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I continue to take what I see in the world and put it into pictures and words. People are not always going to like my words, because I tell a reality of life, both good and bad.


I have been writing for over 30 years with most of my time spent in lyrics and poetry, a few screen plays and specialty manuals. Originally from Staten Island, I lived in New Jersey and Connecticut before moving to Mississippi.  I have lived and traveled around the world more than a few times and have lived in Europe, East Europe, China and Thailand for months at a time, which has given me more than just a world of thought, I now put it in words.

I have a passion for writing, art and photography.  I am on a come back path after a 10 year absence from the worlds of individual creation.


Birth Place: New York, NY USA

Accomplishments: I have been published for the past 25 years in many anthologies, music industry and other publications. I am a former member of SMA and still listed on BMI. Reviewed in Nashville, 1983-1985. Listed in the USM mississippi verticle files for writers and artists. Published in the 1970's and 1980's by Down Home (Ideals), Exposition Press, Quill and others.


Of Life and Love by William Lowenkamp
Reprint in ebook format of contemporary poetry written in the 1980's as seen and felt by the author. Poetry that explores the past, present and future, analyzing present day despair and revealing shared experiences....

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Of Life and Love by William Lowenkamp
A book of contemporary poems written in the 1970's and first published in 1983, now in its second printing....

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Of Life and Love (hard cover) by William Lowenkamp
Hard Copy version of contemporary poetry plus articles about current day life and the pursuit and perils of life and love....

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Short Stories

Dreams of Tomorrow
 by William Lowenkamp
Dreams of Tomorrow is based on true events that surfaced between the Middle East and Russia during the 1990's. It is about a young well educated woman looking for a stable place for herself and young...

The Silent Few
 by William Lowenkamp
The operation of securing women for illegal purposes and allows for the continued spread of STD's in a modern world that continues to accept these practices....

Trafficking of Human Flesh
 by William Lowenkamp
Written from the encounters of a changing world in the former CIS counstires during the 1990's, about the global reaches of trafficking women and children....

Maria's World of Ecstasy
 by William Lowenkamp
A short story, published in the CIS, Welcome-Moldova Magazine, September 2001, as a result of knowing about the incident, with the names, of course, changed....


Rats in the Celler
 by William Lowenkamp
A Short scenario of political environments around the globe....

Pulse of Life
 by William Lowenkamp
A walk through life from start to finish....

The Face
 by William Lowenkamp
A day at the market in Chang Mai Thailand....

A Vision
 by William Lowenkamp
A day at the beach anywhere in the world....

From Me to You
 by William Lowenkamp
Connecting with your mate....

 by William Lowenkamp
Watching the sunset across the flat lands....

Our Love
 by William Lowenkamp
Watching my parents grow older by the day....

My Angel
 by William Lowenkamp
Vision of the soul, thinking, seemingly seeing one's angel....

 by William Lowenkamp
When a storm rolls in over Mississippi....

In the Woods
 by William Lowenkamp
When 2 souls create a bond while walking in the woods....

You're My Heart
 by William Lowenkamp
A few words of the heart....

The Crock
 by William Lowenkamp
While sailing down the Chapoya River in Thailand, this young 'gator was having lunch....

Mangy Dog
 by William Lowenkamp
While walking along a country back road in the Philippines I came across this mangy pup....

To Love
 by William Lowenkamp
A few short lines of what love is, or should be....

Cynical is a Word
 by William Lowenkamp
About cynical individuals - who might not be cynical at all....

I Hope (Ich Hoffe)
 by William Lowenkamp
My first stab at writing in my German language since 1966. A poem of hope....

House of Yesteryear
 by William Lowenkamp
Thought's of the many wooden houses falling down along the country roads in Mississippi....

 by William Lowenkamp
A small thought of ones partner........

A vision
 by William Lowenkamp
Deep thought's of an untouchable love....

His End
 by William Lowenkamp
When a man loses a woman.......

 by William Lowenkamp
Losing the best friend you ever had...a short verse of encounter....

Moments Apart
 by William Lowenkamp
A romantic thought about a man and woman torn by 2 worlds....

A Day in the Sands
 by William Lowenkamp
Seeing the reality is more than thinking of it....

Seas of Sand
 by William Lowenkamp
A short visual transport of the derset sands and war fought by an illegal immigrant....

Thought's of You
 by William Lowenkamp
Written on a cold winter night along Pushkin Str. in Moldova....


Law Enforcement
 by William Lowenkamp
This relates to law enforcement in the CIS countries and the 3rd world. It was written during my living in Chisinau Moldova....

Terrorism 2001+
 by William Lowenkamp
This was written in Moldova after the 9/11 incident. It was published in the CIS (Welcome Magazine) and on the UN Civilian Police web site....

In Search of Survival in the 3rd World
 by William Lowenkamp
From years of living in and watching the 3rd world change....


Of Life and Love, Hard Copy
 by William Lowenkamp
November relaese of Hard Copy. Poetry plus literary fiction, short articles, stories, as relating to events and realities that make the backdrop for poetic verse....


William Lowenkamp
prints, card designs and photographs.

William Lowenkamp
books, photos, art and more

Additional information

Of Life and Love, Contemporary Poems, published in 1983, reviewed by Claude Hammel, Paul Harvey and sits in the Ronald Reagan Library and sold internationally was republished in 2003 in paperback and ebook format. Of Life and Love hard copy to be released in November 2003. Country Poet, to be republished in 2004.

Contact Information

Lowenkamp R&D Labs Ltd.
PO Box 878 
Hazlehurst   MS   39083   USA

Fax: 601-894-2802
 William Lowenkamp
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