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Inspiration is a friend that lights up the far corner. All the better when that inspirational friend becomes an inspirational wife


A total misspent youth when it comes to reading or the arts is a constant disappointment and embarassment to me as I mature - ha will I ever mature? A dreamer of romantic notions that fail, in the main, to be implemented - well that's not entirely true because there are some cases where I feel driven to implement my mind's dream, usually revolves around a truly inspirational person. I have worked abroad and find it so strange that there a letter received lifts the soul and inspires a reply, yet when returning home we (I) stop, except for a christmas update - WHY? I believe I have floated through life doing a reasonable job most of the time but have "missed" so much of the detail. I admire song writers and poets who can spot the detail and relay it to everyone around them including feelings and tone - how do they do that? Brought up in the north east of England (a real inspirational area), now in London, I have three sons who all give me so much happiness (and worry) in their own way, and they are always there. Anyway, I have penned a few very simple poems or lyrics previously and, having met an inspirational (yes you are) person from this den, I am drawn to launch them into hyperspace. Ground control to major Tom..................

Having penned Gorgeous A early in my AD life, I have now adapted it slightly and mixed it in true DJ style with another poem to create what was my wedding poem to Gorgeous A as she stood beside me (as she always has been) on 2 May 2010 - hence the new poem Gorgeous A got married

Birth Place: Jarrow,  

Accomplishments: Scraped through school when I should have done better but luckily fell into a profession as a trainee. I have a TEC and HTEC in Building Studies and did day release for my professional RICS papers, so found myself in chartered territory. Should try to do more but don't. Hey that's not strictly true, I do more I just think it's more important to do things that matter, like appreciating and thinking about others and not just work. None of us are indispensible at work so why feel as if we are, get real here Steve and look around and listen to those close to you, they are the ones that fill the heart and generate the "loved up" feeling.

Short Stories

Cup Final and Apples
 by Steve Coltman
Children play in a Cup final, lose heavily and find more than solace in a handful of Golden Delicious. And a meander through a few years of schoolday football memories. ...


When The Weather
 by Steve Coltman
How the weather affect the way people behave...

Big Brother
 by Steve Coltman
this is what my brother is to me but do not let him know...

Gorgeous A Got Married
 by Steve Coltman
Gorgeous A - the inspiration behind my presence on this site got married on 2 May 2010 - to me (yeee haaa)...

The Artist
 by Steve Coltman
Artist not happy when his art is not seen...

The Disgruntled Beard
 by Steve Coltman
Bear gets shot at, bear not happy bear talks - bear is a beard...

Magnificent Star
 by Steve Coltman
All children are stars so bright they bring tears to ones eyes...

What Would My Dad Say?
 by Steve Coltman
If my dad was still around what would he make of things...

Great Minds Think
 by Steve Coltman
All minds do something.....we just don't know what!...

Room On Top- If Only
 by Steve Coltman
Strife of train / tube travellers in London...

The Far Corner (SAFC)
 by Steve Coltman

Life Is......
 by Steve Coltman
Life is what you make of it.....all things to all people...

Gorgeous A
 by Steve Coltman
Inspired by a gorgeous lady...

Stroll on Geordie
 by Steve Coltman
Strolling through a city can make one reflect on the love that is close...

River That Aches
 by Steve Coltman
The river was the centre of the town's industry but that has all changed...

5th Anniversary
 by Steve Coltman

Nursing Home
 by Steve Coltman
those nursing home days...

If You Were
 by Steve Coltman
How much would you do for someone?...

 by Steve Coltman
Give me daylight every time...

How Did You Do That
 by Steve Coltman

Fat Cat Sitting on a Mat
 by Steve Coltman
fat cat on a mat...

152 Ladders
 by Steve Coltman

People On A Train
 by Steve Coltman
people are so funny, especially when they do not try to be...


Moving On By Design
I sit in awe at the marvelous images created by Andrea for this exciting new venture.

Additional information

Back after a while away - life just gets in the way sometimes. I have bitten the bullet and gone gold, hope it doesn't clash with silver hair! Lost all (well the few I had on) my poems, but I will try to recover and populate again (are they really worth it?) and will attempt to add some new ones if I can find time. I still make no apologies for keeping Georgeous A on the top - my inspiration for soooo much in my life right now, like back then so thanks GA.

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 Steve Coltman
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