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TAKU CELESTIN JULIUS (Honey Hamburger A. Nevermind)

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by TAKU CELESTIN JULIUS (Honey Hamburger A. Nevermind)   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Sunday, August 05, 2012
Posted: Sunday, August 05, 2012

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TAKU CELESTIN JULIUS (Honey Hamburger A. Nevermind)

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This play has a fresh and original style. The language used has almost a poetic quality to it at times, which helps it flow. I found it much easier to read it out loud than to read on the page. The long speeches are a little off-putting when viewed.
I like the use of similes throughout as it brings the dialogue alive: "Obnoxiously, lads are like ocelots! You can't domesticate them with a fortress make egg shells! Few chaps do smile long, but the rest am smirkers." This example really shows off your competence as a writer. The language is interesting and clearly shows the characters moral view point.
I particularly enjoyed the section where Tellafera holds a telephone conversation with her boyfriend, whilst sitting on the toilet.
I did find that some of the speeches were too long and not as natural sounding as the shorter ones. Maybe if they were interspersed with other characters dialogue then they would flow better.
I would have liked more information about where the characters are. What the house is like and whether or not they are standing, sitting or lying down. The stage directions don't give enough information. They enter, but we don't know where from, where they go after that, or how they get there. Also, it might be useful to describe what the characters are wearing.
This is a really good play that deals with issues affecting young people in a new and refreshing way. I would also like to read some of your poetry.
Many thanks for a really good read,


This play speak for itself, booklovers and non-books lovers will enjoy it, It takes readers to places where all the known authors have not, we a leaving in the world that folks are quick to finds faults that to accept deficiency and difficulties, I will limit myself to a very small potion of merit and accept a bigger potion of mistakes that you will find in this work.

NB :( what you have below is just part of my manuscript since my work exceed 53000 words)




DEDICATED TO: Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King Tim BURNER LEE, MARK ZERKOUBERG Julius malama, Stephanie Meyer, Dean Koontz

The subtitle of this play is DISUNITY



ENTER Wenzelnepomuk, Gunter Grass, George Santayana, W.H Prescott, Alfred N.Bernhord, Eric Tabarly , Zetkinclora

WH Prescott
Son, you got to do your school work, it is quite important than playing all day long.

Schooling is quite a task dad, when I know how to read and write excellently, I will abandon.
W H.Prescott:
What were you doing on my PC? I think, I will order a toy PC for you. I am so sorry son, your toys never had it, I have found out that, that is the main reason you always stop by the neighbour for it. Good enough I have never spanked you for that.

I hope the PC is going to own stories about Prince Henry the sailor! I love reading about those long ago guys, dad what could be the cause of this quest? Dad before I forget, I will like to seek adventures in so far away lands before I will became a full grown up. Please dad could you borrow me a while? I know you will be asking what I am going to do with your while. I’ve got a new friend in the campus. He’s called John Mafit. He stays his mind in that too, he’s just almost my age and got baking knowledge about the outside world and I feel the only way I can lock horns with him is by reducing my playing time to seek wisdom from all the libraries that I throw my eyes on. I promise you dad, I will never give up a chance to learn in a library. If I come across one! His parents are on gold rushed in Sydney and when the gold port will be gone out they will start wheeling home. He boldly told me that he is going to join the navy when he hits six grades, even if he is the last kid of the Bald eagle or Golden Eagle, he must survive the test of his dreams. I bought his idea and encouraged him covertly I told him.

W H Prescott:
My son, your future is behind mine. I am doing fish hunting and when I will have middle age, I will gather enough fingerlings then we will combine all the brooks to yield a stream that will be well oxygenated for our future fish farm project. With this, you are not going to seek adventure in far away lands before you become a bliss man. I will get you a flying boat and a net. You will not need to feed the pond dwellers because we are going to use the American cat fish to cross yield an adaptable and a more weight-giving species for the control of Tilapia. Consider yourself a very rich lad in this poor desert of Sydney.You will be the best fish farmer in all of Australia, even though, the sea is a nest for blue whales and tidal waves and I don’t want you to be part of their experiments. You will yield fish when the sea gets a blight climate which will knock fish hunters out of work and you will sell double the price and when the favourable condition is at hand, you will almost be a stone’s throw ahead of them because fresh water stock are scarce in this country .

