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Robert Leon Davis

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Female police officer convicted of spree killing, first cop to kill another cop, allegedly possibly a serial killer!


For many weeks I've communicated with Antoinette Franks through correspondences and  telephone calls, and finally scheduled a visit on death row to meet with her in person.

Many of you may have heard of her case, but to those who haven't, here is a brief synposis of her case and conviction. Antoinette Franks was a New Orleans Police Officer (now 37) that was convicted of robbing the Kim Anh restaurant in eastern New Orleans, while a cop, on March 4, 1995. Through that robbery, she killed a cop by the name of Ronald A. Williams, who was working as a security guard, (who she had prevoiusly known and worked with) and two workers who were siblings. She and another man (also convicted and sentenced to death) by the name of Roger La Caze was in on the robbery ( Google her name and/or go to wikipedia to view her picture).

Later, after her arrest, an investigation revealed the body of a man buried underneath her house, thought to be her father, who she had earlier reported as missing, hence... some have labeled her a serial killer!  She was convicted and sentenced to death September 12, 1995, and is presently on death row at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, in St. Gabriel, Louisiana (just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana).

In the beginning, she and I entertained the possibility of writing a book together, and to my knowledge, I was the only journalist/writer that she's spoken with in 13 years after many requests by others. The reason why she said she contacted me was because she believed that I would "tell" her side of the story accurately. Later, after our visit, we both decided that this was impossible, and I'll share with you why later.

On a cold and rainy day, I arrived at the prison compound and needless to say, had to endure a lot of security measures. Searches, questions, and re-searches. One's background must be investigated in detail before allowed to see a death row inmate. As I entered the special holding cell of Antoinette, we exchanged pleasantries and eventually got down to business...what would a potential book be about. Our visit lasted a few hours, and we covered much about her life, as well as my life.

Now to why we couldn't write a book together. Antoinette's position to me was ambivalent. On the one hand, she left me with the impression that this book would be a confession, and she wanted the world (and God) to forgive her, especially the victim's family. But then on the other hand, she steadfastly refuse to give up her appeals!  Why did that matter to me, the appeals?  Why did I asked her about her appeals? Well, my position is if you're guilty before God, why appeal? An appeal in essence is still stating that you're innocent!  

My position was that if you're guilty, admit it (did I mention that there was actually two eyewitnesses to the entire crime and she originally confessed, but later recanted). And I really believed, according to her many letters, that she found God, and was ready to "come clean", and that I would write about her repentance. Why else would we write a book? 

As many of you know, I was once a rogue cop, and surrendered to law enforcement in 2001 because I truly repented of my past and desired to pay the price and become a citizen of the world again. I repented not only to God, but to all I've hurt through the years.

One may ask, but Robert, she's on death row, scheduled for lethal injection, why wouldn't she appeal?  I was also scheduled to die! In 1979, when I became a fugitive, I ran because the word out of Angola prison (and this was common knowledge) was that I would be raped and killed the first day!  A cop cannot survive in general prison population, especially a prison population that contains some prisoners that the cop placed there! 

I was still looking at the same prison time and DEATH upon my surrender! And if for some reason I was placed in solitary comfinement, I still had to do what's call a straight 30.

Do the math, 30 years "without" parole, at 45 years of age,means I'm 75 upon release (if I'm alive after 30 years). That is a type of death, and some would even argue that death is better than essentially life in prison (30 long years). If not for my belief in God, and my desire to repent, I believe the judge would have given me that time. And to me that's the key to freedom... repent to God, apologize to your victim (s), and remain crime free.  Don't believe in God? Okay, that's your right, then apologize to your victim and remain crime free!

After some weeks after our visit, I can understand her fear though. She's caught in a catch 22: admit you're guilty, drop your appeals, and possibly receive death much earlier. The other catch, use up your appeals (average time 12-15 years of appeals) and extend your time living, if you call sitting in a cell living.

What did I get out of that visit, the many letters, and knowing Antoinette?

I'm thankful that the Lord eventually gave me the strength not to fear death or 30 years, and gave me faith to know that He is real. I'm happy I was obedient to his commandment to surrender... first to Him, and then to law enforcement! My admonishment...please don't hurt others! (Dear Lord, I am soo sorry for my past sins).

Update: One of my reviewers on this article has stated in his review that he or she was disapointed that I don't speak more about Antoinette as to what we discussed. The point is " After that visit I felt soo disgusted about my past that I was not in a position to judge her". Even though I didn't murder anyone and she did...a sin is a sin.




Web Site Read Running Scared, and see how a fugitive survived for over 22 years

Reader Reviews for "My visit with Antoinette Frank on death row: convicted cop killer"

