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Amber J Phillips

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Amber J Phillips

Central High pt.5----Decisions
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Central high pt.4--- Having fun
by Amber J Phillips   
Rated "PG13" by the Author.
Last edited: Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Amanasia and Ambreesha throw romel a surprise birthday party. Ciareisha hears some unexpected news. Shaquasha's relationship with dorrian and rijon gets a little more complicated.

*****The Next Week******
~~At Lunch~~
Amanasia:: (romel sittin on the table and amanasia is sittin on the seat in front of him)
Jenaisha:: Wuts goin on this weekend?
Trey:: We need to get some parties goin
Ambreesha:: Yeah we do
Jumarion:: We got a game friday
Jenaisha::We gotta do somethin better than that
Ciareisha:: Yeah
Amanasia:: We should go to a club
Ambreesha:: You always wantin to go to a club
Romel:: We can go to a club
Amanasia:: See he agrees
--- They continue to talk ---
~~In The Hallway Before Fifth Period~~
Amanasia:: (romel holdin her) So wut we doin this weekend?
Romel:: I dont know
Amanasia:: Well think of somethin
Romel:: (looks at her) My birthday is saturday
Amanasia:: Why didnt you say somethin
Romel:: I'm not a birthday person
Amanasia:: You got anything planned?
Romel:: No
Amanasia:: Well we goin have to change that
Romel:: What you thinkin
Amanasia:: We should go out to dinner
Romel:: I can do dinner
Amanasia:: K, bell bout to ring so meet me after school
Romel:: Aight (lets go of her) (they walk off)
~~ After School ~~
Jenaisha:: (holdin sam hand) (laughin)
Ambreesha:: (laughin) He be crackin on mr.donovan so hard
Jeanisha:: Yeah
Amanasia:: (runs up) Yo
Ambreesha:: Hey boo
Amanasia:: So you know how we aint know what we doin this weekend
Ambreesha:: Yeah
Amanasia:: Well its romels birthday saturday
Ambreesha:: Wut you thinikin
Amanasia:: He thinks me and him just goin to dinner but i was thinkin we could throw him somethin
Ambreesha:: A party
Amanasia:: Yeah invite everyone , but have it be a surprise
Ambreesha:: Alright, i'll help you
Amanasia:: Ok, wut about you
Jenaisha:: All my time is dedicated to my studyin gurl but i can do the invitations
Amanasia:: Aight, so i'll call ya lata
Ambreesha:: Ok (amanasia walks off)
Sam:: Whos romel?
Jenaisha:: Romel, he tall, wears da big clothes, always matchin, football player, used to go out with brittany smith
Sam:: Ohhh ok
Ambreesha:: She was crazy as hell
Jenaisha:: Who
Ambreesha:: Brittany smith
Jenaisha:: Yeah she was
Sam:: But they went out for a year and a half right?
Ambreesha:: Off and on
*****Lata On At Ambreesha House*****
--Ring ring--
Ambreesha:: Hello
Amanasia:: Hey
Ambreesha:: Wuts goin on
Amanasia:: Thinkin about the party
Ambreesha:: Ok, first we need a place
Amanasia:: I was thinkin about renting a place
Ambreesha:: With what money
Amanasia:: Dorrian uncle can get us one free cant he
Ambreesha:: He can but me and dorrian aint cool like that
Amanasia:: Gurl please if you asked him he would not deny you
Ambreesha:: (thinks) True
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: K next we need decorations, music, a guest list
Amanasia:: Yo slow down we got three days
Ambreesha:: Oh my mom could do the catering
Amanasia:: My mom and your mom
Ambreesha:: Yeah, ok what we servin
Amanasia:: Wings
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Why every party we go to or event gotta have wings