Dad, you have stayed that long without picking me up or scratching my hairs? You need to tell me some of your kid-hood adventures. Dad, will you mind if I dropped over there to go kidding with my friends? There is carpet Ball competition starting this fall. A new lad is in the block opposite the eighth block and their family boarded a ship two months ago to Sydney from the States. John Mafit started the tale then, the mentor fell in and he dropped it out and promised taking it again all over on the playing ground this afternoon. I wish to be part of it and I hope, this week, you are going to leap me out for treats, since they had been no surprises the whole of last week. In the campus play ground, he was chasing grass hoppers and pregmatists as if the were rare in the States. Dad, you need to tell me about that earlier sea folk story.

W H Prescott:
This is tennis for you. You can hover to play with your friends but make sure you don’t come home with bruises on your tibia.Your rough plays have drank off the first aid box as if you are the only kid who has been raised in the house, where is your mom?

Not yet from the market. She said after work, she will skip to the market pick up new stuffs for the kitchen. I promise I will be kind to your tennis. Are you going to watch the baseball match this afternoon?

W H Prescott:
Yes, if you won’t mind, then go for the match. You will have much surprise.

If it was at night, I will have been there with you. But, it will be foolish of me to let go a new friend because of a baseball match.

W H Prescott:
Take good care of your self please.


Henry W Longfellow:
What is your name? What does your dad do in life? Is he very welcoming?

Why are Americans so curious? I hope the only uncurious American is the one who is dead about two decades ago. My dad is a sea hunter by name W H Prescott. My mom is a midwife but I don’t know her real names except that folks call her Mrs Prescott, good thing you never asked. I will be the future mayor of Talladega or NY City. All the taxes will be paid to my table men! What about you young lad? I love your hair too.

Henry W Longfellow:
I am called Longfellow. I wasn’t born in Honolulu but I was partially raised there. I used to admire the geography of the place. Who is that semi lactating mom? Should I ask her to come and play carpet ball and soccer with us? But I hope her gestation will not stay away from her on the pitch. Is the Australian Army like the Great Grays?! I met one little girl, she was quite beautiful like the Asia Paradise Flycatcher, I will need to be a real friend as well as a great companion in all my endeavours, most little girls in the States are yearning to be called princesses. What about girls here?

I don’t really know much about them. But the little I know is they love to be called sexy girls to the extent that if you see a girl and you tell her that she profoundly sexy, she will plant a quick and surprising kiss on your jaw or forehead. But when you say she is wise, they will give you a seal smile and a spank all in a flash. I don’t blame them most because they were not given a delightful reading culture when there were coming up, they were taught to watch the screen than to read and in the States. Though America is the promoter of the watching culture, the Americans themselves prefer extreme reading culture to average watching culture. That’s why kids start being great researchers at brittle ages!

Henry W Longfellow:
You are quite a smart lad .How comes about you getting a rich brain so early?

Please stop that. You are more of a learner than a mentor. The little girl you were talking about is coming back; tuck in her arms a little cage with a bird inside. What could be that type? Oh it is a Black back Puff back. Oh I doubt where on earth she should lay gingers on that? And before I forget, her name is .Zetkinclora. But she will get scared of you if you surprise her with her name and she could be shy of you and outrun your objectives behind her at the expense of her destiny. So be careful .The general rule in girls is, you don’t commit even a crumb of error or fault when you are still begging their love, they will resent you for life. If you are bigger than Thomas’ mind, try it. That is a universal rule of courtship or dating. Boy we are out of business for; our game is not growing up.

Henry W Longfellow:
Hi girl! I am called Longfellow, but my friends call me Henry Letterman because I love reading novels, news and not poems. My parents came for a gold rush to a bit frank. But it seems they are too late that even mica they will not find here. Oh I am so sorry we have become friends without me knowing who you are. Please could you excuse me? I promise I will never do it again. To assure you, I won’t mind to wheel on my bended knees round the pitch as wide as you wish. And by the way, would you please do me a favour? I know you are at the middle of a journey and I will prefer loosing you than waste your delicate time.
You are too young know my name. For my pet, my uncle got it for my tenth birthday from South Africa when he was touring the Robinson Island. It had wheeled with me for four and a half years today. If I had known its birthday, I would have thrown a party but I am preparing to observe its fifth anniversary, and you are welcome to be there.

Henry W Longfellow:
You are quite interesting. I hope this could one day replace the South African national symbol.

You are quite smart but then?

