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      Buy your personally signed copy today.  The Madam's Cookbook $18.95  The Telepathists $15.95  The Marin Madam $18.95  Telepathy Will Change Your Life $15.95  Compilation of Escorts and Clients $15.95 

A writer of truth based on actual experiences. Since, I was a child I used my psychic abilities for just about everything I did in life. This is where I excel in life. I am a telepathic person and I wish to train other people and that is the reason for my telepathy series of books.


 Read: www.freewebs.com/d5fin 

A question put to me recently. "Did you use telepathy when you had your business?"
Absolutely!!!!! That is how I kept everyone safe. 
I write about an escort service from the 70s and 80s which I owned. All events are the truth.

Writing takes dedication and time.

All five of these books (the madam series) were originally just one book.

Just revised and edited and formatted for Kindle ... now available is: Compilation of Escorts and Clients. The price has been lowered for print because it could be with the new formatting.

I have been writing from diaries and I give my impressions. These books are not cookie-cutter books about escorts. Many books out there now are books written to sell for a population of people not wanting the "real" truth. Those people want a "fluff" story or stories. The revisions are for grammar used incorrectly that I may have missed the first time. 

Compilation of Escorts and Clients: true crime ($9.99 for download and $15.95 print......this is a large book)  This book has now been revised and newly edited. 

The Marin Madam: also, a combination of two books now at Amazon. This book will also go through a revision when the other book is done. I will keep you informed.

On YouTube. Old promo for the escort service (circa 1982) too cheesy. http://youtu.be/ygEBLECrzno. Used now to add some flare for the books and show how the phones were answered, back in the day.

My books are written with a focus on colloquial text and a narrative which is honest and easy to read. The Madam's series of books are for the people that wanted to read them years ago. 

Will I write more books? Yes!
Next books about escorting will all be fiction. I am writing that book now and it is called: The Madam's Cookbook.  A tongue and cheek book about receipes and eating for sex. 


 The telepathy series of books. Second book in series is The TelepathistsNew material about how to do research on your own to accomplish telepathy. And a new story about the telepathists....Science Fiction story.

 AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! A book about telepathy.

Telepathy Will Change Your Life

This is a beginning book about how to use your mind. The book is about 68 pages. Amazon Kindle download $9.99. And $15.95 for print and  available now or you are able to borrow from Amazon for FREE in their lending library.

Print copy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace. $15.95......If you wish to have an autographed copy just click the link here at Authorsden or send me a direct message: telepathyb@juno.com

D.E.Z. Butler, author search.  

The telepathy focus is on the Bio-electrical Magnetic Force-field or the BEMFF. We all have this surrounding our bodies. In this second book are tried and true experiments which I have used and they worked. This helped me to advance in telepathy. The book is called, The Telepathists.

If you are interested, first read the basic book and, then practice until you are ready for more information on how to use your mind.  

Read it now and get yourself ready for book three. The end of the summer will have the continuation of the telepathists, a group of young people, controlled by the government. The fourth book in the series will advance your mind to the next stage of development in telepathy. Easy to learn at first but then you must control this new found ability.

D.E.Z. Butler @2012



Birth Place: Gastonia, NC USA

Accomplishments: A Bachelors degree from Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Ames, IA.

A Master's Degree from Drake University
Des Moines, IA.


The Madam's Cookbook by D.E.Z. Butler
The use of food as a way to make love with your partner. Some historical information included.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner you may use food to place on your partner and have a sexual meal. Spicing up a person's love life at home. A few surprises are added and a little historical information about what our ancestors used to spice up their love lives. ...

Price: $9.99 (eBook)

Telepathy Will Change Your Life by D.E.Z. Butler
A way to use your mind for silent communication. I have used the methods in the book and they work....

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

The Telepathists by D.E.Z. Butler
This book is the second book in the telepathy series. It contains more ways for the up and coming telepathist to experiment with the sending and receiving of thoughts. The story begins for The Telepathists....