Amanasia:: Cuase they simple and everyone likes them
Ambreesha:: Alright wings wut else
---- they continue to plan ----

*****The Next Day*****
-- Thursday --
~~ In the Hallway Before Third Period ~~
Shaquasha:: (walkin away from dorrian) Get the hell away from me
Dorrian:: Wuts wrong with you now
Shaquasha:: Dont play dumb
Dorrian:: Why you stormin off
Shaquasha:: (stops and turns) Who the hell was that
Dorrian:: I told you my lab partner
Shaquasha:: Yo lab partner
Dorrian:: Yeah
Shaquasha:: Watever, i'm pregnant not slow, dont fuckin lie to me
Dorrian:: What? you wanna hear some lies
Shaquasha:: (looks at him)
Dorrian:: Ok heres a lie for you, Thats the gurl i'm fucking behind your back, is that what you want to hear
Shaquasha:: You such an asshole
Rijon:: (walks up) Wuts goin on here
Dorrian:: None of your buisness
Rijon:: It is when the mother of my baby is stressed
Dorrian:: She stressin her damn self out
Shaquasha:: What the hell ever (dorrian walks off) Yeah walk away (dorrian throws his hands up and goes into third period)
Rijon:: You dont need to be stressed
Shaquasha:: (looks at him) I gotta go (she walks off)
~~ In Third Period ~~
Dorrian:: (walks in mad and sits down)
Jenaisha:: You gonna ask him
Ambreesha:: I think now is a bad time
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Yeah
Dorrian:: Whatever
~~ At Lunch ~~
--- In the Gym ---
Ambreesha:: DORRIAN
Dorrian:: (runs over) Yeah
Ambreesha:: You calm now
Dorrian:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Ok i gotta question
Dorrian:: Wuts that
Ambreesha:: Alright romel birthday is saturday so me and amanasia throwin him a surprise party and we need your help
Dorrian:: With what?
Ambreesha:: With a place
Dorrian:: You want me to ask my uncle
Ambreesha:: Yeah
Dorrian:: (thinks) Alright
Ambreesha:: Really
Dorrian:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: (smiles) Thank you. i would hug you but you all sweaty
Dorrian:: (laughs) (puts his hand out)
Ambreesha:: (looks at it) (laughs) (shakes his hand) Thank you
Dorrian:: No problem, i'll just tell you after school what he said because i will call him during fifith period
Ambreesha:: Alright
Shaquasha:: (starts walkin over) DORRIAN
Dorrian:: (shakes his head) Damn
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Good luck
Dorrian:: Yeah (ambreesha walks off) What now shaquasha
Shaquasha:: You talkin to her now
Dorrian:: What? No she just needs a favor from my uncle
Shaquasha:: (looks at him)
Dorrian:: Whats wrong why you trippin
Shaquasha:: I'm trippin
Dorrian:: Yeah
Shaquasha:: (walks off)
Dorrian:: SHAQUASHA (she leaves the gym)
Jumarion:: Yo wuts wrong with her
Dorrian:: I dont know
Jumarion:: (throws dorrian the ball) Check it
Dorrian:: (checks the ball in)
-- They continue to play --
~~ After School ~~
Ambreesha:: Whats his favorite colors
Amanasia:: Umm white and dark green
Ambreesha:: He do always be wearin those colors
Amanasia:: He looks good in them too
Ambreesha:: (laughs) So the decorations are white and dark green
Amanasia:: Yeah we should go to get decorations today
Ambreesha:: Alright
Dorrian:: (runs up) Wut up
Ambreesha:: Planing
Dorrian:: I talked to my uncle
Ambreesha:: And?
Dorrian:: He has two places you can look at
Ambreesha:: Yay!! Ok so i call him
Dorrian:: I gave him your number, you can look at them today when he calls
Ambreesha:: Alright thank you
Amanasia:: Yeah thanks
Dorrian:: No problem (walks off)
Amanasia:: See told you
Ambreesha:: Yeah
Amanasia:: Yo wheres ciareisha?