Henry W Longfellow:
It is black and white if I am not really a poor judge. He is has a nice Fuscous Honeyeater especially when we took our honeymoon to Two People’s Bay. Those were the words of one character in a novel I read but could not retain the title neither the author.

You can be a nice soccer kicker. When I see the national symbol of US, it really scares me. I hope it does scare girls too up the States .The claws of the bird could make a girl drop out of life. I hope that is the reason why it is not used for making pets for young U S princesses.

Henry W Longfellow:
You’re some how right .That is what I will ask my dad tonight. But I blame that on our nationalists. Wait! Perhaps Wenzelnepomuk’s got something to add

I overheard you guys talking about the Bald Eagle. I thought the USA nationalists did a great job for their nation, accept that. That is human nature. I think so. I was reading about the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle. It was quite unacceptable, unimaginable what those well built beasts do for their younger ones. I feel the US nationalists were in a dilemma on choosing between these two great beasts on winds. I buy the idea that deep in their minds at that time, they needed some thing which represented their great might they put in. Birds being the only uncontested symbol for freedom, they were bound to choose one of these without really seeking to know the life style of these great beasts. They knew only their might and that was all. But the blame is greatly becoming out of their way because it needed to seek the wit of Ornithologists and no one existed as such then. What is amazingly traumatizing me about the Bald Eagle being the national symbol of United States is that, it lays three eggs and only the first two survive because of aggressive competition. The last one is starved to dead. With the Golden Eagle, it lays just two eggs and the first kid kills his younger one as a rule. It is not something to represent the national symbol of a great nation in the world as United States. In my opinion, I prefer a Root, a Deck, a Northern Gannet or the best for the US national symbol, should be a Great Gray shrike. Some school of thoughts indicates that it inspires Americans to build towering or spacious houses like that of the Bald Eagle. Tell them Wenzelnepomuk said it when you reach home since we don’t have new hunters here, it will make a big deal or hit the headlines of the sky news, tell me . Does it mean listeners of this station are in the sky? One day it will be soil or mantle news.

Henry W Longfellow:
This lad is a genius!


Boy, just know from today that, I know Americans are ten times more than the one who first discovered it! Because of my precocity, when I grow up, my home or my grave will be the third place that the United States’ flag will fly officially for life. That is my dream.

Henry W.Longfellow:
Oh! That is a gravitating-insult. A lad like you who even your parents neither knew where they where born nor you either. And you are the proudest in the world to say trash. Who is that great guy coming as if he got to prey on me for chatting you up?

He is called Eric Tabarly. He is a good one, in all the spheres of life, never bothered about his skinny seize. If all men learn well to pair for life like the Takahe, women will learn to love their men diligently. Oh! What about the Africans? Most African parents are like Paradise Whydahs and African kids have learned to take the hard way of surviving as fostal siblings. You can carry out research on that if you discover that I am lying. I will take whatever punishment you shower me into.

Henry W Longfellow
Oh! come on my Diamond Dove.

Oh! Come on my Elegant Trongon. Let’s dart about the pitch. I was in the midst of Toucans. Oh! Tabarly is coming closer. I don’t want him to be part of us. I will walk out of here. I know you will love to make friends with him, won’t you?

Henry W Longfellow
It is better to be like Toucans, than to be like Tawny Frogmouths. The ball went out of the pitch and Wenzelnepomuk gushed after it, but up till now, he is not back. What is happening to him? I love to make Eric Tabarly an instant friend so that we can help find the missing ball. When Wenzelnepomuk, Eric Tabarly will wheel home to see my toys, will you mind coming up with me? But to be honest we will hardly play the stuff of princes and princesses.

Eric Tabarly:
Hi boy! You look succulent. I have never taken a positive grain of liking over those I meet immediately like you. I am coming for soccer too. Will you mind to do it with me? Oh boy! How comes you know that girl so soon? She is quite a Crimson Chat!

Henry W Longfellow:
“She is very studious and to have a studious girlfriend, is the beginning of spouse-hood.” Dad and mom always told me.

Eric Tabarly:
I want us to get to G. Mendel foundation and make away with his F1 generation drafts; it will mean money out side Australia. The guard inside will provide us with the subterfuge. All the young guys of our age have accepted to be part of the catch.

Henry W Longfellow:
I remember having promised my father, stitching my way throughout without crimes. I will never be involved in stodgy adventures. Will you stop stippling with my life? I have always promised myself to do things or be part of things that are among life stirring moments. That is to say, I will take giant leaps for mankind. I told Zenkinclora this afternoon those girls who stink’ “jilt” “jeer” at boys seldom got married and she bought the ideas with all the roses in the world. Oh! boy! Why could you promise to stifle at crimes? So you have found your Kokako?

