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Formerly a Master Plumber, now full time freelance writer of two books,newspaper columns, DIY booklets,consulting and business letter writing, including ombudsman services.


    Father of ten and grandpa to fourteen and still fairly lucid. My wife's influence kept me working as a Licensed Master Plumber for

50 years when I really wanted to be a lawyer. The fact that she purchased all food in Jumbo and Family Size to feed ten kids, kept me at the plumbing trade, since it paid better then law.

    My weekly sessions on the couch were my newspaper columns entitled Funny Side Up, which kept me busy nights for the last twenty of the forty five years doing plumbing. My head was either in my typewriter or under a clients sink. Publications include: a dozen articles in Popular Science Homeowner's How-To; Liberty, Good News,(2) Good Reading (2) Sunshine (2) Lutheran Digest(2) Dana'a Literary Society On-line Journal (2) Natural Health Magazine (March 2002 issue)Homeopathy Today (June 2002) Successful Contractor's Magazine (2) enabledonline.com,  American Homeopath  (2005), a filler in Reminisce and well over dozen weekly newspapers.

    We are grateful for our book Broken Glass And All  being  in 6 countries (only one or two in each) Publishers and agents told us we would be lucky to sell 100 copies of such a book. Pod/Vanity Press' says 200 would be doing well. We are over  400.  Not a Best Seller, but reaching those in need, which is why it was written: to give hope and encouragement.

Funny Side Up, our humorous anthology of a newspaper column, is like-wise doing well on the net: 450 in two printings.

Not bad for a plumber, turned hack.The boys in da hood think it's cool. Not only can a kid from East Harlem read, he's written two books!

Birth Place: NYC, NY USA

Accomplishments: Received a bronze plague for Bravery in Battle while raising ten kids. Completed a book on the subject, that most sadistic readers believe to be hilarious. What is funny about raising ten kids; a dog the size of a pony, a bird, a cat who drinks from a fishbowl,and two gold fish named "Dinner" and Dessert" all crowded into a small four bedroom house with only two bathrooms?


Funny Side Up - The Book by al d squitieri,sr
"The stories are timely, but not timeless, and close to universal experiences, out-doing many tired elements around today" (Richard Armour)...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comiUniverse.com  adsword@windstream.net

broken glass and all by al d squitieri,sr
When modern medicine declared the author's autoimmune disease hopeless, the Great Physician proved otherwise....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comiUniverse.com  adsword@windstream.net

The Inner Workings of a Septic Tank System by al d squitieri,sr
The Inner workings of a septic tank system and how to keep it working!...

adsword@windstream.net  authorsden.com

How to Solder Copper Pipe Like a Pro.. by al d squitieri,sr
How To Solder Copper Pipe Like A Pro Instructions and illustrations for homeowners attempting to solder their own copper piping. It's easy when you know the basics. This tiny pocket sized Wizard will make you a pro in minutes, even if you have tried and failed before....


Half Bath in Your Basement by al d squitieri,sr
Want to add a toilet to your basement but the sewer line is above the toilet connection, or grade level....



Cured in Spite of Modern Medicine
 by al d squitieri,sr
This story (and articles) about Polymyositis being cured by Homeopathy, has appeared in Natural Health Magazine, Homeopathy Today, Dana's Literary Journal (online) Enableonline.com and American Homeo...

When 'Pay TV' was commercial-free
 by al d squitieri,sr
We were told for just pennies per day we could watch uninterrupted "commercial free television." Twenty five years later, we are paying to watch commercials....

Church Members Should Keep Leadership in Proper Perspective
 by al d squitieri,sr
...the church has a dilemma in following the traditions of a denomination, the wants of a worldly congregation, or the teaching of Christ and the Holy Scriptures. I would advise following the Word ...

Pod: From Shunned Leper to Black Sheep
 by al d squitieri,sr
Some of the world’s greatest writers started out self-published, such as Twain, Whitman and Poe. In reality, they were talented and gifted writers, but it took self-publishing to get their work betwe...

Who Took Christ Out Of Xmas?
 by al d squitieri,sr
Who Took Christ Out Of Xmas? © 1984 Al D. Squitieri ...