Ambreesha:: You know she with trey somewhere
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: Lets go get decorations
Amanasia:: Aight
--- They get in ambreesha Car ---
***** Lata On At Ciareisha House *****
Her mom:: (ciareisha in her room) But it's her senior year
Her dad:: You have another suggestion
Ciareisha:: (comes down) Wuts up
Her mom:: Sit down ci
Ciareisha:: (looks at them) The last time i sat in here with the both of you, you told me grandma died
Her dad:: We can sit in the kitchen
Ciareisha:: (they sit at the kitchen table) So whats up
Her mom:: Me and you dad have been talkin and (pauses)
Ciareisha:: You not pregnant are you
Her mom:: (giggles) No
Her dad:: You know that me and your mom have been fightin alot
Ciareisha:: Yeah
Her dad:: Well we think its for the best if we take a break from eachother
Ciareisha:: Like a divorce
Her mom:: We are calling it a break for now
Her dad:: Yeah
Ciareisha:: (looks at them) Is this one of them things where you tell me somethin fake first then follow it up with somethn more serious
Her mom:: No we're serious
Ciareisha:: (looks at them) Why
Her dad:: We're not gettin along
Ciareisha:: So you're giving up, thats it, throwing away 12 years
Her mom:: Giving up would be getting a divorce right away and we're not doin that
Ciareisha:: Dad you leavin?
Her mom:: Ciareisha!!
Her dad:: Thats another thing
Ciareisha:: Oh we bettah not be moivin
Her mom:: I dont want to live in this house with out him and he doesnt want to live in it without me so we are sellin it
Ciareisha:: What??
Her dad:: We're gonna get seperate places
Ciareisha:: Find somethin around here (they look at her)
Her mom:: We can't find anything around here
Ciareisha:: Well i'm not movin , this my senior year , i'm stayin here, i will stay with aunt zana
Her dad:: You will with either your mom or me
Ciareisha:: I'M NOT MOVING (runs upstairs)
Her dad:: You want me to go talk to her
Her mom:: No let her cool off
Her dad:: She not gonna change her mind, she's like you
Her mom:: And she's gonna call zana
Her dad:: Probably
***** The Next Day *****
--- Friday ---
~~ First period ~~
Jenaisha:: You get da guest list
Ambreesha:: Yeah (gets it out her purse) Here
Jenaisha:: (takes it) We'll hand them out at lunch
Ambreesha:: Yeah, will they be done
Jenaisha:: Yeah, i'll do them next period in computers
Ciareisha:: (walks in)
Ambreesha:: Hey gurl, you lookin all comfortable
Ciareisha:: Hi (sits down)
Jenaisha:: Whats wrong ci
Ciareisha:: My mom and dad gettin a divorce
Ambreesha:: For real?
Ciareisha:: Yeah, and i might be moving
Jenaisha:: Moving?
Ciareisha:: (nods) I'm pissed
Ambreesha:: You can't move ci
Ciareisha:: If i can't stay with my aunt i'm gonna be moving
Jenaisha:: You goin stay with one of us cause you aint moving
Ambreesha:: Yeah you can't leave
Ciareisha:: You all goin make me cry
Jenaisha:: (hugs her)
Ambreesha:: Whats thier excuse for gettin a divorce
Ciareisha:: They can't get along
Jenaisha:: That aint no excuse
Ciareisha:: Nope
Ambreesha:: Aww ci (hugs her) It's gonna be ok
~~ At Lunch ~~
Jenaisha:: (passin out the invitations) You find a place
Amanasia:: Yeah
Jenaisha:: Where
Ambreesha:: This pool house by da fox theatre
Jenaisha:: Pool house?
Amanasia:: Yeah its a huge open room with a kitchen and two bathrooms in the back
Ambreesha:: Theres a pool in back but we not rentin that
Jenaisha:: Nice, k i have 5 invitations left
Ciareisha:: For who
Jenaisha:: Umm trey, jumarion, sam, cory, and shaun Where are they?
