finished her first book, "New Horizons and My Angels," which details her 23-year struggle with epilepsy, bouts of depression and a tested faith.
"This girl has gone through hell most of her life," said Acaysha's counselor and book editor, Merriam Joan Handy of Lake Worth.

And thus the name Acaysha, which means "angel of diversity and strength."
After Acaysha received what she calls "a bad batch of measles vaccine" as a child, she experienced seizures triggered by anything from temperature to stress to mood swings. She would have seizures three to five times a month. She remained active, horseback riding and doing gymnastics while growing up in Paris, Texas, and England, where her father was transferred by Campbell Soup Co.

But by age 25, Acaysha was having up to 22 five-minute episodes a day. Medications proved ineffective. She was scared to leave her home, and anxiety attacks plagued her. She attributed the rise in seizure activity to stress.

So Acaysha approached the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., and was approved for a brain operation. She had heard of the operation as a teen-ager, but was told at that time it was experimental and that she might grow out of the seizures. By removing tiny areas of her brain, the eight-hour procedure stopped the seizures. And Lanning expected her recovery to be smooth, based on the fact that the operation gave her an 80 percent chance at a seizure-free life.

"It was quite an experience going into winter that year," Acaysha said. "I wanted to react (with a seizure), but I was not going to have one."

But the procedure also threw her back into the mindset of a 2-year-old at times, she said. And the road to relearning everything -- from how to do laundry to how to cook -- was rough for her.

Frequently suffering from migraines, Acaysha said she often nagged her doctors with questions during the night and engaged in attention-seeking behavior, such as getting drunk.

Difficult relationships, business challenges and the general ups and downs of adult life weighed heavily on Acaysha, who attempted suicide for the last time in 1993.

But when she awoke in the hospital, her stomach pumped from the pills she had taken, she felt a new sensation: That she had had a conversation with God, she said.
She said she made a deal with her creator that she would respect her body and her life. "Maybe I did have a purpose on this planet after all," she said.

Things began to look up. But not for long.

Acaysha moved to Florida in the late 1990s. And in November 1999, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she said. Her suicidal thoughts returned. But Acaysha says her faith in God made the cancer disappear miraculously, although she sought no medical treatment for it.

She also says that angels now guide her through life -- a band of seven that first appeared to her in rays of light. "Angels helped me write this book," she says. And she admits her story sounds unbelievable. "Has anything ever happened in your life that can't be explained?" she asks.

"The book is very interesting. I think it took a lot of courage to do what she did," said Acaysha's friend and former colleague, Sue Rawson. But, she added, she thinks the visions of angels have to be taken with a grain of salt, "and sometimes the whole shaker."

"You just have to kind of wonder if any of this is really true, but if it works for her, that's all that matters," Rawson said.

Acaysha is not shocked by such reactions.

"People think you're crazy," she said. But not Handy, a 25-year personal and corporate wellness consultant. "Quite often, on death's door, (people experience) an extreme cathartic release and great wisdom awakenings. They come back often times with new gifts, healing powers, new calmness," she said.


For more information on "New Horizons and My Angels," visit

Read online excerpts at

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Reader Reviews for "New Horizons And My Angels"

Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 9/5/2003
sounds like the kind of stuff i love to read about..people overcoming life's challenges! what an inspiring story; sure would love to read more! :) (((HUGS))) and love, your texas friend, karen lynn.
Reviewed by Ashraf Goreja 8/23/2003
Greetings from Atlanta.
Reviewed by marisa dvari 1/1/2003
"Acaysha Lanning's dramatic story of rebuilding her life after conquering epilepsy offers hope and inspiration to us all.” “Thanks for sending this to me, Acaysha. I really love your book's message
Reviewed by Rev Dana Voght 1/1/2003
“With sincerity and honesty Acaysha shares her dramatic and inspirational life story in her book, New Horizons And My Angels. She was diagnosed with epilepsy when two years of age. At age twenty-five, she consented to brain surgery and became seizure free. However the operation left her with only the skills of a toddler. During ten years of faith and persistence she relearned her lost skills and became the remarkable and wholesome adult that she is today. Her book inspires the reader to overcome personal obstacles and achieve his/her own fulfilling life. An awesome story.”
Prayers and blessings,
Reviewed by Daryln Prince 1/1/2003
“Acaysha Dolfin is a dynamic powerhouse in full demonstration, who inconspicuously inspires confidence, faith, wisdom, and clarity of vision in others who are seeking assistance. Along with her able caring spirit as well as her gently gifted and guided angels, her masterly poignant story is told. She reveals her trials and tribulations with ardor and complete candor as her abilities rise from within to conquer life’s challenges.”
Reviewed by Sheila MacDonald 11/18/2002
Wow, the cover struck me at first,then when I started reading the excerpt you had hooked me.

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