Eric Tabarly:
It just requires a mere stir fry action and I will provide all the stilettos.


Enter George Santayana,

I have met a good guy today by name Longfellow but he maybe a stoolpigeon boy. I know straddlers are always venom carrying folks. He is an extraordinary submarine for my love life and the bliss I got from meeting him, never permitted me to take it to the stillbirth I was about going. I was like a posthumous kid and I saw that there was need to produce posies for port boiler to survive my precocious mind. He told me I love him because his life is so sedentary like the Smoky Honeyeater.

George Santayana:
I have a stratus-vision about boys. I know most are stowaways in life of girls nowadays.

He strides to me but I have promised my self to hang on well and he will never out stride me and my little life.

George Santayana:
Girls and women always are students when making love. What could be the cause of that?

I don’t know. I have never been nearly part of it. Mom’s life has never escaped the experience.
So go get your references from her.

George Santayana:
You are stock-up! You are putting me in a shock. I have got much to do with Eric Tabarly. I need to go and meet him

. Enter Gunter Grass and W H Prescott

Gunter Grass:
Hi my friend! How is everything? It is been quite a long time….

W H Prescott:
Let’s move to the pouch. My living room is bushy and you know with heavily build kid like Wenzelnepomuk, I will hardly get much nice in the house. You remember he was born on his dad’s birth day. It is extraordinarily monumental to have your son born on your birthday like mine. There is an excellent trouble-maker. Nearing nine, he did something that all extraordinary kids are far from it. He created his own e-mail and within a week he got 100000 correspondences all over the globe. And they are calling Mr Wenzelnepomok; his curiosity will one day put on magma. He wrote in his diary that when he will grow up, he will study naval construction then build the biggest dock in the world. He said, “Americans love reading widely whereas they are increasingly making the rest of the world screen viewers.”

Gunter Grass:
To have a smart kid is a pride of every dad. You got to stay out of guiding him wrongly. Oh! you have put a nice orchard out there. I love it. Who took care of it? I wish to have mine when I walk back to Sarasota. I also call around so that we can beam our mind through a project. I wish to be the Governor of Alaska when I retire from Sydney soon. But I don’t know the history of those folks.

W H Prescott:
Wait a minute. My son asked a question last week that it seems the folks of Alaska are cold-blooded. This lad’s scientific curiosity will greatly throw him into mania adventures. He said a whale can live on land since it is warm-blooded. He further asked if HIV can ruin cold-blooded animal. I was quite out of fit to give him all. He said he will have loved to be the only cold-blooded human being. Let’s walk to the orchard and chat your hopes over a bottle of wine.

Enter Wenzelnepomuk

Hi dad and friend. Nice meeting you. I love your dark hairs. You got a wise watch. Could you tell me much about yourself? Should I bring in my toys for us to game on? Dad I have a surprise for you.

W H Prescott:
I hope you won’t mind being with us?

I played so hard today and I forgot I was supposed to be home on time. I thought of the kind of spank I should give myself first. Sorry! I got a pen from a school homing kid and scratched this verse, but I don’t think I will one day be an excellent verse maker but I will love you to sail me through.

What an amazing lad! What is the title of your verse?

When I will become the president of my country.

W H Prescott:
That is okay. Politics is not a way for a nine year boy. Go and take your shower and have a pretty rest.

I will love to have salad for dinner but the dressing should be with a bunch of milk.

Gunter Grass:
May I hand over your verse before going to face what dad is after? Don’t be worried I will help dad build you a great career in verse moulding.

This is the verse.

W H Prescott
Read it aloud my friend.

Gunter Grass:
Give me your ears.

W H Prescott:
Take it all.

Gunter Grass
I hope I will be remembered as the first editor of this verse and as the first audience. This is the title:

When I will become the president of my country.

I must be the president of this nation. Come rain, come sun.
I know grabbing it through the right channel is always an easy way.
I must pump in new techniques of doing things.
When the power is on my forehead, I will work relentlessly
With those who are armed with high spirit of diligence.