Price: $6.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comAmazon 

Compilation of Escorts and Clients by D.E.Z. Butler
This book is about the clients and escorts who once were part of Professional Escorts of Marin County, California. The timeframe was from 1974 until 1990. The escort service was first an out call massage service which was called Fingers and then reemerged as Professional Escorts in 1977....

  Download Free Preview!

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBarnes and Noble 

The Marin Madam by D.E.Z. Butler
Combination of two books, The Making of a Madam, a 20th Century Woman and Bellflower Boulevard. It is a fictionalized account from those two books and I believe it describes best how a woman comes to find herself as a modern day madam in a wealthy county in California. This is a fascinating recollection about true-times and experiences which altered a woman's life and found her ...

Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comcreatespace 

Short Stories

Age Retirement What it means to me
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Dry humor....


I Cried
 by D.E.Z. Butler
A cat gives comfort to someone crying....

One Fine Night
 by D.E.Z. Butler
A poem of lost love. I have never read the Twilight series or even seen anything related to that series. The poem is original and comes from my mind and soul; as all my poems are original and from...

I Played Your Dance
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Love that is now out of step....

 by D.E.Z. Butler
My kin, my family, I have found in what I now call Kinland....

 by D.E.Z. Butler
Father gone....

My Fate
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Our fate is known and there for all of us to endure....

 by D.E.Z. Butler
The love that flickers within your heart....


 by D.E.Z. Butler
Essay questions answered in 1999 which are very relevant today; that were part of a midterm exam for a graduate level class at Iowa State University....

Case Study: AIDS crisis:
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Case Study ...

Mein Kampf to Militia
 by D.E.Z. Butler
An essay written in the 1990s for a class at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa....

The Store Detective
 by D.E.Z. Butler
While a store detective I thought it would be fun to write about the work. What is written here is only a small piece to give the public a peek into that world. ...

The Alleged War on Drugs
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Experience and research for class in the 1990s with some update....

 by D.E.Z. Butler
An excerpt follows: This man was married to a woman named Alla who had telekinetic powers. Telekinetic abilities are when a person is able to move objects just by putting their hands close to...

Analysis of Oil
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Analysis of oil issue going back to 2001, with update from author. ...


The Madam's Cookbook
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Eating food to spice up your sex life. Some historical facts at the end of book. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas are found in the book. Experimentation is encouraged....

The Telepathists
 by D.E.Z. Butler
Free book today at Amazon.com for download. I will also send a hardcopy to people that is autographed for less money. ...

Answering a Phone in 1982 escort service Marin County
 by D.E.Z. Butler
An old reality video before reality TV of escort owner answering phones. Now books available about that service. ...


The Making of a Madam, a 20th Century Woman
The Marin Madam....newest book in the Madam Series of books. Available for download at Amazon Kindle. Soon it will have a revision and professional formatting......so wait to purchase it.

Path to Publication
Local Arizona writer's group. Path to Publication. Currently meeting every second Tuesday of each month. Check with group for current location.

Site for information on telepathy updates. to download at Amazon Kindle for $9.99 is the Telepathy Will Change Your Life and also, The Telepathists. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051UBSNM

The Making of a Madam
Compilation of Escorts and Clients. Recently formatted and newly edited for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. More information in the edited version.

Additional information

I wish to say that most people think these books are all about sex. That is not the truth. The books are about my journey in life and how I handled what circumstances came my way, which led to me operating an escort service in Marin County, California. I speak truthfully about the people that once worked for and with me and those clients who used Professional Escorts. Now I write about telepathy because I feel it is an ability we all should use. Just about everyone on planet earth is able to send and receive thoughts. The first book is easy to read and is a good beginning, showing people how to start this adventure in reading minds. The next books on telepathy will cover more of my research and allow the student of telepathy to advance.

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  AZ     USA
 D.E.Z. Butler
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