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Dr. Zannah Hackett, Founder of The YOU Consulting Group, The YOU Institute and innovator of the evolutionary advanced human assessment technology, the ULT aka "The Ultimate Life Tool".


Aside from being what many YPOs have referred to as "their greatest secret weapon", Dr. Zannah is also an author, speaker, preceptor and relationship technologist. Her career experience, education and research over the last 30 years has focused primarily on the nature of the human being and the choices we make in our efforts to experience peace, joy and fulfillment. This has allowed her to share her universal wisdom from a very scientific perspective, specifically the "Natural Mathematics of Man", and relate it to educating children, managing midlife crisis, saving marriages and helping recruiters to select the right employee for the right job using YCG's advanced human assessment technology, "THE ULT".

Her life's work, in conjunction with her doctoral studies, began by participating in many educational and investigative forums, studying the science as well as the spiritual nature and movement of man living in a physical world. Having traveled throughout the world, her discoveries around the overlooked yet obvious have been revealing and accurate. Today, Y.O.U. curriculum provided by YCG, LLC through The YOU Institute is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education by The State Board of Behavioral Sciences, The Board of Registered Nursing, The International Coach Federation and serves to educate relationship professionals, corporations and individuals seeking answers to why we function and relate the way we do and how to recognize what is right for us.

Realizing that the accumulation of new data results in new discoveries, she continues to develop the technology and share the wealth of her life's work with brilliant individuals that find her work groundbreaking and life transforming, The knowledge of Y.O.U. and THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL technology continues to bring new hope for a better mankind. Services are made available onsite and online.

Specialties: Objective Life Advisement as it applies to business, education, home and life. Life Coaching, Business Relationship Management, Family Conflict Resolution, Strategic Planning and advanced human physicalogical and behavioral assessment research. 

Book: Y.O.U. & The Ultimate Life Tool  provides an introductory explanation of the methodology behind the technology including case studies demonstrating its effectiveness.

For all of my life I have wanted to know as much as I can about what makes me and other human beings tick... In fact, I could honestly call it an "ongoing quest" and the "central theme" of my interests and of all of my work and personal activities! In others words, I literally focus on such subjects every single day and never get tired!
Until I was introduced to the work of Dr. Zannah Hackett, and had the great pleasure of reading her book, what I had discovered about all of this always seem to have something missing -- which simply means, that the information seemed lacking or incomplete. I am more than happy and quite honored to attest to the fact that "THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL" actually covers everything that I -- or anyone -- would ever want to know about our human behavior, our natural ways of being, and what might be described as our affinities... Hands down, the information in this book, and the entire system, is absolutely excellent! Dr. A. Majon

Once you pick up this book you don't want to put it down until the very end. The knowledge is science based and objective. I had been searching for something out there that finally put all the pieces of the puzzle of life together for me and I've found it. I recommend this book to anyone who's ever wondered what has truly made her/him tick or what natural talents are within you. Read it 3 times and you'll better your life in every aspect!!! :)  GLC

Dr. Zannah Hackett's book provides marvelous insight into the nature of human beings-just by observation of their physical presentation. "What?" you say? You can't judge a book by it's cover? While that may be a conventional expression of wisdom, The Knowledge of YOU as shared in the book has no equal in its depth of understanding of both the uniqueness of you and what we have in common with others-and how to actually "see" this in ourselves and others. This ancient knowledge is objective rather than subjective and validated by the your experience of "the test"-The Ultimate Life Tool. A treasure for those seeking deeper understanding of why we do what we do, and to be able to predict this in others, I strongly recommend you check this out! I have worked with multiple personality assessment instruments for over 20 years. This tool provides a depth of information UNEQUALLED. Anyone charged with the managing of others would do well to invest their time and resources in discovering this system and its application. Anyone struggling to accept the differences with a spouse, partner, co-worker, friend or family member will find fresh insights and clarity with this knowledge. I highly recommend it. Ann Hodgkins

 To learn more about The YOU Institute's in-service programs, retreats, Life Coaching Certification programs, Personal Consultations and The UlTIMATE LIFE TOOL technology please contact:

Phone: 760.230.8016
Email: info@theultimatelifetool.com

Website: www.theyouinstitute.com


 YCG offers services and curriculum
through The YOU Institute
and is Approved for Continuing Education 
by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences,
The Board of registered Nursing
The International Coach Federation. 
"After spending 11 years working with Fortune 500 Executive as a trainer and feedback consultant at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), I've found YCG's survey and assessment instrument to be one of the most comprehensive I've used. With one brief questionnaire, it's results combine the breadth and depth of 8-10 instruments  previously used  for personality assessment, team building, and overall organizational development. I highly recommend it for those seeking a comprehensive, cutting edge, individual and group assessment tool." 
Dr. Charles Richards, Ph. D; Psychotherapist, Author, International Speaker, YCG Certified Executive Life Coach
"The Knowledge of Y.O.U. enhances my daily business practices."
Judy Thompson -  Judy Thompson & Associates, Award winning Financial Executive Recruiter
."The Knowledge provides an opportunity for all to recognize and experience authenticity firsthand. "
Bradstreet Stewart, President, Sacred Science Institute.
"The Knowledge of Y.O.U. provides a unique approach to understanding ourselves and others. It profoundly shifts your perspective on how to develop successful business relationships and more effectively engage potential customers"
Bryce Whiting, Former President, San Diego Coaches Alliance; Business Development Coach, International Advance Team
"The Knowledge of Y.O.U. is the only tool that offers a comprehensive analysis of a person's innate and learned abilities, their motivators, natural presence and preferences. It's my pleasure to offer this insightful tool to help you enhance your competitive advantage in business and in life".
Angie Swartz, MBA, CPA, International Speaker, YCG Certified Executive Life Coach and Former Executive with Qualcomm, and Ernst & Young and Price.
"The Knowledge of Y.O.U. is a transformational language that dispels the myths which convince people to settle for a life of average. The laws of nature exist so we will have guidelines to follow for a fulfilled life. The Knowledge of Y.O.U. is an explanation for those guidelines and a tool chest that can help people manifest their desires."   
Saundra Pelletier, Author, International Speaker, YCG Certified Executive Life Coach and Board Member for companies committed to Women's Healthcare.

Accomplishments: YCG Curriculum is offered through The YOU Institute and Approved for Continuing Education by The State Board of Behavioral Sciences, The Board of Registered Nursing and The International Coach Federation. Nominated for the 2011 Athena Award in Education.


Y.O.U. & The Ultimate Life Tool by Zannah Hackett
Winner of the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival! What if you could understand a person by just looking at them? What if you knew what to expect from them in terms of performance, never to experience disappointment again?...

Price: $8.49 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comThe Ultimate Life Tool 


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Without Love, nothing manifests for good....


The Ultimate Life Tool Technology
Advanced Human Assessment Technology for a better mankind. Test Drive "THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOLŽ" World's First "Green Human Assessment Test".

The YOU Institute
In addition to the many global targets, YCG, LLC believes strongly in giving back to the global community. As a result it has helped to inspire and support the efforts of THE Y.O.U. INSTITUTEŽ whose mission is to provide quality educational community seminars, life coaching certification programs and coaching services to families, individuals and entities using approved cutting edge curriculum, technologies and coursework to better facilitate an understanding of human nature for purposes of creating healthy relationships in business, home and life. YCG is an Approved CE Provider by the BBS, the BRN and the ICF for those seeking license renewal credits.
Contact Information

The YOU Institute
POB 231143 575 2nd street
Encinitas   CA   92024   USA

 Zannah Hackett
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