Ciareisha:: You invited cory
Amanasia:: They're friends, him and romel
Jenaisha:: Didnt they fight
Ambreesha:: Yeah
Ciareisha:: So why you invite him
Amanasia:: They squashed it
Ambreesha:: Thats good
Ciareisha:: My mom and dad need to squash they shit
Amanasia:: Ci you goin drive yourself crazy
Ciareisha:: I can't help it
Ambreesha:: (locks arms with ciareisha) It's gonna be ok, we are gonna have fun tomorrow night
Amanasia:: Hellll yeaaa
***** Romel's B-day Party *****
--- Saturday ---
Romel:: (in romel car) You gonna tell me where we goin
Amanasia:: (driving) Ummm no
--- They arrive ---
Romel:: (gets out the car) Wuts this place
Amanasia:: It's new
--- They go in ---
Romel:: It's dark
Amanasia:: (laughs)
~~ Everyone screams "Happy Birthday" and the lights come on ~~
Romel:: (laughs) (looks at amanasia)
Amanasia:: (hugs him) Happy birthday ( they bring the cake out ) ( he blows out the candles )
Romel:: (smiles at amanasia) (he goes and mingels)
Ambreesha:: (walks over to amanasia) Turned out good
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: DRINKS (she goes to the kitchen)
Romel:: (comes over to amanasia)
Amanasia:: You surprised
Romel:: Umm yeah
Amanasia:: (smiles) Well you said you wasn't a birthday person so i figured this could maybe change it
Romel:: (looks around) It might
Amanasia:: Good to hear
-- The music plays, everyone dances --
~~ Lata On ~~
Ciareisha:: Coke
Ambreesha:: You want a little vodka in that ci
Ciareisha:: A little?
Ambreesha:: (laughs) (puts alot of vodka in her coke) Here ya go
Ciareisha:: Thanks
Ambreesha:: You having fun
Ciareisha:: Yeah, wheres jenaisha?
Ambreesha:: ( points to jeanisha and sam )
Ciareisha:: Ohhhhh
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Yeah
Trey:: (comes behind ciareisha) Come dance
Ciareisha:: (drinks her drink down) Alright
Ambreesha:: (ciareisha and trey walk off) She is gonna be soo hungover
~~ Over on the other side ~~
Dorrian:: First string wants 5 counts
Shaun:: With interest too
Dorrian:: Thats crazy
Jumarion:: First string is about to be second since the numbers keep goin down
Romel:: (comes over to them) What the hell are you all talkin about
Shaun:: First and second string
Romel:: (puts his arm on dorrian shoulder) Why stand here and talk about some damn strings (points to the dance floor) When thier are fine ass gurls dancin
Shaun:: (laughs) Yo romel drunk
Jumarion:: (looks at the dance floor) He has a point
--- they go to the dnce floor ---
~~ Lata On ~~
Amanasia:: (romel and jumarion pick her up) (she screams) PUT ME THE HELL DOWN (they put her down laughin) (she laughs and goes over to ambreesha)
Ambreesha:: Wuts up boo
Amanasia:: Cut the alcohol off
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Now why would we do that
Amanaisia:: (points to romel, he wobblin) Thats why
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Ok
Jenaisha:: (watchin) Hey umm did you lock the door to the pool
Amanasia:: No why
Jenaisha:: Cause (points) They are trying to get out there
Cory:: (yells) TO THE POOL
Amanasia:: Awww man (they run to get everyone away from the door
~~ After The Party ~~
Romel:: (walkin out) Where we goin
Dorrian:: (handshakes romel) Aight man (walks off)
Shaquasha:: (runs after dorrian) You can't drive
Ambreesha:: (laughs) He a hot mess
Amanasia:: We goin to romel guest house
Ambreesha:: Umm yeah
Romel:: (screams) WHAT
Amanasia:: Stop screamin
Romel:: (pulls amanasia close to him) (looks at her)
Amanasia:: (looks at him) What
Romel:: (smiles) (kisses her)
Amanasia:: (looks at him) Let's go
Jenaisha:: I'm behind you
Sam:: (laughs) (turns) Oh
Jenaisha:: You alright
Sam:: Yeah (holds jenaisha)
Amanasia:: Wheres ciareisha
Ambreesha:: (looks around) Check back in the pool house
Romel:: (starts rappin)
Shaun:: (laughs) What the hell was he drinkin
Amanasia:: What was'nt he drinkin
---- In The Pool House ---
Amanasia:: (looks around) She aint in here
Ambreesha:: (thinks) Bathrooms
--- They Go To The Bathrooms ---
Ambreesha:: (opens a stall) Yo
Amanasia:: (looks) Are you ok ci
Ciariesha:: (looks at them) I don't feel so good
Ambreesha:: You wanna go outside (ciareisha throws up) Or we can just stay in here
Amanasia:: You want us to take you home
Ciareisha:: I can't go home like this
Ambreesha:: Ok, well you can come to romel guest house
Ciareisha:: Ok (gets up, amanasia helps her)
Ambreesha:: You good
Ciareisha:: No (they clean her up)
--- They help her into romel car --- Trey drives ---
***** At Romel Guest House *****
Romel:: (the guys take a shot)
Amanasia:: (laughs) Wuts ci doin?