For Everything There Is A Season
 by al d squitieri,sr
On occassion the articles on this site have been sold for publication, and withdrawn to allow for exclusive rights, and returned again to AD. All three articles posted here have been published at leas...


Author interviewed on Autism One Radio
 by al d squitieri,sr
Amy Lansky's radio show, by the same name as her book: "impossiblecure: Hope with Homeopathy" On Autism One Radio ...

Charter Member and Publisher retires
 by al d squitieri,sr
Writer host of press club semi-roasting of retiring newspaper publisher. From Left are: charter member and past President Jack Woods, Mr. Caravan, PJC President Michele Reed, Master of Cerem...

Published in American Homeopath Magazine
 by al d squitieri,sr
The author has had another article published in a major alternative medicine magazine January '06...

County Legislator Len Ponzi offers hand of support at book signing for author Al D. Squitieri.
 by al d squitieri,sr
Local writer gives birth to two books at one time. "Father" says both off-spring are doing fine in their early stages....

Dr.Andre Saine (left) and Author Al D. Squitieri, meet at Johns Hopkins University this summer.
 by al d squitieri,sr
Author of book reunites with the doctor who made the book possible....

Al D. Squitieri on remote radio interview
 by al d squitieri,sr
Author Al D. Squitieri being interviewed by radio host Perry Noun of Wzzz Radio. Here shown taking questions from listeners of the Pro-Noun Show....

Article Enabledonline.com Magazine for Disabled
 by al d squitieri,sr
Recent article published at Enabled.com, an online magazine for the disabled....


ADSWORDWRIGHT is a writing service® located in Fulton, N.Y., an expansion of a one-time avocation. Al D. Squitieri, Sr licensed Master Plumber over forty-five years, spent the last twenty-five years as a part-time freelance writer of articles, newspaper columns and commentaries. While waiting for success at publication, Al received enough rejection slips to fill a 6" spike he used to relieve his frustration. He finally "nailed down" a few small acceptance checks from several digest-sized magazine, while putting his plumbing knowledge into a dozen articles for Popular Science Homeowner's How-To Magazine, and he was in print. His humorous column, Funny Side Up® had brought laughter to several generations, through publication in a dozen east coast weekly newspapers, and then as an anthology in book form. After a small first run sold-out, Al updated and expanded the anthology, and is now selling at all online booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walton's and iuniverse.com and authorsden.com In 1993, Al literally came down with an incurable autoimmune disease that disintegrates muscle. Forced out of his trade of plumbing, he started writing more on a full-time basis. He has written a second book, "...broken glass and all", an account of his battle and victory over Polymyositis. His refusal to accept the odds, lead him to a cure in Montreal, using Homeopathy. It is an inspirational book, filled with hope and "I was there" hard gained information, and laced with Al's gift of talent and humor. This book is a God send for anyone with an autoimmune disease or life draining illness in search of hope and encouragement. The companion book, Funny Side Up is likewise a book to bring sunshine into what can be an otherwise dreary day.

Funny Side Up - The Book
Browse the introduction and first two chapters right here at Authorsden and order from our own AD, or in the bookstore at iuniverse.com and order directly from the publisher,any Online bookseller, or direct at email: adsword@windstream.net

Broken Glass And All
Browse the book's introduction and first two chapters here at AD or at iUniverse.com bookstore and order direct from publisher. Both books are available at all Online Bookstores.

Additional information

The Funny Side Up became an anthology of hilarious columns, and Al's battle with an incurable autoimmune disease, Polymyositis, became his second book: Broken Glass And All. While fighting the muscle disease, which retired Al from plumbing, he waged battle with America's conventional medicine. After wasting muscle and $52,000, Al went to Montreal and found a cure through Naturopathic Medicine, and Homeopathy.The book gives inspiration to those with an autoimmune disease, while offering Hope through Faith in God. Reads like a novel, from the author's days on the streets of East Harlem, up through his battle and cure.

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adswordwright service
po box 605 
fulton   NY   13069   USA

Fax: 315 598-4887
 al d squitieri,sr
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