Party’s activities will never dominate the industrial sector of my economy.
Every one must contribute to the well-being of this nation. I will
give vast room for educational reforms, industrial reforms, mental
reforms, agricultural reforms, health reforms and the rest will come after.
The military must learn how to farm well since they can’t carry guns
without dinning . My powers will be very meagre in taking decisions
which may ruin our nation. Only an extremely lazy citizen
will regret being part of this country.

I will never work with nations which lack great foresight.
I must impact on my folks the love for one’s nation first.
My citizens will never flee their nation as better economic
seekers or mongers but as agreeable tourists with an ever
increasing lust of coming back home after pouring just
a mere while outside.

I will prefer to commit political suicide rather than to hang on power
more than my due. With supreme ease nobody will prey on
the bolus of others like the Great Skua . With mine, American
democracy is mere.

I will be a bounty president to those who are hard working.
A political opponent is not an enemy but some one whose ideas
can be borrowed to mould our nation . Most of my
soldiers will be technocrats. Most of the top ranking positions
in my government will see God fearing elections.

Behind every one in high place will be a tentative youth.
Autumn is the busier time in the life of American Beavers and we
must learn to be extremely busier than them. The ageing cities may never
go on retirement because of the sprout of bunches of several cities annually.

The military will prove their prowess in the military farms globally.
The first five world's best presidents are still meaningless as compared
to what I will be . I count on you folks for my road map,
see you in the state house soon.

W H Prescott:
All the spanking is gone he has bought his way out of trouble. He is a great lad, he is a wonderful lad! With this smart aptitude he is only wishing to vest his mind in aquanaut.

Grunter Grass:
If he is capable of mending both, both of us will give him the go ahead. Tell him to see me after his super for an award but he has to do much for his tenses .Verve makers infamous in the world.

W H Prescott:
Wenzelnepomuk could you run up here for your award? You’re quite nice.

Gunter Grass:
This is quite a surprise for your work as a verse-maker, if I knew it before making here, I would have given you a handsome reward but this is $30 US for your wonderful courage and you’re doing that in a period were kids on your line are only interested in radical and destructive adventures! Thank you very much kid, when I wheel back to the state , I’ll send you a bunch of verses of great poets , I hope by the time you are 15 you will be mending a lot of responsibilities in the US academy of poets and the poetry society. It is over a minute, I will also encourage you to chase your hasenpfeffer at all endeavour. Be ware of harpy. You will be on the Klieg light soon.

Thank you very much sir. I promise I will not put your expectations in me down.

Enter Charles Drew

Charles Drew:
Hi! My neighbour. I noticed you guys chatting about your kid’s poems that are why I wish to be part of it. Since I am late for these, I’ll fold my arms and wait for what he brings home again. As a kid I was interested in poetry but the love for horticulture called me but today, I am more conversant with harrow but if put this kid through intensive verse making he will never mendicant.

Enter George Santayana,

George Santayana:
Hi my friend, should I say hello to your dad or it is not important?

Since he is with a friend it is not important, but I will tell him you came latter. What about the deal with Eric Tabarly? I got enough money to sponsor the trip and take out ten percent out of every one of your due after the whole show boils down to success.

George Santayana:
Boy, when did you become rich? Have you robbed a bank? Any way I know you’ve got a big IQ, how do we narrowly escape your dad?

You know what, I am going to tell him, I will mix him up very nicely, dad, here is my new friend, he helps me to be a small hero today, I wish to be with him in his home and he is going to put me through some of his new verses and we will end up playing with his new toys .

W H Prescott:
Take good care of your self.

On the street heading to port Jackson, there was a dense traffic

G Santayana:
With us, it will be a brown new girl, she is by name Kathy. After I will follow her to Queensland, where her family leave, then we will picnic Sydney port, and Darling River, from there we head to the top of the Blue Mountain! All will take two days.

I will use my money in buying shares in the Australia central bank and in less than two years , I will be able to go the trips you are talking about like a boss with just my profit from the bank, here is a wagon , (taxi drop us in the bridge sporting to Jackson Port,) should we pass through the Canberra war Memorial?, I think we will waste a lot of time , that should be on our returning. I love the river next to it; I hope we will one day swim inside! There is a girl I also invited to join us, she is called Judy Davis, try to be close to her , she is born here , she knows all of Australia more than James Cook or the prime minister ! I love the works of Flynn Errol and Judy told me Errol was her childhood husband! Do you love Peter Weir with his Hanging Rock?
I don’t love that but I instead love the works of Patrick White and Morris West, I have seen that your courage can reduce the Amazon forest to the Strut Desert.