Ambreesha:: Well shes trying to wash her shirt in the sink, i tried to tell her that it's already clean and she dont have no soap but she didnt listen
Amanasia:: Wow
Ambreesha:: (laughs) Yeah (sits down) So romel had a good time huh
Amanasia:: (laughs) A little too much
Ambreesha:: Wait....he kissed you
Amanasia:: I know , but he's drunk
Ambreesha:: He still kissed you
Shaquasha:: (walks over to dorrian) I'm leavin
Dorrian:: (looks at her) How
Shaquasha:: I called someone
Dorrian:: Who
Shaquasha:: Call me tomorrow (she waves and goes outside)
Dorrian:: Whos takin her home
--- Outside ---
Shaquasha:: (standin outside waiting) (a car pulls up) (she smiles)
Rijon:: (rolls his window down) Need a ride
Shaquasha:: (laughs) You stupid (gets in his car) (they drive off)
~~ Back in the Guest House ~~
---- They all sing "Happy Birthday" Again ----
***** At School *****
--- Monday ---
~~ Second Period ~~
Ambreesha:: Are you gonna tell me
Amanasia:: Tell you what?
Ambreesha:: What happened in the guest house
Amanasia:: You were there
Ambreesha:: Not in the bedroom i wasn't
Amanasia:: (laughs) Aint nothin happen
Ambreesha:: MmmmHmmm
Amanasia:: For real, we made out, he went down there Pacmanned it up but when he came back up he passed out
Ambreesha:: (laughs) He passed out, how romantic
Amanasia:: Yeah
Ambreesha:: At least somethin happened
Amanasia:: Hellll yeaaa, i got mine
Shaun:: (comes over) Magic stick having a senior night tomorrow You all goin?
Ambreesha:: Senior night? (takes flyer)
Amanasia:: Isn't the magic stick mainly a jaimaican club?
Shaun:: Not tomorrow night, spread it around (walks off)
Amanasia:: I wanna go
Ambreesha:: I'll think about it
Amanasia:: Why whenever we do somethin you gotta think about it first
Ambreesha:: Because i do
Amanasia:: Wateva
Ambreesha:: Wateva
Amanasia:: Anyways
Ambreesha:: Wateva
Amanasia:: (laughs) Shut-up
Ambreesha:: (laughs)

~~ At Lunch ~~
Jenaisha:: (talkin to sam) (ciareisha comes over) Hey ci
Ciareisha:: Hey guess what
Jenaisha:: What
Ciareisha:: I'm not moving
Jenaisha:: (jumps up) (screams) (hugs her) Yay!!!!!!! (ciareisha laughs)
Ciareisha:: Yeah my mom found a place around here
Jenaisha:: That's good (ambreesha and amanasia come over) Did you hear
Ambreesha:: Hear what
Ciareisha:: I'm not moving
Amanasia:: That's good
Ambreesha:: (hugs ciareisha) You living with your aunt
Ciareisha:: Nah my mom found a place around here
Amanasia:: Good now you can come to senior night with us
Jenaisha:: Whats that (reads the flyer) Oh i'm goin
Sam:: (reads the flyer)
---- In The Gym ----
Jumarion:: (passes the ball) You goin to Magic stick
Dorrian:: (makes a basket) No, i'm workin
Shaun:: (catches the ball) I'm goin
Dorrian:: Yo wut you got in Mr.donovan class
Jumarion:: 87
Dorrian:: I'm failin that shit
Shaun:: Ask one of the gurls for help
Jumarion:: Thats how mine is up so high
Shaun:: They may play but they smart
Dorrian:: Aight
****** The Magic Stick Club ******
---- Tuesday Night ----
--- Outside the club ---
Ciareisha:: (in line) This has been a long ass line
Ambreesha:: We got like (looks) 5 more people
Sam:: (looks jenaisha up and down)
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Will you stop
Sam:: I can't help it
Amanasia:: (whispers at ambreesha) Look whos here (points)
Ambreesha:: (looks) (turns) Oh my god !! why is shaqausha here with rijon?
