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Abuse should Never be tolerated... Only Eliminated


  April has been designated is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM). Highly Inspired is honored to have books available for one of it's acclaimed writers, SyD, who advocates for the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Syd's goal is to raise public awareness and to provide practical information to victims/survivors while educating communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.

 * * *

By working together with Highly Inspired Publishing and Syd, and pooling our resources during the month of April, we can highlight sexual violence as a major public health issue and reinforce the need for prevention efforts.

SyD has written two Children's Books,

"Always Tell a Grown Up"


"Don't Be Afraid To Shout No"


   "I Can't Stop Now"

...is another book written by SyD. An autobiography which will grip you by the heart from the word... 'GO!'

 Brace yourself...this true story will have you experiencing a roller coaster of emotions... tragedy, triumph, laughter, tears anger and love.  the overwhelming sense of injustice is so surreal it will have you yelling out loud.  This, once, happy household begins to come apart at the seams, where cracks soon appear in the family of Kenyha, the long awaited daughter.  The sexual, emotional, mental betrayal and abuse this young girl experiences from those who are supposed to love, protect and nurture her is astonishing, yet her reilience and capacity to love triumphs.  In the midst of all this she has some undeniable encounters with God that will challenge even the most hardened atheist!  Throughout the long period of heart-wrenching abuses, Kenyha's family and neighbors did nothing to rescue her.  It is truly a sad indictment on our society that abuses like these can go on right under out very noses.  After reading the naked and raw account of Kenyha's life, ask yourself, "What would I do if I  knew this was happening to someone?"



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**autographed copies available, Abstract Artwork & CD


Join me in my effort to fight abuse!




                                              About the Author

Fort Apache in Bronx, NY was my stomping ground. I am the youngest of five and the only girl. Must be spoiled, you say?... Nah! In fact, it was hard to tell that I was a girl, for a while. I was as tough as nails, rough as river rocks and feisty as a chihauhau. Quite frankly, I have had only ONE true poistive role model and He has never abandoned me. He has taught me everything I know about everything...and Loves me so completely even in the face of all of my contradictions. I wouldn't trade Him for the world... nor all the gold in it. He really is a friend and a confidant. Let me introduce to some... re-acquaint him with others... Meet Jesus Christ, a man among men.



Progress is progress no matter what the pace... so always keep it moving, stay positive and always look up!

S y D
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Birth Place: Bronx, NY USA

Accomplishments: My greatest achievement is motherhood. I have populated the planet with 10 of the most wonderful children ever. I have seven sons and three daughters. After that, every thing else is minor.


Always Tell A Grown Up by S y D
An Excellent gift for your child (or a child in your neighborhood)... This is the most important book you will ever purchase for your child(ren) and is fast becoming the #1 household educational tool for preventing child sexual abuse. Ages 2-6yrs....

  Download Free Preview!

SyD's Cafe  lulu

Don't Be Afraid To Shout No! by S y D
An Excellent gift for your child (or a child in your neighborhood)... This is the most important book you will ever purchase for your child(ren) and is fast becoming the #1 household educational tool for preventing child sexual abuse. Ages 2-13...

  Download Free Preview!


I Can't Stop Now - Part 1 by S y D
Raw determination and perseverence in the face of every kind of abuse imaginable... but its a picture painted with humor, hope and waves of sensitivity, unfettered loyalty and compassion....

  Download Free Preview!

SyD's Cafe  lulu

Highly Inspired Stuff by S y D
Browse and Enjoy......


Annointed by S y D
My new 'Single' is out and available for purchase...


Short Stories

Things NOT Seen -Chapter 16 (excerpt from I Can't Stop Now!)
 by S y D
Faith is a beautiful thing.... "the substance of things hoped for but the evidence of things not yet seen."...

Crossing Over, Changing Eras- Chapt 6 (excerpt from I Can't Stop Now!)
 by S y D
Only innocense peers through the eyes of a child.... but things are not always what they seem!...


All Downside- Up!
 by S y D
This is who I was early in life after suffering the horrors of several forms of abuse. If you don't understand this piece... I guess you just had to be there! But I would like to joyfully announce, ...

 by S y D
I Love you always, son. R.I.P....

 by S y D
we are all this and so much more.... we are quite a creation. A Master Piece!...

Strong-Willed Woman
 by S y D
Committment is a choice.... Nothing to it, but to do it!...

Pride before the FALL....
 by S y D
Christians... Shame on you! With Love and Kindness did He draw us....

 by S y D
To ALL mothers everywhere..... Its going to be alright....

Secret Rendevous
 by S y D
A marriage made in Heaven......

Soldier, Warrior and Wise
 by S y D
I have never referred to my non-biological child as my step-child because it never sounds like a step up, but a step 'down'... Blended families are people too!...

Somebody Touched Me
 by S y D
I rarely meet a stranger... I have enough love for most everyone!...

 by S y D
Everyone needs a little time away......

 by S y D
People are Paramount ~ Relationship is its cousin!...

Mirrors Don’t Lie
 by S y D
Change can be tedious and challenging- but its do-able!...

 by S y D
The first shall be last.... and the last shall be first...

Time is of the Essence
 by S y D
Hold up, wait a minute, take a seat and relax... Take time to smell a flower while you can!...

Precious Moments
 by S y D
Be Still and KNOW that He is God...

The END...
 by S y D
Now is the appointed time... don't wait until tomorrow~it may never come!...

Dear Sister-in-Law
 by S y D
Learn to put your personal issues and differences aside when crisis arises. Who knows... you may gain some insight about the other person and the bond just may flow over into your day-to-day interacti...

Who Am I
 by S y D
If the 'created'... developed a relationship with the 'creator' there would never be a problem....

 by S y D
Be Yourself.... and be the best at it you can be!...

In the Beginning.... Preface
 by S y D
Life is beautiful and exciting.... especially intriguing because we can't see into the future. Good thing! Or we may never want to take another step forward. Don't look back with dread, don't stand...


World Teams Trials Championship
 by S y D
I am soooo proud of you, son. You Go Boy!!!! Jeremiah Davis...


I Advocate for Women and Children
Abuse should Never be tolerated... Only Eliminated

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910-207-0557 P.O. Box 1192
Richlands   NC   28574   usa

 S y D
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