Courage is what makes a man a man; I think we are stopping here,
I can’t find Tabarly and his boys , I hope they shouldn’t reward our efforts by unfaithfulness, I won’t support , I in particular, if you guys can do that’s your business .

At the bridge over the Sydney port, there was a huge fire in one of the world biggest Tank porting crude and the fire robots were at work seriously, lives were save and a lot of burnt and port properties were consume and Wenzel called the navy for a help to put out the fire by using their navy tanker jets and work out well and it lead to the establishment of the world first air fire grumblers and he had never been credited for that. What happened in Sydney port recalled the revolutionary war memories, said by so many men on streets after the tragedy was put off, and they went on with their deal.

G. Santayana:
It is better you finish with the wagon pilot, and then when you were talking to your friend about verses, when have you become a bible expert?

I have given him 3 US dollars; I hope he will take me as a small hero! He must have been working with the Australia dollars for his entire career without touching the US dollars! I hope he will throw a party when he hid home.

G .Santayana:
We are now starting with what have brought us here. I hope the police shouldn’t be after us, since we have put in here for long.

You have a point, concerning the verse, I was late for home and I quickly drafted a poem that saved me from spanking and made me the richest kid in my Block. I love admiring Sydney from the port of Sydney; it’s quite amazing over there. Oh look at when these go as are coming but don’t make them know that I have said so, and tell them we are just arriving. So, to make Tabarly know that we are not mongers of his mission.

Have you spy Kathy that I was telling you on our way here? Look at her, she is quite it. It’s just unfortunate that before I grow up to be a man she must have been out of it. She is coming in with another wagon, I‘ll really forgo others for Kathy’s sake! But is almost too late, if I don’t give a positive try you will, but count much on handsomeness and performance than your pocket power.

Eric Tabarly:
Hi boys.

Judy Davis:
Hi boys and girls!

I am sorry if I ridiculed you, I promise I will be quite a whimsical lad for you.

Judy Davis:
Buy your ticket, the un-fraudulent way, I wish to know what have brought us here? I was told we were going for a birthday fiesta. Where is wenzelnepomuk? Didn’t you tell her we are going for a picnic? What will my parents take me for? If I had my phone here I would have put this to the sheriffs.

See baby, we got here before Wenzel was told that the picnic was carried ten days forward and since you were already on your way, we considered you were such a girl that will never loose a chance of making news and meaningful friends like, I will have got rotten in the world without knowing that such a nice creature like you exist, take your calm, it will all be over! Thank you for being excellent, on my left is Eric Tabarly; he is the spokes man tonight! Will you mind giving me what you are eating?

Judy Davis:
Take this half, I am sorry, you met it less.

G Santayana:
That is too kind of you, take this and buy some. I love you and I hope we are going to exploit this coincidence in an amalgam way.

Judy Davis:
It is not possible to see somebody for the first time and love him, you are teasing so well but, I don’t know you. The sheriffs may implicate us in the Port tragedy, its worth wise if we vamoose.

You know your brothers very well aren’t you? Why is it that, they can’t ask your hand in love? You know some of the top male stars in the film industry of this country very well, have they bothered to ask you out? Get rid of silly obstacles!

Eric Tabarrly:
I hope every body has eaten well, rest well, the deal will reveal it self now. I need some of the drafts of Mendel, it will not really mean allow in the outside world but I will give a handsome reward to it.

Judy Davis:
You are crazy! I think you maybe normal only after death. Getting into that is worth ten times more than getting into the Canberra War memorial and my dad is a Minister of this nation and how will he take it when the sad news behind this hid the press?, I grew up in a home where we were not given the chance to steal even a cube of sugar and you are now asking me to steal an international monument for our nation, that harvest about a billion US dollars every year! Just imagine how the air port will be scanty when tourists know that these drafts are no longer there? You guys deserve instant death if I got a gun with me! I think the best way is pushing all of you guys beneath this bridge and you guys will make a nice menu for the sperm whales this afternoon, hold on.

