Greg Pendleton

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Author and Spiritualist, Greg Pendleton explores the nature of cosmos and the place of the Human Being within it.


 Why are we here and what is our role in the ever expanding reality of being?  To question is the basis of all understanding.  My father, Don Pendleton was an accomplished author and spiritual seeker, and since his passing, much of what he thought about and questioned has found resonance within my own mind, causing me to continue his search for meaning.  In the busy world of today, our connection to our inner self gets short-circuited, causing us to meander through life with no real direction and without purpose.  All growth is the result of experience, and all experience of value comes through relationship.  If I haven't a real relationship with myself then how may I extend a real relationship to others?

Since the time of my  earliest memories I have been fascinated by the workings of the human mind.  I have been fortunate to have traveled the world, meeting people of every creed and color, and common to them all is that at the core of their being, the Love they feel is the exact same Love that I feel.  It is the link, the common thread that unites us all.  Recognizing the Love that resides at the center of your own being will empower you, allowing you to transcend the false images of pain and fear that surround many of us.

Birth Place: Madera, CA USA


What About Me, A Consideration of the Human Experience by Greg Pendleton
A state of pure Love, of utter Bliss, is the original environment of every person ever born on this planet. It is what we are born with, and born through, and by extension the source of our being....

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)   


 by Greg Pendleton
Ultimately, the American founders had something really different in mind...

Who Are You In Relationship to Me?
 by Greg Pendleton
Is your identity fractured?...

Love and Where To Find It
 by Greg Pendleton
Where Love flows, Love grows...

 by Greg Pendleton
Moving upward is always difficult...

The Greatest Gift
 by Greg Pendleton
What lies beneath?...

Wealth, Power, Influence, and Prestige
 by Greg Pendleton
What do you have that I don't have?...

Hatred and Intolerance, Fear and Distrust
 by Greg Pendleton
A Call From Beyond...

 by Greg Pendleton
Life at 30,000 feet and 450 miles per hour...

 by Greg Pendleton
Movement from a position of Love...

Within Versus Without
 by Greg Pendleton
The search for meaning has drawn our eyes forever outward, but are the answers really "out there"?...

The Mirror Shattered
 by Greg Pendleton
The Puzzle of Life...

Shirley Sherrod, an Opportunity
 by Greg Pendleton
A story of Grace...

The Action of Creation
 by Greg Pendleton
Who are you?...

The BP Experience
 by Greg Pendleton
The View from "Without"...

 by Greg Pendleton
A study of relationship requires contrast...

 by Greg Pendleton
Why is there such a fascination with the "afterlife"?...

Time and Your Immortal Soul
 by Greg Pendleton
Do you spend your "time" contemplating "time"? ...

The Reality of Politics and Man
 by Greg Pendleton
Turning the "outward" gaze "inward"...

The Authentic Me
 by Greg Pendleton
Where did you come from?...

Relationship and Disfunction
 by Greg Pendleton
Why do so many relationships fail in our modern age?...

Is My Child Another Version of Me?
 by Greg Pendleton
What is my responsibility as a parent?...

The Searchers
 by Greg Pendleton
What are we searching for?...

Is There a Tiger in Your Tank?
 by Greg Pendleton
Judge not lest ye be judged...

 by Greg Pendleton
Where has your Focus gone?...

The Law of Attraction
 by Greg Pendleton
an abbreviated excerpt from What About Me...


Greg Pendleton
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