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A former award winning police officer. He is a proven master and expert in wilderness survival. He studied criminal law at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has appeared on many television shows warning the public about how to detect a rogue police officer (bad cops) and what your defenses are against such officers, including their unfair and secret tactics.




An amazing true story of human survival.  A former award winning police officer has written two books called Running Scared and LEGAL MINDS, both available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and other online retailers. LEGAL MINDS is co-wriiten with Dr. Roxanne M. Davidson, a Professor of Behavioral Studies.  His books are a must read for anyone concerned with bad cops, how to detect bad cops, what to do or say if arrested, how to avoid rape, and other interesting law enforcement issues. First a brief summary of Running Scared.

Running Scared goes into detail about how Mr. Davis, then a rookie cop on the New Orleans Police Department, repeatedly observed corrupt senior officers violating the very laws they vowed to uphold.  Quickly disgusted by what he observed, he made complaints to senior supervisors, who in turn refuse to make such officers accountable for their actions, but instead upholding the long practice called The Blue Law;  protect your brother cops at all costs!

He quickly realized that his "image" of a police officer was a distortion.  So he later joined "the club", following the footsteps of other rogue cops in the1970's. He then committed a crime while on the job and was soon arrested. 

He then skip bond, and became one of America's longest running fugitives from justice; for an astounding 22 years.  Much of his time was spent living as a nomad in various woods, forests, and cities in Canada and the United States. 

The book ends with the officers' eventual surrender to law enforcement in 2001 after what he calls a "revelation from God". He essentially "banished" and "incarcerated" himself for 22 years while living in various forests and many cities without family, friends, or any support. 

The author now conducts interviews with various television stations and speaks to youths, schools, groups, and various organizations about avoiding crime and corruption. He is particularly focused on admonishing youths about the dangers of crime. The author has dedicated his life to exposing corrupt police officers and their unfair tactics.

This book is a true memoir based on the time periods of 1979-2001. This book is a very excellent inspirational story about overcoming incredible odds. The books' central theme is transformation and repentanceWhat was especially interesting about the author's past life is that he was a former devout atheist. 

The book details the cities, states, and national forests he lived in, how he survived in the woods, how he dealt with the harsh elements, what animals he hunted and consumed, how he dealt with loneliness, and what led him to surrender in the year 2001. 

His articles and books are both interesting and useful, dealing with such issues as: 

Tips for females to avoid the crime of rape, tips to help one detect bad cops if stopped and what to do, what to do and say if you're arrested, should you take a lie detector test, what to do and how to act if jailed, clemencies and extraditions, paroles and probations, illegal police interrogation tactics, felonies and misdeameanors, summons and warrants, searches and seizures, and the detection and reporting of corruption.

His book was so unbelievable when first released that CBS investigated his story for weeks, and aired a special documentary about the author's life in early May of 2007.

The author has created an alliance with Copwatch, a national agency designed to promote public safety by assuring that all police officers are accountable for their actions. 

It's been reported that Mr. Davis was soo sickened by his past over 35 years ago that he has embarked on a dangerous but noble assignment... to author his "tell all" book about bad cops and corruption and investigate and expose all bad law enforcers. The author currently assist citizens across the country with police abuse and police brutality issues, despite the many threats he receives from bad cops.

As a token of his personal regret as a former rogue officer nearly 30 years ago, the author's proceeds from the sales of Running Scared are donated to charities. Some of his donations are to : 

The Stop Rape Crisis Center, St. Jude Children's Hospital, The Prevent Child Abuse Center, National Federation for the Blind, The American Red Cross, Crime Stoppers, The Center of Hope for Women ( in memory of Ms. M. Darden and daughter ) , The Working Interfaith Network (a unity of 30 churches of diverse faiths), The YMCA and The New Orleans Police Foundation.

LEGAL MINDS is the author's second book, co-authored with Dr. Roxanne Davidson LEGAL MINDS speaks not only about various crimes committed by criminals, but the book examines the mentality and behavior patterns of various criminals.  

Mr. Davis currently consults with noted Criminologist and Doctor Philip Matthew Stinson for technical data.  Mr. Stinson's educational credentials are impeccable. He has an AAS degree in Administration of Justice from Northern Virginia Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree in Public and International Affairs from George Mason University, a J.D. from The University of the District of Columbia, and a PH,D in Criminal Justice

Legal Minds is not a technical manual. So if you have serious issues with the law, the authors strongly advise you to seek the advice and counsel of a professional attorney. 

You can hear Mr. Davis on the radio on the nationally syndicated show called The Bernie Mc Cain Show, which airs every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m Eastern, 4;00 p.m. Central, on WOR 1450 AM from Washington D. C.  The name of the show is called " Watch the Cop", with Robert Davis. www.woldcnews.com

Warning Because of the possibility of threats to the author due to the nature of his books, interviews, and investigations, strict security procedures are in effect when attempting to contact Mr. Davis.  Any and all threats made through any communication devices are reported to the appropriate local and federal law enforcement agencies immediately for prosecutions.  In addition, all communications to the author may be taped, recorded and monitored by law enforcement agencies . 