At home he arranged for a rich and a five time handsome guy than him to woe Zenkinclora. Then she wrote a mocking letter to Wenzelnepomuk appreciating him for haven’t betrayed her to give way to a struck of luck for his everlasting inamoratos and cursing him to remain a sybarite for life .when Wezelnepomuk got to New Zealand
Wezel was invited for the national poetry conference, which was build five weeks ahead , when he received the invitation , he was happy, since this will give him a chance to tour his country, why in his bed room he thought of writing another poem to present in the assembly , he is going to live outside the life of Zenkinclora and this will mean she will get another guy and will hate me for life, Zenkinclora is quite a watermelon but my complex ambitions in life won’t permit me to wed her , even, if we do wed , she is going to feel more of a single than she had ever been in her life , telling it to her will be prodigious! How can I click out my Mascot for the seek of my dreams in life, this will be regarded as the best love carnage in the whole world, this is too perfunctory of me, will she take it with a smile? There is situations which make love perishable, but how can I come out with a plan which she can abreast it with all her joy? If I give her a new guy who is quite elegant she will forget about me , I know it is a course in a life of a girl to love a handsome man, if I give her a good guy she will became protuberance with her new catch and forget about me joyously , but her melodious voice will remain irreplaceable in my life but it will be gone, , will talk to Flynn Errol about her Longfellow told me , this guy badly need a girl !


Dear Thorny Devil,
Your sudden departure never created a depression in my life as you wished. By me, I got a gorgeous-catch; he will give me what all the rest of the men on earth will be unable to give a half woman. This man Flynn Errol is worth more than the 75 kg of Au ever discovered on a single spot in California. I bet you with my life if you see him you will be very happy to remain his slave for life without dalliances. Your disappearance created a double euphoria in my life. Thank you with a ghost-kiss for doing that to me. You desire an award for that, if you can’t pick up the award when you are still alive, I will find your grave to place it on. You thought you were a smart-heart-breaker; instead you are a smart heart builder. Flynn Errol love me like the heart and the body love oxygenated blood and you thought you threw me a way like the nose throws away CO2.
All what is making news around Flynn Errol and I is full of prudishness and bedizen. You will soon find yourself in a Calabozo as P.O.L. Since you life is bless as a sybarite, life is quite flabby when you have someone who care widely, if was prodigious of you to fade out of my swanky drilling… My love is thick like the wood of Alpaca. You cheerfully obviated me, thinking that I will plunge into predicament but my guy is a draco going and you are a Dragonet! I don’t kill the gun but by smite-ness, F .Error face is rooted on my slot. It takes a girl no time to love an un-slumberous guy like him. You railed way but I am a rail road. Flynn is a ragout of love for me, his raillery is topping the chart. I asked him to smooch my slot and the bliss from it almost smother him. Our love was a snake-oil, when our love was on the surgical-thread I thought that was the end for me but now I can tell you that smugger never smuggle. He is my snorkel of love. I know, like a scrimmage kind of thing but Flynn will scrotum for ever, since I never wheedle to have him. He is a scuba to my drowning love life; with him love is scudding okay. Peace will only find the world a suitable place to stay when the scuffles are over. He who works in the scullery will never lack scraps food. Take note my dearest scum, you were so scurrilous towards me. To scuttle a wife already destine for you, for another girl is the job of worthless men. This doesn’t really concern you. If Man had the capacity of hibernating it will no have been a nightmare on the minds of those who do it when hit by poverty but there is another way out… you will remain a Sidewinder throughout life. You are like a King Cobra of love .In the world where beauty countless men will learn to abscond from bachelorhood. Your obsolete capacity towards girls is quite ravenous to be extirpated in a century.
You are such a Tuatara.
NB: It is a must for all the girls and ladies of the world to pick up courage as the female Red phalaropes.

Yours fake lover

Renter W H Prescott and Gunter Grass

W H Prescott:
These kids have been gone for long.

Gunter Grass:
It maybe, he will bring home some thing greater than what he brought last time. Be patient! He is the one on the gate. I got to run for my poetic hero! Hi lad, it seems you had a hard day, you look tired. What was wrong? Have you another surprise for me. I hope this time around you will not walk far from being a double hero. You are going to be the greatest poet of all times this nation will see. Make that a standing decision lad, and you will find your self robbing shoulder’s with heroes from the head of state up ward and never you fear if some may silly make you an enemy, that may only be a giant ignorant before I left for Alaska. I will make you already a buttress member of the Australian poetry academy, if the jail at you. I will make sure that you become a real poet or laurite to the Queen of England. You will be regarded like those of the John Milton with his paradise regained! You will be richer than Shakespeare.

Renter W H Prescott and Gunter Grass

W H Prescott:
These kids have been gone for long.
TAKU Low voltage Electric Heater Incorporated in Baby Bath.”

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