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Reviewed by Aaron Times (Reader)
I just watched this story on the ID network. It's refreshing to observe that they did not cast someone who is attractive and actually cast a girl who was just as rough & beat up around the edges as the real Antoinette. Did anyone see her mugshot?! I was like d*mn! As for this article, it does not really offer any useful insight. 2 thumbs down on this article & her face.
Reviewed by andrea lee (Reader)
Mr. Davis I was so excited to read your interview with Antoinette Frank only to be disappointed. Where is the interview? You do not provide any insight about Antoinette that isn't already out there. Instead, you speak more about how your experiences parallel with Antoinette’s experiences. What questions did you ask Antoinette and what were her responses? Thank you.
Reviewed by Rachel Leyden
I am a retired police officer and I can tell you that Anoinette Frank was NOT a police officer!! She may have worn the badge & uniform BUT she was NOT a police officer. She is a disgrace to those of us who truly went out to serve & protect. She is what WE in New York call a "PERP"! I hope for every day she's on death row she gets the beat down she SO deserves by the other inmates! I hope she burns in hell!! I have no sympathy for her nor do I care to hear her "woe is me" story! I appreciate you trying to write a story about her pathetic life but she doesnt deserve your time. If your gonna write a story focus on the victims.
Reviewed by Heather Grisham (Reader)
Yes,I agree with you Raul. The reviewer "Kris Me" probably meant no harm and just haven't read the full story on Antoinette. I don't even believe her own family thinks she's repentive. You just don't kill more than once and have compassion in your heart. You don't need any other proof. To be a cop and do what she did is terrible! What I found interesting about "Kris Me" review was that he never mentioned the victims..not once!
Reviewed by Raul Holsten (Reader)
Is the reviewer below who goes by the name of 'Kris Me' for real? He says Mr.Davis is harsh! Okay, lets see, Antoinette murdered three people, including her police partner Ronald Williams. Then she shot one of the victims in the head as he knelt on his kness begging for his life (that's harsh). Oh, lets not forget, she murdered her father years earlier,as his body was found underneath her house after her arrest(that's harsher). He says Robert is harsh? Read the full case on the internet about how she killed those people, then see the meaning of harsh... who really cares about her redemption anyway....the bible also says an eye for an eye! She owes society an eye!
Reviewed by kris me (Reader)
Frist off i think you were quite harsh in your little article about Antoinette your not in tha womans head so how can you question her desire to want redemption? I think you are judging her because of her past so do you really think that fair because look at yourself you say you did some not so go things also but somebody gave you a chance weather it be God a jury or whom ever it was that helpped you publish your book See i believe in giving back what was gave to me its called a blessing and there is nothing wrong with blessing others thats what your suppose to do as a believer!! Now about her appeal that does not mean she is claiming inncessent an appeal works in different ways you can appeal tha verdict which would be what your sayin or you can also appeal tha sentence which she would try to get maybe a life sentence instead of a death sentence that is better than being put to death. How long was you locked for. I imagine not very long because you dont know much about it i mean you try to sound it but you dont get tha whole picture i would really like to hear your comments on this and i am sorry if i offended you in any way send me a message
Reviewed by Billie Fulton (Reader)
There were 3 eye witnesses to the crime, and the third did not testify and the state did not use her statements to them or to police during their investigations at the trials of Antoinette or Rogers LaCaze..She said she seen an "officer" in the parking lot after Antoinette left the crime scene before Antoinette returned to investigate and assist in solving the murders she had just committed. One of the testifying eye witnesses to the crime signed sworn police statements that Rogers LaCaze was not the man at the crime scene with Antoinette, but testified in the trials that he was..Neither jury was ever aware of this witnesses signed statements, signed the morning of the crimes, and LaCaze was in custody being interrogated because of Antoinette implicating him in the crimes when she signed them. The other of two testifying eye witnesses were swayed by police tactics used in questioning to point toward their suspect they already had interrogating. This tactic has also been done and proven to be effictive in swaying eye witnesses in 200 plus interrogations in cases where suspects who were convicted, were in custody of police at the time of investigations that involved eye witness statements identifying police suspects.
All 200 defendants in those cases were convicted and later exonerated by DNA evidence as INNOCENT people convicted by eye witness testimony alone. Obviously...police tactics and eye witness statements not matching in the beginning of those investigations were not enough for police to realize they had the wrong person in custody. Rogers is an INNOCENT man and Antoinette if a LIAR!!!
Reviewed by Charlene Hutley (Reader)
You know, I remember the Antoinette Frank case well. I was in New Orleans the very day she killed those people. Robert, you are certainly doing a good job by letting citizens know about bad cops. And I especially love your articles as they are good tips and facts about not only bad cops, but criminals in general. I respect your "inside" information and your courage for readily admitting that you were once a bad cop in the 70's. No one made you write your book (and reveal your life to us), and that tells me that you're legitimate. My husband agrees with me that to reveal "all", is not often seen. I'm sure that God has forgiven you as evidence by the fact that HE has placed in your heart the courage to admit your failures as a common man and demand that others do the same! Keep all of us in mind and keep revealing all!
Reviewed by Diane Lindle (Reader)
Thanks for giving us the "real stories". I really admire your courage in taking responsibility for the wrong that you did. As for Antoinette Frank, is she trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes so she can get that appeal she is trying for or is she really so blind that she cannot see her way to true repentance?
Reviewed by Patricia Guthrie
Wow, Robert. that took guts and faith to write about that. And these are tales that need to be told. I admire you for that. how long have you been out of prison? Besides writing, what are you doing now?

Take care of you.

Patricia A. Guthrie
Waterlilies Over My Grave 2008
In the Arms of the Enemy 2007
Reviewed by m j hollingshead
well said
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK
Really Strange Is All Can Add,i.e. IDoNot Believe In Forgiveness...

You Do Crime You May Do That Time,But In Lieu Of: He (God) Is Merciless... Her Rotting In Cell Using Up Appeals? Just Wait'll She Meets The Man(God)....

Keep Em Coming Robert...


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