                                                                                 View his books and articles below

Accomplishments: 1) Awarded a proclamation from the citizens of Louisiana, presented by Chief Reginald Brown, for his fight against rogue cops.

2) Book awarded as "one of the best examples of courage in the United States and Great Britain by Victor Volkman", editor of Loving Healing Publishing Company and Irene Watson, editor of readerviews.com, a professional review agency.

3) Awarded certificate by " The Ethics in Policing Group ", a Great Britain based organization, consisting of law enforcers across the world, dedicated to revealing the tactics of bad cops and transparency in law departments.

4) Official speaker for the organization called LegeWatch, a political organization, and only one of it's kind, dedicated to exposing corrupt politicians and officials.

5) Recognized for speaking to various schools and youths, (free of charge) about the avoidance of crime and corruption and the importance of education.

6) Proud member of the New Orleans Police Justice Foundation.

7) Baton Rouge City Constable's Law Enforcement Award, for his personal fight against corruption and crime.

7) Recipient of the "Peace award", given by the Apollo Readers Club.

8) Raw Sisters Readers Club "top" must read books.


Running Scared by Robert Leon Davis
Could you survive twenty-two years alone... while living in the forests, hunting and consuming wild game and surviving the harsh elements? See how he did it; Read "Running Scared"...release September 1, 2010 in England, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and other foreign countries. Release in the United States January 1, 2011. Published by Lion Hudson PLC of Oxford, England... (See a few ...

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

Legal Minds by Robert Leon Davis
A book about the signs and how to detect rogue (bad) police officers. This book also covers the various tricks of police officers and the tactics of bad cops....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

The story that must be told by Robert Leon Davis
Twenty one courageous and inspirational stories including the story called Running Scared, formerly called COP OUT. Written and edited by Irene Watson and Victor Volkman....

Amazon  Barnes & Nobles


Arrested... what to do and say!
 by Robert Leon Davis
The first thing to do when you hear the words, "you're under arrest"! Follow these instructions to the letter!...

Is it legal for police officers to lie for an arrest?
 by Robert Leon Davis
Can an officer lawfully lie just to arrest you? Would you have a case if you could prove it? ...

When can the police search your home and when to refuse a search!
 by Robert Leon Davis
Illegal and legal searches, what are the differences? When to refuse the police entry into your home!...

The Reid method, a police interrogation tactic!
 by Robert Leon Davis
Learn how police detectives get confessions! The Reid method...a police tool? ...

Approach by a rapist? Some things to do and remember!
 by Robert Leon Davis
I hope and wish it never happens to you, but be prepared! The mentality of a rapist and your response is important....

Be careful speaking and interviewing with police officers!
 by Robert Leon Davis
Should you ever give a helpful interview to police officers, especially police detectives? Are you always ready and eager to assist law enforcers?...

DNA, when to give it and when to refuse!
 by Robert Leon Davis
The Codis System is used by the FBI and police departments. When can law enforcement demand your DNA and it's ramifications on your life! ...


Robert Leon Davis featured on Dublin, Ireland News Talk Radio
 by Robert Leon Davis
Dublin, Ireland Top Radio Station invites author for a one on one talk about his book "Running Scared"....

International radio host to interview author for show
 by Robert Leon Davis
Host Gayle Campbell to conduct interview with author....

Author interviewed by St Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper
 by Robert Leon Davis
Author interviewed by Joe Mahr,special investigator, St. Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper...

Author writing second book
 by Robert Leon Davis
Author writing and releasing second book soon...

Release of the new book called LEGAL MINDS
 by Robert Leon Davis
Long awaited release of LEGAL MINDS , a book about many of today's important law enforcement and criminal issues....

Robert Davis invited on KPEL radio show in Lafayette,La.
 by Robert Leon Davis
Author and speaker to speak on talk show about newly passed Louisiana pay raise! Law causing an uproar in the state!...

Author Robert Davis featured in a Louisiana's newspaper: The Advocate
 by Robert Leon Davis
Newspaper release story on Author Robert Davis and his books Running Scared and Legal Minds....


Listen to a live interview of Robert Davis about his first book called COP OUT
The first interview of Robert Davis concerning his memoir called COP OUT, now renamed Running Scared, and the 22 years he spent as a fugitive.

Listen to a live interview about his second book called Legal Minds.
The author's second book reveals police tactics and tricks. He also speaks about the signs of rogue (bad) cops.

First professional review of COP OUT, renamed Running Scared.
Read his first professional review!

Read the second professional review by the Raw Sistaz Literary Group
Reviewed by a prestigious women literary group, consisting of over fifty women across the world.

Additional information

The author and his team/associates assists certain citizens who are victims of rogue cops and unfair police practices, police abuse, brutality issues, and internal affair complaints. Due to security reasons, if you wish assistance, an email address or telephone number must be provided when contacting the author. Your information is secure.

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