Ciareisha:: When shes pregnant
Jumarion:: Damn
~~ In The Club ~~
Trey:: Let's dance
Ciareisha:: Alright (they go to the dance floor)
Amanasia:: Wheres Jenaisha?
Ambreesha:: You know her and sam stay they asses on a dance floor
Romel:: (comes behind amanasia) (pulls her to the dance floor)
Juamrion:: (comes over) Wut you doin
Ambreesha:: Drinking
Jumarion:: Why you not dancing
Ambreesha:: I don't like this song
Jumarion:: Yeah right (looks at her) (takes her , she rolls her eyes and laughs, he pulls her to the dance floor)
--- On the other side ---
Rijon:: I'm (pauses)
Shaquasha:: You're what
Rijon:: Glad you came out tonight
Shaquasha:: Me too, i needed some fun
Rijon:: Wheres ya boy tonight
Shaquasha:: (looks at him) Let's not talk about him (touches rijon's arm)
Rijon:: Alright (looks at her)
Shaquasha:: (takes his hand) Let's dance (pulls him to the dance floor)
--- Lata On ---
Jenaisha:: (laughs) (gets on stage)
Amanasia:: (gets on stage) COME ON AMBREESHA
Ambreesha:: No way
Jenaisha:: COME ON
Ambreesha:: (shakes her head) NO (jumarion and shaun pick her up and put her on stage) (she screams)
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Yeaaaaaaaa (dances with ambreesha)
---- They dance on stage ----
--- On the floor ---
--- Dorrian comes in ---
Jumarion:: (sees him and runs over to him) Yo
Dorrian:: Wut's up man (handshake)
Jumarion:: I thought you werent comming
Dorrian:: Got off work, yo this place poppin
Jumarion:: Yeah it is
Dorrian:: (looks around) Wheres everyone
Jumarion:: (points to the stage)
Dorrian:: (laughs) Thats whats up (looks around) (stops laughin) Who's that
Jumarion:: (looks at shaquasha and rijon) Who's who
Dorrian:: (points to them) Is that shaquasha
Jumarion:: Dorrian
Dorrian:: With rijon?
Jumarion:: Calm down
Dorrian:: HELL NAW!! (goes over to them, jumarion follows)
Shaquasha:: (looks at dorrian) Hey baby (tries to hug him but dorrian pushes her away)
Dorrian:: (looks at shaquasha and rijon) What the hell is goin on
Shaquasha:: (pauses) I wanted to go out and have some fun so rijon took me
Dorrian:: You couldnt go out with camille or one of your other friends
Shaquasha:: (looks at him)
Rijon:: Aint nothin going on
Dorrian:: I didnt ask that question, so there is somethin goin on, didnt you learn from da last time i kicked your ass!
Shaquasha:: They aint nothin goin on damn
Dorrian:: And why the hell you at a club, you pregnant
Shaquasha:: (looks at them)
Dorrian:: You are pregnant right?
Shaquasha:: (looks at them) Umm yeah
Rijon:: (looks at her) You lying?
Shaquasha:: No (looks at them)
Jumarion:: Calm down man this aint the place
Dorrian:: Somebody tell me what the hell's goin on or this will be da place
Rijon:: Shaquasha are you pregnant?
Shaquasha:: (looks down) Not (pauses) Exactly
Rijon:: (gets up) WHAT??
Shaquasha:: I'm not
Rijon:: (looks at her)
Shaquasha:: (pushes dorrian) Dont call me a BITCH, asshole
Dorrian:: (looks at her)
Shaquasha:: (looks at rijon) I had a miscarriage
Rijon:: When
Shaquasha:: 3 days ago
Rijon:: (sits down) (shakes his head)
Dorrian:: I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS (walks off)
Dorrian:: I'M GOIN (he leaves)
---- On Stage ----
Jenaisha:: (screams) (dancing) (sam laughs)
Ambreesha:: (screams) Wheres Ciareisha??
Amanasia:: (dancing) (points) On the floor
Ambreesha:: Oh (continues to dance)
Jumarion:: (jumps on stage) (dances with ambreesha and jenaisha)
--- Over on the other side ---
Rijon:: I can't believe this shit
Shaquasha:: I was gonna tell you
Rijon:: Yeah when?
Shaquasha:: Soon
Rijon:: (shakes his head)
Shaquasha:: Are you mad
Rijon:: Yeah i'm mad, upset , dissapionted
Shaquasha:: You dont think i am too
Rijon:: You hide it well
Shaquasha:: (looks at him) It's not like i made it happen
Rijon:: (gets up) I need to process this
Shaquasha:: Where are you going?
Rijon:: I don't know, i'll call you later
Shaquasha:: Umm ok (he walks off) (shaquasha sits down)
---- Later On ----
--- They Walkin Out ---
Ambreesha:: (laughin) I can't feel my legs
Jenaisha:: Why we have to leave
Jumarion:: Does school ring a bell
Ciareisha:: (laughs) No
Shaun:: Wait who was ambreesha dancin with
Ambreesha:: What?
Jenaisha:: Oh yeah, all up on that dude
Ambreesha:: Excuse me he was all up on me ok
Sam:: (laughs) (they walk to the cars)
Jumarion:: So dorrian showed up and saw shaquasha and rijon
Ambreesha:: Oh shit
Amanasia:: What happened
Jumarion:: Dorrian blew up and shaquasha told them she lost the baby
Ambreesha:: She lost the baby
Jumarion:: Yeah
Jenaisha:: (laughs) That's messed up (ambreesha laughs)
--- They get in Their Cars ---
***** The Next Day *****
--- Wednesday ---
~~ Second Period ~~
Ambreesha:: I'm soooo tired
Amanasia:: We should of left earlier
Ambreesha:: No way
Amanasia:: (laughs)
Ambreesha:: Oh why did we jump on stage
Amanasia:: I don't know i followed jenaisha
Shaun:: (comes in and sits down) Wuts up
Ambreesha:: Tired
Shaun:: Did you get that guys number
Ambreesha:: No why
Shaun:: Just askin
Amanasia:: (nods at ambreesha) (ambreesha shakes her head) (they both laugh)
Ambreesha:: I wonder how rijon is taking the news
Amanasia:: Ask him
Ambreesha:: Thats alright

~~ At Lunch ~~
--- Everyone is sitting at the cefeteria tables talkin ---
Amanasia:: (laughs) Ok what started the dancing on the stage
Jenaisha:: (laughs) Ok well sam dared me, she didnt think i would do it
Ambreesha:: You must not know her sam
Sam:: (laughs) I know now
Ciareisha:: Yeah don't dare her anything
Jumarion:: (sits down) Guess who is comming back to central
Trey:: What
Ambreesha:: Who
Amanasia:: How come you have all the gossip lately
Ciareisha:: You're taking our title
Ambreesha:: Shhh Whos comming back
Jumarion:: Amanasia's ex
Amanasia:: What??
Jenaisha:: I thought he goes to lincoln
Romel:: Quintavious
Sam:: Yo you went out with quintavious
Amanasia:: Are you for real
Jumarion:: Yeah
Amanasia:: Shit
Ambreesha:: You two were hot and ( amanasia throws a piece of bread at ambreesha) What was that for
Amanasia:: (looks at romel)
Ambreesha:: Ohh sorry
Trey:: That was my boy
Shaun:: Q- DOG (the boys laugh)
Ciareisha:: You all stupid
Amanasia:: I can't believe he commin back
--- They continue To Talk ---

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